Popular Clues with the letter B

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter B.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Bewildered state (5x)
Bivouac (5x)
Britishism (5x)
Bandleader (5x)
Balaam`s carrier (5x)
Biblical giant (5x)
Battle cry (5x)
Beer ingredients (5x)
Black-eyed pea (5x)
Brussels biscuit (5x)
Bewhiskered (5x)
Bore (4x)
Bathe (4x)
Beethoven work (4x)
Back-up gear (4x)
Believing (4x)
Bivouac encampment (4x)
Burglar (4x)
Bounty punishment (4x)
Blacks (4x)
Brushwood (4x)
Bedevils, in a way (4x)
Breezy air (4x)
Be braver than (4x)
Basso pinza (4x)
Behind the auricle (4x)
Bye (4x)
Buddhism (4x)
Birds and snakes do it (4x)
Brief time out (4x)
Blunt (4x)
Billion (4x)
British hardware dealer (4x)
Booby (4x)
Bolt (4x)
Biblical figure (4x)
Barber`s buy (4x)
Baby carrier (4x)
Branch office (4x)
Bamboo stalk (4x)
Button (4x)
Brittle bit (4x)
Billboard (4x)
Bittersweet (4x)
Biliousness (4x)
Burnt, in cooking (4x)
Bonus (4x)
Box (4x)
Berries (4x)
Buffoon (4x)
Borat star (4x)
Binder filler (4x)
Bangs (4x)
Big house keeper (4x)
Bitter (4x)
Basker (4x)
Block (4x)
Broadcast (4x)
Burdensome (4x)
Brazil resort (4x)
Black-eyed veggie (4x)
Bodyguard (4x)
Belief in demons (4x)
Backyard swinger (4x)
Bugs Bunny or Elmer Fudd (4x)
Brutish man (4x)
Buffet pourer (4x)
Bill of rights defender (4x)
Break bread (4x)
Baker`s buy (4x)
Bothering badly (4x)
Beginnings (4x)
Bondsman (4x)
Birdie (4x)
Breaktime! (4x)
Bird mimics (4x)
Blots (4x)
Block deliverers of yore (4x)
Bluster (4x)
Blue-dye producers (4x)
Bodkin (4x)
Biological concept (4x)
Berserk (4x)
Bring up (4x)
Bureau (4x)
Blue on screen (4x)
Blooey (4x)
Boscs (4x)
Benzyl group (4x)
Buenos Aires suburb (4x)
Beacon (4x)
Briefly a judge (4x)
Burnt-out (4x)
Bad (4x)
Burbot (4x)
Bay in east Atlantic (4x)
Bearded antelope (4x)
Bears (4x)
Birds as big as people (4x)
Betting advisor (4x)
Bumpy (4x)
Bunny (4x)
Blackwork (4x)
Bible book (4x)
Bosnian boy name (4x)
Benne (4x)
Blood vessel openers (4x)
Bequeath (4x)
Bottom-dwelling fish (4x)
Bank accounts (4x)
Bat (4x)
Bird (4x)
Blast-furnace materials (4x)
Bearskin (4x)
Be in season (4x)
Burnt matter (4x)
Bests (4x)
Brick measurement (4x)
Bothered (4x)
Big maker of chips (4x)
Baby baby (4x)
Bayou boat (4x)
Blackberry (4x)
Bier (4x)
Boy Scout shelter (4x)
Blade maker (4x)
Bee Gees` record label (4x)
Baton-passing race (4x)
Bilk (3x)
Baryshnikov, at birth (3x)
Besides that thing (3x)
Big gun or big cheese (3x)
Brushes aside (3x)
Breathe noisily (3x)
Big sandwich name (3x)
Bug killer, now banned (3x)
Bickle portrayer (3x)
Bulwark (3x)
Belt sander (3x)
Bronx Zoo (3x)
Bankrupt, so to speak (3x)
Brittany buddies (3x)
Baden-baden or √Čvian (3x)
Brokaw of TV news (3x)
Backpack fill (3x)
Big barrels (3x)
Bleeped out (3x)
Brown corundum (3x)
British book (3x)
Beer in England (3x)