Popular Clues with the letter R

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter R.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Romanian monetary unit (4x)
Ready an arrow (4x)
Referee`s judgment (4x)
Really studies (4x)
River in Ireland (3x)
Roman citadel (3x)
Relativity (3x)
Ratio (3x)
Reapportion (3x)
Readily comprehended (3x)
Resort near Nice (3x)
Rude (3x)
Resolution (3x)
Repair (3x)
Round (3x)
Rangers reliever Darren (3x)
Repeat a survey (3x)
Rush (3x)
Residence room (3x)
Refuge (3x)
Ryan or Shaquille (3x)
Russian union (3x)
Repeat hearing (3x)
Religion (3x)
Refined (3x)
Retailer (3x)
Radiate (3x)
River in central Italy (3x)
Recall (3x)
Ripener (3x)
Reel-to-reel medium (3x)
Reluctant choice (3x)
Ruddy`s opposite (3x)
Repair-shop substitute (3x)
Rope (3x)
Remedy allaying pain (3x)
Rays` home city (3x)
Renter`s rooms (3x)
Rangoon locale (3x)
Revere (3x)
Rejected (slang) (3x)
Rhythm and blues song (3x)
Rousseau et al (3x)
Rare (3x)
Ret. with honors (3x)
Roman halls (3x)
Rob (3x)
Rise from one`s seat (3x)
Red Square name (3x)
Royal Navy craft letters (3x)
Rip (3x)
Renounced (3x)
Rebuke (3x)
Rower (3x)
Rocky Mountain tree (3x)
Rudaceous rock (3x)
Routine (3x)
Radio character (3x)
Royal indian (3x)
Rough breathing (3x)
Roofing or haircuts (3x)
Rutgers residence (3x)
Read carefully (3x)
Rose-colored (3x)
Role for wide-eyed girl (3x)
Reunion (3x)
Renowned American novel (3x)
Ruler (3x)
Ronny`s role (3x)
Rather good (3x)
Run in long strides (3x)
River in Malaysia (3x)
Ring of flowers (3x)
Rush Hour star Jackie (3x)
Reid of American Reunion (3x)
Related maternally (3x)
Revival (3x)
Rearrangement of letters (3x)
River in Christchurch (3x)
Ruiner (3x)
Real-time data (3x)
Repulse (3x)
Revengers in a film (3x)
Red (3x)
Regardless (3x)
Recover one`s losses (3x)
Ref (3x)
Rather arid region (3x)
Roughhousing (3x)
Religious writing (3x)
Ring of fire (3x)
Red dye (3x)
Roomy (3x)
Restrained (3x)
Researcher (3x)
Rebirth (3x)
Ratios in math (3x)
Roulette rounds (3x)
Ruinously (3x)
Religious (3x)