Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Lacking a steady rhythm (61x)
Lighthouse chamber (31x)
Luxuriant (26x)
Light in a night sky (19x)
Labyrinthine (18x)
Logan fleet (15x)
Longship developers (13x)
Lagomorph (13x)
Lasso (11x)
Lippo Lippi, for one (11x)
Low in price (10x)
Legume (10x)
Lament (9x)
Lieutenant (9x)
Lading (9x)
Lewd looks (8x)
Line by a sewer (8x)
Large amount (8x)
Lose ground, mentally (8x)
Laptops (8x)
Limp (8x)
Lucky Charms ingredients (7x)
Lapis lazuli (7x)
Land formation (7x)
Like loki (7x)
Lower (7x)
Little thing (7x)
Lace (7x)
Loud, unpleasant noise (7x)
Loafer`s sin (7x)
Loiter (7x)
Lawyers` employers (6x)
Lofty (6x)
Lunatic (6x)
Loose (6x)
Lattice (6x)
Loneliness (6x)
Ludicrously (6x)
Lizard of Europe (6x)
Lara`s love (6x)
Little bird (6x)
Lout (6x)
Linger (6x)
Lauder powder (6x)
Laces (6x)
Lonely (6x)
Louis xvi`s wife (5x)
Lac (5x)
Lucky penny, for one (5x)
Letter box (4x)
Lengthens (4x)
Legal right to property (4x)
Locked in, in winter (4x)
Like some alkaloids (4x)
Laziness (4x)
Lyricist (4x)
Light and fluffy (4x)
Latin dance (4x)
Loss (4x)
Like a tied score (4x)
Liberate from jail (4x)
Large nail (4x)
Longing (4x)
Long distance (4x)
Lour (4x)
Lukewarm (4x)
Lover of Galatea (4x)
Leafy vegetable (4x)
Loch Ness monster (4x)
Latest fad (4x)
Lavatory (British slang) (4x)
Late (4x)
Littlest (4x)
Layers of stone (4x)
Legendary Greek hero (4x)
Laser or radar (4x)
Lilacs poet (4x)
Lame (4x)
Loloish language (4x)
Large cask (4x)
Like spar (4x)
Lipid (4x)
Lothario (4x)
Literal translation (4x)
Line-up (4x)
Leader born in georgia (4x)
Like ornamental leather (4x)
Less corpulent (4x)
Lacking originality (4x)
Lather (4x)
Lack of caution (4x)
Leafy side dish (4x)
Latvian (4x)
Legitimate (4x)
Laundry appliance (4x)
Literal countdown (4x)
Legislative assembly (4x)
Lath (4x)
Lounge (4x)
Lake of Cameroon (4x)
Legal phrase (4x)
Ladybugs (4x)
Life (4x)
Lab (4x)
Lizard (4x)
Lunchbox staple (4x)
Long-term memory (4x)
Last name (4x)
Logically (4x)
Like some pkgs (4x)
Lewd (4x)
Laptop power saver (4x)
Lecturer (4x)
Lauded (4x)
Liszt piano works (4x)
Lacking color (4x)
Legal time allowance (4x)
Lament from a debtor (4x)
Lingerie (4x)
Line: Fr (3x)
Little Boy (3x)
Lost cause (3x)
Lecture (3x)
Light-headed (3x)
Lessen, as pain (3x)
London airport (3x)
Luggage parts (3x)
Low cards (3x)
Lines at the theater (3x)
Lists aloud (3x)
Last words (3x)
Lead to (3x)
Loathsome (3x)
Loudness (3x)
Lacing (3x)
Lucky (3x)
Lucky Charms ingredient (3x)
Litigator (3x)
Lithuania (3x)
Lying around (3x)
Limited portions of (3x)
Listens to the bears (3x)
Labyrinths (3x)
Lake of Sulawesi (3x)
Lusitania sinker (3x)
Looted (3x)
Lever: Var (3x)
lake in Iran (3x)
Lady Antebellum song (3x)