Popular Clues with the letter N

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter N.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

No doubt (37x)
Nothingness (31x)
Not to be found (27x)
Norwegian (23x)
Not working (briefly) (16x)
Necessitate (15x)
Not hollowed out (14x)
Nix (14x)
Nervousness (11x)
Neat (11x)
Need to (9x)
Natural (8x)
Naif (8x)
Not unanimous (8x)
Negotiation result (8x)
Nobleman`s title (7x)
Nile dam (7x)
Narrowly (7x)
Newspaper (7x)
NASA launch vehicle (7x)
NY Opera (7x)
Narrator`s asset (7x)
No-frills (7x)
Nozzle (6x)
Nibble ceaselessly (6x)
Niger-Congo language (6x)
Nashville schannel (6x)
Nigeria`s cont (6x)
Nicaraguan (6x)
No doubt`s stefani (6x)
News item with a bio (6x)
Newspapers and magazines (6x)
Native American art (6x)
Nori-wrapped rolls (6x)
Number one place (6x)
Not harmonic (6x)
Numerical prefix (6x)
Nursing, initially (6x)
Nightclub (6x)
No one else (6x)
Nominative pronoun (6x)
Narrators (6x)
Narrow (6x)
Nighttime memorial (6x)
Newcastle resource (6x)
News (6x)
Nonkosher entree (6x)
Naturally footless (6x)
Nearest, to Nero (6x)
Nottingham portion (6x)
Novosibirsk native (6x)
Netting used for veils (6x)
N-Dubz song (6x)
Native Mexicans (6x)
Novelty-shop merch (6x)
Nada (6x)
Nabe (6x)
Nibble on, as a bone (6x)
Noble person (6x)
Native American ax (6x)
Nursery collection (5x)
Norfolk`s time (5x)
Notch in a key (5x)
Nave neighbor (5x)
Notecase (5x)
Not working for the day (5x)
Not underneath (5x)
Nebulous emanation (5x)
Noisy insect (5x)
No-frills necklace (5x)
Never, to boris becker (5x)
Nipper`s real master (5x)
No-good denouement (5x)
No problems here (5x)
Needlecase (5x)
Norwegian cruise lane (5x)
Neural structure (5x)
Nape (5x)
No-frills downpour (5x)
Negative connector (5x)
Neatening a lawn (5x)
Navigational tools (5x)
NANCY`S (5x)
Not bent (5x)
Narrow backstreets (5x)
Nephew: Scot (5x)
Novelty shop: Fr (5x)
Nothing in nice (5x)
Not natural, in a way (5x)
Naphtha, for one (5x)
New Cub Scout (5x)
Number after a period (5x)
Not divided into parts (5x)
Newscaster Pauley (5x)
Nibbled at, with of (5x)
News source letters (5x)
Notes after sols (5x)
Nibble for Rover (5x)
Nevertheless, in poetry (5x)
Noesis (5x)
Navy stock clerks (5x)
Nanny (5x)
Newlywed`s title (5x)
Nippy (5x)
Nature (5x)
Nowhere near the norm (5x)
Nudnik (5x)
Nibble like a beaver (5x)
Nullify the effect of (5x)
Nice `n easy maker (5x)
Not very nice (5x)
Nimble and quick (5x)
Nonsense words (5x)
Not the usual thing (5x)
Nervous (5x)
Netflix classification (5x)
Native american boy name (5x)
Ne`er-do-well (5x)
New guinea port (5x)
North pole-like (5x)
Nomad (5x)
Naive look, to a florist (5x)
Not perfectly round (5x)
Name meaning `kingly` (5x)
Notorious bacillus (5x)
Nigerian money (5x)
Nephew`s sibling (5x)
Neglect (5x)
Nicaraguan people (5x)
Newcomer at work (5x)
Nitpicking amounts (4x)
NBA fumbles (4x)
Naval headliner (4x)
NFL team leaders (4x)
Narnia creator (4x)
Noted sci-fi author (4x)
Notch (4x)
Numbered musical work (4x)
Not quite a C- (4x)
Nostalgic number (4x)
National braille press (4x)
Note well (4x)
Nothing excepted (4x)
Natatory motion (4x)
Naturalist johnson (4x)
Near the bottom (4x)
New deal agency (4x)
Naive (4x)
Negev mound (4x)
Navy man (4x)
Not fully dry (4x)
Notorious (4x)
Nematode mouth (4x)
Nostalgic movement (4x)
Neighbor of germany (4x)
Nest of pheasants (4x)
Nostalgic disc (4x)
Necessarily involve (4x)
Nelson Eddy film (4x)
NASDAQ newcomers (4x)
Nanny and billy (4x)
Natty Bumppo (4x)
Not common (4x)
Network access option (4x)
Nervous-system cells (4x)
Not born yesterday (4x)
Notebooks (4x)
Newswoman roberts (4x)
Norma Desmond portrayer (4x)
Not accommodating (4x)
Notion, to Henri (4x)
Nice `not` (4x)
Not even one (4x)
Nasty and then some (4x)
Numerals (4x)
Nibble for Miss Muffet (4x)
Not respirable (4x)
Nickelodeon bowwow (4x)
Neckwear accessory (4x)
Northwest wind (4x)
Not completely round (4x)
Needing a meal (4x)
Newborn horse (4x)
Noticed (4x)
Network pioneer (4x)
Name in brewing (4x)
Native American craft (4x)
Not having turned bad (4x)
Nobody, in Spain (4x)
Narcotizing (4x)
Natterjack, eg (4x)
Nibble or strike (4x)
Normandy port (4x)
Napoli numero (4x)
Nightgowns (4x)
Not a natural blonde (4x)
Namby-pamby types (4x)
Necklace of gems (4x)
Noel Coward song (4x)
Ninth mos (4x)