Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

LSD advocate Timothy (14x)
Long-jawed fish (14x)
Levy (11x)
Limp (10x)
Laud (9x)
Liar (9x)
Lime (8x)
Loud (8x)
LOCH (8x)
Load (7x)
Looting of a legislature (7x)
Lout (7x)
Life (7x)
Land (7x)
LICE (7x)
Lawn (7x)
Line (7x)
Least protracted (6x)
Lewd (6x)
Lamp (6x)
Last (6x)
Linz (6x)
Laconic (6x)
Lake (6x)
Look (6x)
Logan fleet (6x)
Left (6x)
Loci (6x)
Loco (6x)
Lief (6x)
Lace (6x)
Lash (6x)
Lulu (6x)
Logo (6x)
Lurk (6x)
Literary (6x)
Lump (6x)
Lord of the Rings beast (6x)
Luck (6x)
LISA (5x)
Leaf (5x)
Lest (5x)
Limo (5x)
Laze (5x)
Latin dances (5x)
Leap (5x)
Late (5x)
Limn (5x)
Lips (5x)
Legs (5x)
Lovely (5x)
Loft (5x)
Love (5x)
Lick (5x)
Lapse (5x)
Lynx (5x)
Lame (5x)
Lock (5x)
Lack (5x)
Lazy (5x)
Laurel or Mikita (5x)
Lass (5x)
Loot (5x)
LUNG (5x)
Leak (5x)
Lull (5x)
Lied (5x)
Loam (5x)
Laws (5x)
Link (5x)
Leek (5x)
Lady (5x)
Long (4x)
Long river in spain (4x)
Livid (4x)
Lees (4x)
Laid (4x)
Lamb (4x)
Level (4x)
Leafy vegetable (4x)
Laggard (4x)
Light, healthy lunches (4x)
Latin American festival (4x)
Lessened (4x)
Lode (4x)
Loss (4x)
Lama (4x)
Lost (4x)
Like some online videos (4x)
Let us bray beginning (4x)
Liberty (4x)
Lady Gaga song (4x)
Lurid (4x)
Lair (4x)
Loon (4x)
Lane (4x)
Lenient (4x)
Luge (4x)
Loaf (4x)
Lear (4x)
Legless creature (3x)
Lily (3x)
Lily pad sitter (3x)
LaGuardia pickup (3x)
Low card in pinochle (3x)
Lieutenant (3x)
Lowest pack member (3x)
Lightweight fabric (3x)
Lax (3x)
Leal (3x)
Live (3x)
Leveret groomer (3x)
Lesser celandine (3x)
Longtime tenor, jan (3x)
Long, low ridge (3x)
Lake of South Georgia (3x)
Like rubber (3x)
Louis-Philippe (3x)
Less filling brew (3x)
Lab assistant of fiction (3x)
Large Asian border lake (3x)
Lee (3x)
Lifted loaves (3x)
Like a white rat (3x)
Last word of the bible (3x)
Logging tool (3x)
Lennie wants to tend the (3x)
Legendary ghost ship (3x)
Lippo Lippi (3x)
Lackey (3x)
Layers (3x)
Lurch (3x)
Large prefix (3x)
Liner locales (3x)
Leafy fund (3x)
Learn (3x)
Long pin used on a spit (3x)
Lyrical (3x)
Latched (3x)
Linger on (3x)
Lyon laughs (3x)
Limitless (3x)
Lone star staters (3x)
Lugs (3x)
Lode locator (3x)
Long-running comic strip (3x)
Lopsidedly (3x)
Legendary (3x)
Little mountain (3x)
Landing (3x)