Popular Clues with the letter D

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter D.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

DIVERSION: 1914 (4x)
Dasheen (4x)
Drag (4x)
Decomposes (4x)
Dupe (4x)
Direct (4x)
Dayan (4x)
Damper (4x)
Dubious (4x)
Discretion (4x)
Duck (4x)
Dazed states (4x)
Decision (4x)
Do knotted lace work (4x)
Dutch device (4x)
Dark region of the moon (4x)
Domain (4x)
Dentistry (4x)
Dessert (4x)
Digs (4x)
Deride, with at (4x)
Dressage (4x)
Dogma (4x)
Delightful (4x)
Decided, parentally (4x)
Digital technology (4x)
Depleted (4x)
Driller`s letters (4x)
Debarred (4x)
Dwarf mulberry (4x)
Dickens dwarf (4x)
Devoid of clutter (4x)
Dijon denials (4x)
Drawers on a line (4x)
Divinity degree (4x)
Date with one`s dr (4x)
Distributed the deck (4x)
Dirty (4x)
Daily grind (4x)
Detachable (4x)
Depravity (4x)
Diacritical mark (4x)
Dripping (4x)
Drinking glass (4x)
Deluxe back porches (4x)
Destroyed (4x)
Ducks` milieu (4x)
Draught of medicine (4x)
Dea agents (4x)
Dispute settler (4x)
Dishonest Yankees (4x)
Dowel (4x)
Discards (4x)
Debating two options (4x)
Dreadful (4x)
Dairy product from cows (4x)
Displeasing (4x)
Dusk (4x)
Deliverer of snail mail (4x)
Dovrefjell setting (4x)
Declamation stations (4x)
Deems worthy (4x)
Distorted (4x)
D-Day beach (4x)
Defeatist (4x)
Dinner charge-slip line (4x)
Darling daughter (4x)
Duck-billed critter (4x)
Diner`s sign (4x)
Drollness (4x)
Day segment (4x)
Daffy (3x)
Defunct car (3x)
Diggins of the WNBA (3x)
DC panda (3x)
Dress uniform adornment (3x)
Drum-kit component (3x)
Debt-delaying (3x)
Depart by rail (3x)
Dublin-born dramatist (3x)
Debit (3x)
Database input (3x)
Dawdling actor (3x)
Dagger (3x)
Disengage (3x)
Disengaged, as an engine (3x)
Drapeau tricolore color (3x)
Desk-basket words (3x)
Duplicity (3x)
Damon of Ocean`s Twelve (3x)
Disaster management (3x)
Daunt (3x)
DIYer`s buy (3x)
Dawns (3x)
Due process proceeding (3x)
Deciding factor (3x)
Dishonorable one (3x)
Depart: L (3x)
Dissimilar (3x)
Dress style (3x)