Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Energetic (40x)
Emphatically (28x)
Enthralls (24x)
Expel (23x)
Elaborate (23x)
Epilepsy type (18x)
Energy (17x)
Evil (16x)
Entrant (16x)
Exaggerate (15x)
Elevated (14x)
Emotional (12x)
Eccentric person (12x)
European peak (12x)
Elementary particle (11x)
Eye-catching (11x)
Either (11x)
Enigma (10x)
Environment (10x)
Emitted (10x)
Evilness (10x)
Empty space (10x)
Evergreen shrub (10x)
Erotic (9x)
Entertainment draw (9x)
Established (9x)
Entanglement (8x)
Easily bribed (8x)
Effectiveness (8x)
Extortion (8x)
Exclude, with `out` (8x)
Erte`s style, formally (8x)
Electioneering (8x)
Expectant mom`s words (8x)
Explode (8x)
Easily beat (8x)
Ego (8x)
Examine critically (8x)
Existing (8x)
Entrust, as authority (8x)
Ernst collaborator (8x)
Echolocation means (8x)
Enticement (8x)
Edit menu choice (8x)
Embodiment (8x)
Embarrassment (7x)
Endure (7x)
Easily bent, pliable (7x)
Ear bone (7x)
Erelong (7x)
Ensemble assembler (7x)
Even though (7x)
Expel from a building (7x)
Eternally (7x)
Exhibit divergence (7x)
Edible marine fish (7x)
Extol, laud (7x)
Essence r├ęsineuse (7x)
East Indian wood (7x)
Expressionist theatre (7x)
Enthusiastic affirmative (7x)
Estivation (7x)
Evaded it (7x)
Enthusiastic about (7x)
Effortlessness (7x)
Expectant father, often (6x)
Encounter (6x)
Epcot neighbor (6x)
Epilogue (6x)
Error`s companion (6x)
Examiner (6x)
Embankments (6x)
Exam (6x)
Embassy official (6x)
Early Americans (6x)
Easy now! (6x)
En route, as a tanker (6x)
Early ascetics (6x)
Exuberant (6x)
Enthusiastic agreements (6x)
Exclude, as from a list (6x)
Elbow counterparts (6x)
Examine in court (6x)
En route via liner (6x)
Echidna`s morsel (6x)
Emotion (6x)
Exhaustion (6x)
Evangelical Roberts (6x)
Extract forcefully (6x)
Examine closely (6x)
Emotional conflict (6x)
Exemplary pupil (6x)
Enzyme-indicating suffix (6x)
Ethel Merman title (6x)
Enroute on the QEII (6x)
Electron (6x)
Early bird`s goddess (6x)
Eau`s opposite (6x)
Elms (6x)
Eliminate distractions (6x)
Euros per dollar (6x)
Erfurt exclamation (6x)
Equilibrium (6x)
Exerciser`s unit (6x)
Employer of strategery (6x)
Exhausted (6x)
Eudromias morinellus (6x)
Earl Grey for one (6x)
Eyelid (6x)
Emmylou or Franco (6x)
Eosin and anilin (6x)
Except with from (6x)
Eyed (6x)
Edible fish (6x)
Economical (6x)
Explosion is fun (6x)
Enter all at once (6x)
Explanatory Latin phrase (6x)
Ecclesiastical benefice (6x)
Ecological process (6x)
Explosion producer (6x)
Episodic (6x)
Expanded (6x)
Exemplify (6x)
Echo, for one (6x)
Exclude from the list (6x)
Extreme (6x)
Exclamation of surprise (6x)
Expound (6x)
Episode of `Herb Time` (6x)
Exercises on a path (6x)
Earlier nightlight (6x)
En route by car (6x)
Effervescent drink (6x)
Eat soup noisily (6x)
Eastern college (6x)
Enthusiastic cheer (6x)
Export (6x)
Evening scenes (6x)
European autos (6x)
Emit vapor (6x)
Embankment (6x)
Entombment (5x)
Egotistical blowhards (5x)
Electricity supply (5x)
Empress Hotel`s loc (5x)
Erudite individual (5x)
Expressed regrets (5x)
Enfold (5x)
Examine in detail (5x)
Examine by palpation (5x)
Embellish (5x)
Essences (5x)
Extract by force (5x)
Exerciser`s enemy (5x)
Ecole number (5x)
Embolden (5x)
Ensconced in a den (5x)
Eastern weight (5x)
Erstwhile Apple player (5x)
Erases, expunges (5x)
Experimenter (5x)
Ethan Allen buys (5x)
Enlistee`s uncle (5x)
Exuberant novelist (5x)
Enthusiastic approval (5x)
Estimate (5x)
Erwin of TV et al (5x)
Essence: Var (5x)
Expiation (5x)
Eeriness or strangeness (5x)
Epsom events (5x)
Examine judicially (5x)
Erroneous (5x)
Eddie Cantor hit (5x)
Equal (5x)
Ethics (5x)
Embryonic membranes (5x)
En route to Greece (5x)
Epiphany exclamation (5x)
Eucalyptus (5x)
Essences, in Greek logic (5x)
Emancipationist (5x)
Exceedingly sudden (5x)
Eurasian shrub (5x)
English term of address (5x)
Enthusiastic and eager (5x)
English actor 1787-1833 (5x)
Egg-shaped (5x)
Evangelical`s cry (5x)
Examine a leaf (5x)
Eucharist plates (5x)
Epilation (5x)
Elvis hits (5x)
Estuaries (5x)
Exemplar of kitschy art (5x)
Excellent (5x)
Encouraging touch (5x)
Esso rival (5x)
Excuse (5x)