Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Indifference (38x)
Indonesian snack food (32x)
Irresponsibility (19x)
Irritability (16x)
Improbability (16x)
In a pleasant manner (15x)
Investigate (15x)
Installation (14x)
Incapable (10x)
Inventory (10x)
Inhalant ingredient (9x)
Idiom (9x)
Ice hockey feints (8x)
Intuition (8x)
Impulse (8x)
Intolerantly (8x)
Illusionist henning (7x)
Indifferent (7x)
International award (7x)
Inane (7x)
Italian port city (7x)
Information (6x)
Italian cheese (6x)
Insignificant (6x)
Iberia or Olympic (6x)
Indigent (6x)
Imprudent (6x)
Intersected (6x)
Ingenue`s quality (6x)
IOS game (6x)
ID for an angel (6x)
Interlace the shoots of (6x)
Instruct a waiter (6x)
Iggy Pop`s band (6x)
Impolite (6x)
Implicit confidence (6x)
Inflated self-image (6x)
Idolater`s choice (6x)
Inadequate emphasis (5x)
Igloos, essentially (5x)
Industrialist Perot (5x)
Isotope of sulfur (5x)
Intricately lavish (5x)
Impart gratuitously (5x)
Instant (5x)
Interstate entrance (5x)
Inauguration ritual (5x)
Investigate closely (5x)
Instrument with pipes (5x)
Italian woman (5x)
Ignored the limit (5x)
Irritated state (5x)
Inlet of Florida (5x)
Iowa college city (5x)
Inhalant (5x)
Impaired gradually (5x)
Is in the chair (5x)
Isosceles for one (5x)
Isn`t still (5x)
In an ill-natured manner (5x)
Infuse with gloom (5x)
Intensified (slang) (5x)
In abundance (5x)
Inspiring apparatus (5x)
Illness (5x)
Inflexibility (5x)
Inaudible (5x)
Italian jazz ensemble (5x)
If all goes wrong (5x)
It may precede four (5x)
Iterates, as an agenda (5x)
Ironside, for one (5x)
Irresistible rodent (5x)
Involved (5x)
In the mix with (5x)
Instruction booklet (5x)
Intelligent animals (5x)
Ice-hockey footwear (5x)
Intended to deceive (5x)
Island of Romblon (5x)
Initial appearances (5x)
It has an altar (5x)
Imaginative thought (5x)
Indirect references (5x)
Incompetent (5x)
Impending (5x)
Inward anatomically (5x)
Interpret signs (5x)
Implored (5x)
IBM cloud service (5x)
Intensify (5x)
Ipecac and others (5x)
Identify a caller (5x)
In vain (5x)
Inclination towards (5x)
Insulated container (5x)
Informative session (5x)
Intervals of rest (5x)
Incredulous comment (5x)
Initial development (5x)
Ige (5x)
Irvin S. and Ty (5x)
Innovative in art (5x)
Invented, fictional (5x)
Indie music genre (5x)
Impose, as taxes (5x)
Indoor sport (5x)
Identify (4x)
Impressions (4x)
Impressed responses (4x)
Immeasurable chasms (4x)
Indicate (4x)
Irish dance (4x)
Island of Pohnpei (4x)
Intimidate, bully (4x)
Impudent youth (4x)
Interchange pattern (4x)
Idler`s anathema (4x)
Imitate (4x)
Insult (4x)
It`s got a flat bottom (4x)
Invites on a date (4x)
Inside info source (4x)
Integrated keyboard (4x)
Infallible ones (4x)
Iceberg feature (4x)
Impel (4x)
Insignificant detail (4x)
Imperturbable (4x)
Island of Denmark (4x)
Italian alternative (4x)
Icicle`s place (4x)
Infantile funk (4x)
Inlet in scotland (4x)
Immature amphibians (4x)
Inhibitor of cdk5 (4x)
Immobility (4x)
Iceland`s capital (4x)
Insecurity (4x)
Ingenuous (4x)
Idyll (4x)
Intelligent apparel (4x)
Invest with power (4x)
Improve in value (4x)
It`s yet to come (4x)
Immobilizing device (4x)
Indicator of NEWS (4x)
Indistinct (4x)
Iroquois member (4x)
In quite a spot (4x)
Inanimate secretary (4x)
It`s big in london (4x)
Improve (4x)
Indigo and madder (4x)
Insinuate (4x)
Indigo and others (4x)
Invention of 1620 (4x)
Ice-skate feature (4x)
Interest (4x)
Instinctive motives (4x)
Interlace on loom (4x)
Inference (4x)
Ignition (4x)
Inventory reduction ploy (4x)
Irregularity (4x)
Ice Age beast (4x)
Inlaid-stone decorations (4x)
Invention precursor (4x)
Industrious efforts (4x)
Incongruous mixture (4x)
Illicit body builder (4x)
Inspection circuits (4x)
Illustrator Kate (4x)
ITV franchisee (4x)
Immediately, dude! (4x)
I-M linkup (4x)
Imprint permanently (4x)
Indiana pro athlete (4x)
Informer (4x)
Islamic declaration (4x)
Isaac Hayes album (4x)
Increased one`s staff (4x)
Indeed: Anglo-Irish (4x)
Idiom savant`s dessert (4x)
Iridescent material (4x)
Intricately decorated (4x)
Idiotic, to Brits (4x)
Immune to attack (4x)
Impervious to air (4x)
Involuntarily let go (4x)
Illustrator`s close-up (4x)
Innovator, creator (4x)
Infuse with pride (4x)
Illnesses (4x)
Introduce a tune (4x)
Ishmael`s half-brother (4x)
It`s good in Latin class (4x)
Infinite or World (4x)
Impracticable (4x)
Insignificant person (4x)