Popular Clues with the letter R

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter R.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Receivers (8x)
Rice-shaped pasta (6x)
River in germany (6x)
Raunchy (6x)
Repetitive (6x)
Reptile (6x)
Rejoice greatly (5x)
Revealing (5x)
Release (5x)
Roofers (5x)
Rosebud (5x)
Rubbish (5x)
Regular (5x)
Resort on Lake Louise (4x)
Rosary part (4x)
Role-playing group (4x)
Recent B`way comedy (4x)
Resin tree (4x)
Rented property (4x)
Repeat another`s words (4x)
Raw fish (4x)
Rio maker (4x)
Rebs` letters (4x)
Red (4x)
Rob`s tv wife (4x)
River in W Canada (4x)
Reel (4x)
Riposte (4x)
Raleigh (4x)
Rocket (4x)
Recent best seller (4x)
Restraint (4x)
Rowdy (4x)
Residencia (4x)
Remove (4x)
Recommend (4x)
Roseanne of `Roseanne` (4x)
Rapper Talib (4x)
Resembling a hand (4x)
Reveals (4x)
Romeo`s banishment city (4x)
Rather and more (3x)
Rigid ruler (3x)
Revolutionary chickens (3x)
Romanov edict (3x)
Resulting (3x)
Rapid, active commotion (3x)
Relative to (3x)
Require a kleenex (3x)
Roaring Twenties car (3x)
Really make a mess of (3x)
Reclame (3x)
Reformation (3x)
Rocker-activist (3x)
Run-down urban buildings (3x)
Running around (3x)
Riding horse (3x)
Ruffle material (3x)
Rage (3x)
Railway line in Ireland (3x)
Raise aloft (3x)
Respected (3x)
Respond to a green light (3x)
Runs slowly (3x)
Refer to as proof (3x)
Ripken and others (3x)
Renowned vocalist (3x)
Royal flush (3x)
Research aids (3x)
Relaxation 101, possibly (3x)
Russian physicist (3x)
Respectful answer (3x)
Reprisal (3x)
Rome, to Caesar (3x)
Revising (3x)
Rite of passage (3x)
Rounded shapes (3x)
Rye, for one (3x)
Russian auto (3x)
Ritual dancing (3x)
Rivera of Mexico (3x)
Randy the pass catcher (3x)
Ruffian (3x)
Recruit`s status (3x)
Reedy instrument (3x)
Run after B (3x)
Reindeer raiser (3x)
Replacement players (3x)
Religious order (3x)
Rated R or X (3x)
Regal maker (3x)
Roman historian (3x)
Reporter`s Annie Oakley (3x)
Registers a complaint (3x)
Racy (3x)
Return envelope (3x)
Ravening (3x)
Relate erroneously (3x)
Reagan`s VP, initially (3x)
Roadblock (3x)
Religion of East (3x)
Reduced appetite (3x)
Rescue 911 network (3x)
Ruddy (3x)
Ritzy properties (3x)
Running back dickerson (3x)
Rolled (3x)
Runny (3x)
Review in depth (3x)
Renaissance Faire quaff (3x)
Rudely (3x)
Red dagga (3x)
Red and dead (3x)
Reckless (3x)
Rubik`s Cube (3x)
Reject (3x)
Real Love singer Watley (3x)
Rubenesque figure (3x)
Revolving device (3x)
Respectable (3x)
Regale an audience (3x)
Relation is mostly vague (3x)
Rod in the Hall (3x)
Restock (3x)
Rock musical (3x)
Raider carl (3x)
Remembers (3x)
Rainy day shoe (3x)
Rutted route (3x)
Revolution rider revere (3x)
Ridge of earth (3x)
Resembling silver (3x)
Roseanne`s surname (3x)
Rap: Fr (3x)
Retained (3x)
Roast figures (3x)
Ruined (colloquial) (3x)
Rationally defensible (3x)
Revise, as an article (3x)
Ridiculous one (3x)
Remedied (3x)
Rhoda star Harper (3x)
Rainforest beast (3x)
Residential unit (3x)
Roots expose it (3x)
Roofless (3x)
Ruler of Hyrule (3x)
Raving speeches (3x)
Relationships (3x)
Repeat (3x)
Resurgent (3x)
Repairman`s fig (3x)
Radically altered (3x)
Reveals to be gay (3x)
Rejects scornfully (3x)
Rifle kick (3x)
Ranch house site (3x)
Resist doing something (3x)
Relieved of wool (3x)
Rude (3x)
Reporters` notebooks (3x)
Reproach (3x)
Repudiate (3x)
Radar dots (3x)
Regularity (3x)
Revolution turncoat (3x)
Radio`s bad boy (3x)
Reads over (3x)
Revolving spit (3x)
Raised a check (3x)
Relieve of weaponry (3x)
Robotics motor (3x)
Remainder: Sp (3x)
Rose`s significant other (3x)
Rhineland rockets (3x)
Redundant (3x)
Rearward, on a boat (3x)
Raptors` org (3x)
Revaluing (3x)
Russian wolfhound (3x)
Rugby union terminology (3x)
Roguish rascals (3x)
Russia resident (3x)
Reference work (3x)
Riddler`s nemesis (3x)
Regarding ebb and flow (3x)
Raymond`s network (3x)
Rivera departure word (3x)
Rust Belt sights (3x)
Relegating (3x)
Rehearsed for a concert (3x)
Radioactive ore (3x)
Replenish, in London (3x)
River hazard (3x)
Rears (3x)
Roman 2010 (3x)
Run away (3x)
Roseanne surname (3x)
Region of Montana (3x)
Ragged clothing (3x)