25 Common Crossword Puzzle Answers

25 Common Crossword Puzzle Answers

Are you a true ‘cruciverbalist’? Then there will certainly be a set of crossword clues you don’t even have to think about anymore when you fill them in. Some words come up time and time again. These frequently used words, or ‘repeaters’, are often used to fill in difficult spaces within the puzzle.

Repeaters are more often than not short words, using many vowels. Many of these most common crossword words aren’t used much in real life, but they provide crossword puzzle creators with some useful, short crossword solutions to squeeze between the longer words. Below you’ll find some of the 25 most common used crossword puzzle answers.

Three letter words

ale | any beer other than lager, stout, or porter

ali | an Arabic name, used by indivduals such as Mohammed Ali or Ali G, meaning “high” or “elevated”

ate | having consumed food

eli | Hebrew word for “high” or “elevated”, also refers to a judge and priest

emu | a large flightless Australian bird resembling a ostrich

era | a long, distinct period of history with certain defining unique characteristics

one | the lowest cardinal number; half of two; being or amounting to a single unit

ore | a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or mineral can be extracted

Four letter words

alee | on the lee side of a vessel, away from the wind; opposed to aweather

aloe | a succulent plant with thick tapering leaves and bell-shaped flowers on long stems

ante | a stake put up by a player in poker, a brag, or a similar game before receiving cards

area | a region or part of a town or city, a country, the world, or any other (large) space

argo | the ship from Greek mythology on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed in search of the Golden Fleece

aria | a piece of music written for a single voice

asea | out on the sea or ocean; towards the sea or ocean

eden | Hebrew word for “delight”, often used in reference to the Biblical ‘Garden of Eden’

else | besides; in addition; different; instead

erie | the southernmost lake of the Great Lakes in the United States of America; a Native American tribe living south of the lake Erie

idea | a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

oboe | a woodwind instrument with a double-reed mouthpiece, a slender tubular body, and holes stopped by keys

odor | a smell, often one that is unpleasant in nature

oral | spoken; verbal ; by word of mouth

psst | exclamation used to attract someone's attention in a way that attempts to avoid notice or attention

smee | referring to a duck, such as a pintail, wigeon, pochard, or smew

stye | an inflamed swelling on the edge of an eyelid as a result of a bacterial infection