Popular Clues with the letter B

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter B.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Busboy`s tote (4x)
Battle (4x)
Baldachin (4x)
Belief (4x)
Begrudging (4x)
Batting (4x)
Big name in Cuba (4x)
Brandy (4x)
Boxer griffith (4x)
Benedict`s last words (4x)
Bolts` counterparts (4x)
Beguile (4x)
British hill (4x)
Baulk (4x)
Betsy ross` skill (4x)
Bars under cars (4x)
Brusque (4x)
Bollywood`s home (4x)
Boisterous, loud laugh (4x)
Bernstein work: 1971 (4x)
Brontosaurus (4x)
Born (4x)
Bronchial sound (4x)
Brainstormed (4x)
Bug-eyed (4x)
Bunnies (4x)
Bookkeeper`s entry (4x)
Borough (4x)
Birthplace (4x)
Bears witness (4x)
Broadway (4x)
Beat keeper (4x)
Brezhnev (4x)
Bettor`s order (4x)
Berlin octet (4x)
Brave (4x)
Bisayan (4x)
Blockbuster (4x)
Bolivian cuisine (4x)
Baddies (4x)
Boxer`s group (4x)
Biometric authentication (4x)
Basil sauces (4x)
Borneo tribesmen (4x)
Brothers (4x)
Billet (4x)
Barbasco (4x)
Baton (4x)
Building material (4x)
Banjo (4x)
Bowling game variety (4x)
Baseball playing area (4x)
Blurred (4x)
Buffalo Sabres` org (4x)
Beethoven symphony (4x)
Biblical wise man (4x)
Bug catcher (4x)
Brazen (4x)
Blind (4x)
Basalt base (4x)
Blackberry and iPhone (4x)
Bloodshed (4x)
Bible book (4x)
Because (4x)
Baptism (4x)
Believing (4x)
By the way (4x)
Beast`s mark minus 16 (4x)
Blanc (4x)
Bastard (4x)
Beat (4x)
Bishop`s hat, to a brit (4x)
Beer gut (4x)
Bursar`s boss: sl (4x)
Banana (4x)
Brought before the judge (4x)
Belligerent stance (3x)
Blinking devices on cars (3x)
Bludgeon (3x)
Bless (3x)
Be still (3x)
Bright Orion star (3x)
Birthplace of St. Teresa (3x)
Batman`s foe, with The (3x)
Beach location (3x)
Become rotten (3x)
Blackboard-clearing pad (3x)
Bay window (3x)
Banshee sounds (3x)
Bunion’s place (3x)
Blair`s predecessor (3x)
Bathetic (3x)
Bands or braces (3x)
Boorish (3x)
Bantu people (3x)
Bared (3x)
Bar garnish (3x)
Building materials (3x)
Blank cookbook (3x)
Binding (3x)