Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Sullenly (189x)
Chinese pastry (165x)
Snippet (134x)
Most verbose (100x)
Meandering (98x)
Equanimity (98x)
Ruthless (94x)
Forward (94x)
Flatt or Maddox (93x)
Onerous (92x)
Antibiotic (87x)
Monastic (83x)
Trite (83x)
Unimportant (81x)
Heaven (79x)
Beget (78x)
Antibiotic drug (74x)
Provide with a quality (73x)
Saddle (70x)
Liz Taylor role: 1963 (68x)
Michigan city (68x)
Diary keeper (68x)
Stupefy (65x)
Aquarium fish (65x)
Amuse (65x)
Abrupt in manner (64x)
Artificial (64x)
Biblical prophet (61x)
Ruminant (60x)
Latin dance (60x)
Smudge (58x)
Peccary (57x)
Envisage (56x)
Vanilla (56x)
To fight (55x)
Superficial wound (54x)
Edge (54x)
Warble (53x)
Welsh rabbit (53x)
Lawyer (52x)
Brief summary (52x)
Spy novelist len (51x)
Appreciative (50x)
Apathetic (49x)
Potpourri (49x)
Uncertainty (48x)
Understated (48x)
Aggravation (47x)
Persevere (47x)
Up (47x)
Ridiculous (37x)
Peeved (37x)
Morocco (37x)
Just (37x)
Interleave (37x)
Modern mapping target (36x)
Commotion (36x)
Twist (36x)
Condescend (35x)
Concise (35x)
Thrash (35x)
Supernatural (35x)
Humour (35x)
Shrewd (35x)
As well (34x)
Improvised jazz singing (34x)
Right away (34x)
Ad infinitum (34x)
Bantu language group (34x)
Overthrew (34x)
Practice piece (34x)
Turkic tribal leaders (34x)
DJ equipment (34x)
Boat-deck wood (33x)
Reflexively (33x)
Soapberry tree (33x)
Sachet (33x)
Demon of semitic lore (33x)
Shy (33x)
Maple genus (33x)
Ocean fish (33x)
Disparage (33x)
Acceptance (33x)
Blend (33x)
Servile (32x)
Impertinent (32x)
Remnant (32x)
Mystery novel (32x)
Horror film (32x)
Insect larva (32x)
Tasteless (32x)
Smear (32x)
Adventure (32x)
Gruff (32x)
Large jungle knife (31x)
Serf (31x)
Omission sign (31x)
Lieutenant under Kirk (31x)
Elected official (31x)
Break (31x)