Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

It runs the LIRR (55x)
It runs the `L` (49x)
Irritating (18x)
Irritability (17x)
Initial public offering (15x)
Ice (14x)
Insincere (13x)
Invalid (10x)
Insipid (9x)
Inspiring scornful pity (8x)
Ire (8x)
Informer or spy (8x)
Incompetence (7x)
Imp (7x)
Ideologue (7x)
Italian article (7x)
Insufferable (7x)
Immediately (7x)
Internal (7x)
Indication (7x)
Incentive (6x)
In a dissolute way (6x)
Innocent (6x)
Iridescent (6x)
Ignorant (6x)
Imitate (6x)
Impasse (5x)
Idealization (5x)
Imperfection (5x)
Industrious (5x)
Immobilize (5x)
In some way or other (5x)
Invader (5x)
Italian fashion hub (5x)
In the same place (5x)
Ireland (5x)
Intends to convey (5x)
Italian cheese (5x)
Improper (5x)
Irritable (5x)
Intel-ligent machines (4x)
Instigated, with `on` (4x)
Interchanges (4x)
ITV game show (4x)
Intervening, at law (4x)
It really blows (4x)
Impudent (4x)
It`s drunk to get drunk (4x)
Immoral deeds (4x)
It`s often under fire (4x)
Imposing (4x)
Images (4x)
It maddens MADD (4x)
It`s usually under a cup (4x)
Irregular (4x)
Induction (4x)
Impregnable (4x)
Indisposed (4x)
Intertwined (4x)
Isn`t working (4x)
I`d be happy to! (4x)
Inspiring (4x)
I`m not a chicken! (4x)
Immediate occasions (3x)
In an unoriginal way (3x)
Imbibe (3x)
Informal talks (3x)
Insomniac irritant (3x)
It`s the rite place (3x)
Inside flight (3x)
Italian musical term (3x)
Intense competition (3x)
In a spiteful manner (3x)
Inform (3x)
Island of France (3x)
Irony entree (3x)
Insufficient (3x)
Insinuation (3x)
In a rush (3x)
Indoor amusement park (3x)
Impious (3x)
Island of Easter Island (3x)
Inconsequential stuff (3x)
It`s everybody to Hans (3x)
Inner-city housing (3x)
Is influential (3x)
Indignation (3x)
In code (3x)
In a perfect world (3x)
Immature of its kind (3x)
Incidentally (3x)
Its logo is four rings (3x)
Interchangeability (3x)
Irish republican party (3x)
Ionisation (3x)
It`s nothing to Hollande (3x)
Interrogation technique (3x)
Improvised jazz singing (3x)
Immoral (3x)
Image adjusters (3x)
Ivy-league school (3x)
Insignificant (3x)
Irani (3x)
Idyllic spot (3x)
Influence deviously (3x)
Intent (3x)
In unison (3x)
Ice breaker (briefly) (3x)
Is afraid of (3x)
It may be rattled (3x)
It`s E of Ark (3x)
Image (3x)
Ineligible for benefits (3x)
Italy`s monetary unit (3x)
Iowa campus (3x)
Inhabit (3x)
Inept (3x)
Islamic sacred text (3x)
Implores (3x)
Irish language (3x)
It`s cast at a casino (3x)
Imperious emperor (3x)
It doesn`t need oxygen (3x)
In law, a wife (3x)
It`s usually on rye (3x)
Intellectually sharp (3x)
Irs enforcer (3x)
It`s broken by burglars (3x)
Island (3x)
It`s not required (3x)
Idler`s anathema (3x)
Indicate (3x)
Injurious (3x)
In court (3x)
Ix (3x)
It`s tied at weddings (3x)
Import barrier (3x)
It computes (3x)
It`s in the upper 90s (3x)
Identify online (3x)
Irish bread (3x)
I`m not signing that (3x)
Infections (3x)
Intersex (3x)
In position (3x)
Ishtar (3x)
Intimidate (3x)
Incursions (3x)
Insolent (3x)
Initials for Jesus (3x)