Popular Clues with the letter N

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter N.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Not ready to eat yet (49x)
Negotiation (29x)
Nasty person (25x)
Neophyte (24x)
Not likely! (18x)
Nonsense (12x)
Narrative (11x)
Nonconformist (11x)
Naval battle of 1571 (10x)
Nobleman (10x)
Novelist calvino (9x)
North dakota neighbor (8x)
Nucleus (8x)
Nitty-gritty (8x)
Nikki Webster song (7x)
Naturally inherent (7x)
Nuzzle (7x)
Nano (7x)
Natural material (7x)
Novice (6x)
Not loose (6x)
Norman (6x)
Natural disaster (6x)
Nijinsky`s jumps (6x)
Not long ago (6x)
Noteworthy (6x)
Number line (6x)
Natural science (6x)
Native American tribe (6x)
No-goodnik (5x)
Nutritionist`s fig (5x)
Not nice at all (5x)
Nitwits (5x)
No prob (5x)
Newly created word (5x)
Normans (5x)
National symbol of India (5x)
Nourishing (5x)
Needle meas (5x)
Neighbors of Thais (5x)
Newspaper writer (5x)
Not really (5x)
Netting (5x)
Nincompoop (5x)
Newt (5x)
Nestor`s trait (5x)
Nonsensical (5x)
Nonplusses (5x)
Nonplussed (5x)
Norwegian dramatist (5x)
Neural (4x)
Notary (4x)
Nickel or dime (4x)
Nero wolfe`s legman (4x)
Not behaving normally (4x)
Notion in Nimes (4x)
Nefarious (4x)
Nutritionist`s stat (4x)
Norse (4x)
Naturally endowed (4x)
Needlework in a parlor (4x)
Notable age (4x)
Nares (4x)
Needle hole (4x)
Needlework (4x)
Nuisance and sales (4x)
Nozzle (4x)
Naturalist (4x)
Nothing excepted (4x)
Nitpicking types (4x)
Ni-i-ice (4x)
NASA (4x)
Nervy (4x)
Noisy breath (4x)
Negative alternative (4x)
Narrow (4x)
Nimble (4x)
Neighbor of turkey (4x)
Newtons` fruit (4x)
No-nonsense conversation (4x)
Nudge (4x)
Natural ability (4x)
No doubt (4x)
Naturalization (4x)
Narrow-minded (4x)
Never acquired (4x)
No-frills beverage (4x)
Nowadays (4x)
Necklace (4x)
Noiselessness (4x)
Nutrition Facts info (4x)
Nestor (4x)
Negate the effects of (4x)
Not sensible (4x)
Notary`s tool (4x)
Napoleon experts (3x)
Not chiral (3x)
Not quite a full house (3x)
Not long to wait (3x)
Norms (3x)
Natty bumppo conveyance (3x)
Not seen (3x)
Nonage (3x)
Nabokov nymphet (3x)
Natural depression (3x)
Nod off (3x)
Nuance (3x)
Naval (3x)
Numerous (3x)
November 1903 event (3x)
Not a soft word! (3x)
Nautical steering wheel (3x)
Nautical mile (3x)
Nutrition-label unit (3x)
Notes between young deer (3x)
Nervous and apprehensive (3x)
Nero`s 1,051 (3x)
Number 31 (3x)
Niobe`s flow (3x)
No, to Hans (3x)
Nonplus (3x)
Newspaper (3x)
Noisy altercation (3x)
Native African (3x)
Not well-done (3x)
Niche religion (3x)
Nutrition nos (3x)
Nephew of charlemagne (3x)
Not against trying (3x)
Nutcracker (3x)
Nautical flag (3x)
Negated a dousing (3x)
Nudger`s need (3x)
Naming again (3x)
Not as expected (3x)
Necessities (3x)
Nonce (3x)
Noteworthy closing (3x)
Nihilist (3x)
Natterjack (3x)
New Year`s drink (3x)
Nitrogen or oxygen (3x)
Noisy bug (3x)
Nepotism (3x)
Notable 1962 launch (3x)
Noble title (3x)
Necklace accessory (3x)
Not to be relied on (3x)
No, in Essen (3x)
Negligently (3x)
Necklace ball (3x)
Nina of jazz (3x)
Not clear (3x)
Norse fate (3x)
Nettle family shrub (3x)
Nub (3x)
Necessitarian (3x)
Nates (3x)
Nook (3x)
Notes after `do` (3x)
Norway-born composer (3x)
Nervous little laugh (3x)
Not first-class (3x)
Nokia (3x)
Native (3x)
Norway (3x)
Noel Coward comedy (3x)
Nutrition panel letters (3x)
Napkin (3x)
Network connections (3x)
Newness (3x)
Naughtiness (3x)
Network addressable unit (3x)
Navigator (3x)
Noncom (3x)
Notorious (3x)
Noteworthy deed (3x)
Nature worship (3x)
Newborn noises (3x)
November 1931 event (3x)
New Year`s Day event (3x)
Non-domestic beer (3x)
Nominee (3x)
Nimbus (3x)
No doubt about it (3x)
Nuisance in an orchard (3x)
Narrowness (3x)
Not required (3x)
Never encountered (3x)
Never despair (3x)
Not level (3x)
Netman Edberg is one (3x)
Not quite a direct hit (3x)
Newest (3x)
Nutty one (3x)
Nature nurture grp (3x)
Native of Tripoli (3x)
Nonsensical activity (3x)
Nerve pain (3x)
Napoleon cohort (3x)