Popular Clues with the letter R

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter R.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Ricky martin`s life (5x)
Recognize with gratitude (5x)
Roman emperor (5x)
Rascal (5x)
Riparian dweller (5x)
Rich deposits (5x)
Rise up (5x)
Restaurateur Ray (5x)
Routinely (5x)
Remnant (5x)
Ruinously (5x)
Riposte (5x)
Renewal (5x)
Redskins` coach Steve (5x)
Robbery (5x)
Raspberry (5x)
Recently (5x)
Rice (5x)
Repugnant (4x)
Remorse (4x)
Repentance (4x)
River in lyon (4x)
Rancher`s equipment (4x)
Radiant (4x)
Root vegetable (4x)
Ricrac (4x)
Raised road markers (4x)
Raise (4x)
Rabologist`s collection (4x)
Red carpet man (4x)
Raison d`ĂȘtre (4x)
Residue (4x)
React in shock (4x)
Rabbit breed (4x)
Richard gere film role (4x)
Redondilla rhyme scheme (4x)
Recruits (4x)
Reporter`s post (4x)
Respectable (4x)
Reckless hurry (4x)
Resembling wood (4x)
Revolution leader (4x)
Readied (4x)
Rev up (4x)
Ranch crew (4x)
Russian jet (4x)
Ruben Studdard`s title (4x)
Restriction (4x)
Remnants of a cigar (4x)
Rubbish (4x)
Restless (4x)
Reserve (4x)
Resin (4x)
Rabbitlike animals (4x)
Rendering (4x)
Revamp (4x)
Radiation hazard effects (4x)
Running Cheers bill (4x)
Rx for a hangover (4x)
Roman and Christian (4x)
Rower (4x)
Ref`s ring call (4x)
RIFTS (4x)
Ruined financially (4x)
River encircling hades (4x)
Reduce (4x)
Remote goals (4x)
Readjust (4x)
Reporter`s credit (4x)
Representative (4x)
Relative of handball (4x)
Request for a high-five (4x)
Remarkable, dude (4x)
Rachis (4x)
Rebekah`s son (4x)
RN`s tubes (4x)
Ristorante choice (4x)
Rn`s forte (4x)
RAVEN (4x)
Retired soldier`s org (4x)
Rank (4x)
Rotten (4x)
River in Laos (4x)
Round cap (4x)
Rare utterance from mom (4x)
Refurbish (4x)
Roman goddess (4x)
Repugnantly hateful (4x)
Red sea nation (4x)
Revival figs (4x)
Refinement (4x)
Respected (4x)
Regret (4x)
Ricochet (4x)
Raised edge on a coin (4x)
Rid (4x)
Rigidly (4x)
Replacement`s place (4x)
Restaurant special (4x)
Ready to kill (4x)
Rugby formations (4x)
Reckless outing (4x)
Routine (4x)
Red fruit (4x)
Reward of the most inept (4x)
Reharmonisation (4x)
Rh factor (4x)
Royal (4x)
Robins` homes (4x)
Remove clothing (4x)
Remains (4x)
Road tunnel in Virginia (4x)
Rizzuto or reese (4x)
Rice dish (4x)
Reload (4x)
Ruckus (4x)
Russian man`s name (4x)
Ray of tv (4x)
Roofer`s job (4x)
Really need a rubdown (3x)
Ring arbiter (3x)
Rooney as a boy (3x)
Rube (3x)
Rugmaker`s inventory (3x)
Representation (3x)
Revive (3x)
Red socks on a baseball (3x)
River of western Germany (3x)
Roof support (3x)
Rough houses (3x)
Reagan`s Rockne role (3x)
Red pear (3x)
Reef of Graham Land (3x)
Reticulum (Abbr.) (3x)
React fearfully (3x)
Recognition (3x)
Remington of TV (3x)
Rebus pronoun (3x)
Red man (3x)
Recon (3x)
Religious costume (3x)
Rural skyline element (3x)
Religious splits (3x)
Rub (3x)
Relative of a pahlevi (3x)
Roman emperor, AD 54-68 (3x)
Researches in depth (3x)
Renew membership of (3x)
Ratify (3x)
Rework (3x)