Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Corleone hothead (4x)
Counter (4x)
Common composite bloom (4x)
Community near Santa Fe (4x)
Coldness (4x)
Crayola user (4x)
City in Illinois (4x)
Chippewa (4x)
Censorious (4x)
Carapace (4x)
Cold War letters (4x)
Cozy (4x)
Cork and corfu, for two (4x)
Come unglued (4x)
Center of activity (4x)
Charger`s woes (4x)
Capture, in Caen (4x)
Colder in store (4x)
Chessman (4x)
Capp, and others (4x)
Clue crew (4x)
Corrosive (4x)
Contest-judging group (4x)
Contrivance (4x)
Currency pegged to euros (4x)
Congress (4x)
Cheerful (4x)
Citrus fruit (4x)
Con (4x)
Crazyweed (4x)
Convert into a verb (4x)
Coagulate (4x)
Celeb gossip (4x)
Clothing brand (4x)
Coins of Macao (4x)
Chemical (4x)
Counsel (4x)
Capcom beat `em up (4x)
City in Pakistan (4x)
Cockroach (4x)
Commodity (4x)
Copy (4x)
Communicative (4x)
Critical (4x)
Chess term (4x)
Clumsy (informally) (4x)
Cleanse again (4x)
Commonly mistyped word (4x)
Chalice (4x)
Cocktail party activity (4x)
Cheese to a German (4x)
Consecrate (4x)
Contemporary of Dickens (4x)
Charged atom (4x)
Catcher`s equipment (4x)
City in Mexico (4x)
California crop (4x)
Concise (4x)
Contemptuous (4x)
Creeps (4x)
Cry me a river (4x)
Cont. on the equator (4x)
Crush (4x)
Current amt (4x)
Chronic drinker (4x)
Crazy (4x)
Campers` milieu (4x)
Clothing stand (4x)
Circus star`s walkway (4x)
Chickpea (4x)
Consort to spinach (4x)
Change of heart (4x)
Compelling (4x)
Caution (4x)
Cell bodies (4x)
Cleaver (4x)
Compete with a car part (4x)
Cycle stuntman Knievel (4x)
Chance (4x)
Corleone and Antuofermo (4x)
Cousin of a corset (4x)
Catch by persistence (4x)
Censor (4x)
Cuban dance (4x)
Crab shack garb (4x)
City east of Osaka (4x)
Colonel Sanders` co (4x)
Common character set (4x)
Cunning (4x)
Commendation (4x)
Canyon sounds (4x)
Cimex lectularius (4x)
Cylinder (4x)
City in Portugal (4x)
Classify (4x)
Citrus quencher (4x)
Cloy (4x)
Chieftaincy (4x)
Corn stripper (4x)
California railroad (4x)