Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Entrance (5x)
Embroiled (5x)
Entrepreneur (5x)
Emanations (5x)
Environmentalist (5x)
English county (5x)
Endowment beneficiary (5x)
Endue (5x)
Ecole pupil (5x)
Eightsome (4x)
Effrontery (4x)
Evidence (4x)
Espouses (4x)
Entrap (4x)
Equivalent, in Paris (4x)
Exploit (4x)
Erotic (4x)
Endure the loss of (4x)
Egeria (4x)
Examine closely (4x)
Each (4x)
Excellent (4x)
Entreat (4x)
Ease (4x)
Emotional (4x)
Essential employee (4x)
Engraved marker (4x)
Enduring (4x)
Expel (4x)
Eau`s opposite (4x)
Enclosing structure (4x)
Empty talk (4x)
Entreaty (4x)
Egyptian nature goddess (4x)
Eater (4x)
Early astronomer (4x)
Exclusive (4x)
Eureka-like shouts (4x)
Eight, in Oaxaca (4x)
Enterprise (4x)
Enjoyed the mountains (4x)
Energetic person (4x)
Epic (4x)
Enervate (4x)
Enlarged detail (4x)
Endearing (4x)
Explicit (4x)
Encourage growth (4x)
Errand boy: Brit (4x)
Enemy of Chiang (4x)
Easing of distress (4x)
Early-ed. program (4x)
Epernay`s river (4x)
Endow (4x)
Embedded (4x)
Enzyme (4x)
Easy gait (4x)
Exciting (4x)
Enliven (4x)
Easy (4x)
Eat it (4x)
Elemental (4x)
Exhibits ostentatiously (4x)
Extremely evil or cruel (4x)
Economy (4x)
Effective use (4x)
Egad (4x)
ETs` carrier (4x)
Egg dish (4x)
English broadcaster (4x)
Earth`s age (4x)
Ever-energetic (4x)
Eccentric (4x)
Eureka (4x)
English actress Diana (4x)
Earthquake (4x)
Eden (4x)
Expunged (3x)
Evolved (3x)
Evangelical (3x)
Estimate (3x)
Eponymous bacteriologist (3x)
Emerald or diamond (3x)
Egghead (3x)
Ell (3x)
Epithet for Ivan IV (3x)
Evening in Bologna (3x)
Enchanted creature (3x)
Electronic act Justice (3x)
Electric piano (3x)
Equine father (3x)
Entombed (3x)
Excessive (3x)
Engage (3x)
Edibles (3x)
Elegance (3x)
Educator Mann (3x)
Enrage (3x)
Extol (3x)
Euphoria (3x)
Exaggerate (3x)
Eagle (3x)
Exploratory (3x)
Expressing (3x)
Electrically flexible (3x)
English romantic poet (3x)
Evolve (3x)
End user (3x)
Erring (3x)
Eensy-weensy (3x)
Enthusiasts (3x)
Evans Blue song (3x)
Education organisation (3x)
Earthenware (3x)
Endure without complaint (3x)
Empowers (3x)
Exist (3x)
Elliott from Brooklyn (3x)
Exchanged some crosses (3x)
Edible sea vegetable (3x)
Excepts (3x)
Encourage forcefully (3x)
English architecture (3x)
Exhaust (3x)
Exchanged, as words (3x)
Engraving (3x)
Energetic (3x)
Effortless (3x)
Expected (3x)
Expresses contempt (3x)
Emerald City architect (3x)
Engender (3x)
Eclipse, as the sun (3x)
Exceptionally good (3x)
Egyptian threats (3x)
E-mail directive (3x)
Expurgate (3x)
Easily moved (3x)
Enthusiastically (3x)
Energy drink (3x)
European people (3x)
Elusive (3x)
Enclosed patios (3x)
English cheese (3x)
Earn (3x)
E-mail (3x)
Earlier, old style (3x)
Equine exclamations (3x)
Energy sources (3x)
Eighth of a cup (3x)