Popular Clues with the letter D

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter D.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Delighted cries (33x)
Distressed (28x)
Disregard (26x)
Disappeared (23x)
Discouraging (22x)
Depot worker (22x)
Dweller (19x)
Dishonest person (19x)
Describe by drawing (19x)
Damaged (18x)
Down time (17x)
Do some origami (16x)
Dog breed (14x)
Dirty money (13x)
Dance, sculpture, etc (12x)
David Bowie song (12x)
Deceptively attractive (11x)
Deformation (11x)
Derelict (10x)
Doubt (10x)
Drudge (10x)
Destructive (9x)
Defender (9x)
Disloyalty (9x)
Debris (9x)
Dumb joke character (9x)
Dialogue (8x)
Dissenting voices (8x)
Determination (8x)
Destroyed (8x)
Divert (8x)
Depth (8x)
Dairy product (8x)
Decided to join (8x)
Dusky cuckoo (8x)
Drink (8x)
Dispute (8x)
Dutch painter (7x)
Distort, as a report (7x)
Diogenes, notably (7x)
Dubious (colloquial) (7x)
Devotee (7x)
Describe (7x)
Divulge (7x)
Discipline (7x)
Dracula heroine (7x)
Dominant (7x)
Deliverer (7x)
Disheartened (7x)
Dishonest (7x)
Digital signature (7x)
Discourteous (7x)
Deviate (6x)
Depression (6x)
Deadlock (6x)
Digressing (6x)
Dispense (6x)
Deep-voiced singer (6x)
Devout (6x)
Disconcerted (6x)
Diversion (6x)
Disconcerting (6x)
Deep valley (6x)
Dusty (6x)
Delete (6x)
Disputatious (6x)
Distress signal (6x)
Drivers (6x)
Doggie sound (6x)
Daisy (6x)
Dreaded element (6x)
Disloyal sort (6x)
Dramatic bloom (6x)
Disastrous (6x)
Discontinued (6x)
Difficult situation (6x)
Devour (6x)
Def Leppard song (6x)
Dress down (6x)
Dispense with (6x)
Data (6x)
Defecate (6x)
Dismal (6x)
Dessert (6x)
Dutch grandma (5x)
Disbelief (5x)
Dispersed (5x)
Divide an angle (5x)
Diamonds for one (5x)
Diamond stat. (5x)
Disorderliness (5x)
Discover (5x)
Distracted territories (5x)
Disconcert (5x)
Deviation (5x)
Democratic mascots (5x)
Demoted in rank (5x)
Distinguishing (5x)
Desperation (5x)
Doorman`s cry (5x)
Deciding (5x)
Doormat (5x)
Dishes (5x)
Different (5x)
Doubled (5x)
Director DuVernay (5x)
Dry-hair problem (5x)
Demanding standard (5x)
Dodgy (5x)
Drink eagerly (5x)
Dentistry (5x)
Diagnostic letters (5x)
Disco coif, for some (5x)
Dynamo`s moving part (5x)
Daybook (5x)
Difficult (5x)
Dribble (5x)
Dusty little bit (5x)
Dutch pottery (5x)
Delude (5x)
Devoured the food (5x)
Declare (5x)
Dismay (5x)
Ding-a-ling (5x)
Damage a reputation (5x)
Dish name (5x)
Discounting (5x)
Driving hazard (5x)
Dawn (5x)
Dissent (5x)
Decorate (5x)
Disguise (5x)
Development (5x)
Dishonour (5x)
Desire (5x)
Disgusting (5x)
Doleful (5x)
Disdain (5x)
Ditty (5x)
Detroit cager (5x)
Delay, hold back (5x)
Defile (5x)
Deeply felt (4x)
Disagreement (4x)
Dissolve, as bacteria (4x)
Deliver (4x)
Drummer Puente (4x)
Dallas-based hotel chain (4x)
Dainty (4x)
Decimal preceder (4x)
Damascus`s land (4x)
Delhi Metro line (4x)
Debbie`s Fame role (4x)
Dispossession (4x)
Dinner bell sequence (4x)
DDE`s responsibility (4x)
Delivery (4x)
Delphi priestess (4x)
Dry (4x)
Defaced (4x)
Declare again (4x)
Drunkenness (4x)
Disgust, revulsion (4x)
Dispiriting (4x)
Degree division (4x)
Demure (4x)
Dirge (4x)
Distort (4x)
Dough (4x)
Divide into quarters (4x)
Dormy (4x)
Disparaging word (4x)
Dedicated (4x)
Deplete (4x)
Dominate (4x)
Dressed (4x)
Dependent on (4x)
Debit-column calculation (4x)
Dance step: Fr (4x)
Distinctive essence (4x)
Darken (4x)
Designer Rosenstein (4x)
Doctoring the stats (4x)
Dilation target (4x)
Doubted no more (4x)
Dizzy (4x)
Droll (4x)
Dull (4x)
Disgrace (4x)
Deeply absorbed (4x)
Derides (4x)
Durability (4x)
Despise and then some (4x)
Dixie (4x)
Dagger, Asian style (4x)
Duck soup (4x)
Do laps (4x)
Ditch in a field (4x)
Darts milieu (4x)
Determine (4x)