Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Constrain (88x)
Refute (88x)
Asian language (86x)
Narration (83x)
Upright (72x)
Seed (68x)
Expert (colloquial) (68x)
Moving slowly and gently (63x)
Tawdriness (58x)
Statue (52x)
Respite (51x)
Pressure (50x)
Symbol (48x)
Taylor Swift song (47x)
Dauntlessly (46x)
Fleeting (46x)
Categories (43x)
Seashore (42x)
Thunderous (42x)
Australian actress (41x)
Pretence or disguise (38x)
Hurriedly (37x)
Sentence (37x)
Famous female singer (36x)
Happy-hour letters (34x)
Happy hour (34x)
Man from Mandalay (32x)
Illustrious (32x)
Slang for a small person (30x)
Rubbish (29x)
Sports `zebra` (28x)
Cog (28x)
French picnic locale (28x)
Gratuity provider (27x)
Oasis feature (26x)
Dejected (26x)
Deceive (25x)
Plant disease (25x)
Subtle (24x)
Eccentric (24x)
Victim of an invasion (24x)
Exultation (24x)
Cubit (23x)
Full of microbes (23x)
Werewolf (22x)
Fraud, trick (22x)
Perfume (22x)
Stitch (22x)
Unbeatable (22x)
Pause (22x)
Darth Vader`s daughter (22x)
Cosmetics brand (22x)
Visage (21x)
Priceless (21x)
Rapturous (21x)
Elopers` destination (21x)
Impudence (21x)
Vaudeville (21x)
Bom (21x)
Vintner (21x)
Citrus fruit (20x)
Animal communication (20x)
Sadly (20x)
Spree (20x)
Revive (19x)
Deliberate (19x)
Filament (19x)
Taipan (19x)
Yawning (19x)
Ipswich farewells (19x)
Penury (19x)
Blatantly (19x)
Crafty and shrewd (19x)
Echoing sound (19x)
Energy drink (19x)
Scholar (18x)
Indefatigable (18x)
Cuttings (18x)
Egoist (18x)
Unsatisfactory (18x)
Enclose (18x)
Spectre (18x)
Incite (18x)
Internet community users (18x)
Communicate (18x)
Excitement (18x)
Duplicate (18x)
Considerably (17x)
Cunning (17x)
Omen (17x)
Famous singer (17x)
Metal mixture (17x)
Rejection (17x)
Beethoven`s and (17x)
Stratagem (17x)
Pouched mammal (16x)
Moderately fast (16x)
In pieces (16x)
Cursed (16x)
Motivate (16x)
Retire (13x)
Maximum (13x)
Moola in madrid (13x)
Uncertain (13x)
Warfare (13x)
Snack food (13x)
Reshape (13x)
Impudent aggressiveness (13x)
Looks like a blackguard (13x)
Clueless (12x)
Waterproof (12x)
Guard (12x)
Italian port city (12x)
Chalcedony (12x)
Unwilling (12x)
Preacher (12x)
Listless (12x)
Native language (12x)
Thinner (12x)
Golf shot (12x)
Selected course (12x)
Mummy (12x)
Investigation (12x)
Brain disease (12x)
Indian rice dish (12x)
Stone wall (12x)
Stunned (12x)
Attract (12x)
Discrimination (12x)
Mutual (12x)
Completely (12x)
Horror film (12x)
Splenic (12x)
Rapper (11x)
Casino (11x)
Fabricate (11x)
Venture (11x)
Tangle (11x)
Wind instrument (11x)
Watch brand (11x)
Beach of Bali (11x)
Furnish (11x)
Assumed (11x)
Brush aside (11x)
Jewel (11x)
Lethargy (11x)
Revival (11x)
Clothing (11x)
Filipino filmmaker Diaz (11x)
Delicious (11x)