Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Companionless (101x)
Close-lipped (39x)
Camper`s necessity (33x)
Compressed (29x)
Chinese-food veggie (27x)
Clip (24x)
Chamois (21x)
Conceit (17x)
Cut into strips (16x)
Commend (15x)
Celtic foe (13x)
Compress (13x)
Crush (12x)
Crowd (12x)
Cauliflower cousin (12x)
City near Fresno (12x)
Complainer (12x)
Connect (11x)
Contract section (10x)
Coalition (10x)
Concept (10x)
Contrary to expectations (9x)
Chemical compound (9x)
CNN departure of 2009 (9x)
Counsellor (9x)
Confuse (9x)
Cellos` cousins (9x)
Calamitous (9x)
Candy holder (9x)
Confederacy (8x)
Clergyman (8x)
Collector`s collection (8x)
Corrosive (8x)
Canny (8x)
Church (8x)
Change (8x)
Clerk (8x)
City in Japan (8x)
Cheery (8x)
Crook`s false name (8x)
Computer language (7x)
Convoy chaser (7x)
Carry (7x)
Conforming (7x)
City in Brazil (7x)
Ciphers writer (7x)
Casual pants (7x)
Cat breed (7x)
Cobblestone (7x)
City in Russia (7x)
Cooperate (5x)
Closer to last (5x)
Corrosion (5x)
Cellar (5x)
Computer virus (5x)
Clown (5x)
Cubby (5x)
Catches a symphony (5x)
Crude (5x)
Creek (5x)
Caulking material (5x)
Creditor`s paper (5x)
Causing irritation (5x)
Consequence (5x)
Castle in Kent (5x)
City in Mexico (5x)
Computerised inventory (5x)
Confine (5x)
Capitalist`s goal (5x)
Comprehensible (5x)
Comedian (5x)
Carlos Vives song (5x)
Cupid`s partner (5x)
Cold drink (5x)
Clove hitch (5x)
Crier (5x)
Climb sharply (5x)
Cauterizing material (5x)
Curmudgeon (5x)
Comet steerer (5x)
City in California (5x)
Comic (5x)
Cottontail (5x)
College locales (5x)
Constructive metabolism (5x)
Conclude by (4x)
City in Romania (4x)
City in central Turkey (4x)
Car rollers, in London (4x)
Copying (4x)
Coward (4x)
College stat (4x)
Changes (4x)
Climb or rise (4x)
Cyprinid (4x)
Clean-up (4x)
Cable tv`s emmy (4x)
Curative herb (4x)
Careful (4x)
Combat zone (4x)
Circus act (4x)
Chillier (4x)
Crock-Pot potful (4x)
Confer (4x)
Cartoonist (4x)
Conceal (4x)
Complete (4x)
Craggy nest (4x)
Conscious (4x)
Chief (4x)
Charming miss (4x)
Cardinal great Musial (4x)
Cross-reference word (4x)
Cactus (4x)
Complacency (4x)
Cynical (4x)
Crusty (4x)
Cloyingly sweet (4x)
Computer note (4x)
Columnist greenfield (4x)
Crowned arch (4x)
City in Nigeria (4x)
Cataclysmic (4x)
Criminal attorney (4x)
Combed cotton (4x)
Chide (4x)
Clothes line (4x)
Civic leader (4x)
Cyprus locale (4x)
Capital of County Kerry (4x)
Clumsy (4x)
Concluding appearance (4x)
Croupier`s implement (4x)
Complain (4x)
Conical buoy (4x)
Constant (4x)
Craftiness (4x)
City near Hannover (4x)
Combustible (4x)
Clerical mantle (4x)
Clod (4x)
Cheesy bechamel sauce (4x)
Crowded, chaotic place (4x)
Called before the court (4x)
Come up quickly (4x)
Couscous (4x)
Charm (4x)
Coffee hour vessel (4x)
Catfish Row dweller (4x)