Popular Clues with the letter L

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter L.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Least cheery (4x)
Liable to change (4x)
Lager (4x)
Livorno-to-Florence dir (4x)
Lazes (4x)
Large marine duck (4x)
Lodging house (4x)
Lothario`s cousin (4x)
Landlord`s edict (4x)
Lashing reminder (4x)
Leans (4x)
Leafy vegetables (4x)
Libelous label (4x)
Lunt`s partner (4x)
Like some motions (4x)
Like diamonds and gold (4x)
Loaded down (4x)
Leave it to me (4x)
Lilting syllables (4x)
LAKES (4x)
Like a formal affair (4x)
Love (4x)
Lords of Serial Mom (4x)
Looking up to (4x)
Lizard (4x)
Linden (4x)
Landlord`s contracts (4x)
Leisure rooms (4x)
Like some sacred music (4x)
Lowborn (4x)
Lute player (4x)
Latvia`s capital (4x)
Local hero (4x)
Loft (4x)
Liqueur ingredients (4x)
Liquidate gradually (4x)
Lowest bid in bridge (4x)
Latin dance (4x)
L`ariat (4x)
Literal (4x)
Less strong (4x)
Liberty Bell has one (4x)
Liquid condiment (4x)
Label (4x)
Lengthen a sentence (4x)
Louisiana cuisine (4x)
Literal countdown (4x)
Latch onto (4x)
League based in Cairo (4x)
Luggage brand (4x)
Large integer (3x)
Lombardi Trophy org (3x)
Lasso users (3x)
Lilac (3x)
Lowell Thomas`s milieu (3x)
Lived in an apartment (3x)
Lets off (3x)
Legends (3x)
Less attractive (3x)
Lipoprotein (3x)
Lobby group (3x)
Latest info (slang) (3x)
Lovable muppet (3x)
Loaded and attacked (3x)
Lunchbox (3x)
Layer below the sclera (3x)
Light figures (3x)
Leaf blower alternative (3x)
Low-lying islands (3x)
Linus or Lucy (3x)
Listen up!, old-style (3x)
Lons, Jr. and Sr (3x)
Largest possible amount (3x)
Libertine guy (3x)
Liberates (3x)
Like oak leaves (3x)
Leaves in a bowl (3x)
Lagerlof et al (3x)
Lay out money (3x)
Likely (3x)
Lepidoptera (3x)
Long eventful journey (3x)
Lint receptacle (3x)
Lithe (3x)
Liquidates (3x)
Leave vegas empty-handed (3x)
LSD pioneer (3x)
Lay emphasis on (3x)
Lovable orphan (3x)
Liliid monocot family (3x)
Leftover (3x)
Lehman`s 1965 award film (3x)
Low profile (3x)
Let`s start again (3x)
Large fish-eating hawk (3x)
Lake of Ohio (3x)
Like new (3x)
Let it rip (3x)
Libelous claims (3x)
Long-ago date (3x)
Like many beaches (3x)
Lacking a handle (3x)
Lincoln Center locale (3x)
Laundry batch (3x)
Ladle clumsily (3x)
Lender`s security (3x)
Label anew (3x)
Lackey (3x)
Large buzzing fly (3x)
Loudness (3x)
Louisville race (3x)
Level expanse (3x)
Listlessness (3x)
Looms above (3x)
Largest city in nebraska (3x)
Large-scale (3x)
Literacy volunteer (3x)
Loath (3x)
Legume (3x)
Laputan (3x)
Leave empty (3x)
Largish combos (3x)
Loner at a hop (3x)
Lacrosse player (3x)
Lent (3x)
Lounge axe (3x)
Luftwaffe attacker (3x)
Lake cabin, sometimes (3x)
Lavender water (3x)
Little piggy (3x)
Lengthen in duration (3x)
Lethal burn (3x)
Latter-day `yucky` (3x)
Like links online (3x)
Legally authorized (3x)
La Douce namesakes (3x)
Literary collection (3x)
Littlest (3x)
Licking one`s chops (3x)
Louganis (3x)
Lethal nerve gas (3x)
Leg bone (3x)
Layered rock (3x)
Love It or List It airer (3x)
Let win (3x)
Lota (3x)
Letters after a dot (3x)
Low explosive (3x)
Language of Persia (3x)
Last ones (3x)