Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

In an impartial manner (13x)
Innumerable but many (13x)
Innumerable (6x)
Infectious agent (5x)
Information (5x)
Instruct (5x)
Initiate (5x)
Indented (5x)
Insinuation (5x)
Insipid repetition (4x)
Imbecile (4x)
In overtime (4x)
Italian sportswear (4x)
Intelligent (4x)
In last place (4x)
Irksome one (4x)
Intervene (4x)
Instant (4x)
Imitation fur (4x)
Independent agency (4x)
Intricate material (3x)
International (3x)
Intravenous (3x)
Indulging excessively (3x)
Income in monopoly (3x)
Infirmary (3x)
Imagined story (3x)
Incorporated (3x)
Incinerate (3x)
Insectivore (3x)
Initial drive (3x)
Information (informally) (3x)
Inundates (3x)
Intimidating sort (3x)
IQ-test name (3x)
Incentive (3x)
Intoxicating letters (3x)
Inciting words (3x)
Improvement on an eff (3x)
It`s metered (3x)
Impervious (3x)
Io`s guard (3x)
Investment guru Marshall (3x)
Imperfectly developed (3x)
Instantly (3x)
Index letters (3x)
Inflow (3x)
IDO (3x)
Italy`s former currency (3x)
Immortal coaching name (3x)
Indolence (3x)
Idiot (3x)
Idaho statesman (3x)
Indians of the West (3x)
Inheritance factors (3x)
Interest amt (3x)
Indian cigar tree (3x)
Indapamide (3x)
In favor of failure (3x)
Ice cube (3x)
Ingratiate oneself with (3x)
Influx (3x)
Impel with force (3x)
Indian ocean republic (3x)
IRT subway stop (3x)
Impertinent stare (3x)
Inherently: Lat (3x)
Invited person (3x)
Internet search engine (3x)
Instinct (3x)
Isolated community (3x)
Ingenue, heavy, etc (3x)
Igloo dwellers (3x)
Impatient of (3x)
Instance (3x)
Inward (3x)
Implicit in (3x)
Italian art institution (3x)
Invoice encl (3x)
IZE (3x)
In consequence (3x)
In a plenary manner (3x)
Indecency (3x)
Inhering (3x)
Ice packs (3x)
Instances (3x)
Indiana`s favorite hat (3x)
Import-export disparity (3x)
In the clear (3x)
Italian vino district (3x)
In any case (3x)
Insulting innuendo (3x)
Instinct actor Cumming (3x)
In every case (3x)
Importune (3x)
Internal network (3x)
Imminently draftable (3x)
Island goose (3x)
Imparts gradually (3x)
Instinctive feeling (3x)
Insurrectionism (3x)
Intersection points (3x)
Iroquoian indian (3x)
Irish rock music group (3x)
Inspiring apparatus (3x)
Indulgent (3x)
Inventor (3x)
Immobilize, as with fear (3x)
Is left undecided (3x)
Inspiring fear (3x)
iPhone dots (3x)
Indian snack food (3x)
Incertain (3x)
Indian breads (3x)
Irish lasses (3x)
Ironic T-shirt slogan (3x)
Indiana and others (3x)
Immortalize (3x)
Irish surname (3x)
Island-hopper`s stop (3x)
Intuitive perceptions (3x)
Illumination aid (3x)
Invisible enticements (3x)
Insult (3x)
Incessantly repeated (3x)
Ill-defined (3x)
Introduced acts (3x)
In lieu (3x)
Inanimate object (3x)
Ilium`s alternative name (3x)
Improper act (3x)
Inducement (3x)
Irving`s neighbor (3x)
Issue forth with force (2x)
Irish county (2x)
Inspected (2x)
Issei (2x)
Italian diminutive (2x)
Infant`s cry (2x)
Insect bite (2x)
Injured actor (2x)
Internet addict (2x)
Impertinently (2x)
Immovable types (2x)
Iditarod animal (2x)
Identity thief (2x)
Interstellar gas clouds (2x)
Irene Dunne role (2x)
Iowa river (2x)
Infield bounce (2x)
In a stealthy manner (2x)
Insulting expression (2x)
It doesn`t fly (2x)
It`s not a good look (2x)
Intercontinental (2x)
Implied idea (2x)
Infantile commentary (2x)
Iroquoian group (2x)
Investigates intensely (2x)
Inflicted on (2x)
Indonesian folk song (2x)
Ill-at-ease feeling (2x)
Intended to deceive (2x)
Impulsive one (2x)
Isle of exile (2x)
Israeli`s aloha (2x)
Ignite again (2x)
Italian writer (2x)
Insidious arnold (2x)
Ion of element 53 (2x)
Impressionist pioneer (2x)
Incriminating (2x)
Is spanish (2x)
Ignores others` advice (2x)
Invite to ascend (2x)
Intensify (2x)
Indians of New Mexico (2x)
Indefinable time period (2x)
Icelandic volcano (2x)
Indicated agony (2x)
Inner ear (2x)
Invented (2x)
Interchanges (2x)
Inept recruit (2x)
Indication not to rush (2x)
Inspires fear (2x)
Invalidates (2x)
Idaho (informally) (2x)
It`s not always proper (2x)
Instant papier mache (2x)
Incredible hero (2x)
Important river in WWI (2x)
Iridescent substances (2x)
Immunological agent (2x)
Introduction to Romeo (2x)
Irish singer (2x)
Indicator of indignation (2x)
Impede or jam (2x)
Irish boy and girl name (2x)
Independence Day vehicle (2x)