Popular Clues with the letter R

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter R.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Resentment (152x)
Reasoned exposition (22x)
Religious ceremony (19x)
Rosary prayers (17x)
Rich (16x)
Refill (15x)
Renowned (12x)
Rings (12x)
Rotten (slang) (12x)
Reprimand (12x)
Reproachful (12x)
Russian (11x)
Random variable (11x)
Rot (11x)
Rudimentary (11x)
Rudeness (11x)
Race car (10x)
Resist doing something (10x)
Resentful (10x)
Rosary prayer (10x)
Reparation (9x)
Racetrack site (9x)
Refractory (9x)
Resistance (9x)
Ring-shaped roll (8x)
Relax (8x)
Round window (8x)
Redecorate (informally) (8x)
Repeated (8x)
Reduce the effect (8x)
Rigorous (7x)
River in France (7x)
Robber (7x)
River in germany (7x)
Rogue (7x)
Rocket (7x)
Royals singer (7x)
Regards with disgust (6x)
Ransom payoff (6x)
Rushed (6x)
Ravel (6x)
Reply (6x)
Rifle (6x)
Revelation (6x)
Regret (6x)
Roughly apply paint (6x)
Russian writer (6x)
Rubbish (6x)
Rotten (6x)
Rodent (6x)
Reconnaissance craft (4x)
Ruled, as a writing pad (4x)
Rhone feeder (4x)
Reinstate (4x)
Ridicule (4x)
Recessions (4x)
Requisite (4x)
Recital extra (4x)
Rowing boat (4x)
Restore (4x)
Reposition (4x)
Run away to Vegas (4x)
Relentlessly (4x)
Roll tightly (4x)
Renewed energy (4x)
Right-to-bear-arms org (4x)
Reveler (4x)
Recently (4x)
Rattle (4x)
Root plants (4x)
Religious statue (4x)
Rouge counterpart (4x)
Reindeer (4x)
Relevance (4x)
Rubber (4x)
Row (4x)
Ring tone (4x)
Realtor (4x)
Roar (4x)
Rapper/actor (4x)
Redline (4x)
Religious abode (4x)
Retirement (4x)
Routes for coupes (4x)
Royal order (4x)
Repulse, with off (4x)
Regrettably (4x)
Relating to sheep (4x)
Rum drinks (4x)
Reclusive screen legend (4x)
Replay method (4x)
Revivalist of a sort (4x)
Resolutely (4x)
Recompense (4x)
Ruiner (4x)
Romanov autocrat (4x)
Resilient strength (4x)
Rejoin (4x)
Roman (4x)
Rotate (4x)