Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Individuality (167x)
Cognate (117x)
Theft deterrent (105x)
Dissolute (94x)
Malinger (89x)
Indifference (81x)
Outlined copy (72x)
Bad luck (informally) (69x)
Young lads (64x)
Elasticity (63x)
Lifeboat (61x)
Rough (60x)
Coffee blend (59x)
Sensitive (58x)
Bonding substance (58x)
Coercive (55x)
Very popular (52x)
Impotently (50x)
Skullduggery (46x)
Provinces (46x)
Prink (46x)
Eyed (45x)
Not ready to eat yet (45x)
Songbird (45x)
Small songbird (45x)
Christmas Eve service (44x)
Make unhappy (44x)
Befitting (43x)
Equitable opportunity (43x)
Fidgety (42x)
Acknowledged (41x)
Tentative (41x)
Atrocious (40x)
Hairpin bend (39x)
Food paste (38x)
Predatory (38x)
Flatterer (37x)
Particle in blood (37x)
Selfish person (37x)
Grammatical term (36x)
Andy Williams song (36x)
Habitual (36x)
Choral piece (36x)
Metric prefix (34x)
Dunham of `Girls` (34x)
Intimates (34x)
Individually (33x)
Eavesdropping (33x)
Mustard plaster (33x)
Seasoned soldier (32x)
Flaming (32x)
Positive gesture (32x)
Bungler (32x)
Deceit (31x)
Deen of chefdom (31x)
Sham (31x)
Indonesian snack food (31x)
Angler fish (30x)
Sprout (30x)
Valley (30x)
Covered (30x)
Oslo stock exchange (30x)
Infectious (29x)
Picket-line member (29x)
Malingerer (29x)
Prattle (28x)
Stole or cape (28x)
Irrelevant (28x)
Disobediently (28x)
Nasty person (28x)
Carouse (27x)
Eastern country (27x)
Handout (27x)
Be dazed (27x)
Consider (27x)
Persistent desire (26x)
Frontier commodity (26x)
Thoughtfully (26x)
Neophyte (26x)
Contour (26x)
Hypothetical (25x)
Shaft riches (25x)
Zealot`s inspiration (25x)
Helios, for one (25x)
Postulate (24x)
Dating website (24x)
Habituate (24x)
Hurry (24x)
Rat out (23x)
Seriously (23x)
Grapefruit (23x)
Peerless (23x)
What a coincidence! (23x)
Headache (23x)
Sears subsidiary (23x)
Program trials (23x)
Cunningly (23x)
Lethal (22x)
Applicant`s goal (22x)
Anger (22x)
Paramount (22x)
Watchman (21x)
Joke (21x)
Supplement (21x)
Enervate (21x)
Dashed (21x)
Pull a scam on (21x)
Carpeting (21x)
Dilemma (21x)
Imaginary being (21x)
Cleat`s relative (21x)
Bring up (21x)
Excites (20x)
Quinella (20x)
Amendment (20x)
Market town in Cumbria (20x)
Mrs. james joyce (20x)
Deadly (20x)
Territorial dominion (20x)
Artisan (20x)
Pullet (20x)
Not likely! (20x)
Scatter (20x)
Synagogue vips (20x)
Quartz component (19x)
To produce, give rise to (19x)
Enhance (19x)
The ocean (19x)
Bad luck (19x)
Roam (19x)
Boost up (19x)
Conveyances (19x)
Strictness (19x)
Severe (19x)
Perseverance (19x)
Negotiation (19x)
Greek letter after mu (19x)
Rembrandt (19x)
Single-minded person (19x)
Roman goddess (18x)
Metabolism (18x)
Japanese bread (18x)
Look a little too long (18x)
Easily manageable (18x)
Short-run (18x)
Fondness (18x)
Assiduous attention (18x)
Dishevelled (18x)
Autocratic ruler (18x)
Deport (18x)
Divorce (18x)
Tours (18x)
Musty (18x)
Trattoria bowlful (18x)
Postponement (18x)
Autocratic leader (17x)
Equips for war (17x)
Stringed instrument (17x)
Reproof (17x)
Patience (17x)
Ambiance (17x)
Placard (17x)
Manioca (17x)
Spelunker (17x)
Decent (17x)
Unfounded criticisms (17x)
Trite (17x)
Irregularity (17x)
Intuition (17x)
Holy days (16x)
River in Russia (16x)
Above the horizon (16x)
Scratched (16x)
Explosive charge (16x)
Receipt (16x)
Butts (16x)
Hopeful (16x)
Questioner (16x)
Augury (16x)
Girl`s shoe style (16x)
Picket line (16x)
Remission (15x)
Shackle (15x)
Difficult situation (15x)
Offhand (15x)
Merging (15x)
Household items (15x)
German baroque composer (15x)
Cut of beef (15x)
Japanese ghost (15x)
Exaggerate (15x)
Expose the falseness of (15x)
Caress (15x)
Suavely (15x)
Wing tips (15x)
Emphasis (15x)
Anglerfish (15x)
Central point (15x)
Monkshood (15x)
Erroneous (15x)