Popular Clues with the letter P

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter P.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Poetic lament (14x)
Plato (12x)
Problems (9x)
Puts on a show (9x)
Played along with (8x)
Pigeons` digs (8x)
Popish Plot perjurer (8x)
Predecessor of exxon (8x)
Physical (8x)
Pearl from Poor Richard (8x)
Pop-plant employee (8x)
Psyche consort (8x)
Patriot pts (7x)
Pilfering (7x)
Prepare for more combat (7x)
Pirogue (7x)
PR hours (7x)
Pictorial chart (7x)
Post-it initialism (7x)
Planetarium features (7x)
Portsider (7x)
Plans a new strategy (7x)
Produced eggs (7x)
Pro (7x)
Promote good posture (7x)
Proud (7x)
Pilgrim: Span (7x)
Possible event (7x)
Panicum capillare (7x)
Panamanian slave (7x)
Pooch in old pictures (7x)
Prado`s locale (7x)
Parking lot slots (7x)
Paddled at an initiation (7x)
Piggy (6x)
Painter in Haarlem (6x)
Pedantic women (6x)
Picks a fight (6x)
Parental gift (6x)
Plate cloth (6x)
Plugs away (6x)
Prickly-stemmed plant (6x)
PLO member (6x)
Planned city in Spain (6x)
Peeper`s vantage (6x)
Protect a bet (6x)
Pastel-green moth (6x)
Praline component (6x)
Portulaca oleracea (6x)
Pommel`s place (6x)
Passed a blockade (6x)
Phony id (6x)
Places to get quick cash (6x)
Plane stat (6x)
Piercing sounds (6x)
Pleasant emanations (6x)
Predetermined outcome (6x)
Prevailing price (6x)
Public eye (6x)
Promise of a sort (6x)
Part of a harem (6x)
Pastry full of cream (6x)
Pilots` places (6x)
Production in creases (6x)
Prearranged time (6x)
Parisian scarf maker (6x)
Piggy-bank item (6x)
Playful capers (6x)
Pale sort of pinot (6x)
Projects feature (6x)
Publication read by drs (6x)
Paradise Lost poet (6x)
Polluted (6x)
Pugilist Shavers (6x)
Pardon me, Giulia (6x)
Put in the clink (6x)
Potbelly`s problem (6x)
Part of a blast furnace (6x)
Parting gifts (6x)
Perfunctory (6x)
Purple food (6x)
Port city near Syracuse (6x)
Pope after Agatho (6x)
Puppet of old TV (6x)
Postal destination (6x)
Prison term (6x)
Picked hairstyle (6x)
Polynesian god (6x)
Pig of children`s books (6x)
Pork sausage (6x)
Pelvis/knee connector (6x)
Paste material (6x)
Prime number (6x)
Penalty for bigamy (6x)
Pool members on Mad Men (6x)
Paella need (6x)
Princess Dot, for one (6x)
Pedal pusher (6x)
Pasted together (6x)
Push beyond limits (6x)
Planning mischief (6x)
Please hold the line (6x)
Press outlets (6x)
Profligacy (6x)
Prize marble (6x)
Pavarotti et al (6x)
Posing least difficulty (6x)
Philippine condiment (6x)
Press secretary`s asset (6x)
Parachute securers (6x)
Property owner (6x)
Pushing rudely (6x)
Pursues (6x)
Parkland birds (6x)
Puppy noise (6x)
Partridge`s perch (6x)
Piece of street art (6x)
Punjab princesses (6x)
Powerless move (6x)
Pianist previn (6x)
Procedure done by an OB (6x)
Paddock youngster (6x)
Progressive Braille (6x)
Prong of a pitchfork (6x)
Patron of mariners (6x)
Painful (6x)
Poetica opening (6x)
Pangolin feature (6x)
Pacific rings (6x)
Peanuts outcry (6x)
Province above Mont (6x)
Prohibited things (6x)
Powerful (6x)
Particular (slang) (6x)
Passive protest (6x)
Predatory marine mammal (6x)
Palaestra (6x)
Panel member (6x)
Pocatello`s state (5x)
Pc site (5x)
Primary scheme (5x)
Patterned marbles (5x)
Power problem (5x)
Part of a lamp (5x)
Polo player`s gear (5x)
Planned community (5x)
Penne cousin (5x)
Projectionists` concerns (5x)
Puget Sound crosser (5x)
Power takeoff (5x)
Precarious paths (5x)
Put hands together (5x)
Prohibition era gangster (5x)
Popular `20s cars (5x)
Phylum cnidaria (5x)
Practiced (5x)
Porky and pals (5x)
Pseudonym often (5x)
Philip I`s birth year (5x)
Phalanger (5x)
Peculiar to a population (5x)
Phyllis Diller, for one (5x)
Pushkin novel (5x)
Production in general (5x)
Pricey flat fees (5x)
Protruding bellybutton (5x)
Puffball relative (5x)
Potatoes (5x)
Pitching (abbr.) (5x)
Publicize incessantly (5x)
Played a tabla or djembe (5x)
Poultry buy (5x)
Piaf or Head (5x)
Plain (5x)
Paulina of Latin pop (5x)
Prevail by persistence (5x)
Popsicle flavor (5x)
Preserves covers (5x)
Podiatry (5x)
Protect against cold (5x)
Package information (5x)
Production allotment (5x)
Parking garage segment (5x)
Parsley pieces (5x)
Pretentiously designed (5x)
Padres` manager (5x)
Public (5x)
Pilot or Treo maker (5x)
Paint as wicked (5x)
Presley progeny (5x)
Perceived stature (5x)
Part of a printing plant (5x)
Parade command (5x)
Prepared to lift prints (5x)
Pavarotti`s solo (5x)
Paddy animals (5x)
Panocha (5x)
Poi source (5x)
Picnic (informally) (5x)