Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Lyrical poet (4x)
Law (4x)
Listed (4x)
Linked (4x)
Limping (4x)
Later (4x)
Livy`s 1,150 (3x)
Linger in the tub (3x)
Luxuriant (3x)
Like marshes (3x)
Light measure (3x)
Lap (3x)
Lana Del Rey song (3x)
Language of Nagaland (3x)
Legume dish (3x)
Lentils (3x)
Like a stadium, at times (3x)
Like rubber (3x)
Like excited fans (3x)
Lucidity (3x)
Lagoon boundary (3x)
Lawsuit (3x)
Lengthens (3x)
Lunatic (3x)
Lennon’s love (3x)
Largest deer (3x)
Liquidate (3x)
Laugher`s words (3x)
Litho (3x)
Lightweight anorak (3x)
Lesion (3x)
Liars (3x)
Lasting 24 hours (3x)
Little bird (3x)
Legal procedure (3x)
Labor add-on (3x)
Lewis and Clark (3x)
Laconic (3x)
Longship sailors (3x)
Luther Vandross song (3x)
Lighthouse (3x)
Less good (3x)
Laugh (3x)
Liqueur choice (3x)
Line on a weather map (3x)
Lullaby trio (3x)
Landmark in Shanghai (3x)
Loaded, as a cannon (3x)
Legion (3x)
Lively play (3x)
Languid speaker (3x)
Lay into (3x)
LPN skill (3x)
Like MGM`s lion (3x)
Loyalties (3x)
Laker`s opponent (3x)
Laborer (3x)
Leading (3x)
Lake of Victoria Land (3x)
Leak slowly (3x)
Light teasing (3x)
Lean-to (3x)
Lyric poet (3x)
Language of Namibia (3x)
Leaders (3x)
Lay waste to (3x)
Liquid used in perfumery (3x)
Lawmaker (3x)
Less social (3x)
Laboratory glassware (3x)
Light bulb rating (3x)
Listless, gardenwise (3x)
Lemon of `30 Rock` (3x)
Lager (3x)
Loser-to-be (3x)
Localism (3x)
Lincoln Center event (3x)
Like dunce caps (3x)
Listen carefully! (3x)
Laundry collectors (3x)
Laminate (3x)
Larynx (3x)
Lawlessly (3x)
Lookouts` sites (3x)
Lauder (3x)
Letter from athens (3x)
Loquacity (3x)
Lake of Xinjiang (3x)
Least affluent (3x)
Lie about (3x)
Lodge (3x)
Listeners (3x)
Lanky boss (3x)
Lunchroom carrier (3x)
Luxury box settings (3x)
Likelihood ratio (3x)
Luncheon (3x)
Liver oil (3x)
Lyric poems (3x)
Lay it on with a trowel (3x)