Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Rousing song (69x)
Debase (67x)
Bewail (66x)
Boisterous (62x)
Clinch a deal (56x)
Tasteful watch (51x)
Bluster (45x)
Escort (44x)
Aries, for one (41x)
Restive (39x)
MPs` districts (38x)
Mistress (38x)
Grandma (37x)
Dog breed (37x)
Reader`s card (36x)
Town in Hertfordshire (34x)
Deception (31x)
Balding (30x)
Goldfinger`s org (30x)
Hoity-toity (29x)
Brochette (29x)
Thorax (26x)
Firm land (26x)
TV actor Ed (26x)
Decomposed (26x)
Fragrant garden plant (25x)
Stinker (25x)
Pen name (25x)
Incapacitated (25x)
Russian tea-maker (24x)
Uneven (23x)
Scales zodiac sign (22x)
Good-looker (22x)
BARBER (22x)
Productive oil well (22x)
Parallel parks (22x)
Discomposed (22x)
Overshoots the puck (21x)
Adore (21x)
Sailor slangily (21x)
Preferred (21x)
Stodgy one (21x)
Venice (20x)
Itinerant (20x)
Lymphatic tissue (20x)
Pietism (20x)
Clue weapon (19x)
Entitled (19x)
Bewails (19x)
Pro bono (19x)
Supreme teutonic god (19x)
Dreary (19x)
Decree (18x)
Acrimony (18x)
Time machines (18x)
Approving (18x)
Dark (18x)
Attractive force (18x)
Partially clothed (18x)
Environs (18x)
Keepsakes (17x)
Upheaval (17x)
Insect`s dorsal plate (17x)
Singer Joey or Kiki (17x)
Rumor squelchers (17x)
Make a try at (17x)
Legal (17x)
Eloquence (17x)
Pavilion (17x)
Fanfare (16x)
Arias for one (16x)
Average (16x)
Theories (16x)
Puckish (15x)
Paragons (15x)
Frank (15x)
Wooden plank (14x)
Remorseful (14x)
Defer (14x)
Firmly or closely (14x)
Node (14x)
Decompose (14x)
Brevity (14x)
Forte, in music (14x)
Drew back (14x)
Suppress (14x)
Compare (14x)
Resting place (13x)
Burden (13x)
Disputant (13x)
Wide-ranging (13x)
Song of joy (13x)
Singer ford (13x)
Hazel`s cousin (13x)
Impediment to progress (13x)
Lota (13x)
Scold (13x)
Theory (12x)
Hint (12x)
Speaking platform (12x)
Recognize with gratitude (12x)
Governing body (12x)
Musical times (12x)
Happen again (12x)
Polished (12x)
Infuse (12x)
Stripe (12x)
Destined (12x)
Spree (11x)
Was driven (11x)
Buddhist temple (11x)
Estuary (11x)
Rank (11x)
Jeopardize (11x)
To increase (11x)
Dodgy (11x)
Intuition (11x)
Christmas song (11x)
Antiquated (11x)
Be of the same opinion (11x)
Private chat (11x)
Tallow source (11x)
Reliability measure (11x)
Old Spanish coin (11x)
Helios, for one (11x)
Christmas hater (10x)
Perfect (10x)
High-grade (10x)
Horror film (10x)
Perfectly suited (10x)
Futile (10x)
Forceful (10x)
Thief (10x)
Critical (10x)
Hill (10x)
Gourmet (10x)
Boggy (10x)
Arias (10x)
Allergy (10x)
Hotplate (10x)
Dissolute (10x)
Ponderosa pa (10x)
River in germany (10x)
English game (9x)
Blend (9x)
Coffee brand (9x)
Monopoly token (9x)
Fearful (9x)
Tumult (9x)
Mezzanine (9x)