Popular Crossword Clues A-Z

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Complainer (191x)
Compulsory (161x)
Radio number (142x)
Long list (133x)
Unexpected change (120x)
Cat breed (111x)
Automation (82x)
Plexiglas (80x)
Ostentatious (79x)
Predisposition (69x)
Took an indirect route (69x)
Plexiglass (66x)
Dye (63x)
Cover completely (59x)
Tennis term (53x)
Root around (53x)
Phoebe (50x)
Squealing (48x)
Instinct (47x)
Rude (46x)
Be contrite (46x)
Squabble (45x)
At first (45x)
Automaton (44x)
Pariah (44x)
Monaco (44x)
Base metal (44x)
Greek letter after mu (43x)
Mysterious (43x)
Greek letter (43x)
Barn topper, sometimes (43x)
Governance (42x)
Oslo stock exchange (42x)
Takeover (42x)
Minister`s inspiration (41x)
Allege or assert (40x)
Inadequate (40x)
Music genre (39x)
Commute (39x)
Approximately (39x)
Really bother (37x)
Arrears (37x)
Mechanic`s focus (37x)
Escalate (37x)
Pyrogenic (37x)
Like an arrow (36x)
Current affairs show (36x)
Resiliency (36x)
Indonesian snack food (35x)
Kidding (35x)
Electioneering (35x)
Connecting (35x)
Religious adherent (34x)
Spanish wine (34x)
Becoming (34x)
Troublemaker (34x)
Duplicitous (34x)
Clueless (34x)
Illinois city (33x)
Japanese ghost (33x)
Rough position (33x)
Inhabit (32x)
Québec peninsula (32x)
Protoctist (32x)
Peach (32x)
Secret service (32x)
Banker`s advice (32x)
Reservoir (32x)
Go-ahead (31x)
Dull (31x)
Inelegant (31x)
Sword fight souvenir (31x)
Rascal (31x)
Opry fans` station (31x)
Lonely, forsaken place (30x)
Unexpected (30x)
Oscar-winning film: 1979 (30x)
Attractive (30x)
Specious excuse (30x)
Russian bread (30x)
Flamboyant (30x)
Punctiliousness (29x)
Conspirator (29x)
Barring (29x)
Imprecision (29x)
Intoxication (28x)
Impassively (28x)
Conditional (28x)
Composer (28x)
Ensure (28x)
Common grape vine (28x)
Award (28x)
Allowed (28x)
Withhold (27x)
Lottery (27x)
Largeness (27x)
Lustful (27x)
Purchase (27x)
Rejection (26x)
Cubed (26x)