Popular Clues with the letter D

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter D.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Did a ballroom dance (47x)
Disparaged (44x)
Dinghy adjunct (35x)
Defy (33x)
Distraction (29x)
Dingy (23x)
Discourage (21x)
Dope out (20x)
Dense (17x)
Depopulate (15x)
Dispirited (15x)
Dirty, messy place (15x)
Deviation (14x)
Defensible (14x)
Dress-up clothes (14x)
Disparage (13x)
Deck makeup (13x)
Directed (13x)
Dinghy (13x)
Disregarding (12x)
Disgraceful (11x)
Departed (11x)
Drive (11x)
Dubious `gift` (10x)
Disregard (10x)
Dilapidated (10x)
Dark purple (10x)
Don Quixote`s sidekick (10x)
Deliberate (9x)
Disorder (9x)
Dark, heavy type (8x)
Disapproving (8x)
Drawn-out tale (8x)
Dilapidated car (8x)
Deform (8x)
Dale (8x)
Disintegration (8x)
Dylan and Marley (8x)
Devious sort (8x)
Drop off at the building (8x)
Darn it! (8x)
Devalued (8x)
Dumas motto word (8x)
Decorum (8x)
Diatribe (8x)
Disallowed (8x)
Dictionary (8x)
Disastrous (8x)
Despoil (7x)
Destroyed building (7x)
Difficulty (7x)
Driver`s support (7x)
Diver`s lifeline (7x)
Deficit (7x)
Dejected (7x)
Dissatisfied sorts (7x)
Dark brews (7x)
Dixie (7x)
Drawn-out campaign (7x)
Diane and nathan (7x)
Debars temporarily (7x)
Disclose (7x)
Deliberation (7x)
Drudge (7x)
Dampen (7x)
Dum-Dum`s twins (6x)
Deliver a diatribe (6x)
Deuce, in tennis (6x)
District in Rome (6x)
Data (6x)
Dinosaur (6x)
Driver`s acronym (6x)
Decomposed (6x)
Divisive (6x)
Dreadful (6x)
Dealer in wishes (6x)
Did pull-ups (6x)
Disregarded (6x)
Dog-iron (6x)
Duran Duran tune (6x)
Duke and duchess (6x)
Doubter`s response (6x)
Drawback (6x)
Dilution substance (6x)
Dodsworth`s wife (6x)
Dudley`s gal (6x)
Drachma (6x)
Dominican`s home (6x)
Darjeeling`s area (6x)
Damsel`s rescuer (6x)
Deception (6x)
Drier`s site (6x)
Danish pop music group (6x)
Dover`s fish (6x)
Drawer for notes (6x)
Detective (6x)
Defeats at chess (6x)
Deans of diplomacy (6x)
Dimmer (6x)
Desdemona`s man (6x)
Deprive by force (6x)
Distribution (6x)
Dwarf in a pot (6x)
Disregard orders (6x)
Devers or Sheehy (6x)
Dispersed (6x)
Danish, for one (6x)
Debilitating spray (6x)
Dull (6x)
Dark olive brown (6x)
Defaulted-on auto (6x)
Duffer`s challenge (6x)
Drop off quickly (6x)
Don Juan, notably (6x)
Despised person (6x)
Damage (6x)
Deposed ruler of Iran (6x)
Doubt (6x)
Don Juan (6x)
Defenseless target (6x)
Disfiguring (6x)
Disrespectful ones (6x)
Dravidian language (6x)
Dubbing (6x)
Drift to leeward (6x)
Deep respect (6x)
Darkest part of a shadow (6x)
Despite everything (6x)
Dance (informally) (6x)
Duster (6x)
Divine (6x)
Decree (6x)
Devils or Saints (6x)
Decoy (5x)
Doomsday beginning (5x)
Distribute shares (5x)
Dry wood (5x)
Dutiful (5x)
Domino game (5x)
Derisive sounds (5x)
Dory`s need (5x)
Danube color, to French (5x)
Dispossession (5x)
Direction follower (5x)
Dignified exercise (5x)
Don juan type (5x)
Dinners (5x)
Disappointing RSVPS. (5x)
Distinguished conductor (5x)
Dakota (5x)
Dwarf or giant (5x)
Dissuasive (5x)
Dropping-off point (5x)
Delivered a line (5x)
Distribute hands (5x)
Dodger of the 40`s (5x)
Dresses (5x)
Disapproving sound (5x)
Drops off the grid say (5x)
Defeated (5x)
Dismantle (5x)
Dasheen (5x)
Domelike top (5x)
Dr. Jones (5x)
Distinguishing marks (5x)
Deerstalker (5x)
Delta dike (5x)
Doctors swear to it (5x)
Distinct sections (5x)
Defender of troy (5x)
Doomed or unlucky (5x)
Daytime doings (5x)
Denim label name (5x)
Drunk (5x)
Divisions (5x)
Decoration expense (5x)
Duffer`s delight (5x)
Drapery supporters (5x)
Dog genus (5x)
Distressed, with up (5x)
Don ho adornment (5x)
Diana Krall song (5x)
Downplay (5x)
Drive into the open (5x)
Dow jones figure (5x)
Depending on how (5x)
Damsels` glories (5x)
Definite no-no (5x)
Distractive attack (5x)
Duran Duran name (5x)
Dogma (5x)
Does nothing at all for (5x)
Develops concepts (5x)
Dropper (5x)
Deltiologist (5x)
Debussy work (5x)
Demonetize (5x)
Doyle`s narrator (5x)
Duty assignment (5x)
Diminutive African (5x)