Popular Clues with the letter P

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter P.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Plunge (7x)
Pleasure trip (7x)
Proposal (7x)
Puts thumbs down (7x)
Pk (7x)
Potato type (7x)
Picasa alternative (7x)
Painted (7x)
Punt (7x)
Playbook symbols (7x)
Plumber`s device (7x)
Phylum arthropoda (7x)
Particularly timely (7x)
Piano solo piece (7x)
Prophet (7x)
Promises of allegiance (6x)
Polynesian apparel (6x)
Political group (6x)
Paspalum dilatatum (6x)
Protracted (6x)
Pleasantly zestful (6x)
Pigeon (6x)
Poetic card game (6x)
Posture supporters (6x)
Physics measurement (6x)
Prophet of Tekoa (6x)
Part of a molecule (6x)
Promise before a parson (6x)
Palm tree starch (6x)
Parcel, with `out` (6x)
Perpetually pester (6x)
Petulant state (6x)
Predator (6x)
Predicament (6x)
Psychic Friend (6x)
Peking end (6x)
Pindar poems (6x)
Pique performances (6x)
Porridge container (6x)
Plague (6x)
Pandora`s finds (6x)
Photo app effect (6x)
Plank for Pierre (6x)
Printed defamation (6x)
Pumpernickel units (6x)
Patriot of `75 (6x)
Prisms (6x)
Public art in Australia (6x)
Peels, as apples (6x)
Possessions (6x)
Poltergeist sounds (6x)
Peer gynt dancer (6x)
Palladium selenide (6x)
Painful conclusion (6x)
Paving stone (6x)
Petasites hybridus (6x)
Playing marbles (6x)
Preowned (6x)
Profited (6x)
Pester effectively (6x)
Physics law (6x)
Picking (6x)
Painstaking (6x)
Passion (6x)
Physics impossibility (6x)
Palaver (6x)
Pointer`s best point (6x)
Phoenician sex symbol (6x)
Planet denizens, on film (6x)
Pancake ingredient (6x)
Pound with sound (6x)
Purchase (6x)
Pince-nez (6x)
Pinch into folds (6x)
Pollutant mixture (6x)
Put away dishes (6x)
Prehistoric people (6x)
Piscivorous eagles (6x)
Pageant contestant (6x)
Pangolin`s treat (6x)
Pairing with vin (6x)
Promise of a payback (6x)
Parakeets` homes (6x)
Pneumatic weapon (6x)
Propel a bicycle (6x)
Properly arranged (6x)
Plutarch character (6x)
Proceed cautiously (6x)
Pungent (6x)
Plait (6x)
Pretend (6x)
Pretend to have (6x)
Planar or poplar (6x)
Prunes, in Perth (6x)
Postman`s burden (5x)
Pharmacy solutions (5x)
Preoccupy (5x)
Physics coefficient (5x)
Philosophy class suffix (5x)
Present (5x)
Pleasing fragrance (5x)
Prehistoric being (5x)
Political power group (5x)
Portion (5x)
Poolroom prop (5x)
Private bed (5x)
Put down a carpet (5x)
Princely sport (5x)
Peace treaty (5x)
Poacher`s device (5x)
Pedicure sites (5x)
Piffero, for one (5x)
Poetic foot (5x)
Prayer`s opening (5x)
Privates` bosses (5x)
Pull out (5x)
Powerhouse (5x)
Poisonous alkaloid (5x)
Pinch preceder (5x)
Proctored person (5x)
Pompous (5x)
Phenom (5x)
Part of a train (5x)
Philippine bananas (5x)
Philosophy of synthesis (5x)
Pleistocene beasts (5x)
Pretty darn dumb (5x)
Pastoral (5x)
Proven profit center (5x)
Puts up shingles (5x)
Pharaoh`s domain (5x)
Prefix with carp or derm (5x)
Patience (5x)
Public relations (5x)
Poisonous plant (5x)
Peeled the spuds (5x)
Purchase for a prom (5x)
Pretend nothing is wrong (5x)
Perfume ingredient (5x)
Punch bowl spoon (5x)
Patterned pullover (5x)
Programmed person (5x)
Potent stick (5x)
Pioneer Day celebrants (5x)
Plundered treasure (5x)
Peanuts or chips (5x)
Petty and singer (5x)
Pate (5x)
Paddy or station (5x)
Permissive (5x)