Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Liable to a lawsuit (181x)
Leafy vegetable (63x)
Lovely (29x)
Low bow of respect (11x)
Little household trinket (8x)
Laboratory glassware (8x)
Lopsided (8x)
Letters from greece (8x)
Lawyer (8x)
Language of Azerbaijan (7x)
Loyalty (6x)
Lodging (6x)
Like gossip (6x)
Leads (6x)
Longing (6x)
Lilac (6x)
Lively (6x)
Looper superviser (5x)
Life of Pi prop (5x)
Lay down (5x)
Loud (5x)
Lipid (5x)
Liquor bottle (5x)
Last name (5x)
Likelihood (5x)
Lodge (5x)
Like a peacock (5x)
Legume (5x)
Landlord (5x)
London (5x)
Logger`s sport (5x)
Listless (4x)
Lapidary`s product (4x)
Lon`s last (4x)
Laryngologist`s request (4x)
Let go (4x)
Legal document (4x)
Limitation (4x)
Lobby (4x)
Las Vegas bride often (4x)
Lorenzo`s Oil star Nick (4x)
Less trusting (4x)
Lego buys (4x)
Little Woman (4x)
Let`s have it (4x)
Largest Greek isle (4x)
Long skirt (4x)
Loud speakers (4x)
Lessee (4x)
London streetcars (4x)
Libretto features (4x)
Latin dance (4x)
Leaning (4x)
Land east of Arg (4x)
Layer (4x)
Lucerne (4x)
Loony (4x)
Luck (4x)
Lot (4x)
Little hopper (4x)
Lynyrd Skynyrd song (4x)
Left (4x)
Links (4x)
Lose tautness, in a way (4x)
Latin patsy`s greetings (4x)
Last pope of the 1700s (4x)
Lull (4x)
Look up to (4x)
Lie (4x)
Loaf type (4x)
Lay about (4x)
Lasts (4x)
Lipoprotein (4x)
Less restricted (4x)
Londoner`s Later! (4x)
Laundering evidence (4x)
Lacking flavour (4x)
Lose validity (4x)
Lifted (4x)
Lignite (4x)
Loan shark`s vigorish (4x)
Ludwig (4x)
Lantern (4x)
Landed properties (4x)
Legends (4x)
Large number (4x)
Lingerie drawer pouch (4x)
Lustfulness (4x)
Listed (4x)
LA Angels` division (4x)
Lessen (4x)
Large numbers (4x)
Lug nuts` cover (4x)
Light-green (4x)
Lord Invader`s music (4x)
Lid (4x)
Like some wallpaper (4x)
Laugh line (4x)
Like printers` hands (4x)
Lotto offshoot (4x)
Limber (4x)
Lucrative (4x)
Lingerie items (3x)
Lay bare (3x)
Loafer (3x)
Legendary flagmaker (3x)
Lecture rooms (3x)
Let-down (3x)
Letter box (3x)
Latent (3x)
Lighter (3x)
Lady in spain (3x)
Loathe, abhor (3x)
Lifesaver (3x)
Loaves-and-fishes event (3x)
Liquid (3x)
Lip-reader (3x)
Ljubljana native (3x)
Laudatory (3x)
Lizard in GEICO ads (3x)
Laters, Luis (3x)
Loaf (3x)
Look around the Internet (3x)
Love song, at times (3x)
Lois Lane`s coworker (3x)
Leif`s sire (3x)
Luanda`s nation (3x)
Leash`s relative (3x)
Look here (3x)
Look where one shouldn`t (3x)
Larry (3x)
Long river (3x)
Load cargo (3x)
Lord (3x)
Leno`s leadoff (3x)
Libra (3x)
Latin wife (3x)
Light dessert (3x)
Lozenge-shaped (3x)
Large aquatic bird (3x)
Lively music (3x)
Luxor`s western home (3x)
Lancastrians` foes (3x)
Large gun (3x)
Letter carriers` beats (3x)
Luke Skywalker`s teacher (3x)
Let`s do this! (3x)
Lombard lake (3x)
Look all over for things (3x)
Loiter (3x)
Litter complaint (3x)
Loaded down (3x)
Limerick (3x)
Landlubber`s lack (3x)
Linden (3x)
Lane`s coworker (3x)
Lay area (3x)
Lorenzo`s loot (3x)
Leans (3x)
Lacking confidence (3x)
Lap dog (3x)
Levelheaded (3x)
Lessened (3x)
Loud bells (3x)
Lancelot`s love (3x)
Less irrational (3x)
Luna`s ascent (3x)
Located (3x)
London-to-Barcelona dir (3x)
Little brook (3x)
Lead-in (3x)
Letter adornment (3x)
Like ernst haeckel`s law (3x)
Lawyer Perry`s creator (3x)
Lazily (3x)
Latin trio (3x)
Libretto (3x)
Living in a meadow (3x)
Lyric poem of praise (3x)
Lamp shade support (3x)
Lee of comic books (3x)
Leg joints (3x)
Laths (3x)
Like pizza, at times (3x)
Liner stops (3x)
Lawrence (3x)
Lewd glances (3x)
Little mouse (3x)
Luke (3x)
Leaving (3x)
Lonely game (3x)
Lacks sustenance (3x)
Less cloudy (3x)
Lewd material (3x)
Letters on a B-52 (3x)
Liable to bungle (3x)
Long loose outer garment (3x)
Large shrimp (3x)
Laboratory equipment (3x)
Localization (3x)