Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Confidential (34x)
Concert ending (14x)
Carolers` tune (12x)
Concurrently (10x)
Conflicting (8x)
Cutting remark (7x)
Crumb`s colleague (5x)
Characteristic (5x)
Character part (5x)
Car brand (5x)
Corroborate (5x)
Clothing (slang) (5x)
Close friend (5x)
Cat sound (5x)
Calais lily (4x)
Castro home (4x)
Cooperative (4x)
Cheeky (4x)
Conjecture (4x)
Convince (4x)
Concluding action (4x)
Classic rock act (4x)
Colorless gases (4x)
Create (4x)
Chancellor helmut (4x)
Cloth colorist (4x)
Catalyst (4x)
Conical chocolate (4x)
Casino Royale actress (4x)
Coppice (4x)
Cleans up a galley (4x)
Chloe`s love (4x)
Conviction (4x)
Clinton`s VP choice (4x)
Cryptograph (4x)
Caspian et al (4x)
City of old witch trials (4x)
Cross (4x)
Cushing`s disease (4x)
Capable (4x)
Concrete craftsman (4x)
Clouds` place (4x)
Cruise in Hollywood (4x)
Concorde (briefly) (4x)
Chenille items (4x)
Cinephile (4x)
Cloak-and-dagger (4x)
Crystallise (4x)
Cartridge content (4x)
Code breaker (4x)
Campers (4x)
Copper city (4x)
Cottonmouth (4x)
Comstock Lode figure (4x)
Cohort born in the 1970s (4x)
Croucher`s sore spots (4x)
Common tree (4x)
Comfortable (4x)
Capital of Estonia (4x)
Cutoffs fabric (4x)
City in Morocco (4x)
Chicken dish (4x)
Corrupt foundation (4x)
Calf`s stomach membrane (4x)
Chamber group woodwind (4x)
Congressional no (4x)
Choo-choo name (4x)
Customary courses (4x)
Cutthroat (3x)
Comic-strip squeal (3x)
Concludes filming (3x)
Customer service (3x)
Cricket club (3x)
Cancellation (3x)
Circus (3x)
Certain star treatments (3x)
Cave entrance (3x)
Crazed (3x)
Chinese soup ingredient (3x)
Clashing (3x)
Consign (3x)
Cinephile`s TV choice (3x)
Caesar`s wings (3x)
Commemorative (3x)
Cloying (3x)
Crush stuff (3x)
Cuernavaca cash (3x)
Conversion (3x)
Comfort in hard times (3x)
Connie Francis song (3x)
Churchillian gestures (3x)
Candid sort (3x)
Chimney conduit (3x)
Contact-lens locale (3x)
Complains about trees (3x)
Cloud computing giant (3x)
Cineplex drinks (3x)
Clothing protector (3x)
Corselet (3x)
Concession statement (3x)
Copperhead Road singer (3x)
Clubs of a kind (3x)
Consultant (3x)
Colonize (3x)
Corrected text (3x)
Costly appetizer (3x)
Cubic firewood measure (3x)
Cocos nucifera (3x)
Covertly (3x)
Champion of Israel (3x)
Chesapeake shore (3x)
Con junction (3x)
Cash penalty (3x)
Curved and hollow (3x)
Commingle (3x)
Cherry bomb parts (3x)
Craziness (3x)
Centerpiece of an estate (3x)
Cleveland`s Great Lake (3x)
Crony plant to celery (3x)
Common house plant (3x)
Christens (3x)
Cornell site (3x)
Certain major (3x)
Conversational remark (3x)
Confound (3x)
Courageous man (3x)
Concession suffix (3x)
Crushed underfoot (3x)
Council city (3x)
Ciao town (3x)
Carve (3x)
Catfish`s whisker (3x)
Castled pieces (3x)
CSA signature (3x)
Certain insect eggs (3x)
Con man (3x)
Cartoon sign-off speaker (3x)
Counsels (3x)
Colleague in combat (3x)
Comp (3x)
Cover with graffiti (3x)
Case (3x)
Cupule (3x)
Color (3x)
Chan reply (3x)
Cordial quality (3x)
Communication disorder (3x)
Camper`s bed (3x)
Circus figure (3x)
Confused situations (3x)
Crabbier (3x)
Cincinnati (3x)
Chaperone (3x)
Cross creations (3x)
Catch sight of (3x)
Communication system (3x)
Conscientious (3x)
Children.s game (3x)
Comic opera (3x)
Crotchety ones (3x)
Crabapple Annies (3x)
Chocolate box (3x)
Curative bath (3x)
Crucial responder (3x)
Conference prerequisite (3x)
Crackle (3x)
Career mishap (3x)
Congregate (3x)
Cuttlefish (3x)
Conservationist`s prefix (3x)
Clever fellow (3x)
Cinema (3x)
Complete disaster (3x)
Crazy love singer (3x)
Country in Asia (3x)
Cow chow (3x)
Clam habitat (3x)
Canon alternative (3x)
Colonist Dare (3x)
Contacts ship-to-ship (3x)
Congress aide (3x)
Concurrent (3x)
Contriver (3x)
Clothiers` measures (3x)
Chisel-shaped (3x)
Charm (3x)
Couscous (3x)
Coarser (3x)
Coasts (3x)
Census datum (3x)
Caribou (3x)
Caroline group (3x)
Cardiologist`s concern (3x)
Clergy (3x)
Crunched stuff (3x)
Coroner`s (abbr.) (3x)
Chinese exercise regimen (3x)
Check addition (3x)
Castle encircler (3x)