Popular Clues with the letter U

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter U.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Uncontrollable (49x)
Urgent prayer (39x)
Unaware (13x)
Uncontrolled (10x)
Upsurge (10x)
Upsurges (9x)
Uncertain (9x)
Undress (8x)
Understanding (8x)
Underhanded (8x)
Unmanageable (7x)
Unthinking (7x)
Utmost or extreme (7x)
Unawareness (6x)
Urged in defense (6x)
Unshipped inventory (6x)
Unfinished versions (6x)
Undefeated Ali (6x)
Unorthodox doctrine (6x)
Uncontrollably emotional (6x)
Utility bill term (6x)
Unavoidable (6x)
Undisputed (6x)
Upsilon predecessor (6x)
Up-to-date (6x)
Unlimited (6x)
UCLA athlete (5x)
Unite metals via heat (5x)
Unchanging entities (5x)
Unofficial advisers (5x)
Unhappy fan`s reaction (5x)
Unlawful constraint (5x)
Unclothed prankster (5x)
Underground (5x)
Upsetting (5x)
Unter`s opposite (5x)
U Sports team (5x)
Upshot of writer`s block (5x)
Unquestionably gone (5x)
Unlucky (5x)
Upper carboniferous (5x)
Uttered in words (5x)
Umbrella (5x)
Unjust, inequitable (5x)
Unruffled (5x)
Upbeat in outlook (5x)
Underground railway (5x)
Untouched by time (5x)
Unwraps impatiently (5x)
Unofficial currency (5x)
Unproven phenomenon (5x)
Uneven (5x)
Uppsala`s setting (5x)
Unwrap aggressively (5x)
Used on an escutcheon (4x)
Unbeatable (4x)
Upscale cafe (4x)
Units in a gym (4x)
Unfit Manhattanites (4x)
Unharmed (4x)
Umbrella, in song (4x)
Upscale chocolatier (4x)
Utopia writer (4x)
Unwanted collection (4x)
Understood, Cap`n (4x)
Unnaturally strange (4x)
Unofficial observance (4x)
Untrustworthy types (4x)
Umbrian hill town (4x)
Utters (4x)
Unifies (4x)
Underground worker (4x)
Unseen observer (4x)
Utensil`s end (4x)
Utter catcalls at (4x)
Unreliable (4x)
Utopian garden (4x)
Utterances (4x)
Urgent requests (4x)
Ugandan vip, once (4x)
Uhlan`s weapon (4x)
Upholster`s necessities (4x)
Unkempt or shabby (4x)
Untamed leapers (4x)
Uninvited (4x)
Unexceptionable (4x)
Utopia or Pianosa (4x)
Utilize a journal (4x)
Unaffected (4x)
Universal character (4x)
Upstart (4x)
Unschooled signers (4x)
Unhurried (4x)
Untidy pile (4x)
Urges into motion (4x)
Uganda`s neighbor (4x)
Unimportant (4x)
Uttered by mouth (4x)
Unfit for growing (4x)
Ultimate authorities (4x)
Utensil (4x)
Unisex given name (4x)
Ukulele-tuning word (4x)
Underground artists (4x)
Unrestrained (4x)
Unload at auction (4x)
Unfit for noshing (4x)
Uriah (4x)
Unrealistic hope (4x)
Uzbek, Tajik, etc (4x)
Up-to-date: Fr (4x)
Up-to-date ministry (4x)
Unnatural (4x)
Unfaithful friend (4x)
Unprepared (4x)
Utter an oath (4x)
Unpleasant feeling (4x)
Unwraps, poetically (4x)
Unfinished room (4x)
Useful (abbr.) (4x)
Umpires` calls (4x)
Unduly fearful person (4x)
Urban art, often (4x)
Umbrella pelter (4x)
Unfair (4x)
Unattainable dreams (4x)
Unaware of (4x)
Unctuous utterances (4x)
Ultimatum ender (4x)
Under a cloud (4x)
Uno y dos y tres (4x)
Utility bill meas (4x)
Upside down e (4x)
Uninhabited regions (4x)
Unified whole (4x)
Uproar, old style (4x)
Ultra cord jeans (4x)
Unflappable quality (4x)
Unambiguously clear (3x)
Unimportant workers (3x)
Unrehearsed comment (3x)
Uninspired version (3x)
Uncouth clod (3x)
Untidy individual (3x)
Unblinking observer (3x)
Unmistakable (3x)
Uttered angrily (3x)
Undeveloped expanse (3x)
Uncovering (3x)
Usher`s objective (3x)
Unchanged situation (3x)
Unlike a beanpole (3x)
Usefulness (3x)
Unremarkable fellow (3x)
Unlawful intrusion (3x)
User (3x)
Ucla teammate (3x)
Unintended spot (3x)
Unqualified (3x)
USA alliance (3x)
Utter categorically (3x)
Unwashed masses (3x)
Unmoving (3x)
Unjust (3x)
Unqualified success (3x)
Untouchables baddie (3x)
Uruguayan wine (3x)
Undulate unsteadily (3x)
Unfinished painting (3x)
Unit of pressure (3x)
Untidy (3x)
Upside-down fighter (3x)
Unbroken, musically (3x)
Understood, bro (3x)
Unexpectedly potent (3x)
Utter a sibilant (3x)
USA artifacts (3x)
Uncared-for or neglected (3x)
Ukrainian invention (3x)
Ushered from the door (3x)
Ustinov or Ueberroth (3x)
Upside list (3x)
Ungainly individual (3x)
Untouchable feds (3x)
Underling (3x)
Unfinished castle (3x)
Unshapely (3x)
Uvula neighbors (3x)
Unmotorized (3x)
Uneven, as leaves (3x)
Unthinking response (3x)
USA/Mexico border town (3x)
Usual bill footer (3x)
Urging (3x)
Unusual art piece (3x)
Up voice actor Ed (3x)
Unattractive masses (3x)
Unrefined resources (3x)
Ultimate conclusion (3x)