Popular Clues with the letter M

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter M.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Mocha relative (26x)
Methods (25x)
Manner (25x)
Marine fish (22x)
Merger or buyout (18x)
Muhammad`s daughter (18x)
Medical specialist (17x)
Medical scan (briefly) (15x)
Mythical (14x)
Merlot, for one (14x)
Metal-bearing rock (14x)
Magnanimous (13x)
Mouth (12x)
Method (12x)
Mariner`s concern (12x)
Motivated (11x)
Maltreat (11x)
Misuse (11x)
Massage (10x)
Moving parts (10x)
Modify (10x)
Monsieur`s mate (10x)
Manure (10x)
Merit (10x)
Most torrid (10x)
Moody (10x)
Marsh marigold (9x)
Meaningless (9x)
Marine mammal (9x)
Mitigate (9x)
Model (9x)
More emaciated (9x)
Mountain of Queensland (9x)
Medical examination (8x)
Military exercise (8x)
Magnetic force (8x)
Malines (8x)
Mellower (8x)
Metabolism (8x)
Mocking (8x)
Music genre (8x)
Maple (8x)
Mollusk (8x)
Mount up (8x)
Migratory swimmers (7x)
Michael Jordan (7x)
Mounts (7x)
Mountain myth (7x)
Manual (7x)
Mourning (7x)
Michael Jackson song (7x)
Mental object (7x)
McKenna novel, with The (7x)
Moving (7x)
Merkel of The Bank Dick (7x)
Moon crater (7x)
Macho measurements (7x)
Muscat (7x)
Mistake (7x)
Momma`s soulmate (7x)
Mitchell creation (7x)
Manufacture (7x)
Meant to be (6x)
Minor tranquilizer (6x)
Momentous (6x)
Magazine ad meas (6x)
Military (6x)
Modified (6x)
Mislay (6x)
Move more slowly (6x)
Magician`s chant (6x)
Military Police (6x)
Magic practitioner (6x)
Muhammad`s trainer (6x)
Monique`s eye (6x)
Manual calculator (6x)
Maxim (6x)
Merkel of film fame (6x)
Moving very fast (6x)
Mercer-Raksin song (6x)
Monopolizer (6x)
Muscular (6x)
Mississippi fishes (6x)
MacLeod of TV (6x)
Mirthful predator (6x)
Mates (6x)
Masked competitors (6x)
Milestone birthday (6x)
Migratory honker (6x)
Movable (6x)
Meets the challenge of (6x)
Marauder of yore (6x)
Middle school liability (6x)
Mincemeat desserts (6x)
Maestro`s signal (6x)
Maharani`s wraps (6x)
Merciful (6x)
Month before mai (6x)
Moving fast (6x)
Magnificent server (6x)
Mouse alternatives (6x)
Mississippi Indian (6x)
Mob scene member (6x)
Minatory (6x)
Moths` creations (6x)
Masculine given name (6x)
Martin Short`s old show (6x)
Miss Piggy`s reply (6x)
Majestic pachyderm (6x)
Make copy less sloppy (6x)
Majesty (6x)
Mushy (6x)
Moonwalker shepard (6x)
Mischievous goblin (6x)
Male vendors (6x)
Meadow in Somerset (6x)
Meat dish (6x)
Most serious (6x)
Meaty dish in limb-o (6x)
Make certain of (6x)
Morsel for Bambi (6x)
Military tactic (6x)
Muddy pen on a farm (6x)
Megaphone`s kin (6x)
Metal worker (6x)
Mountain dew (6x)
Military division (6x)
Malthusian dilemma (6x)
Miter box insert (6x)
Makin, for one (6x)
Massachusetts fish (6x)
Matched collection (6x)
MacGraw of films (6x)
Marten`s fur (5x)
Makes bubbly (5x)
Make a new sketch of (5x)
Missing (5x)
Merrymaking (5x)
Marriage prelims (5x)
Mesopotamian deity (5x)
Management (5x)
Monkish (5x)
Mystery author`s award (5x)
Mimic (5x)
Magicians` sticks (5x)
Mules and llamas (5x)
Movies slangily (5x)
Mountain state (5x)
Mayan or Minoan (5x)
Martin and Van Buren (5x)
Mountain sheep (5x)
Mobsters` weapons (5x)
Makes little waves (5x)
Maternal type (5x)
Misleading maneuver (5x)
Mythical bird (5x)
Money in Rome (5x)
Meese and murrow (5x)
Missed at roll call (5x)
Medic (informally) (5x)
Massacre of ethnic group (5x)
Measure (5x)
Mazda sports car (5x)
Magnificence (5x)
Make, as a new map (5x)
Metabolism qualifier (5x)
Most uncivilized (5x)
Microwave function (5x)
Michael Jordan plays it (5x)
Maurice of music (5x)
Missed period (5x)
Muscovite (5x)
Merkel in The Bank Dick (5x)
Miami nu metal band (5x)
Made electrical repairs (5x)
Manipulate dishonestly (5x)
Moolah to miguel (5x)
Man enough for (5x)
Malicious software (5x)
Made fanatical (5x)
Miscellany (5x)
Malayan dagger (5x)
Mollusk genus (5x)
Monthly (5x)
Make a speech (5x)
Malaria fever (5x)
Maternal quadruped (5x)
Manor-ly gentleman (5x)
Monterrey blanket (5x)
Mattel doll for Satan (5x)
Meniscus (5x)
Masked ball wear (5x)
Macromolecule (5x)
Muslim face veil (5x)
Mendel`s guinea pigs (5x)
Missile fired from a gun (5x)
Mother Teresa (5x)
Momma`s guy (5x)
Mountain Music band (5x)