Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

One Direction song (160x)
Lengthened (137x)
Family (101x)
Country beginning with N (92x)
Dashing (91x)
Besmirches (88x)
Galway native (82x)
Country (71x)
Derivative (68x)
Unutterable (62x)
Aroused (56x)
Yobbo (56x)
Mine shaft (52x)
Bold (47x)
Mine shafts (46x)
Archetype (45x)
Manageable (45x)
Tidy (43x)
Laws (40x)
Nervousness (40x)
Repair (39x)
Blink (39x)
Weaken (38x)
Eat (36x)
Retrievable (35x)
Wide-eyed and innocent (35x)
Ariana Grande song (34x)
Indecisive (34x)
Disband (33x)
Ranking (33x)
Fundamentals (30x)
Taylor Swift song (29x)
American girl group (27x)
Disorderly (27x)
Mushrooms (26x)
Gusto (25x)
Urban (24x)
West African storyteller (22x)
Kitchen utensils (21x)
Tease, taunt (slang) (20x)
Greek letter (20x)
Video effect (20x)
Clairvoyant (20x)
Reduce (19x)
Painkiller (19x)
Life-size (18x)
Like some city elections (18x)
Fairy-tale (18x)
Cheap (18x)
Criticism (18x)
Quick meal (17x)
Crossing (17x)
Expert (17x)
Invest with honour (17x)
Offender (17x)
Believe (17x)
Unavoidable (17x)
Flair (16x)
Number (16x)
Venture (16x)
Like an eagle (16x)
Quickly (16x)
Bane (16x)
Musical instrument (16x)
Arouse (16x)
Alien (16x)
Dog breed (16x)
Bad luck (informally) (15x)
European mountains (15x)
Lightest (15x)
Induced (15x)
Canon (15x)
Unfortunately (15x)
Split (15x)
An early style of musket (15x)
River in germany (15x)
In vain (15x)
Failing (15x)
Mistrustfully (14x)
Atlanta NBA player (14x)
Silk cotton (14x)
Ratite bird (14x)
First-person shooter (14x)
Stupid (13x)
Rejection (13x)
Organ (13x)
Display device (13x)
Spray (13x)
Moroccan dish (12x)
Dominant (12x)
Foolish gibberish (12x)
Change direction (12x)
Jaunty (12x)
Filled to capacity (12x)
Overseas (12x)
Peashooter (12x)
In the end (12x)
Equipment of Jack Ketch (12x)
Disproportionate (12x)
Clear (12x)