Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Easy target (16x)
Equally matched (13x)
Essentially (12x)
Experimental field (9x)
Emphasize (9x)
Early `60s dance (9x)
Ear-examining instrument (8x)
Elaine of Astolat`s son (8x)
Excessively eager (8x)
Employment benefit (8x)
Enticement (8x)
Ego (8x)
Endures (7x)
Et enders (7x)
Each day (7x)
Esteem to the extreme (7x)
Esoteric deck (7x)
Elizabeth peabody (7x)
Emoter (7x)
Edges of hats (7x)
Epical (7x)
Evening bell (7x)
Euro forerunner (7x)
Example of (7x)
Endurance race (briefly) (7x)
Excelling (7x)
Ellipsograph (7x)
Exhaust fumes (7x)
English cricketer (7x)
Ethyl suffix (6x)
Equipment for Gore (6x)
Einsteinium, for one (6x)
Ending for old or young (6x)
Enter a pool (6x)
Encyclopedia for kids (6x)
Extravagantly ornate (6x)
Egyptian nosh (6x)
Earthquake consequence (6x)
Embryo-sac container (6x)
Exile site of 1814-15 (6x)
Express disdain for (6x)
Employment ad letters (6x)
Equilateral (6x)
Exclamations of inquiry (6x)
Expense (6x)
Elevated walkway (6x)
El dorado`s riches (6x)
Eight Boy Scouts (6x)
Entertaining Rita (6x)
Eating implements (6x)
Elected officials (6x)
Exceed by a mile (6x)
Email back (6x)
Effective on (6x)
Elastic corset (6x)
Eat soup with bread (6x)
Eastern US fruit tree (6x)
Every ache treated (6x)
Eschewer of starches (6x)
Enduring without purpose (6x)
Early Brits (6x)
Essence of some fences (6x)
Economic boom (6x)
Ethyl alcohol (6x)
East indian heartwood (6x)
Equalises (6x)
Expressway in Malaysia (6x)
Elite group of guests (6x)
Excellent evidence (6x)
Eisenhower volume (6x)
Easing of pain (6x)
Eminem song (6x)
Exploitive fellow (6x)
Excruciatingly boring (6x)
Exhibitor (6x)
Etching aid (5x)
Elevators for pros (5x)
Ending with adamant (5x)
Establish (5x)
Equal to, with the (5x)
European martin (5x)
Elastance unit (5x)
Ellipse or parabola (5x)
Even more furtive (5x)
Elated (5x)
Editing command (5x)
Exercise influence (5x)
Expansion (5x)
Emulsifying agent (5x)
Exhibits serendipity (5x)
English lexicographer (5x)
Embroidery hobby (5x)
Eighter (5x)
Erato`s sister Muse (5x)
Erstwhile carrier (5x)
Elder statesman`s name (5x)
Europe`s boot (5x)
Etiquette for envoys (5x)
Enciphered (5x)
Enlists as a private (5x)
Expressive characters (5x)
Exceed expectations (5x)
Ellington and others (5x)
Equestrian activity (5x)
Explaining (5x)
Energy (5x)
Enemy at the Gates actor (5x)
Evicted (5x)
Early Greek settlement (5x)
Entertain, with over (5x)
Empty-hallway sound (5x)
Eyesore (5x)
Employ Ebay (5x)
El hermano de la madre (5x)
Embryo sac containers (5x)
Endure use (5x)
Ersatz paint holders (5x)
Exaggeratedly manly (5x)
Etching tools (5x)
Executive office piece (5x)
Even though (5x)
Encyclopedism (5x)
Enter a driveway (5x)
Existence, in Essen (5x)
Emissions-standards grp (5x)
Eleni author (5x)
Even more itsy-bitsy (5x)
Eternally, in poetry (5x)
Eat away at the bank (5x)
Exhibits of swordplay (5x)
Elocutionists (5x)
Extensive grassy plain (5x)
Entr`acte part (5x)
East Indian cereal grass (5x)
Endocrine disruptor (5x)
Explosive (short) (5x)
Eisenhower`s domain (5x)
Emirati music device (5x)
Everyone in the pool (5x)
Electron spin resonance (5x)
End user (5x)
Excruciate (5x)
Extensive iron corrosion (5x)
Engineering req (5x)
Empirical philosopher (5x)
Entreat repeatedly (5x)
Energetic employees (5x)
Eerie Fox series (5x)
Early bloomers (5x)
Entrepreneurs` bad news (5x)
Excel macro language (5x)
Easy shot for model (5x)
Edifice in an arbor (5x)
Elbow or living (5x)
Engagements (5x)
Elegantly sumptuous (5x)
Exploitive moneylending (5x)
Everglades vehicle (5x)
Effortlessly gracious (5x)
English Channel town (5x)
European polecats (5x)
Eaten into (5x)
Exiguity (5x)
Early church heretic (5x)
English actor-manager (5x)
Eight bits, typically (5x)
Egypt and syria, 1958-61 (5x)
Enjoin solemnly (5x)
Exacerbates (5x)
Exhibition hall event (5x)
Endogamous (5x)
Ellington of jazz (5x)
Esthetic judgment (5x)
Experimental figures (5x)
Every, in Bonn (5x)
Early evening (5x)
Eraser star (5x)
Ended one`s hunger (5x)
Exile isle of 1814 (5x)
Exotic dancer (5x)
Exerted (5x)
Ecoregion of Ethiopia (5x)
Ecstasy (5x)
Erwin of `50s TV (5x)
Excursion for Leary (5x)
Eightish (5x)
Endow with rights (5x)
Endearing tykes (5x)
Evangelical surname (5x)
Express pain vocally (5x)
Entertainer Kazan (5x)
Extremely bad, appalling (5x)
Echidna`s morsel (4x)
Extract forcefully (4x)
Expert in elocution (4x)
Electromagnetic coil (4x)
Email openers (4x)
Engraved stone marker (4x)
Effervesce (4x)
Even (4x)