Popular Clues with the letter R

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter R.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Rose`s fella (4x)
Rival (4x)
Racetrack border (4x)
Reward (4x)
Rectifying (4x)
Revamp (4x)
Renaissance sculptor (4x)
Racket (4x)
Research (4x)
Reply (4x)
Reader founder Eric (4x)
Ray Charles` hit (4x)
Really big house (4x)
Rosewood (4x)
Rush Hour star Jackie (4x)
Rubik`s first name (4x)
Refurbish (4x)
River in Thailand (4x)
Rochester`s lake (4x)
Rebuke (4x)
River in Idaho (4x)
Recognizing (4x)
Run-down (4x)
Resulted (4x)
Racism (4x)
Records of travels (4x)
Returned (4x)
Remove from a grave (4x)
Riveted (4x)
Rod`s ex (4x)
Religious work of art (4x)
Roll dice (4x)
Rapacious (4x)
Red Cross program (4x)
Russet (4x)
Rock climbers` needs (4x)
Rebuttal (4x)
Run easily (4x)
Riser`s place (4x)
Rappers` covers (4x)
Roaming (4x)
Roof rims (4x)
River of The Americas (4x)
Ronnie of the ronettes (4x)
Research association (4x)
Rainbow Man`s hairdo (4x)
Rangers` home (4x)
Receipt (4x)
Riverbank (4x)
Region of Israel (4x)
Representative (4x)
Ruffle (4x)
Remit (4x)
Rolex rival (4x)
Ranger (4x)
Reality (4x)
Revolutionary (4x)
Renaissance sword (4x)
Restaurant`s back room (4x)
Roadbed-repair vehicle (4x)
Remove restraints (4x)
Russian house (4x)
Raggedy pal (4x)
Review of a flop (4x)
Receptacle (4x)
Revered junk food (4x)
Round dance (4x)
Railroad track (4x)
Ringing in the ears (4x)
Red-hot river (4x)
Remote (4x)
Religion (4x)
Repair boots (4x)
River in Italy (4x)
Reduce the effect (4x)
Ruiner (4x)
Rover (4x)
Resist plan by relative (4x)
Radar-gun reading (4x)
Righteousness (4x)
Road runner (4x)
Reevaluate (4x)
Russian bigwig, pre-1917 (4x)
Ricelike grains of pasta (4x)
Release (4x)
Reserved (4x)
Rust, for one (3x)
Rochester`s waterfront (3x)
Recompense (3x)
Russian border mountains (3x)
Raid (3x)
Rest-area alternative (3x)
Really big (3x)
Rubenesque figure (3x)
Refined gracefulness (3x)
Rhythm marker (3x)
Rest (3x)
Retrieved (3x)
Rude awakening (3x)
Rehab center (3x)
Rethink (3x)
River in New Hampshire (3x)
Roofing material (3x)
Rotates rapidly (3x)
Revival meeting setup (3x)
Robot`s kin (3x)
Rock band helper (3x)
Remote areas (3x)
Recording auditions (3x)
Relief (3x)
Rococo quality (3x)
Reflexively (3x)
Roosters` mates (3x)
Rather than (3x)
Responds in `jeopardy!` (3x)
Root vegetable (3x)
Religious costume (3x)
Raga`s continent (3x)
Reclining (3x)
Researcher (3x)
Resistance to disease (3x)
Rose`s mate (3x)
Round flat candy (3x)
Religionist (3x)
Recognizable (3x)
Riser with risers (3x)
Rancher`s equipment (3x)
Resoluteness (3x)
Runway strips (3x)
Rosie`s job (3x)
Ruined (3x)
Ruses (3x)
Remora (3x)
Rude look, sometimes (3x)
Rear admiral`s trait (3x)
Ruffle the feathers of (3x)
Range animal (3x)
Roadie`s need (3x)
Regret (3x)
Ravaged (3x)
Reaper wannabes (3x)
Record`s end (3x)
Rumsfeld`s predecessor (3x)
Raymond, the golfer (3x)
Refuse allowance (3x)
Rush along (3x)
Rash-people`s pursuits (3x)
Ranch (3x)
Rabbit breed (3x)
Roll topping (3x)