Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Cherished person (61x)
Commotion (58x)
Clergyman (53x)
Charity (39x)
Clumsy unsubtle person (39x)
Classical music (29x)
Computer language (25x)
Cold comfort (24x)
Compassionate (23x)
Casualness (22x)
Charming trait (21x)
Crate (17x)
Chit (16x)
Cartoon explorer on TV (14x)
Caress (14x)
Casual farewell (13x)
Chatter (13x)
Clamorous (13x)
Canvas (13x)
Care (12x)
Covered with glue (12x)
Child (11x)
Compassion (11x)
Chair (11x)
Clinging shellfish (11x)
Checks out, visually (10x)
Copy (10x)
Camping equipment (10x)
Cake layer (10x)
Charge (10x)
Car part (10x)
Confirm (9x)
Contacts (9x)
Capacity measure (9x)
Camping (9x)
Combative (9x)
Colour-blind (8x)
Celestial body (8x)
Combined (8x)
Comical (7x)
Coral isles (7x)
CUBA (7x)
Cheap (7x)
Chemical salt (7x)
Care for (7x)
Cotton ball applications (7x)
Conchiglie and capellini (7x)
Chains (7x)
Condiment (7x)
Clothing brand (5x)
Create (5x)
Cliff (5x)
Cucumbers (5x)
Composer Gabriel Urbain (5x)
Calorie-laden baked good (5x)
Couple (5x)
Crosswise (5x)
Censor an online daily (5x)
Constrained (5x)
Cardiologist`s nightmare (5x)
Civil offense (5x)
Conventional (5x)
Central american indians (5x)
Collect (5x)
Chilling (5x)
Calculator display type (5x)
Composite (5x)
Come of (5x)
Cannon ball (5x)
Centers of concentration (5x)
Charming (5x)
Cowardly (5x)
Cellar-dweller`s victory (5x)
Crook (5x)
Chief buyers of albums (5x)
Cy Young winner, often (5x)
Candy (5x)
Con artist`s asset (5x)
Charlotte`s and others (5x)
Congeal (5x)
Cobbler, at times (5x)
Composition in D major (5x)
Continent (5x)
Conjure up thoughts (5x)
Cruise ship of Finland (5x)
Champion recognition org (5x)
Cyprinid (5x)
Calla (5x)
Chest (5x)
Crush an exam (5x)
Chemistry 101 models (5x)
Chemistry exam topic (5x)
Certain ID (5x)
Calais company (5x)
Claire of `Claudia` (5x)
Chemical element (5x)
Caroler`s word (5x)
Creatively (5x)
Cardiologists` concerns (5x)
Cautiously (5x)
Collect $200 in Monopoly (5x)
Company (5x)
Certain rehearsal space (5x)
Concise, like a sketch (5x)
Collect here and there (5x)
Colour blindness (5x)
Confuse (5x)
Composure (5x)
Carrying out (5x)
City in Iraq (5x)
Couplet (5x)
Canvas cots (5x)
Come alive (5x)
Cheer for a puntillero (5x)
Comment after a sneeze (5x)
Candy bar (5x)
Colombian compass header (5x)
Canon camera alternative (5x)
Closing passage (5x)
Carafe quantity (5x)
Champion gofer (5x)
CPR giver (5x)
Canal of egypt (5x)
Cavorted (5x)
Crash and burn (5x)
Cyprinid fish (5x)
Creative (5x)
Combine (5x)
Crouch (5x)
Champion rider (5x)
Cover a lot of ground (5x)
Commoner, slang (5x)
Coveted degree (4x)
Client list (4x)
CORDS (4x)
Chip in, with `up` (4x)
Cirrus (4x)
Correctors of texts (4x)
Complementary (4x)
Chase after (4x)
Contractor`s calculation (4x)
Cranium (4x)
Cosmonaut`s first name (4x)
Crackpot butchers barman (4x)
Cast out (4x)
Creates (4x)
Consummate escape artist (4x)
Coin of Thailand (4x)
Current (4x)