Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Insinuate (4x)
Implement (4x)
Ill-gotten gains (4x)
Infinite (4x)
Integrated (4x)
Incredible (4x)
Irony (4x)
Identity (4x)
Irritation (4x)
Impalpable (4x)
Intruder (4x)
Iteration (4x)
It`s 4,132 miles long (4x)
Ill-starred ship (4x)
Ironic (4x)
Island of the 50th State (4x)
Island bigwigs (4x)
Invigorating (4x)
Ignoble (4x)
Infectious disease (4x)
Infraction (4x)
Irritant (4x)
Incumbency (4x)
Investor`s yardstick (4x)
Incoherent (4x)
Instruction (4x)
Inconsistency (4x)
In ages (4x)
Intolerant person (4x)
Inconceivable (4x)
Indecent (4x)
Infuriate (4x)
Inescapable (4x)
Iguana (4x)
Intolerant (4x)
Interesting (4x)
Intoxicating drink (4x)
Inclement weather (4x)
Intuit (4x)
Imminent (4x)
Inuit boat (3x)
Index exclusion (3x)
Inglorious (3x)
ITV game show (3x)
Influential DC-types (3x)
Inlet in the Orkneys (3x)
Iroquois (3x)
Ischaemia (3x)
Implausible (3x)
Inadequate (3x)
In a daze (3x)
Impulsive (3x)
Inverted-v structure (3x)
Interior (3x)
Islamic calendar month (3x)
Impracticable (3x)
Inversion (3x)
In a powerful manner (3x)
Innuendo (3x)
Inundate (3x)
Indifferent (3x)
Iris place (3x)
Intermediate place (3x)
Irritates (3x)
Inn (3x)
Informant on the lawn (3x)
In sync (3x)
Immoderate (3x)
Immature stage (3x)
Impoverished (3x)
Introduce bias into (3x)
Irish political leader (3x)
Interludes (3x)
Informal agreements (3x)
Iraqi neighbor (3x)
Insignificant person (3x)
Innocently (3x)
Instilling credence (3x)
Intuitions (3x)
Impersonator (3x)
Inquirer (3x)
Intro giver (3x)
Inverted nine (3x)
Irreparable (3x)
Invited (3x)
Ice-cream flavor (3x)
Instiller of confidence (3x)
Irresolution (3x)
Indy 500 winner mario (3x)
Imitates a boxer (3x)
Island of Bahrain (3x)
Ice-cream parlor order (3x)
Inferior (3x)
Iniquity (3x)
Incursion (3x)
Impulse (3x)
Introduced (3x)
Immature (3x)
Informal instrument (3x)
Interminable (3x)