Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Flapper`s dance (170x)
Desperate measures (108x)
CANNON (104x)
Egyptian peninsula (93x)
Quitter (70x)
Carefree (68x)
Constantly changing (58x)
Trickster (51x)
Mystery novel (47x)
Intractably (44x)
Very little (42x)
Horror film (42x)
Rotating disc (40x)
Indecisive sort (35x)
Becker or Yeltsin (33x)
Blackmun and Blackstone (30x)
Discourteous (27x)
Baneful (27x)
Restrained (26x)
Forebear (25x)
Armour (24x)
Spoonflower (24x)
Sculpted (23x)
Formerly Castrogiovanni (23x)
Power-driven (23x)
Destitute (23x)
Vitality (22x)
Meat dish (22x)
Injurious (22x)
Clearance (22x)
Authoritative (21x)
Life forms (21x)
Barring no one (20x)
LLL (20x)
Defendant (20x)
Flatworm (20x)
Platitude (20x)
Divided into three lobes (18x)
Considerately (18x)
Kitchen utensils (18x)
In a short time (18x)
River in germany (17x)
Draw back (17x)
Privileged (17x)
Modify formally (17x)
Greek letter (17x)
Harassed (17x)
Failures (17x)
Irreligious (16x)
Fellow player (16x)
Saskatchewan hamlet (16x)
Flavouring (16x)
Freedom from disputes (16x)
Discount (16x)
French Broad River (16x)
Sugar (16x)
Greek letter after mu (15x)
Awful (15x)
European falcon (15x)
Privilege (15x)
Coffee brand (15x)
Musteline mammal (15x)
Talented (15x)
Interference (14x)
Crank (14x)
Precaution (14x)
Exulted (14x)
Large unspecified number (14x)
Alcove (14x)
Flashily stylish (14x)
Pertness (14x)
Impervious (14x)
Iii (14x)
Mockery (13x)
Wise (13x)
Bizarre (13x)
Malfunction (13x)
Canon (13x)
Malfunctioning (13x)
Armor (13x)
Emotion (13x)
Professional (13x)
Relentlessly (13x)
Eagerly anticipating (13x)
Medieval armour (13x)
Daunt (13x)
Dicey (13x)
Winglike organs (13x)
Half a train (13x)
Island nation (13x)
Battle (13x)
Greek sea-god (13x)
Chemical compound (13x)
Sweets (13x)
Surge (13x)
Cold weather utterance (12x)
Worthy of attention (12x)
Bust up (12x)
Firmly resolved (12x)
Mean (12x)
Hermit (12x)
Administrative body (12x)
Cotton rose (12x)
Conspicuous (12x)
Moderately (12x)
Intractable (12x)
Raconteur`s inventory (12x)
Injury (12x)
Innocent (12x)
Tissue (12x)
Be evidence of (11x)
Belittle (11x)
Bombastic harangues (11x)
Stead (11x)
Smallville`s Clark (11x)
Rebuke (11x)
German article (11x)
Significant (11x)
Masculine (11x)
Combustible (11x)
Cut short (11x)
Quinella (11x)
Knight (11x)
Omen (11x)
Marsupial (11x)
Elected official (11x)
Abundance (11x)
Gasoline Alley character (11x)
Considerably (11x)
Subtitle (11x)
American actor (11x)
Unimpressive (11x)
Notoriety (11x)
Twoccer (11x)
Tower (10x)
Harass (10x)
Chasm (10x)
Stronghold (10x)
Lose water or moisture (10x)
Immutable (10x)
Grant (10x)
Light-headed (10x)
Mistake (10x)
Stress strongly (10x)
Petroleum component (10x)
Desperate measure (10x)
Passionate kiss (10x)
Japanese ghost (10x)
Determined (10x)
Deciduous tree (10x)