Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Lingering (44x)
Lack of decorum (36x)
Confidential (34x)
Destroyed (28x)
Squeezer (28x)
Grimalkin (27x)
Adjacent (22x)
Staircase (18x)
What`s hot (17x)
Andromeda (17x)
Diffuse (15x)
Concert ending (14x)
Metric ton (13x)
Innumerable but many (13x)
In an impartial manner (13x)
Vigorous (12x)
Biblical boat (12x)
Ballot markers (12x)
BRAHMS (12x)
Garden shelter (12x)
Carolers` tune (12x)
West Indian birds (11x)
Half of a `60s group (11x)
Haggard heroine (11x)
Actor grey (11x)
Poetic lament (11x)
Easy target (10x)
Concurrently (10x)
Tubers (10x)
Equally matched (10x)
Vice (9x)
Be in the rotation (9x)
Dog food (9x)
Plato (9x)
Druid (9x)
Maternal quality (9x)
Mt Hood`s state (9x)
Someone else`s place (8x)
Fuzzy (8x)
Device (8x)
Receivers (8x)
Dodgson (8x)
Overhauled (8x)
Join together (8x)
Automation (8x)
Demanding bosses (8x)
Puts on a show (8x)
Tip (8x)
Conflicting (8x)
State of mind (7x)
Parts of waves (6x)
Striped candy (6x)
Businessman (6x)
Atom (6x)
Uncomplimentary (6x)
Steamship (6x)
Masculinity (6x)
Blue angel (6x)
Character part (5x)
Taj locale (5x)
Greens (5x)
Man from MIT (5x)
Appraisal (5x)
Looking over (5x)
Pilgrim colonist (5x)
Information (5x)
Pursues (5x)
Hole (5x)
Hurdle (5x)
Soft sound (5x)
Kiwi`s cousin (5x)
Book of facts (5x)
Bid (5x)
Close friend (5x)
Wilting (5x)
Infectious agent (5x)
Obvious (5x)
Sensitive spots (5x)
Hair colour (5x)
Peril (5x)
Barack`s mother (5x)
Corroborate (5x)
Make susceptible (5x)
Pressure chambers (5x)
Heat: Combining form (5x)
Tiny (5x)
Blooming bush (5x)
Makes known (5x)
Eminent (5x)
Signature (5x)
Make insensitive (5x)
Walter raleigh (5x)
Ganja (5x)
Kiwi`s extinct cousin (5x)
Roofers (5x)
Indented (5x)
Terpsichore (5x)
Characteristic (5x)
Oscar Madison (5x)
Listening closely (5x)
Arrange (5x)
Shout of applause (5x)
Clothing (slang) (5x)
Uriah Heep (5x)
Menace, intimidate (5x)
Rejoice greatly (5x)
Mount carmel setting (5x)
Sprinter`s stats (5x)
Establish (5x)
Apparition (5x)
Biblical figure (5x)
Where (5x)
Gangster Frank (5x)
Metal mixture (5x)
Angular unit (5x)
Weight (5x)
Australian slang (5x)
Squiggy`s pal (5x)
Locator (5x)
Jackie`s predecessor (5x)
Plead humbly (5x)
Source of pussy pleasure (5x)
Slumber (5x)
Battling (5x)
Physicians (5x)
Frogs (5x)
Listen (5x)
Affect with wonder (5x)
Morph (5x)
Abraham (5x)
Insinuation (5x)
Barrel (5x)
Music genre (5x)
Friendly (5x)
Exhibitor (5x)
Seize (5x)
Hasty (5x)
Revealing (5x)
Cat sound (5x)
Energy (5x)
Tempos (5x)
Kite site (5x)
Guitar-like instrument (5x)
Deli meat offering (5x)
Mozambique monetary unit (5x)
Fraternal club (5x)
Gymnast dimas (5x)
Jail (5x)
Executive office piece (5x)