Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Lingering (44x)
Lack of decorum (36x)
Liveliness (6x)
Locator (5x)
Listening closely (5x)
Listen (5x)
Looking over (5x)
London event of 1666 (4x)
Long list stand-in (4x)
Lowers dignity of (4x)
Larva (4x)
Least tame (4x)
Lancelot`s son (4x)
Lacking (4x)
Laggard (4x)
Leveling machine (4x)
Lots and lots and lots (4x)
Logic programing (4x)
Load (4x)
Lothario (4x)
Line art (4x)
Latex application (4x)
Like madrigals (4x)
Luzon volcano (4x)
Long speech (4x)
Lucania (4x)
Literary villain (4x)
Light opening (4x)
LA district (4x)
Lightly roast (3x)
Leading a carefree life (3x)
Ludicrously odd (3x)
Lone hand (3x)
Lunchbox alternative (3x)
Loose-fitting jacket (3x)
Lacking (colloquial) (3x)
Loverboy star (3x)
Lecturers (3x)
Literary pseudonym (3x)
Lakme (3x)
Long. crossers (3x)
Like the Koran (3x)
Latin verb (3x)
Lexington and Concord (3x)
Landfill (3x)
Like someone from Dakar (3x)
Listing on IRS Form 8949 (3x)
Lab course (3x)
Litigious (3x)
Loren`s producer husband (3x)
Line dance (3x)
Lust (3x)
Launch pad group (3x)
Lhasa`s place (3x)
Left the band (3x)
Leaky sound (3x)
Lotto`s kin (3x)
Laundry maid (3x)
Large group (3x)
Laugh track repeats (3x)
Lohan (3x)
Like basset hounds` ears (3x)
Latin legal terminology (3x)
Lowerclassmen (3x)
Latin girl name (3x)
Lingering flavor (3x)
Lanchester and namesakes (3x)
Langley letters (3x)
Leavenworth resident (3x)
La leader (3x)
Lively name (3x)
Low dice roll (3x)
Learn secondhand (3x)
Little amounts (3x)
Landscape ruiners (3x)
Londonderry, etc (3x)
Lofty nest, var (3x)
Later today (3x)
Linney and dern (3x)
Levy a distress on (3x)
Least bold (3x)
Low-pitched voice (3x)
Lateen-rigged sailboat (3x)
Legitimacy (3x)
Light teasing (3x)
Legislative edict (3x)
Laborers (3x)
Laura bush`s alma mater (3x)
Little chuckle (3x)
Largo (3x)
Libyan export (3x)
Lamp holders, often (3x)
Lantern (3x)
Lobster coral (3x)
Luanda`s country (3x)
Lear`s daughter (3x)
Likewise (3x)
Late Giants owner (3x)
Large-eyed primate (3x)
Lackland trainees (3x)
List of chaps (3x)
Lower, to Luis (3x)
Lumps of paint (3x)
Leveled off (3x)
Limited (3x)
Light bulb (3x)
Liberality (3x)
LAX approximation (3x)
Loud yell (3x)
Love god (3x)
Learning method (3x)
Lavender and others (3x)
Law (3x)
Large wading bird (3x)
Like a child (3x)
Lions of the theater (3x)
Lars of Metallica (3x)
Level (3x)
Life of Pi prop (3x)
Licorice stick (3x)
Lacquered metal (3x)
LA tree (3x)
Looney Tunes skunk (3x)
Lunar festival (3x)
Light beam (3x)
Laborious (3x)
Lake of Manitoba (3x)
Lateral lead-in (3x)
La Bamba performers (3x)
Lungi (3x)
Likes better (3x)
Lucky break provider (3x)
Looking lewdly (3x)
Like an X-rated movie (3x)
Levelers (3x)
Latin 101 word (3x)
Lilliput creator (3x)
Little League memento (3x)
Liquid (3x)
Lender of a helping hand (3x)
Leigh`s first Oscar role (3x)
Lightweight fabric (3x)
Laundry (3x)
Loses altitude (3x)
Little soldier (3x)
Like some butter (3x)
Lily cousin (3x)
Levels as a building (3x)
Leveling devices (3x)
Lofty abode (3x)
Lumberjack contest (3x)
Lord of the Rings menace (3x)
Laboratory dweller (3x)
Lasting two months (3x)
Last Soviet first lady (3x)
Linguine or lasagna (3x)
Library Card Sign-Up Mo (3x)
Like a malt drink (3x)
Labyrinthine (3x)
Living off others (3x)
Last part of te amo (3x)
Liquorice plant (3x)
Large snake (3x)
Lauded caitiff in cinema (3x)
Lipstick colors (3x)
License to drill (2x)
Loading dock (2x)
Loaded cocktail (2x)
Landing spots for santa (2x)
Landscape foreground (2x)
Lights of a sort (2x)
Leather bands (2x)
Lucky discovery (2x)
Large room (2x)
Lights-out song (2x)
Language of Greece (2x)
Losing big at the casino (2x)
Line or mein starter (2x)
Large bills (colloquial) (2x)
Lion`s lair (2x)
Legalese conjunction (2x)
Lifting part of a crane (2x)
Litter little `un (2x)
Liberalism (2x)
Lively parties (slang) (2x)
Lithuanian female singer (2x)
Library compartment (2x)
Leuciscus leuciscus (2x)
Locket shape (2x)
Lithely (2x)
Lighted sign over a door (2x)
Latin explanation opener (2x)
Like the times (2x)
Love (2x)
Local authority (2x)
Life guards, often (2x)
Lacking septa (2x)
Like natural medicine (2x)
Last parts of ads, often (2x)
Letterhead (2x)