Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Illustration (25x)
Indonesian snack food (19x)
Inconceivable (19x)
Impudence (14x)
Identical (13x)
Immobile (12x)
Ian`s own (12x)
Info (12x)
Impair (11x)
Italian writer (10x)
Ineptly (9x)
Instability (8x)
Impulse (7x)
Impudent (7x)
Italian poet (7x)
In good order (6x)
Introductory (6x)
Idolize (6x)
Imitate (6x)
Imprison (6x)
Iris`s layer (6x)
Inspector (6x)
Island of London (5x)
Interment (5x)
Itty-bitty battery (5x)
In a heap (5x)
Imprudent (5x)
Indicative (5x)
Indicate (5x)
Irritation (5x)
Itinerary word (5x)
Ingenuity (5x)
Incalculable (5x)
Ice cream (5x)
Insensible states (5x)
Improve (5x)
Imagine (5x)
Inhibit (5x)
Indentation (5x)
Incorrect (5x)
Interested party (5x)
International festival (5x)
Inn (5x)
Insecticide (5x)
Improvised contrivance (5x)
Inspiring scornful pity (5x)
Ingredient of Wow chips (4x)
Interrupt (4x)
Inhale (4x)
Indemnify (4x)
I`m not eating that! (4x)
Identity document (4x)
Idea (4x)
Invade one`s space (4x)
In other words (4x)
It`s easy (4x)
Increase (4x)
Instruction for roofers (4x)
Intro drawing class (4x)
It`s passed in a sénat (4x)
Italian brand (4x)
Inuit boat (4x)
Indian (4x)
Insincere flattery (4x)
Inexperienced (4x)
Italian lawn bowls (4x)
Inlay (4x)
Insomniac (slang) (4x)
Inhabits brackish lakes (4x)
Indian rice dish (4x)
Initiate (4x)
Impel (4x)
Illinois city (4x)
In the morning (slang) (4x)
Informative (4x)
Instinct (4x)
In abundance (4x)
Incredible (4x)
Infuse (4x)
Insightful (4x)
Ingenue (4x)
Ideology (4x)
Intimate companion (4x)
Incompetent (4x)
In the beginning (4x)
Inoffensive (4x)
In every respect (4x)
Iniquitous place (4x)
Independent (4x)
Inflexibly (4x)
Inhabit (4x)
Ideal husband (4x)
It`s 4187 miles long (4x)
Italian veal dish (4x)
Ill-fated (4x)
Ireland`s ancient name (4x)
Introduced (4x)
It`s often personal (4x)
Inability (4x)
Imminent (4x)
Ineffectual person (4x)
Indignation (4x)
Interface (4x)
Innumerable but many (4x)
In reality (4x)
Insignificant (4x)
Italian sandwich (4x)
Inherited things (4x)
Ineffective (4x)
Imprisoned (slang) (4x)
Interference (4x)
Implying an origin (4x)
Infuse with pride (4x)
Independent agency (4x)
Irritate (4x)
Improve a book (4x)
Incongruity (4x)
Immediately knowable (3x)
Intelligence agy (3x)
Insistent impulse (3x)
Insecticide device (3x)
Index drop-off (3x)
Illegibly (3x)
Imbalance (3x)
Inventory follow-ups (3x)
Invite to an after-party (3x)
In sync (3x)
Intellectual of sorts (3x)
Ignores the rooster (3x)
Impressionist of note (3x)
Innocent and gullible (3x)
Initiation procedure (3x)
Inexperienced people (3x)
Inveterate speeder (3x)
Internet (slang) (3x)
Impart flavor to (3x)
It means the world to us (3x)
Italian cornmeal dish (3x)
Iowa commune (3x)
Influence (3x)
Inquires about show (3x)
I`m going to heaven! (3x)
Immersed in (3x)
Ice-cream flavor (3x)
Inundate (3x)
Intentional grounding (3x)
Interstellar matter (3x)
It clears the air (3x)
Imprint vividly (3x)
In unison, musically (3x)
It`s rolled in Mexico (3x)
Industrious (3x)
Instance (3x)
Influence (colloquial) (3x)
Incantation (3x)
Indicator (3x)
Inhale loudly (3x)
Improbable (3x)
Infirmaries (3x)
Islamic holy book (3x)
Indonesian resort (3x)
Inability to urinate (3x)
Ice-cream flavoring (3x)
Icy-road treatment (3x)
Intrinsically: Lat (3x)
Impulse carriers (3x)
Intaglio material (3x)
Ireland from England (3x)
Incisura (3x)
Italian-style dessert (3x)
Imperiled plot (3x)
Imperilling (3x)
In a placating manner (3x)
Inoculated (3x)
Inclined (3x)
Infinite (3x)
Irish musical instrument (3x)
It sucks at airports (3x)
Intimate email signoff (3x)
Iditarod pacesetters (3x)
It beats scissors (3x)
Initial (3x)
Ironical (3x)
Id`s associate (3x)
Incentive (3x)
Ingest impolitely (3x)
Italian luxury brand (3x)
Italic property (3x)
Introductory book (3x)
Inducting (3x)
In direct confrontation (3x)
Insensitive (3x)
Ire (3x)
Insiders` talk (3x)
It`s a mouse! (3x)
Insurgent`s urging (3x)
Impedes (3x)
Involved explanation (3x)
Ionesco product (3x)