Popular Clues with the letter C

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter C.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Cargo area (5x)
Contest (5x)
Change a contract (5x)
Conquer (5x)
Convoy (5x)
Conductor`s workplace (5x)
Conurbation (4x)
China piece (4x)
Coiled length of yarn (4x)
Cocktail with rum (4x)
Christian prayer (4x)
Convenient (4x)
Condition (4x)
Complacent (4x)
Cheering like crazy (4x)
Card player`s cry (4x)
Cartoon foe of aku (4x)
Covering (4x)
Code name (4x)
Cuddly (4x)
Cognitive (4x)
Calculating midwest city (4x)
Clark`s classic co-star (4x)
Cogito ergo sum sayer (4x)
City vehicles (4x)
Condemnatory (4x)
Conic section (4x)
Confident (4x)
Cyst (4x)
Concurrence of opinion (4x)
Camelopard (4x)
Cat o` no tails (4x)
Conditions (4x)
Charmer (4x)
Camping tent fabric (4x)
Cavity (4x)
Conformist`s concern (4x)
Clothing (4x)
CONAN (4x)
Contribution (4x)
Chip at (4x)
Comedian (4x)
Cygnet`s papa (4x)
Clown (4x)
Come again (4x)
Chuck Berry classic (4x)
Chewy (4x)
Courage (4x)
Carob (4x)
Cotton type (4x)
Cain`s sibling (4x)
Circling (4x)
Concord (4x)
Cosmo (4x)
Chipmunk (4x)
Coin (4x)
Ceremonial (4x)
Crimes (4x)
Chest (4x)
Creeps (4x)
Claudia (4x)
California racetrack (4x)
Corundom (4x)
Companion abroad (4x)
Colonel Sanders` co (4x)
Close pal (4x)
Category for moguls (4x)
Calories` kin (4x)
Contrition (4x)
Community (4x)
Chimpanzee (4x)
Coveted baseball prize (4x)
Car-steering part (4x)
Claudius (4x)
Classical oracle (4x)
Chaney and others (4x)
Coarse (4x)
Cascara (4x)
Catcher (4x)
Court official (4x)
Cartouche (4x)
Cossack`s milieu (4x)
Change locks (4x)
City railroads (4x)
Cattle herder`s device (4x)
Champs` exclamation (4x)
Crisp snack (4x)
Customs levy (4x)
Closer on a coat (4x)
Contravene (4x)
Contractor`s estimate (4x)
Condiment (4x)
Car options (4x)
Cut back (4x)
Critters` rights group (4x)
Curios (4x)
Comply with commands (4x)
Cheekier (4x)
Cheap Thrills` singer (4x)
Catfish (4x)