Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Doomsayer (164x)
Armored dinosaur (119x)
Family line (117x)
Creole (110x)
Ambiguity (74x)
Something worthless (70x)
Librarian`s tool (61x)
Totally (56x)
Habitual failure (50x)
Honestly (49x)
Extradite (47x)
Inevitable (45x)
Ship-finding acronym (44x)
Continually (38x)
Avoiding contact (35x)
EEE (35x)
Equitable (32x)
Bulwark (31x)
Sorcerer (31x)
Tillage (31x)
Erratic (31x)
Clear and sharp (31x)
Concierge (30x)
Present (30x)
Gimlet (29x)
Intrigue (27x)
Dryly (27x)
Arrange for (27x)
Ailurophile (26x)
Horror film (25x)
Bode (25x)
Lampooned (24x)
Slang for a mustache (24x)
Greek letter (24x)
Admire excessively (23x)
Pretend (23x)
Ostensibly (23x)
Sharp-sighted (23x)
French sculptor (23x)
Unremarkable (22x)
Weave in and out (22x)
Soft drink buy (22x)
Womanizer (21x)
Stamp sheet (21x)
Pippin star Ben (21x)
Quibbler (20x)
Stimulating hormone (20x)
Contusion (20x)
Political affiliation (20x)
Roomy (19x)
Person who winds (19x)
Daring (19x)
Public announcement (19x)
Stink (19x)
Greek letter after mu (18x)
Laundry day (18x)
Percoid fish (18x)
Apprehensive (18x)
Passionate speech (17x)
Port city in India (17x)
Brain disease (17x)
Inventor in photography (17x)
Without hope (16x)
Basics (16x)
Hold royal office (16x)
Rostrum (16x)
Excites or troubles (16x)
Corrupt (16x)
Inelegant (15x)
Lampoon (15x)
Charity (15x)
Wetland (15x)
Eventuate (15x)
Germ-killer (15x)
Cautiously (15x)
Brief acting role (15x)
Innocently (15x)
Sudoku (14x)
The Simpsons character (14x)
Oust (14x)
Blameworthy (14x)
Calculator key (14x)
Tsh (14x)
Postprandial drink (14x)
Confusion (14x)
Limp (14x)
Sarcastic (14x)
Horrify (14x)
Sandbag (14x)
Wagner TV role (14x)
Cuban cigar (14x)
Self-assuredness (14x)
Takes potshots (13x)
Corresponding (13x)
Two (13x)
Rascal (13x)
Grimy (13x)
Cauliflower cousin (13x)
Nimble (13x)
Extrusive (13x)
Rio (13x)
Trend (13x)
Unlikely (12x)
Loathsome person (12x)
Oslo stock exchange (12x)
Inimitable (12x)
Masculinity (12x)
Off-track betting event (12x)
Shore up (12x)
Art style (12x)
Fuming (12x)
Steer out of control (11x)
Belligerent (11x)
Helios, for one (11x)
Gutter (11x)
Article (11x)
Styptic (11x)
Sorghum storer (11x)
Oscar-night VIP (11x)
Czech dance (11x)
Pasta product suffix (11x)
Adamant (11x)
ITV game show (11x)
Immune to attack (11x)
Trust (11x)
Low chest of drawers (10x)
Decoy customer (10x)
A doomsayer (10x)
Unhappy (10x)
Portent (10x)
Nagging (10x)
It`s a mixed tipple (10x)
Lazily (10x)
City in Nigeria (10x)
Chef, at times (10x)
Concentrated (10x)
Reported (10x)
Outward features (10x)
Pulpit (10x)
Jocular (10x)
Disengage (10x)
Sharp and clear (10x)
Clean (10x)
Bee product (10x)
Chronometer (10x)
Berate severely (10x)
Copiously (10x)
Voluntarily forgo (10x)
Streamlet (10x)
Nonprofit network (10x)
Complete (9x)
Ailments (9x)
Subsidiary river (9x)
Underprivileged (9x)
Obviously (9x)
Deals (9x)
Reason (9x)
Jocularity (9x)
Time span (9x)
Moore`s st (9x)
Austere (9x)
Instruction (9x)
Soft drink (9x)
Islamic calendar month (9x)
Squanderer (9x)
Indonesian snack food (9x)
Climate change problem (9x)
Ludicrous (9x)
Polyhedron (9x)
Altruistically (9x)
Representative (9x)
Microorganism (9x)
Decorated soldier (9x)
Staff (9x)
Not confined (9x)
Theatrical performance (9x)
River pier (9x)
Multiplayer online game (9x)
Infirmary (9x)
Actor Dennis (9x)
Hovel (9x)
Music for seven (8x)
Increased (8x)
Satan (8x)
Antibiotic target (8x)
Apple`s apples (8x)
Mountain range (8x)
Impervious (8x)
Independence (8x)
Shared (8x)
Island (8x)
Wetlands (8x)
Confusions (8x)
Heads-up (8x)
Vagus nerve (8x)
Achieve a personal best (8x)
Chemical compound (8x)
Earthnut (8x)
Big biblical baddie (8x)