Popular Clues with the letter R

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter R.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Radical (31x)
Redact (29x)
Reproduce threefold (29x)
Reserved (27x)
Remote (24x)
Ratlike (20x)
Ransack (17x)
Roll (17x)
Response to Danke (16x)
Russian physicist (16x)
Restive (12x)
Rough treatment (12x)
Risking everything (12x)
Rodent (11x)
Respect (11x)
Respected (10x)
Reverent poem (10x)
Rejection (10x)
Restaurant employee (10x)
Rambler (10x)
Rollicking adventure (8x)
Relative (8x)
Rock rose (8x)
Rah-rah (8x)
Rebuke (8x)
Rowdy (8x)
River in Africa (7x)
Reveal (7x)
Recollection (7x)
Raunchy (7x)
Religious ritual (6x)
Rudolph of `Bridesmaids` (6x)
Rising trend (6x)
Recalls (6x)
Raines of 40`s films (6x)
Rose`s mates (6x)
Rubbish (6x)
Restore (5x)
Resentment (5x)
Really bad (5x)
Reproduction (5x)
Relation (5x)
Remaining out of sight (5x)
Referee`s ruling (5x)
Racer yarborough (5x)
Regret (5x)
Ruiner (5x)
Rough and reddy (5x)
Rugby Union team (5x)
Revival (5x)
Red (5x)
Retreat (5x)
Remains (5x)
Riga natives (5x)
Ruler (5x)
Rumble (4x)
Rascal (4x)
Religious ceremony (4x)
Roman 650 (4x)
Rugby term (4x)
Reputation (slang) (4x)
Revived lang (4x)
Released (4x)
Rockfoil (4x)
Route (abbr.) (4x)
Rush (4x)
Raines of `The Web` (4x)
Rub dry (4x)
Russia at one point (4x)
Reptile of New Zealand (4x)
Renaissance dance (4x)
Right you are! (4x)
Ranking (4x)
Radiate (4x)
Revered Oriole nickname (4x)
Revenge (4x)
Recent dance craze (4x)
Rope fiber (4x)
Reservoir borders (4x)
Rathskeller (4x)
Rooster features (4x)
Ratón chaser (4x)
Reduced (4x)
Roman 1502 (4x)
Revolution, to Hey Jude (4x)
Rubs off again (4x)
Reckless gamble, slang (4x)
Relating to two words (4x)
Ropers` show (4x)
Relaxation (4x)
Rises up on two legs (4x)
Reassure (4x)
Respectful private (4x)
Robber or outlaw (4x)
Read out (4x)
River in Manhattan (4x)
Representative (4x)
Rock (4x)
Reddish hair color (4x)
Raised aloft (4x)
Repugnant (4x)
Rainforest (4x)
Raid on Entebbe weapon (4x)
Rating unit (4x)
Relay closer (4x)
Reproduce (4x)
Receive as a member (4x)
Rather (4x)
Radius`s companion (4x)
Rigoletto, for one (4x)
Rabble-rouse (4x)
Reset reading (4x)
Recovery (4x)
Radar (4x)
Rabbit farm (4x)
Relating to sacred rites (4x)
Reprimand (4x)
Radical sort (3x)
Rejuvenate (3x)
Realization (3x)
Remove a curse from (3x)
Rainy day protection (3x)
Racket (3x)
Roots Emmy-winner (3x)
Really appeal to (3x)
Rock drill (3x)
Red-hot one (3x)
Road runner (3x)
Riding attire (3x)
Roller derby venue (3x)
Refreshed sounds (3x)
Rumor sources (3x)
Residence (slang) (3x)
Ruthless bosses (3x)
Reasoning (3x)
Restless desires (3x)
Reacting to a touchdown (3x)
Roger Rabbit`s fear (3x)
Returns from work (3x)
Responded to the alarm (3x)
Rally cheer (3x)
Rotates, as logs (3x)
Rubbles` feminine side (3x)
Receipt stamp (3x)
Reggae predecessor (3x)
Released, as from prison (3x)
Residence (3x)
Regard as untrustworthy (3x)
Really gets moving (3x)
Rod Stewart song (3x)
Roman dictator (3x)
Romantic period (3x)
Rotating furniture item (3x)
Ransom of vehicles (3x)
Rousing to action (3x)
Risky (3x)
Right hand of Gilgamesh (3x)
Rival of PlayStation 3 (3x)
Restrain, hinder (3x)
Rolled-out lawn (3x)
Rightfully deserve (3x)
Round number (3x)
Retired Derby winner (3x)
Rebounds readily (3x)
Radial asymmetry (3x)
Run in long strides (3x)
Revered advisor (3x)
Region in Germany (3x)
Reduce a fever (3x)
Rooster feature (3x)
Refining process (3x)
Rooms renter (3x)
Runyon (3x)
Racket extension (3x)
Rhubarb bunch (3x)
Rigorousness (3x)
Reflect badly (3x)
Red-ink significance (3x)
Rotating engine piece (3x)
Runner (3x)
Rubbish (British slang) (3x)
Rubs away (3x)
Rosebud (3x)
Ruffian (3x)
Redhead`s helper (3x)
Rod (3x)
Rampal or Galway (3x)
Retort (3x)
Rating for a hottie (3x)
Remnant (3x)
Remove from office (3x)
Raison d`être (3x)
Rustler (3x)
Reputable (3x)
Rebellious Borg (3x)
Rapturous (3x)
Rapid City`s loc (3x)
Ravel show-stopper (3x)
Revenue from summonses (3x)
Request (3x)