Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Literally (32x)
Lumpy (18x)
Love of artistic objects (15x)
Lion king (14x)
Loser (14x)
Lots and lots (11x)
Lawful (10x)
Language of Azerbaijan (9x)
Liars` club competition (7x)
Lake of Leppävirtum (7x)
Layabout (7x)
Lizard (6x)
Large-scale (6x)
Last (6x)
Listlessness (6x)
Legend (5x)
Lots of spirit (5x)
Livy`s M (5x)
Laggard (5x)
Largest (5x)
Leader leader (5x)
Lincoln center (5x)
Little pig (5x)
Longboat (5x)
Law (5x)
Literary villain (5x)
Languor (5x)
Louts (5x)
Lust (5x)
Lurid (5x)
Learners, of a sort (5x)
Loyalty (5x)
Loaf around (5x)
Lake and Perry (5x)
Lymphocyte (5x)
Lopsided (5x)
Literary character (4x)
Latin American knives (4x)
Least cheerful (4x)
Lowland (4x)
Leatherlike (4x)
Letters before F (4x)
Location (4x)
Lush surroundings (4x)
Lane in Superman stories (4x)
Loot (4x)
Lattice piece (4x)
Like some cigars (4x)
Like, in Lille (4x)
Locales for crow`s-nests (4x)
Li`l Abner matriarch (4x)
Level (4x)
Leapt (4x)
Lodges (4x)
Llanelli locale (4x)
Lay open to view (4x)
Like some 27D (4x)
Little or major follower (4x)
Like some e-readers (4x)
Long gun (4x)
Like farm oxen (4x)
Less acrid (4x)
Le pew of skunkdom (4x)
Luigi`s drink with latte (4x)
Live up to, as a treaty (4x)
Late 1980s Cadillac (4x)
Large hawk (4x)
Laundry appliances (4x)
Literary hodgepodge (4x)
Like some discount mdse (4x)
Like linen (4x)
Luau song standard (4x)
Legume (4x)
Large flightless bird (4x)
Luxor waterway (4x)
Locks site (4x)
Lock (4x)
Latent (4x)
Local anesthetic (4x)
Lucky (4x)
Lowell and Irving (4x)
Launched at great speed (4x)
Lexus (4x)
Latticework (4x)
Like a male lion (4x)
Lapse (4x)
Link (4x)
Life, to Ricky Martin (4x)
Large (4x)
Light source (4x)
Light metallic sound (4x)
Law breakers, of a kind (4x)
Legendary bandleader (4x)
Lazy person (4x)
Little kiss (4x)
Less covered (4x)
Le Gallienne and Braun (4x)
List-shortening words (4x)
Long family tales (3x)
Like some differences (3x)
Like some promises (3x)
Liquid part of blood (3x)
Late TV comic Jack (3x)
Lyra`s alpha star (3x)
Lagos`s land (3x)
Like a poe tale (3x)
Late-night host Leno (3x)
Lamenting (3x)
Like oxen on the farm (3x)
Long, careful study (3x)
Lake Victoria locale (3x)
Lifeless (3x)
Low wetland (3x)
London pub alternative (3x)
Like Gov. Ventura (3x)
Lamps (3x)
Live tv events (3x)
Like take-home pay (3x)
Large and medium (3x)
Loosen, as one`s butt (3x)
Land measure (3x)
Layout (3x)
Language of Oklahoma (3x)
Lowermost (3x)
Like the verb have (3x)
Leprosy (3x)
Like a chickweed variety (3x)
Lacking direction (3x)
Like the middle months (3x)
Like sailing ships (3x)
Log z`s (3x)
Lottery winner`s feeling (3x)
Lilly of drugs (3x)
Legally sound (3x)
Love to! (3x)
Loophole (3x)
Like doughnuts (3x)
Losing ventures (3x)
Labor union (3x)
Lively, at the Met (3x)
Lawyer`s catchall combo (3x)
Lies within proximity of (3x)
Lily`s cousins (3x)
Letters on seconds (3x)
Like 747s (3x)
Louisianian cuisine (3x)
Least controversial (3x)
Lindsay`s partner (3x)
Less desirable berth (3x)
Louse (3x)
Like some women`s jeans (3x)
Lurch (3x)
Lodger (3x)
Lot (3x)
Lilylike flowers (3x)
Loot for Cortez (3x)
Like the Northern Lights (3x)
Literally, already seen (3x)
Layer over big cities (3x)
Like albino alligators (3x)
London`s province (3x)
Loaded (3x)
Late-summer blooms (3x)
Loam loosener (3x)
Last name in morning TV (3x)
Linkboy (3x)
Like sugar-free soda (3x)
Language of Ecuador (3x)
Like women gymnasts (3x)
Lax (3x)
Like interlaced vines (3x)
Lay-thick connector (3x)
Landlords, legally (3x)
Letter after teth (3x)
Lake of Bavaria (3x)
Long, narrow valley (3x)
Lecture hall (3x)
Ltr. container (3x)
Like a used chew toy (3x)
Lil Boosie song (3x)
Lukewarm (3x)
Leave, so to speak (3x)
Lyndon Johnson`s dog (3x)
Loaded down (3x)
Like oxen pulling a plow (3x)
Left the car (3x)
Large algae (3x)
Low wall (3x)
Like some halls (3x)
Long heroic poem (3x)
Loathe (3x)
Luminous ring (3x)
Letter-shaped metal rod (3x)
Large stork (3x)
Low-lying spot (3x)
Like some cheap mdse (3x)
Lacuna (3x)
Like a 1909-s vdb penny (3x)
Lucidity (3x)