Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Evening dress (4x)
Evian-les-Bains (4x)
Expose (4x)
Ending for Kafka (4x)
Evergreen shrub (4x)
Eyebath (4x)
Early 20th-century year (4x)
Elizabethan (4x)
Education, initially (4x)
Effort (4x)
Ear (4x)
Era (4x)
Evidence (4x)
Esteem (4x)
Excess (4x)
Edsel`s relative (4x)
Evaluate (4x)
English cheese (4x)
Exile (4x)
Echelon (4x)
Emulated Emerson (4x)
Excited exclamation (4x)
Evoke or draw out (4x)
ESPN journalist Kenny (4x)
EastEnders character (4x)
Egyptian waterway (4x)
Easterbrook or Howe (4x)
Edged (4x)
English and Welsh rivers (4x)
Economic (4x)
Ellipse (4x)
Ex (4x)
Eclat (4x)
Erhard`s ism (4x)
Egyptian god (4x)
English poet (4x)
Epithelial tissue (4x)
Endoscopy (4x)
Expensive dishes (4x)
Ethelred ii (4x)
Esteem lightly (4x)
Easily moved to tears (4x)
Engrossed (4x)
Eagerness (4x)
Extreme ending (4x)
Eye sores, really (4x)
England (4x)
Emphatic (4x)
Eight-armed creature (4x)
Equivalent (4x)
Epiphany (4x)
Expectancy (4x)
Empty flatcar (4x)
Ergotism (3x)
End of 34 Across` URL (3x)
Expressionless (3x)
Excalibur (3x)
Evict (3x)
Encrusted (3x)
Ersatz Frisbee (3x)
Emailed (3x)
East-west Mass. artery (3x)
Ed Sheeran song (3x)
Easy stride (3x)
Espionage objective (3x)
English person (3x)
Emulated Tiresias (3x)
Egg holder (3x)
Error-prone (3x)
European lindens (3x)
Ear ailment (3x)
Eagles do it (3x)
Equalizer focus (3x)
Ember (3x)
E-5 in the USAF. (3x)
Essay name (3x)
Electronics (3x)
Eastern Hemisphere (3x)
Epidemic (3x)
Explodes (3x)
Evens (3x)
Extremely happy (3x)
Elevator units (3x)
Endure (3x)
Embarkment (3x)
Extremely small (3x)
Engine (3x)
Erie and Suez (3x)
Encrypt (3x)
East Ender`s flat (3x)
Etymology (3x)
Enrico Caruso`s choice (3x)
Eyeglasses (3x)
Euro precursor (3x)
EP by British artist (3x)
Explorer`s org (3x)
Excited (slang) (3x)
Easy gallops (3x)
Easy (3x)
Everyday (3x)
Embark on (3x)
Everything`s okay! (3x)
Educated (3x)
Extirpation (3x)
Eileen O`Brien character (3x)
Equivocation (3x)
Epoch (3x)
Establishment (3x)
Eucharist (3x)
Eared or sided preceder (3x)
Everyday names (3x)
English tax (3x)
English boy band (3x)
Easily moved to anger (3x)
Endless (3x)
Effective (3x)
Emulated Gabriel (3x)
Elwood, in Harvey (3x)
Excite (3x)
Esau, to Jacob (3x)
Express disdain (3x)
Event of 1944 (3x)
Employ too much help (3x)
Enthral (3x)
Early delivery (3x)
Eau-de-vie (3x)
Excuse (3x)
Even out (3x)
Exposed to public scorn (3x)
Evening stroll (3x)
Elimination (3x)
Edward pusey (3x)
Enfeoffment (3x)
Emerging (3x)
Earth warmer (3x)
Etui (3x)
Every opportunity (3x)
Exasperate (3x)
Edible (3x)
Eastern realm (3x)
Expand abnormally (3x)
Equipment of Jack Ketch (3x)
Entrance (3x)
Empathise (3x)
Extremist`s display (3x)
Embellish (3x)
ELO frontman Jeff (3x)
Edible mushroom (3x)
Ever (3x)
Epitome of machismo (3x)