Popular Clues with the letter N

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter N.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Newbie (16x)
Null (11x)
North american indian (10x)
Nonsense (10x)
Novice (7x)
Nonkosher (7x)
Nose (slang) (7x)
Nothing (5x)
Not there (5x)
Northern sea duck (5x)
Narrowing (5x)
Nasdaq debut, perh (5x)
New parent`s complaint (5x)
Note (5x)
Noble gas (5x)
Not clear (5x)
Net (5x)
Next year`s soph (5x)
North Sea islands (5x)
Nature (5x)
Nice (5x)
Nor`easters, often (4x)
Nones (4x)
Notice (4x)
Nuisance (4x)
Northern capital (4x)
Nt epistles (4x)
November feast (4x)
Napoli notes, formerly (4x)
No-goodnik (4x)
Nowadays, with the (4x)
Natasha`s negatives (4x)
Neanderthal (4x)
NFL QB Kyle (4x)
Nook (4x)
Naldi of silents (4x)
Nathan after sunbathing (4x)
Not just smart (4x)
Norma or Louise (4x)
NT book (4x)
Nineteenth US president (4x)
Nonprofit`s URL end (4x)
Not hold one`s peace (4x)
Not working (4x)
Neither`s sidekick (4x)
Not polite (4x)
Negotiate (4x)
Nimbus cloud (4x)
Nation since `93 (4x)
Nonmilitary (4x)
Newt (4x)
Natural hair-coloring (4x)
Needlework (4x)
Nose (4x)
Norse pantheon (4x)
Normal (4x)
Noted monogram of 1948 (4x)
Noxious influence (4x)
Neighbor of TV`s Homer (4x)
New couple in the news (4x)
Not at all extraordinary (4x)
Never-ending (4x)
NBA`s shaq (4x)
Necklace (4x)
Newsdealer`s shout (4x)
Northeast Corridor train (4x)
Nub (4x)
Nickname (4x)
Not open (4x)
Numerous (4x)
Numbers (4x)
Nigger (4x)
Nickelodeon (3x)
Nile deposit (3x)
Needlecase (3x)
No deal (3x)
Natty (3x)
Nearing (3x)
New Delhi princess (3x)
Nocturnal Indian primate (3x)
Natural harbor (3x)
No more seats! (3x)
Not widely available (3x)
Nimitz`s USN rank (3x)
Necessitates a do-over (3x)
Nordic type (3x)
Not quite a lord (3x)
Nippon (3x)
Noah`s mountain (3x)
No mas! boxer (3x)
Not explainable (3x)
Nullify (3x)
Novak`s first (3x)
Not right (3x)
Not pickled (3x)
Nannies` vehicles (3x)
Nostrums (3x)
Narrator (3x)
Newshound`s pursuit (3x)
Not impossible (3x)
Narcs` employer (3x)
Nonexpert (3x)
Name on tara`s deed (3x)
Naval rank (3x)
Nestle (3x)
Nancy`s rich friend (3x)
Now`s partner (3x)
Not too intelligent (3x)
NYPD Blue setting (3x)
Netman Rod (3x)
Nothing`s alternative (3x)
New-car odometer`s miles (3x)
New year`s eve action (3x)
Nick in film (3x)
Nattily dressed (3x)
Name (3x)
Nero`s 1550 (3x)
Networks (3x)
Narayanan`s country (3x)
Note in guido`s scale (3x)
Nagging sort (3x)
Neck-and-neck (3x)
Nashville`s West (3x)
NFL Network anchor Rich (3x)
Nurse (3x)
Not welcome (3x)
Notice jam stain (3x)
Noel opening (3x)
Nailing (3x)
Negligent (3x)
New Zealand brand (3x)
North ender (3x)
NYU student`s transport (3x)
Newshound (3x)
Norwegian (3x)
Najas (3x)
Neatly dressed person (3x)
Nard (3x)
Not kosher (3x)
Nicholas and Susan`s dad (3x)
Not very engaging (3x)
Ninja (3x)
Night flying mammals (3x)
Nigh-infinite periods (3x)
Needlework shop buy (3x)
No minor (3x)
Nutritional standard (3x)
Nurse in India (3x)
No-show (3x)
Not grounded (3x)
NA nation (3x)
Narc`s measures (3x)
Not enslaved (3x)
Nine-day prayers (3x)
Not as experienced (3x)
No more than (3x)
Nabors (3x)
News anchor (3x)
New Age (3x)
Nivea rival (3x)
Nullity (3x)
Numbness (3x)
Nonsynchronous (3x)
Nicks (3x)
Not roundabout (3x)
Nick`s love (3x)
Not slacked (3x)
Nebula Award genre (3x)
Norse brownie (3x)
Not-so-strong oath (3x)
Necklace piece (3x)
Norse goddess (3x)
Nautical direction (3x)
Noteworthy (3x)
Nostalgic numbers (3x)
Nutcase (3x)
Nonabsorptive (3x)
Nosy Parkers (3x)
Nation on the Red Sea (3x)
Negative reply (3x)
Noiseless aircraft (3x)
Nuts (3x)
Not rude (3x)
Nearsighted (3x)
Negative amount (3x)
NYSE figure (3x)
Nightclub employee (3x)
Newsman Chet (3x)
Not yet bankrupt (3x)
Not a democrat (3x)
Numismatist`s residence (3x)
Niles Crane portrayer (3x)
Nonsuccess (3x)
Nick of `hotel rwanda` (3x)
Not drunk (3x)
Named, as a price (3x)
Nielsen families` needs (3x)
Nueve (3x)
NANCY`S (3x)