Popular Clues with the letter N

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter N.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Not yet finished (42x)
Nervousness (28x)
Nickname (17x)
Narration (16x)
Notorious (9x)
Not having a roof (7x)
Nibble (7x)
Nag (7x)
Nonsense (6x)
Niche (6x)
Not physical or material (5x)
Needlework (5x)
Noble gas (5x)
Night sky sight (5x)
Nocturnal bird (5x)
Neighbor of Switzerland (5x)
Nuisance (5x)
Naivety (5x)
Near (5x)
Neatly (4x)
Natural resin (4x)
Nitwit (4x)
New mexico resort (4x)
Neural structure (4x)
Needle point (4x)
Named a la Spenser (4x)
Norse race of gods (4x)
Nigerian VIPs (4x)
Newsroom runner (4x)
Nipple (4x)
Nests (4x)
Naval base in Luzon (4x)
Nerve (4x)
NAFTA (4x)
No longer useful (4x)
Napoleon victory site (4x)
Nobel (4x)
Nazi salute (4x)
Newsworthy time (3x)
Napoleon I and III (3x)
Noun-forming suffix (3x)
Nook (3x)
Nudist (3x)
North to Pierre (3x)
No reason (3x)
Not running free (3x)
Nonrational (3x)
Nothing, somewhere (3x)
Nile reptile (3x)
Nelsons` place (3x)
New GI (3x)
Not right-side up (3x)
Neglected (3x)
Newborn`s cover (3x)
Nice time (3x)
Nabokov`s professor (3x)
Nasser fed (3x)
Nile capital (3x)
Night visions (3x)
Not real (3x)
Not ever, to Blake (3x)
Narrow gradually (3x)
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia (3x)
Nipped (3x)
Nixes (3x)
Nogoodniks (3x)
Nauseous (3x)
Nutrition (3x)
Not so fast, horse! (3x)
No-charge (3x)
Name in the news (3x)
Needing defrosting (3x)
Naturals (3x)
Not well dressed (3x)
Nicene council concern (3x)
Noticed (3x)
Nolan Ryan, once (3x)
NBA draft airer (3x)
Netminder (3x)
Not later (3x)
Numbers (3x)
Narthex neighbor (3x)
Not as safe (3x)
Name after whoa (3x)
Nafta signatory (3x)
Nessen or howard (3x)
Not elsewhere (3x)
Nintendo 64 game (3x)
Nope! (3x)
Neighbor of Ill (3x)
Nourished anew (3x)
New stylings (3x)
Nutrition amt (3x)
Naturally (3x)
Not pizzicato (3x)
Nimbus (3x)
Nowhere near recently (3x)
Narrow valleys (3x)
November 2008 winner (3x)
Newsroom worker (3x)
Nuance (3x)
Not bought (3x)
Nutritious snack (3x)
Not mature (3x)
Not smooth or flat (3x)
Notting Hill neighbor (3x)
Not fair, in a way (3x)
Natural skill or talent (3x)
Not too intelligent (3x)
Nudism (3x)
Nanakuli necklaces (3x)
Not worthy to be prized (3x)
Not hardcover (3x)
No-holds-barred tribute (3x)
North Pole sight (3x)
Nostalgia evoker (3x)
Nanny`s charge (3x)
Neighbor of a Kenyan (3x)
Nincompoop (3x)
Nausea while sailing (3x)
Not tricked by (3x)
Nurse (3x)
New England football pro (3x)
Nursery-rhyme opener (3x)
Nominees (3x)
No longer out, in a way (3x)
Near East region (3x)
Not initiated (3x)
Neat ending (3x)
Negotiation tactic (3x)
NOLA sandwich (3x)
Not just a fib (3x)
Newt (3x)
Nirvana tune (3x)
NYSE purch (3x)
Named time spans (3x)
Neeson of darkman (3x)
Noisy napper (3x)
News agcy (3x)
News-dispatch feature (3x)
Nanook`s house (3x)
Not the same any more (3x)
NY`s Park (3x)
Nevertheless (3x)
North or south ender (3x)
Naiadaceae (3x)
Not effervescent (3x)
Not look forward to (3x)
Nobleman (3x)
Not present (3x)
Nero`s 601 (3x)
Neither`s go-with (3x)
Not first-class (3x)
Nascency (3x)
Numeral (3x)
Nino`s uncle (3x)
Northwesterly (2x)
New orleans NFL team (2x)
Noted hand-washer (2x)
Nutcracker (2x)
Not quite 80 (2x)
No-win (2x)
Newspaper sect (2x)
Nerve-cell endings (2x)
Neatened (2x)
New Delhi wraps (2x)
Nest noises (2x)
Nowhere near correct (2x)
Not partible (2x)
Newsman Arthur (2x)
Netmen`s org (2x)
Nietzsche`s never (2x)
Not up yet (2x)
Nightingale`s art (2x)
No longer there (2x)
Notched (2x)
Nile city (2x)
Not feel so hot (2x)
Not seldom (2x)
Nocturnal creature (2x)
Neckband (2x)
Not goofing off (2x)
Nature`s pharmacy (2x)
Not-so-popular ford (2x)
Necklace baubles (2x)
Noted sci-fi author (2x)
Nesting place for a bird (2x)
Not so well BP well (2x)
Nape (2x)
Navel blockades (2x)
Next century`s end (2x)
Nitro`s relative (2x)
Not have but need (2x)
Nitric and acetic (2x)
NY Knicks` group (2x)
Night flier`s appendage (2x)
Nuclear arm (2x)
Not pleasant (2x)
Northern Japanese (2x)
Neighbor of Tajikistan (2x)