Popular Clues with the letter B

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter B.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

BRAHMS (15x)
Ballot markers (14x)
Biblical boat (14x)
Be in the rotation (11x)
Blessed (9x)
Bided (8x)
Bite-sized dish (8x)
Blunt-yet-pointy weapon (8x)
Bathroom fitting (8x)
Bylaws (8x)
Backup for dick tracy (7x)
Balletic put-on (7x)
Backgrounds (7x)
Bit of antiquity (7x)
Ballplayer amos (7x)
Ballerina garb (7x)
Blurred impression (7x)
Banana plant fiber (7x)
Better at heeling say (7x)
Buddhist shrine (7x)
Blinds type (7x)
Blister beetle (7x)
Base used by many (7x)
Benevolent (7x)
Brangelina`s kid (7x)
Bonefish (7x)
Bossy`s ringer (7x)
Barb (7x)
Buffalo hockey pro (7x)
Blizzard blanket (7x)
Bailiff (7x)
Boast (7x)
Bites a little (7x)
Bumptious (7x)
Boasted (7x)
Bedroom set staple (7x)
Bridal-notice word (7x)
Burma neighbor (7x)
Blissful spot (7x)
B`way musical: 1943 (7x)
Brief dissimilarity (7x)
Black gems (7x)
Brooklyn ballers (6x)
Bonus Army member (6x)
Blue Jays airer (6x)
Bobsled alternatives (6x)
Beeper, old-school (6x)
Bonus, at work (6x)
Birthplace of Perseus (6x)
Bebop buff (6x)
Brunch beginning (6x)
Biologists` bags (6x)
Back when, long ago (6x)
Bringer of holiday eggs (6x)
Behavioral rut (6x)
Battles tooth and nail (6x)
Burst (6x)
Before Plaines or Moines (6x)
Blue angel (6x)
Betrayer (6x)
Be rude in a crowd (6x)
Brandy fruit (6x)
Back-geared (6x)
Barracks sites (6x)
Biologist or physicist (6x)
Beloved of aphrodite (6x)
Bad speller (6x)
Bulova watch time (6x)
Bearish order (6x)
Bask in (6x)
Big Ten inits (6x)
Blood fluid (6x)
Business orgs (6x)
Broz (6x)
Bean (6x)
Belter Merman (6x)
Bobcat (6x)
Bugle call (6x)
Binucleate (6x)
Ballerina or diva (6x)
Beset by controversy (6x)
Binary compound (6x)
Bush adviser rove (6x)
Befitting a queen (6x)
Barrens sights (6x)
Beginning for China (6x)
Blocker (6x)
Big tech review site (6x)
Big volcano in Sicily (6x)
Bludgeon, in Bristol (6x)
Betray one`s awareness (6x)
Balakirev tone poem (6x)
Bony sport fish (6x)
Bestow knighthood upon (6x)
Bulletin board runners (6x)
Bizet masterpiece (6x)
Brought back (6x)
Bearded antelope (6x)
Battling (6x)
Boating hazards (6x)
Beneficiary (6x)
Boxing Mike (6x)
Beauty balm (6x)
Berkeley (6x)
Blood-bank supporter (6x)
Be plenty angry (6x)
Beach of North Carolina (6x)
Books for Nooks (6x)
Baton rouge schannel (6x)
Butterfly actress, 1982 (6x)
Bungalow roof (6x)
Buddhist angels (6x)
Barbecue beef choice (6x)
Barack`s mother (6x)
Backwardation (6x)
Baserunner`s goal (6x)
Baltimore curmudgeon (6x)
Blinding emotion (6x)
Bear in the air (6x)
Buffalo`s summer hrs (6x)
Braved swimming outside (6x)
Bored an audience (6x)
Big runners (6x)
Bunchgrass genus (6x)
Boot-sole reinforcer (6x)
Brought in, as a salary (6x)
Balanced precariously (6x)
Blubber extract (6x)
Blue Bloods actor Cariou (6x)
Battlefield cry (6x)
Bookie alternative in NY (6x)
Be overly eager (6x)
Beatnik`s affirmative (6x)
Beowulf et al (6x)
Bluegrass state (6x)
Boast beginning (6x)
Bowler`s target (6x)
Balefire (6x)
By or as regards name (5x)
British author bagnold (5x)
Breechcloth (5x)
Blossom supporter (5x)
Beret kin (5x)
Bathing (5x)
Big name in westerns (5x)
Beef cut in Scotland (5x)
Brain wave diag (5x)
Bankrolls (slang) (5x)
Bible boatman (5x)
Book after daniel (5x)
Beats handily (5x)
Burglary (5x)
Blood-test letters (5x)
Beret site (5x)
Bit of pond scum (5x)
Bicycle path (5x)
Binary code number (5x)
Butadiene (5x)
Breakfast at a brasserie (5x)
Binghamton Senator`s grp (5x)
Biome (5x)
Bill Moyers (5x)
Blood-red (5x)
Baked goods for insects (5x)
Bluto`s foe (5x)
Buck or doe (5x)
Buffoonish (5x)
Bludgeon (5x)
Book of OT (5x)
Big problem for a pilot (5x)
Beats decidedly (5x)
Bottle for pickles (5x)
Boer fighters (5x)
Backtrack (5x)
Barges (5x)
Buddhist land (5x)
Banjo kin (briefly) (5x)
Biographies of a kind (5x)
Blackboard support (5x)
Ballpark player (5x)
Boxcars, essentially (5x)
Belfry bunch (5x)
Bolshevik leader Trotsky (5x)
Beyond doubt or reproach (5x)
Blade in a lock (5x)
Belgian lager (5x)
Balloon man (5x)
Breast bone (5x)
Beads on grass (5x)
Bonfire glower (5x)
Betray fear (5x)
Bathtub toy (5x)
Breathe in short gasps (5x)
Boutique often (5x)
Brain convolutions (5x)
Be ecological (5x)
Basin go-with (5x)
Broker`s suggestion (5x)
Bit for Mr. Ed (5x)
Burger embellishment (5x)