Popular Clues with the letter D

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter D.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Diffuse (19x)
Destroyed (18x)
Dog food (10x)
Dodgson (8x)
Device (8x)
Dinners (7x)
Defuse (7x)
Detest (7x)
Decamp (7x)
Deli meat offering (6x)
Demanding bosses (6x)
Dull (6x)
Dancer verdon (5x)
Ditchdigger (5x)
Dominant (4x)
Disproportionately (4x)
Dealt (4x)
Determination (4x)
Data-entry goof (4x)
Dexterous (4x)
Duped one (4x)
Declare (4x)
Dine on (4x)
Druid (4x)
Diphthong (4x)
Dogie (4x)
Duplicate (4x)
Dormitory of a sort (4x)
Discernment (4x)
Dense growth (4x)
Dijon cabbage (4x)
Defective (4x)
Detective`s destination (4x)
Do some chilling (3x)
Disposal (3x)
Derogation (3x)
Do the voice-over (3x)
Download on a Nook (3x)
Digestive aid (3x)
Dazed, stupefied (3x)
Do over a package (3x)
Depot (3x)
Dicey greenery (3x)
Determined about (3x)
Daughter of Priam (3x)
Dubiousness (3x)
Devout, in Spain (3x)
Developers` purchases (3x)
Deadly snake (3x)
Disavows formally (3x)
Disparaging comments (3x)
Definition (3x)
Daisy buchanan`s love (3x)
Directed (3x)
Distance races (3x)
Debar (3x)
Do badly (3x)
Deceit (3x)
damián (3x)
Dessert from Boston (3x)
Devotee (colloquial) (3x)
Director reiner (3x)
Deaden sound (3x)
Digitalin (3x)
Danger (3x)
Diktat (3x)
Dull-witted one (3x)
Daredevil`s desire (3x)
Directness (3x)
Dolphins legend Larry (3x)
Deluxe insulation (3x)
Delivered duty unpaid (3x)
Distort, as a news story (3x)
Dislike (3x)
Deccan hemp (3x)
Disappearing word (3x)
Disney big shot (3x)
Defunct `80s gridiron gp (3x)
Divided asian country (3x)
Dorm VIPs (3x)
Do not disturb (3x)
Dram (3x)
Dog`s breeding history (3x)
Drake song (3x)
Diacetylmorphine (3x)
Dough leaven (3x)
Deplete, as a bankroll (3x)
Distraught (3x)
Decreed (3x)
Disorderly retreats (3x)
Discovery of 1938 (3x)
Disruptive spirit (3x)
Diplomacy breakdowns (3x)
Del Sarto (3x)
Digs (3x)
Doublethink creator (3x)
Deli slicer option (3x)
Drifting around division (3x)
Domingo (3x)
DC character (3x)
Dim-witted (3x)
Drought (3x)
Down, at sea (3x)
Dimwit (3x)
Destiny determiners (3x)
Drug test (briefly) (3x)
Decree (3x)
Deepens a channel (3x)
Danson of `Ink` (3x)
Dangerous areas (3x)
Definite article (3x)
Do perfectly (3x)
Dick`s girl (3x)
Della`s angel character (3x)
Diurnal (3x)
Disdainful chorus (3x)
Do in a fly (3x)
Dichotomize (3x)
Dial (3x)
Departmental (3x)
Dodge (3x)
Duelist`s souvenir (3x)
Dances energetically (3x)
Destruct (3x)
Dulles` concern (3x)
Dried-up (3x)
Dumbfounds (3x)
Detroit cager (3x)
Doctor (3x)
Disdain, vocalized (3x)
Disco era (3x)
Disney`s mermaid (3x)
Depleted sea (3x)
Diver`s asset (3x)
District of England (3x)
Dairy product (3x)
Deflection (3x)
Doter of narcissus (3x)
Dilatation (3x)
Droopy-eared dog (3x)
Decently (3x)
Domestic course (3x)
Dampness in the air (3x)
Discussion site (3x)
Delegate (3x)
Days of Heaven co-star (3x)
Dangerous catch (3x)
Drain connections (3x)
Dwelling area (3x)
Disney director Michael (3x)
Debate choice (3x)
Dick tracy`s wife (3x)
Dominate, in sports (3x)
Domestic (3x)
Deutsch expletives (3x)
Disrupts (3x)
Distressed cry (3x)
Discolorations (3x)
Dress a judge (3x)
Deviser of double-think (3x)
Dejected (3x)
Dutton TV role (3x)
Daring adventurer (3x)
Dug in (3x)
Deduce (slang) (3x)
Drool (3x)
Deluxe seat (3x)
Duelist`s sword (3x)
Drubbing (3x)
Dark purple shade (3x)
Disreputable fellow (3x)
Drupelet (3x)
Dauphin`s father (3x)
Deposition taker (3x)
Domestic beast of burden (3x)
Deeper into la-la land (3x)
Discards outbuildings (3x)
Dismiss (3x)
Difficult situation (3x)
Durable athlete (3x)
Door guard (3x)
Deciduous trees (3x)
Dietitian (3x)
Dodger opponent (3x)
Deflected (3x)
Door securer (2x)
Despotic amin (2x)
DDE`s wartime command (2x)
Dr. Richards (2x)
Driving away (2x)
Droop a bit (2x)
Davenport`s setting (2x)
Disappointed fan (2x)
Derby stakes site (2x)
Daffodil digs (2x)
Dugongs` cousins (2x)
Dentists` organisation (2x)
Disposed to fight (2x)
Defaulted auto (2x)
Drift of sand (2x)