Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Christmas food (171x)
Common grape vine (97x)
Coverage (44x)
Companion (24x)
Close friends and kin (22x)
Computerized captain (21x)
Country in Oceania (20x)
City in Egypt (16x)
Confiscate (14x)
Citrus fruit (13x)
Cruise ship`s berth (12x)
Change from a drachma (11x)
Conceited (10x)
Carbonated drink (9x)
Cargo vessel (9x)
Contrite, remorseful (9x)
Coldplay song (8x)
Cosmetics brand (8x)
Church (8x)
Christmas song (8x)
Cavalry soldier (8x)
Cheery (7x)
Classification (7x)
Conspicuous (7x)
Candy (7x)
Cheap (7x)
Captivating (7x)
Cooker (7x)
Compare, in a way (6x)
Crustacean (6x)
Coffer (6x)
Cameroon (6x)
Chi (6x)
Cruel (6x)
Cocky kids (6x)
Certain buttercups (6x)
Chandelier (6x)
Closed (6x)
Cunning (6x)
Ciertamente! (6x)
Cleft (6x)
Church calendar (6x)
Clothing (6x)
Crystalline (6x)
Conceptually (6x)
Cost (6x)
Cheerful (6x)
Close-by (6x)
Christmas tree (6x)
Cold (5x)
Cold dessert (4x)
Curvature (4x)
Confer (4x)
Complex molecular branch (4x)
Crone (4x)
Chose not to fight (4x)
Certain esters (4x)
Confront (4x)
Cytotoxic (4x)
Clutch (4x)
Complacency (4x)
Cave (4x)
Chestnuts or bays (4x)
Changeable (4x)
Collectible (4x)
Conductor (4x)
Conspire together (4x)
Conspiracy (4x)
Creepy claim (4x)
Critter (4x)
Congress member (4x)
Cu (4x)
Convict (4x)
Cravings (4x)
Celestial body (4x)
Crusader (4x)
Cards of tomorrow (4x)
College-song word (4x)
Caveat for a consumer (4x)
Constructive (4x)
Celebrate (4x)
Cooked like some beans (4x)
Currie of The Runaways (4x)
Cartoonist kelly (4x)
Concrete proposals (4x)
Carnivora (4x)
Cowpoke`s bud (4x)
Chess piece (4x)
Claptrap (4x)
Commission (4x)
Convene in (4x)
Cause to adhere (4x)
Confusingly (4x)
Colliery passage (4x)
Confined (4x)
Commute (4x)
Curbed (4x)
Crosswise (4x)
Collaborator (4x)
Church book (4x)
Cash (4x)
Change (4x)
Crossword board game (4x)
Connection (4x)
Conduit (4x)
Cart (4x)
Change for the better (4x)
Complain (4x)
Check (4x)
Chinese temple (4x)
Cello support piece (4x)
Circular building (3x)
Customary (3x)
Children (3x)
Central America (3x)
Complaints investigator (3x)
Carpal joints (3x)
Camp (3x)
Creak under strain (3x)
Cleopatra`s beloved (3x)
Crowded space (3x)
Container (3x)
Culp show (3x)
Cellphone notification (3x)
Concerning (3x)
Curie`s discovery (3x)
Caribbean cuisine (3x)
Cluster in taurus (3x)
Casts aspersions on (3x)
Croup (3x)
Constrictor (3x)
College course (3x)
Chicago paper (3x)
Capitulate (3x)
Christmas (3x)
Creamy candies (3x)
CBS reality series (3x)
Current measures (3x)
Ceremonial (3x)
Cuckold`s headgear (3x)
Cherish spiritually (3x)
Crucial exams (3x)
Canadian province (3x)
Coaster (3x)
Cans in Canterbury (3x)
Cabaret (3x)
Cold time (3x)
Community (3x)
Carbon (3x)
Crematorium vessel (3x)