Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Elegant (5x)
Expected (5x)
Eyeglass cleaners, often (5x)
Excuses (5x)
Enchanted (4x)
Expulsion from a court (4x)
Exactly (4x)
Egyptian city (4x)
Epoch in time (4x)
Emolument (4x)
Exaggerate (4x)
Enjoyed lunch (4x)
Earlier (4x)
Excessive decoration (4x)
Enemy leader (4x)
Enlarge or increase (4x)
Examples of a class (4x)
Eggnog or punch (4x)
Essence (4x)
Eye-catching sign type (4x)
Eye piece (4x)
Enduring ennui (4x)
Ersatz Frisbee (4x)
Enlisting (4x)
Extemporize (4x)
Everything (4x)
Extinguisher attachments (4x)
Explanation (4x)
European auto (4x)
Employers` concerns (4x)
Equal to (4x)
Emit (4x)
Example indications (4x)
Exaggeration (4x)
Explode (4x)
Europe (4x)
Ecstatic (4x)
Ether (4x)
Eerie quality (4x)
Enclose in a bower (4x)
Electronics (4x)
Egyptian metropolis (4x)
Earnings (4x)
Early bloomer (4x)
Exalted American novel (4x)
English (4x)
Exchange (4x)
Edge (4x)
Earthquake (4x)
Electrical unit (4x)
Elderly Reef jam (4x)
Emptied out (4x)
Expertise in escargots (4x)
Enisle (4x)
Exclamation of surprise (4x)
Evolve (4x)
Excellent excuse (4x)
End of a run (4x)
Election (4x)
Enfolds (4x)
Eucalyptus or tamarack (4x)
Emerged suddenly (4x)
Earthenware jar (3x)
Epithet (3x)
Evildoer of Asgard (3x)
Ex officio (3x)
Exams for future MDs (3x)
Equipment at a tilt (3x)
Eliciting alarm (3x)
Exclusive (3x)
Experimental vehicle (3x)
Enclosure for strays (3x)
Expository piece (3x)
Exploits (3x)
Equality of weight (3x)
Eellike fish (3x)
Eskimo settlement (3x)
Entrance or exit (3x)
Entrepreneur (3x)
English boy name (3x)
Exceed (3x)
EEC member (3x)
Early hrs (3x)
Espy (3x)
Eccentric codger (3x)
Enumerate (3x)
Eensy-weensy (3x)
Eventually (3x)
Eccentric disc (3x)
Easily assembled (3x)
Emblem for Earp (3x)
Elvis Presley song (3x)
Ed or leon (3x)
Elizabethan (3x)
Ethical course (3x)
Epic poem (3x)
Extractable resource (3x)
Earthquake origins (3x)
Etherton or Joyner (3x)
Ecosystem components (3x)
Error removers (3x)
Executioner (3x)
Early thermal weapon (3x)
Enrage (3x)
Examine (3x)
Embroidery loops (3x)
Extroversive (3x)
Economic crisis (3x)
Exit (3x)
Expansion (3x)
Envelope marking (3x)
Exclude from practice (3x)
Emotion indicator, often (3x)
Explore deeply (3x)
Enticing (3x)
Enjoy lamb and rice (3x)
Earthly pigment (3x)
Enlightenment (3x)
Ex-Dodger manager Jim (3x)
Earhart (3x)
Excursion by rail (3x)
English songwriter (3x)
Equity members pay them (3x)
Evildoing pack animal (3x)
Extend a finger (3x)
Enticing sort (3x)
Effectuate (3x)
Expose the falseness of (3x)
Emphatic typeface (3x)
Endurable (3x)
Excitement (3x)
Eating apple (3x)
Evasive types (3x)
Encountered (3x)
Enclosed areas (3x)
Entertained, in a way (3x)
Earth-orbiting Gagarin (3x)
Ensnare, with in (3x)
Elongated incisors (3x)
Early name of Nisan (3x)
Earthy pumper (3x)
Example of early release (3x)
Earth`s life zone (3x)
Eat her soup and warm up (3x)
Exams for sophs and jrs (3x)
Excommunicatory curse (3x)
Energy (3x)
Exclusively (3x)
European bison (3x)
Enlivens (slang) (3x)