Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Massively (311x)
Truman and Armstrong (139x)
Offensiveness (91x)
Johnsons (81x)
Variety (81x)
Be prudent (76x)
Avidity (72x)
Seed (58x)
Limestone formation (57x)
Data entry (56x)
Make clear (55x)
Venture (51x)
Ham-fisted (51x)
Nuisance remover, in law (50x)
Pester (50x)
Mythical American Hill (48x)
Waterborne disease (47x)
Customer service (46x)
Curdled (45x)
Mistrustfully (42x)
Famous female singer (38x)
Silent prez (38x)
Carry out or commit (37x)
Ardent (37x)
Extraordinary (36x)
Oft-repeated dictum (34x)
One of the Muses (33x)
Roper (33x)
Golden Bears` school (33x)
Kindly feeling (33x)
Excavation (33x)
Houseplant (33x)
Farewell (31x)
Preserve by chilling (31x)
Oberon of films (30x)
Assiduous attention (29x)
Geographic point (28x)
Without bias (27x)
Cement component (27x)
Big spread (27x)
Hunched (27x)
Bore (26x)
Body part (26x)
River in greek mythology (26x)
Dimwit (25x)
Blouse feature (25x)
Dreadful (25x)
Subversive (25x)
Horror film (25x)
African bird of prey (24x)
Recognize with gratitude (24x)
Stupid (23x)
Weedless (23x)
Reprimands (22x)
Submissive (22x)
Innumerable (22x)
Hijack (22x)
Legendary lyricist (22x)
Power tool (21x)
Overpowering (21x)
Articulated vehicle (21x)
Deprived (21x)
Authorisation (21x)
Pleasure ground (21x)
Gilded (20x)
Primitive (20x)
Doomsday scenario (20x)
Blouse (20x)
Insightful (20x)
Obscenity (20x)
Teasing repartee (20x)
Easy target (20x)
Legal (19x)
Forgo (19x)
Scuttle (19x)
Lodging (19x)
Slaughter (19x)
Offensive (19x)
Greek letter (18x)
Ergonomics (18x)
Dripping (18x)
Diffident (18x)
Asleep (18x)
Road (18x)
Lawyer (17x)
Plunge (17x)
Round dance (17x)
Miserable (17x)
Compress a file (17x)
Pranks (17x)
Striking (17x)
Sea urchin roe (17x)
Kitchen utensils (17x)
Enlisted personnel (16x)
Cigarettes (slang) (16x)
Insight (16x)
Vocalise (16x)
Tumult (16x)
Melon (16x)
Firmly resolved (16x)
Injunction (16x)
Santiago resident (16x)
Scruffy (16x)
Depraved (16x)
Zen master (16x)
Letter box (15x)
River in germany (15x)
Mawkish (15x)
Rudimentary (15x)
Glaring light (15x)
Music producer Estefan (15x)
Transmission (15x)
Matter components (14x)
Prank (14x)
Veldt (14x)
Preserve with sugar (14x)
Exhibitionist (14x)
Fragrant blossom (14x)
Sentimental fondness (14x)
Humdrum (14x)
Star (14x)
Secretly plots to harm (14x)
Nude (14x)
Drunk (14x)
Disprove (14x)
Candy bar (14x)
Dimple (14x)
Pithy (14x)
Candour (14x)
Police checkpoints (14x)
Alluring (14x)
Ostentatious (14x)
Rejected (14x)
Wind instrument (13x)
Financial market (13x)
Repeat (13x)
Dental deposit (13x)
Contentment (13x)
Ruler (13x)
Daring adventurer (13x)
Uncertain (13x)
Rubbish (13x)
Regularly (13x)
Mental inclination (13x)
Newspaper (13x)
Leadoff batter (12x)
Suborner (12x)
Nevertheless (12x)
Incriminate (12x)
Many (12x)
Cinder (12x)
Hear with intention (12x)
Single-minded person (12x)
Browbeat (12x)
bird native to Australia (12x)
Peanut (12x)
Promotes (12x)
Cohort (12x)
Part for a whack job (12x)
Hefty (12x)
Boat (12x)
Wealth (12x)
Weight (12x)
Prisoner (12x)
Awful (12x)
Existing everywhere (11x)
Intrude (11x)
Scold (11x)
Impulsively (11x)
Politician (11x)
Hundredth of a lira (11x)
Waggish (11x)
Popular house plant (11x)
Compelling (11x)
Coffee brand (11x)
Besides (11x)
Disparage (11x)
Mystery writer nevada (11x)
Shout out (11x)
Rotten (11x)
Heighten or intensify (11x)
Birthplace (11x)
Keenness (11x)
Actress (11x)
Crowning achievement (11x)
Patisserie item (11x)
Educated (11x)
Dilapidated (11x)
Loosen (10x)
Irritable (10x)
Mystery novel (10x)
Enzyme (10x)
Bronze medal (10x)
Fugitive (10x)
Appearances (10x)
Consistent (10x)
Spring (10x)
Fortified settlement (10x)
Substantiate (10x)
Creative (10x)