Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Craft material (46x)
Control (37x)
Castle in Kent (29x)
Composure (29x)
Chest of drawers (27x)
Cardiac stimulant (27x)
Comprehensible (26x)
Cheney`s successor (25x)
Chiromancer (23x)
Chilled soup (19x)
Cuckoo (18x)
Contravene (17x)
Commotion (17x)
Community website (17x)
Choir singer (16x)
City in Egypt (15x)
Corrida sight (15x)
Concession, bribe (14x)
Compiler of a dictionary (13x)
Coal (13x)
Closely resembling (13x)
Clergyman (13x)
Celtic language (12x)
Cleverly (12x)
Cyberspace (11x)
Conceited (11x)
Courage (11x)
California racetrack (11x)
Centennial (10x)
Communicate (10x)
Calculation (10x)
Careful forethought (10x)
Closely integrated (10x)
Characteristic (9x)
Cleaning fluid (9x)
Craft (9x)
Card game (9x)
Crossbow projectile (9x)
Conflict in Ukraine (9x)
Cubes in the freezer (9x)
Counter cleaner (9x)
Circulate (9x)
Currently being applied (9x)
Coat, as with chocolate (9x)
Cambodian Communist (9x)
Coloured (9x)
Crested plover (9x)
Criminal (8x)
Curse (8x)
Countless (8x)
Cinema in London (6x)
Commendation (6x)
Close (6x)
Currency symbol (6x)
Creature (6x)
Company of Nigeria (6x)
Casino (6x)
Cygnet`s parents (6x)
Capture (6x)
Cricket delivery (6x)
Consult (6x)
Cheese (6x)
Corp of India (6x)
Compose (6x)
Cornered (6x)
Circulation need (6x)
Catalyst (6x)
City in india (6x)
Cuban male ballet dancer (6x)
Coquette (6x)
Curved line (6x)
Curved gateway (6x)
Culinary (6x)
Counterfeited (6x)
Carrier handle, once (5x)
CCC (5x)
Cold-blooded (5x)
Closed (5x)
Coil (5x)
Crustacean (5x)
Cleric`s abode (5x)
Chastise, with out (5x)
Change (5x)
Chime (5x)
Carefree rival (5x)
Crisp tortilla (5x)
Capacious (5x)
Celebration (5x)
Combust (5x)
Climb (5x)
Computer key (5x)
Convexity (5x)
Chronic periodontitis (5x)
Choral compositions (5x)
Caps (5x)
Corrupt (5x)
Camera glass (5x)
Copper (5x)
Celestial body (5x)
Caress alternative (5x)
Corner (5x)
Chelsea (5x)
Circumference halves (5x)
Creased or decreased (5x)
Chianti containers (5x)
Clothing (5x)
Camel (5x)
Crippled (5x)
Casements (5x)
Country (5x)
Ceramic dish (5x)
Club member (5x)
Carry (5x)
Commandment number (5x)
Crown of Aragon (5x)
Chekhov and others (5x)
Colleague in combat (5x)
Capital of Libya (5x)
Copper city (5x)
Cessation (5x)
Confectionery (5x)
Ce (5x)
Chronological succession (5x)
Capsize (5x)
Comic Sykes (5x)
Churchgoer (5x)
Caterpillar (5x)
Currency of Finland (5x)
Cliff-base debris (5x)
Chain (5x)
Campaign (5x)
Colours (5x)
Comic (5x)
Cynics` replies (5x)
Chador (5x)
Confinement (5x)
Contend (5x)
Celluloid (5x)
Cantab, for one (5x)
Cleansing (5x)
Confrontational (5x)
Current (5x)
Combined heat exchanger (5x)
Coca-Cola sports drink (5x)
Celtic singers (5x)
Cadet (5x)
Cleave (5x)
Charm (5x)
Continuance (5x)