Popular Clues with the letter B

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter B.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Batman adversary (134x)
Beginning (41x)
Bizarro (34x)
Bureaucratic (29x)
Burglaries (22x)
Bound to happen (18x)
Bad-luck symbol (16x)
Bureaucratic hassle (15x)
Braeburn (15x)
Bad guys (13x)
Beckoning exclamation (12x)
Backpack (12x)
Breach (12x)
Big keyboard button (12x)
Burglary (11x)
Baltic republic (11x)
Bandit (11x)
Batman`s adversary (10x)
Bang (10x)
Bronchial tube (9x)
Banjo (9x)
Belligerency (9x)
Bring out (9x)
Bogeyman (9x)
Browning and Burns (9x)
Burn (9x)
Because (9x)
Board game (8x)
Braid (8x)
Bunk bed sharer, often (8x)
Bolt (8x)
Baleful (8x)
Batter up (8x)
Blunder (8x)
Brilliance (8x)
Bargain hunter`s motto (7x)
Bananarama hit (7x)
Brandy (7x)
Ben-gurion arrival (7x)
Bronze age civilization (7x)
Backhander (7x)
Bluster (7x)
Bluish-black fruit (7x)
Botch (7x)
Bundle of hay or straw (7x)
Bluffing (7x)
Born in Spain (7x)
Battle Cry actor Van (7x)
Bicycle gear (7x)
Blessed (7x)
Batman (7x)
Baker from Detroit (7x)
Backer of Fidel (7x)
Brighten, as the sky (7x)
Boxer and fox (7x)
Black and bering (7x)
Bamako`s setting (7x)
Buddy in bordeaux (7x)
Brutus` bird (7x)
Brest and Boston (6x)
Be a Duck (6x)
Bump into as you go out (6x)
Baked buckwheat dishes (6x)
Beech (6x)
Babble on wildly (6x)
Buttermilk`s mom (6x)
Beatnik`s assent (6x)
Bellflower (6x)
Bluff (6x)
Be overly critical (6x)
Biting insect (6x)
Bargain hunters` site (6x)
Blotter substance (6x)
Bring forth, as lambs (6x)
Beyond measure (6x)
Booth on B`way (6x)
Blogger`s preface (6x)
Bonkers (6x)
Brings up, in a way (6x)
Behave like goop (6x)
Bunches of birds (6x)
Bingo player`s buy (6x)
Bribe to a DJ (6x)
Big man in Ankara (6x)
Bowties and such (6x)
Bravo`s opposite (6x)
Bicker (6x)
Be successful in (6x)
Baroque art (6x)
Backwoods turndown (6x)
Brief time units (6x)
Bewail (6x)
Baghdad (6x)
Bonito (6x)
Brad of hollywood (6x)
Brooch (6x)
Brief bits of time (6x)
Boy scout (6x)
Browsing, nowadays (6x)
Bento box staple (6x)
Barely a trace (6x)
Burrito seller`s array (6x)
Bishops` meeting (6x)
Braille technology (6x)
Big name in car rental (6x)
Boxer (briefly) (6x)
Billy (6x)
Buttons, for one (6x)
Brief time off (6x)
Boost (6x)
Burger (6x)
Bad guy Amin (6x)
Biggin or pipkin (6x)
Belly flop sound (6x)
Brute`s rebuke (6x)
Bench-press counts (6x)
Barrage in battle (6x)
Birth (6x)
Brawny in manner (6x)
Buyer`s decision (6x)
Bridge in Oxford (6x)
Bandleader eubanks (6x)
Biblical figure (6x)
Balto`s burden (6x)
Beginner`s words (6x)
Borodin`s opera prince (6x)
Blacken (6x)
Banners or flags (6x)
Bangor or tacoma (6x)
Balanchine`s field (6x)
Butterfly (6x)
Bewitched (6x)
Blue-pencil (6x)
Builder of cells (6x)
Brief time in brief (6x)
Bulk-bin morsel (6x)
Bragged about (5x)
Battle Cry novelist Leon (5x)
Bladder stone (5x)
Border collie`s herd (5x)
Bidder`s subtle gesture (5x)
Berry and Norton (5x)
Blame unjustly (5x)
Britain`s blair (5x)
Borage and basil (5x)
Born, in Bern (5x)
Bo tree (5x)
Buttons and bows (5x)
Biliousness (5x)
Boats` backbones (5x)
Be idle (5x)
Bounded (5x)
Blepharoplasty (5x)
Baccalaureate time (5x)
Biological defence (5x)
Buffoon (5x)
Born in cardiff (5x)
Boilermaker chaser (5x)
Better at banter (5x)
Beseech (5x)
Broth (5x)
Bags (5x)
Brinkley, Wallace et al (5x)
Blackmailer`s video (5x)
Brawler`s threat (5x)
Brief times (5x)
Bespectacled dwarf (5x)
Brief moment (5x)
Bronzes (5x)
Beatific (5x)
Bulb flower (5x)
Belly button (5x)
Banks with a show (5x)
Boxing champ Max (5x)
Basic and fundamental (5x)
Behavior guideline (5x)
Bombay-based religion (5x)
By chance (5x)
Broncos (5x)
Bagel alternative (5x)
Barracks decoration (5x)
Blade Runner 2049 star (5x)
Biological warfare (5x)
Barcelona bankroll (5x)
Butte of Montana (5x)
Bewails (5x)
Blotter samplings (5x)
Body politic (5x)
Ball-whacking game (5x)
Bratislava`s nation (5x)
Brief period of time (5x)
Bridesmaid`s prop (5x)
Barbaric (5x)
Blare (5x)
Blimp (5x)
Black Jack`s outfit (5x)
Beginner`s book (5x)
Buffalo lake (5x)
Billboard (5x)
Booty (5x)