Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Censure (220x)
Node (139x)
Stopped developing (111x)
Even-handedness (74x)
Hurling (66x)
On-field line-up (66x)
Shoshone (61x)
Sassiness (60x)
Ill (55x)
Scaly monsters (55x)
Medieval poet (47x)
Hole (46x)
Baked good (42x)
Frugal (40x)
LLL (38x)
Taylor Swift song (37x)
Unrewarding (37x)
Influence deviously (36x)
Not loyal (35x)
Pluckiness (35x)
Plant disease (33x)
It runs the `L` (33x)
Arrogant (29x)
Abnormality (29x)
Ashram dweller (29x)
Bogey (29x)
Coffee brand (29x)
Categorize (28x)
Horror film (28x)
Beset by trouble (26x)
Shrewd bargainer (26x)
Fast fish (25x)
Burrito wrap (25x)
Tennis term (24x)
Meager (23x)
Moped (23x)
Troublemaker (22x)
Halloween event (22x)
Barkless dogs (21x)
Branch of physics (21x)
Heinous (21x)
Order for dinner (21x)
Pause in a verse (19x)
Diagonally (19x)
Beekeeper (19x)
Ramrod-straight (18x)
Heaven (18x)
Offensive (18x)
Vocation (17x)
Roll (17x)
One by one (17x)
Assemble (17x)
Swabbie (16x)
The hardhack (16x)
Prevailing (16x)
Explosive laughs (16x)
Balding (16x)
One, to Conchita (16x)
Presentable (16x)
Dome-shaped home (16x)
Hotelkeeper (16x)
Drop (16x)
Overindulge (16x)
Noise (slang) (15x)
Mystery novel (15x)
Remorseless (15x)
Exposed (15x)
Look on (15x)
Greek letter (14x)
Defence (14x)
Impact crater on Mars (14x)
Barbecue meat (14x)
Commotion (14x)
Retrace footsteps (14x)
Extending (14x)
Drag out (14x)
Nose (slang) (14x)
Spread (14x)
Haughty (13x)
Popular music genre (13x)
Kitchen utensils (13x)
Work-shy (13x)
Brutality (13x)
Big wave (13x)
Cruel (13x)
Gallinule (12x)
Delights in (12x)
Unravel (12x)
Tennis score (12x)
Offspring (12x)
River in germany (12x)
Paris`s nickname (12x)
Mammal type (12x)
Passionate (12x)
Spiritual emblem (12x)
Trifling (12x)
Recalls (11x)
Ancestry (11x)
Sir, in Turkey (11x)
Motionless (11x)
Kindness (11x)
Expansion (11x)
Testiness (11x)
Laws (11x)
Sparid (11x)
Ancient Greek priestess (11x)
Brush (10x)
Departure (10x)
Long Island resort town (10x)
Poison (10x)
Bloodthirsty (10x)
Approximately (10x)
Dense growth (10x)
Overindulges (10x)
Denounces strongly (10x)
Rubbish (9x)
Relating to labour (9x)
Advertise (9x)
Gunpowder igniter (9x)
Party (9x)
Streaming (9x)
Aggravating (9x)
Repeat (9x)
Restriction (9x)
Female graduate (9x)
Verse (9x)
Scoundrel (9x)
Personal integrity (9x)
Std (9x)
Complex molecular branch (9x)
Much spam (9x)
Presenter (9x)
Bar (9x)
Language of Azerbaijan (9x)
Relish (9x)
Red-hot river (9x)
To destroy the peace of (9x)
Croon (9x)
Ungues (8x)
Directed (8x)
Entrance (8x)
Just sold my last one (8x)
Parasite (8x)
Text (8x)
Eating disorder (8x)
Shoshonean (8x)
Burning (8x)
Decline in quality (8x)
David Bowie song (8x)
Spoof (8x)