Popular Clues with the letter I

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter I.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Is (86x)
Ignoramus (35x)
Impregnable (34x)
Improvised (31x)
Ingress (30x)
Inadvertent revelations (29x)
Indonesian snack food (27x)
Inhabitant of a borough (25x)
Industrial plant (24x)
Integer (22x)
Illuminating (21x)
Improvise (17x)
Intensely eager (16x)
Intellectual (14x)
Intrude (12x)
Introspective (12x)
Inferior (12x)
Intentionally (12x)
Incline (12x)
In an unctuous manner (10x)
Intestines (10x)
In friendly manner: Fr (10x)
It`s sensitive to light (10x)
Insignificant (10x)
In an annoyed manner (10x)
Impressive (9x)
Inexplicable (9x)
Initiate (9x)
Imperial (9x)
Ice (9x)
Integra (8x)
Idiot (8x)
Imperfect (8x)
Introductory (8x)
Insurer (8x)
Integrity (7x)
Incognito (7x)
Inquisition no-no (7x)
Improvement (7x)
Invisible Man novelist (7x)
Incite (7x)
Iridescent (7x)
Interface (7x)
Imperilled (7x)
Inhibit (7x)
It may be 20/20 (7x)
Insensitive (7x)
Imprison (7x)
Insulin (7x)
Intestinal (7x)
Innocence (7x)
Impoverished (7x)
Inspired (7x)
Injury (6x)
Ill-mannered (6x)
Ill-behaved (6x)
Indian bread (6x)
Insectivore (6x)
Impressive display (6x)
Inconsequential (6x)
Italian poet (6x)
Insanitary (6x)
Imperil (6x)
In itself (6x)
Irritable (6x)
Ill (6x)
Infomercial, usually (6x)
Illness (6x)
Ingenuity (6x)
In a greasy manner (6x)
Insistently (6x)
In the USA (6x)
Inventory (6x)
Idiots (6x)
Innovative (6x)
Ingres or Renoir (6x)
International (6x)
Impenetrable (6x)
Improper (6x)
Ingenious (6x)
Infrared telescope (6x)
Immediate reaction (6x)
Irons and others (6x)
Intone (6x)
In an unusual manner (6x)
Incidence (6x)
Imaginative (6x)
Improper, as influence (6x)
Idling (6x)
Intrinsic quality (6x)
Internet (6x)
Inanity (6x)
In itself, in Latin (6x)
In disarray (6x)
Inauspicious (6x)
Injudiciously (5x)
Imbibe (5x)
Influence (5x)
Interpret wrongly (5x)
Ill humour (5x)
Include in scope (5x)
In a daze (5x)
Intermission (5x)
Impassioned (5x)
Interloper (5x)
Interior (5x)
Interchangeable (5x)
In tears (5x)
Irreverent (5x)
Impassive (5x)
Identical twins (5x)
Indefinite amount (5x)
Intuit (5x)
International trade (5x)
Improve (5x)
Imperiousness (5x)
Inappropriate (5x)
Inconsistent (5x)
Infomercial (5x)
Injection (5x)
Intoxicated (5x)
Igloo (5x)
Invoice (5x)
Ireland in the 1940s (5x)
Increment (5x)
Immoderate (5x)
Informer (5x)
Ignores (5x)
Ice cream (5x)
Inquisitive person (5x)
Intensifying (5x)
Imogen Heap song (5x)
Incompatible (5x)
Ill-natured (5x)
Important person (5x)
Inventor (5x)
Icy (5x)
Invalidate (5x)
Intense (5x)
Islamabad tongue (5x)
Idealized (5x)
Intermediate: Law (5x)
Ivanhoe`s wife (5x)
Indian deer (5x)
Iridescent quality (5x)
Inveigle (5x)
Incomprehensible (5x)
Instantly (5x)
Incident (5x)
Iterate an assertion (5x)
Intellectual ability (5x)
Irish (5x)
Iron on (5x)
In progress (5x)
Iowa city (5x)
Ineffectual (5x)
Insulting (5x)
Invest (4x)
Individual in question (4x)
Incapacitate (4x)
Invoke upon (4x)
Irons on stage (4x)
Ice cream brand (4x)
Indefinite (4x)
Incite hostility (4x)
IndicaciĆ³n de afecto (4x)
Invention (4x)
Individual of a clone (4x)
Isolated plateau (4x)
Insipid (4x)
Ionic or Doric (4x)
Ideal locales (4x)
Independent course (4x)
Indonesian wild ox (4x)
Immodesty (4x)
Incorrect (4x)
Isolated (4x)
Ill-health (4x)
Impressionist Manet (4x)
Irritating (4x)
Indistinctly (4x)
It goes par avion (4x)
Insult (4x)
Ion (4x)
In high demand (4x)
Inscribed column (4x)
Impetuously (4x)
Italian painter (4x)
Intersection (4x)
Island and flattop (4x)
Italian dessert (4x)
Indifference (4x)
Indianapolis footballers (4x)
Instance, to Ingres (4x)
Inept prefix (4x)
Indulgence (4x)
Infamous camp site (4x)
Interpret (4x)
In advance of (4x)
Informant on the lawn (4x)