Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Eat (32x)
Expert (16x)
European mountains (14x)
Equipment of Jack Ketch (12x)
Eye disease (11x)
Extremely harmful (9x)
Emporium (7x)
Esculent (6x)
Ersatz space drink (6x)
Ed Sheeran song (6x)
Embarrassment (6x)
Extravagant (6x)
Exile (5x)
East Asian religion (5x)
Evidence (5x)
Emphasized, in away (5x)
Extremist (5x)
Esoteric (5x)
Effaceable (5x)
Elvis Costello song (5x)
Evolution figure (5x)
Empathize (5x)
Estimate (5x)
Excursion (5x)
Essential factor (5x)
Enclose a sac (5x)
Electronic music duo (5x)
Endure (5x)
Excite (5x)
Exercises (4x)
Escutcheon smutch (4x)
Equip (4x)
Exist in latent state (4x)
Exclusion (4x)
Ebb (4x)
Eulogy (4x)
Elderly (4x)
Electronic organ (4x)
Ecology (4x)
Expands on topic (4x)
Electrical circuit (4x)
Excessively (4x)
Examine (4x)
Elated (4x)
Early Fox rival (4x)
Elegant (4x)
Early eviction setting (4x)
Eats (4x)
Elian piece (4x)
Evergreen (4x)
Expediency (4x)
Embezzle (4x)
Existence (4x)
Electric device (4x)
EPCOT`s city, to Amtrak (4x)
Earthenware (4x)
Early riser (4x)
English girl name (4x)
Elliptical path (3x)
Exclaims (3x)
Ericson and Garrett (3x)
Ethnic (3x)
Empty (3x)
Eliza`s follower (3x)
Easy catch (3x)
Education org (3x)
Escape of gas (3x)
Egoist`s concern (3x)
Elastic substance (3x)
English cricketer (3x)
Eternally (3x)
Entry fees (3x)
Earners (3x)
Elvis Presley feature (3x)
Eponymous life jacket (3x)
Ensure (3x)
Eenie (3x)
Ensuing (3x)
Emo (3x)
Expected at the terminal (3x)
Equal divisions (3x)
Expurgate (3x)
Edible tuber (3x)
Episcopal (3x)
Eliminate (3x)
Evacuation (3x)
Extension in a forest (3x)
Ether ending (3x)
Emphasize (3x)
EastEnders family (3x)
Emerge (3x)
Evenly spaced (3x)
Emphatic negative (3x)
Exceeded a certain limit (3x)
Enter without invitation (3x)
Empower (3x)
Emperor of Japan (3x)
Ernestine`s creator (3x)
Exuberant friendliness (3x)
Exams (3x)
Expert in elocution (3x)
Expanding (3x)
Evident (3x)
Encryption (3x)
Exchange (3x)
Eye mask (3x)
Encouraged (3x)
Energy drink (3x)
Ensilage (3x)
Encampment (3x)
Explain (3x)
Espresso (3x)
Emission (3x)
Eager (3x)
End result (3x)
Emergency-related (3x)
Exceptionally tense (3x)
Essentials (3x)
Early German count (3x)
Expected a return (3x)
Expressway (3x)
Erector (3x)
Eccentric (3x)
Executive (3x)
Emily`s postings (3x)
Emphatic (3x)
Easy shot for Dr. J (3x)
Eternal flame (3x)
Expected landing hrs (3x)
Either or (3x)
Earhart (3x)
Episode (3x)
Exceptionally good (3x)
Elements (3x)
Exerts strong attraction (3x)
Employer of many CPAs (3x)
End of access (3x)
Every two years (3x)
Existing in abundance (3x)
Ex of Rod Stewart (3x)
Epiphyseal (3x)
Egypt`s nasser (3x)
Education (3x)
Extremely (slang) (3x)
Everything must go in it (3x)
Eeyore call (3x)
Expeditiously (3x)
Expansionist doctrine (3x)
Electricity producer (3x)
Excuse (3x)
Electron (3x)
Enjoyable (3x)
Evita Tony winner Patti (3x)
Encircle and isolate (3x)
Exclaimed (3x)
Exploded, as a tire (3x)
Engaged in commerce (3x)
Entree (3x)
Epidemiological (3x)
Emulates Niagara (3x)
El greco, by birth (3x)
Ecology organisation (3x)
Existing everywhere (3x)
Estimate the speed (3x)
Ethiopian (3x)
Engineering sch (3x)
Elie and Walter (3x)
Endured (3x)
East African music (3x)
Explore natural caves (3x)
Expletive deleted (3x)
Enmity (3x)
Elizabeth I (3x)
Examined (3x)
Encompass (3x)
Enthusiastic about (3x)
Elzie created her (3x)
Excavate mud (3x)
Expected at the station (3x)
Entangled (3x)
Early kids` TV show (3x)
Experience (3x)
Embarrassing (3x)
Eisenhower and turner (3x)
Edible pulse (3x)
Exquisite (3x)
Enchanted (3x)
Emmerdale character (3x)
Extent of small stride (3x)
Endlessly (3x)
Earthworm (3x)
Eye layers (2x)
Energetic activity (2x)
Exports (2x)
Electrician (2x)
Extremes (2x)
ESPN pitch (2x)
English paper (2x)
Elaborate April fool (2x)
Entebbe is here (2x)