Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Look up (5x)
Least appetizing sausage (5x)
Look upon with disdain (5x)
Linus` calmer (5x)
Lexicographer`s study (5x)
Leguminous plant (5x)
Lauren or Nader (5x)
Lender, legally speaking (5x)
Lesser or great animal (5x)
Leonard marx (5x)
Loose celestial grouping (5x)
Look for a good deal (5x)
Limiting aspect (5x)
License plate (5x)
Lethal nerve gas (5x)
Limiting condition (5x)
Loom (5x)
Legitimately (5x)
Libra stone (5x)
Lovelock (5x)
Letter of the alphabet (5x)
Leafy dish (4x)
Lancasters` symbol (4x)
Lady Gaga song (4x)
Lake (4x)
Lose it (4x)
Less than average time (4x)
Large number (4x)
London magazine (4x)
Lancelot`s beloved (4x)
Listing (4x)
Lake of Mongolia (4x)
Leading down the aisle (4x)
Layer applied by brush (4x)
Lyric for an insomniac (4x)
Literary genre (4x)
Lennon.s woman (4x)
Louis xiv, 1643-1715 (4x)
Lowly laborers (slang) (4x)
Lyric from `america` (4x)
Line-ups (4x)
Local area vax cluster (4x)
Libellous (4x)
Loaded (4x)
Large deer-hunting group (4x)
Longstanding park patron (4x)
Long-legged coastal bird (4x)
Lucky (4x)
Leonard maltin`s topic (4x)
Liveliness and eagerness (4x)
Light bulb (4x)
Literature class reading (4x)
Long past its heyday (4x)
Liege (4x)
Lucky Charms alternative (4x)
Lives in an apartment (4x)
Layout (4x)
Lecherous stare (4x)
Light beam (4x)
Leather flask (4x)
Lepton (4x)
Ladder danger (4x)
Litigation (4x)
Leather from the sea (4x)
Lengthy military attacks (4x)
Like some cows (4x)
Leaflets (4x)
Lymphatic gland swelling (4x)
Lobby group for seniors (4x)
Lower (4x)
Lingering look (4x)
Lamb (4x)
Little piggy`s jewelry (4x)
Lacking strength (4x)
Likewise, with the (4x)
Less genuine (4x)
Lacoste (4x)
Landsmal (4x)
Laurel in Swiss Miss (4x)
Luxurious passenger cars (4x)
Lease (4x)
Livid with (4x)
Louse egg (4x)
Lawyer Perry`s creator (4x)
Limits of achievement (4x)
Laconic assent (4x)
Lurk (4x)
Liner debuting in 1936 (4x)
Leaving Las Vegas girl (4x)
Landing facility builder (4x)
Lahr (4x)
Log cabin (4x)
Let out, as a sigh (4x)
Lagoon of Ivory Coast (4x)
Low voice (4x)
Lessen (4x)
Luxury car (4x)
Librarian`s admonishment (4x)
Landlord`s edict (3x)
Lunge (3x)
Lower jaw (3x)
Limiting mark (3x)
Liberty Island symbol (3x)
Labour opponent (3x)
Laundry drying equipment (3x)
Lures into crime (3x)
Logo (3x)
Langley, VA org (3x)
Leak (3x)
Learning method, with by (3x)
Light touch (3x)
Lapwing (3x)
Lead to victory (3x)
Limbo residents (3x)
Like the talus (3x)
Lunar eclipse phenomenon (3x)
Ltr. heads-up (3x)
Look for a new goal (3x)
Layers of matted earth (3x)
Lofty capital (3x)
Lymphatic system feature (3x)
Looking airer (3x)
Lyric poet Teasdale (3x)
Lesser Bond villain (3x)
Level a charge against (3x)
List of printing errors (3x)
Like week-old doughnuts (3x)
Legendary Greek author (3x)
Lighter needs (3x)
Legislator`s thumbs-down (3x)
Limiting factor (3x)
Laugh evokers (3x)
Lingering sensation (3x)
Latin 101 word (3x)
Lug (3x)
Long oven (3x)
Launch (3x)
Lively Cuban dance (3x)
Lessen the intensity of (3x)
Living space (3x)
Liked, old-school (3x)
Legendary Irish king (3x)
Lincoln in-laws (3x)
Liquid butter of India (3x)
Local (3x)
Lavage of the stomach (3x)
Luxury (3x)
Less well (3x)
Leveret (3x)
Lavish attention (3x)