Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Indifferent (36x)
Incision (23x)
Independent (18x)
Insensitive (15x)
Inconsistently (13x)
In the dumps (13x)
Insect`s dorsal plate (10x)
Instance (10x)
Inexperienced people (10x)
In abundance (10x)
Infallible (9x)
Indifference (8x)
In a lather (8x)
Influence (8x)
Incentive (7x)
Indonesian snack food (7x)
Inappropriate (7x)
Inspire (7x)
Italian sauce (7x)
Intelligent (7x)
Irreverent (7x)
Isolation (6x)
Inventor (6x)
Idyll (6x)
Impassive (6x)
Inaccurate (6x)
Informal assent (6x)
Imprison (6x)
Informer (6x)
Intense (6x)
Injury (6x)
Irritate (6x)
Inconsiderate (6x)
Inadequate (5x)
Insipid (5x)
Impending (5x)
Instantly recognizable (5x)
Interrupted (5x)
Irrelevant (5x)
Indoor sport (5x)
Italian dessert (5x)
Indecent (5x)
Incapable (5x)
Indicate (5x)
Indicative (5x)
Innocent (5x)
Internal organ (5x)
Inexperienced (5x)
Industry (5x)
Impregnable (5x)
Indecent dances (4x)
In good condition (4x)
ISP (4x)
Infallible authority (4x)
Incense (3x)
Insightful one (3x)
Incorrect contraction (3x)
Italian girl name (3x)
Intimidated (3x)
Intimidate (3x)
Israelites (3x)
Ice (3x)
Import barrier (3x)
Inciter (3x)
Intestinal obstruction (3x)
Incense stick remnant (3x)
Idiosyncratic (3x)
Imperilling (3x)
Ideology (3x)
Irs concern (3x)
Iceboat (3x)
Irritating (3x)
Introduce anew (3x)
Irked (3x)
Invent (3x)
Issues (3x)
International accord (3x)
Informal refusal (3x)
Indurate (3x)
Innocent fun (3x)
Introductory (3x)
Infertile (3x)
Ideal (3x)
Insurance company agents (3x)
Intriguing to the max (3x)
Intent (3x)
Italian commune (3x)
Infected (3x)
Indira Gandhi`s wardrobe (3x)
In a poetic manner (3x)
Impression (3x)
Instruction for murder (3x)
Involuntary (3x)
Instantly (3x)
Ink (3x)
It`s very old (3x)
It`s stress-free (3x)
Implacable (3x)
In company (3x)
In no manner (3x)