Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Legislature (4x)
Last (4x)
Lost Horizon (4x)
Longness (4x)
Less adulterated (4x)
Lazily (4x)
Lacking force (4x)
Left (4x)
Locket (4x)
Leafy recess (4x)
Lowly workers (4x)
Limoges finish (3x)
Litigator (3x)
Located (3x)
Liquor from agave (3x)
Looney Tunes voice Mel (3x)
Loads a liner (3x)
Linden and Holbrook (3x)
Logo (3x)
Lazy person (3x)
Less fat (3x)
Layla has one (3x)
Little, to a Scot (3x)
Lipstick (3x)
Likely (3x)
Largest living creature (3x)
Lucite (3x)
Lapel (3x)
Lures into danger (3x)
Led (3x)
Lodging house (3x)
Lawyerly letters (3x)
Loan shark (3x)
Lacking resonance (3x)
Longtime sneaks name (3x)
Lifeless (3x)
Liberation (3x)
Large lake (3x)
Letterman`s nickname (3x)
Lesvos (3x)
Laundry brand (3x)
Links number (3x)
Lift a finger (3x)
Lacking, with `of` (3x)
Look like (3x)
Literati (3x)
Leave (slang) (3x)
Lithuanian equipment (3x)
Lottery game (3x)
Living stone (3x)
Like some lovers` hearts (3x)
Long-standing (3x)
Lecture hall jottings (3x)
Lope (3x)
Ladd (3x)
London (3x)
Lexicons (3x)
Lacking cheer (3x)
Lowest (3x)
Lurid book (3x)
Little belt (3x)
Long-running argument (3x)
Lemons (3x)
Louis XIV (3x)
Library unit (3x)
Lowness (3x)
Like a close neighbor (3x)
Leguminous plant (3x)
Lion sounds (3x)
Loses energy (3x)
Let slip away (3x)
Lyon lad (3x)
Luck (3x)
Lance (3x)
Lamb alias (3x)
Lordliness (3x)
Lunes (3x)
Logistical (3x)
Language in Riga (3x)
LSD pioneer (3x)
Life (3x)
Lumberjack game (3x)
Leon or Sidney (3x)
Long-running Vegas show (3x)
Lutetium (3x)
Light motorcycle (3x)
Lenin`s successor (3x)
Lake of Kivalliq Region (3x)
London art gallery (3x)
Loathe (3x)
Latin dance (3x)
Lindbergh (3x)
Looter (3x)
Lyme disease transmitter (3x)
Lambs` bleats (3x)
Lasers (3x)
Lacuna (3x)
Look over a clinton pet (3x)
Lachrymose (3x)
Landslide victory (3x)