Popular Clues with the letter M

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter M.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Miserliness (97x)
Maid (55x)
Mythical equine (30x)
Major Hoople`s oath (24x)
Moscow setting (23x)
Marshy grass (22x)
Mediocre (19x)
Multiple (18x)
Meat dish (17x)
Musical instrument (15x)
Mushroom type (14x)
Mediation (14x)
Moses of the track (13x)
Mediator (13x)
Malevolence (11x)
Maxim (11x)
Madly (11x)
Muscular disorder (10x)
Make operational (10x)
Moth (9x)
Millimeter (9x)
Muppet prawn (9x)
Mixed (7x)
Meteorite (7x)
Miserly (7x)
Mountain range (7x)
Mask (6x)
Marsh (6x)
Mixture (6x)
Mineral (6x)
Mete out (6x)
Make ill (6x)
Mythical monster (6x)
Mandate (6x)
Marquisette (6x)
Manifold (6x)
Make known (6x)
Medicinal plant (6x)
Makes public (6x)
Movable partition (6x)
Mountain nymph (5x)
Minuet (5x)
Meat pastry (5x)
Milan money unit (5x)
Maiden name (5x)
Mishmash (5x)
Manhattan river (5x)
Moderation (5x)
Moses or Molly (5x)
Military rank (5x)
Most enormous (5x)
Mexican liquor (5x)
Medicinal (5x)
Manger contents (5x)
Mountain in Turkey (5x)
Mortified (5x)
Metropolis (5x)
Mixed-up (5x)
Merchandise (5x)
Mystical (5x)
More willing (5x)
Military denial (5x)
Mythic hun (5x)
Mathematical term (5x)
Motivation (5x)
Medicine (5x)
Mediterranean port (5x)
Massenet offering (5x)
Musical direction (4x)
Macbeth trio member (4x)
Masseur`s supplies (4x)
Merriment (4x)
Make a note (4x)
Make laws (4x)
Musician (4x)
Musing (4x)
Mean (4x)
Morse code element (4x)
Michael Jackson song (4x)
Make bubbly (4x)
Male (4x)
Metric mass measure (4x)
Makes quieter, in a way (4x)
Moslem faith (4x)
Moderate in tempo (4x)
Make worse (4x)
Mascot at Annapolis (4x)
Mindful (4x)
Manatee (4x)
Macedonian capital (4x)
Mongrel (4x)
Match boxes (4x)
Marketing device (4x)
Memphis` river (4x)
Monks and nuns (4x)
Medieval coins (4x)
Month after April (4x)
Mantel (4x)
Motherly (4x)
Medication (4x)
Mix together (4x)
Mountain in Jordan (4x)
Mechanics (4x)
Moisten (4x)
Masculine (4x)
Mimicked (4x)
Medicated drop (4x)
Major Indonesian island (4x)
Make happy (4x)
Misc (4x)
Mournful (4x)
Mountain of Oppland (4x)
Mustangs` coll (4x)
Most raucous (4x)
Moisture on the grass (4x)
Mass (4x)
Mammal (4x)
Meter and liter (4x)
Medley (4x)
Modern paintings (4x)
Magic Mouse device (4x)
Miami`s former county (4x)
Maculate (4x)
Make a choice (4x)
Maryland`s bird (4x)
Marshall of Awakenings (4x)
Midterm events (4x)
Ms. karenina (4x)
Manner (4x)
Moxie rival (4x)
Mary-kate and ashley (4x)
Moderately cold (4x)
Manners (4x)
Make a note of (4x)
Mollusk genus (4x)
Military force (4x)
Major hoople (4x)
Map (4x)
Magnetic (4x)
Malevolent spirit (4x)
Millinery wares (4x)
Mehemet or Muhammad (4x)
Mother and daughter (4x)
Mama (4x)
Moment (4x)
Multi-cel creature (4x)
Marquis`s subordinate (4x)
Meek`s comic-strip pal (4x)
Myrrh resin (4x)
Movable (4x)
More reasonable (4x)
Meditative kind of state (4x)
Marmaduke peer (4x)
Mask features (3x)
Mechanic`s accessory (3x)
Most courteous (3x)
Miri (3x)
Magazine magnate (3x)
Mangy dog (3x)
Miss`s equivalent (3x)
Murderer in Genesis (3x)
Ma Bell, once (3x)
Motherless (3x)
Maryland bay town (3x)
Marrakesh`s nat (3x)
Memorialize (3x)
Move around freely (3x)
More pink (3x)
Marsupial (3x)
Monster in Tolkien tales (3x)
Many sit on pads (3x)
Marine (3x)
Midas` sin (3x)
Make evident (3x)
Merciful (3x)
Mensa challenges (3x)
Mongol Empire founder (3x)
Mollusk called shipworm (3x)
Microbiological medium (3x)
Movie (3x)
Marcos`s successor (3x)
Mourner (3x)
Make a new sketch (3x)
Mitterrand successor (3x)
Mayo buy (3x)
Mosaic part (3x)
More open, in a way (3x)
Message boat (3x)
Matchless (3x)
Maddening one (3x)
Memorial mounds (3x)
Makes uneasy (3x)
Mighty beast on a nickel (3x)
Miami divider (3x)
Meter face (3x)
More palatable (3x)
Management deg (3x)
Makeover candidate (3x)
Magazine booth (3x)
Ma Bell purchaser (3x)