Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

French for oil (121x)
A judge (slang) (99x)
Seed (95x)
Reference (80x)
Affected (79x)
Analyst (65x)
Mouth (54x)
Authoritative (37x)
Hand luggage (37x)
References (37x)
Positional advantage (36x)
Supreme (36x)
Branch of mathematics (35x)
Plant parts (34x)
Rubber bullet (33x)
Literally (32x)
Extremely evil or cruel (31x)
Country beginning with N (31x)
Brazier (30x)
Matter-of-fact (29x)
Mascara brush target (29x)
Brass neck (28x)
Branch of maths (28x)
Greek lyric poem (28x)
Extremist (28x)
Possible (27x)
Agitated vigorously (26x)
Exemplary (26x)
Coercion (25x)
Exclamation of alarm (25x)
Small-scale copy (25x)
Granted, as in a treaty (23x)
DOUBLE (23x)
Heartening (22x)
Solar plexus (22x)
Missive (21x)
Happily (21x)
It`s quite a blast (20x)
Narration (20x)
Glacial (19x)
Skewer (19x)
Increase (19x)
Music group (18x)
Aflutter (18x)
Blackout (18x)
Thrifty (18x)
Council area of Scotland (18x)
Shrink (18x)
Lumpy (18x)
Flutter (18x)
Increased (18x)
Whistle (18x)
Incessant (17x)
Staff (17x)
Shortage (17x)
Infectious disease (17x)
Man (16x)
Arrange differently (16x)
Straighten, as one`s bed (16x)
Neutrality (16x)
Outstanding (16x)
Delight (16x)
Append (16x)
Be a runner-up (15x)
Love of artistic objects (15x)
Universal Studios (15x)
Those holding office (15x)
Destroy (15x)
Collective (15x)
Dickens hero (15x)
Victim of an invasion (15x)
Forbidden (15x)
Soon, to a poet (15x)
Personally (14x)
Spoof (14x)
Daisies (14x)
Aileron (14x)
Incentive (14x)
Bravely (14x)
Unseat (14x)
Biblical twin of Jacob (14x)
Confidence trick (14x)
Lion king (14x)
Motionless (14x)
Greek astronomer (14x)
Immoral (14x)
Thompson Twins song (14x)
Incompetent (14x)
Hiatuses (14x)
Game played on a map (14x)
Sincere (14x)
Stuffed dumpling (14x)
Dusky cuckoo (14x)
Protective ditch (14x)
Tight (13x)
Celebration (13x)
Cowardly (13x)
Bill holder (13x)
Exonerate (13x)
Delight in (13x)
Give up (13x)
Squawker (13x)
Loser (13x)
Marks, as a ballot box (13x)
Mime and puppetry (13x)
Frills (13x)
American rapper (13x)
Blockade (13x)
Complain (12x)
Inclined (12x)
With passionate fervor (12x)
Vaporization (12x)
Ancient Greek religion (12x)
Kitchen utensils (12x)
Cab (12x)
Fungus (12x)
Rampart (12x)
Malign (12x)
Conservative (12x)
River in germany (12x)
Taylor Swift song (12x)
Believable (12x)
Greek letter (12x)
Impudent aggressiveness (12x)
Australian slang (12x)
Consecutively (12x)
Lots and lots (11x)
Cube (11x)
Provisional (11x)
Military march (11x)
Computer pro (11x)
Suspense (11x)
High point (11x)
Famous female singer (11x)
Bemoan (11x)
Relative of a giraffe (11x)
Block (11x)
Approximately (11x)
Dream (11x)
Traveling (11x)
American actor (11x)
Parody (11x)
Visionary (11x)
Kiln (11x)
Pushes (10x)
Road (10x)
Mystery novel (10x)
Frivolous (10x)
Cocky (10x)
Furrow (10x)