Popular Clues with the letter E

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter E.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Elasticity (63x)
Eyed (43x)
Equitable opportunity (43x)
Eavesdropping (33x)
Eastern country (27x)
Enervate (21x)
Enhance (19x)
Excites (19x)
Equips for war (17x)
Easily manageable (17x)
Explosive charge (16x)
Expose the falseness of (15x)
Exaggerate (15x)
Erroneous (15x)
Emphasis (15x)
Engraving (13x)
Eavesdrop (13x)
Estimate (11x)
Elementary (11x)
Equitable (11x)
English county (11x)
ESP (10x)
Extreme, as measures (10x)
English pottery (10x)
Enough (9x)
Excessive crowding (9x)
Emphatic adverb (8x)
Emanate (7x)
Embarrassment (7x)
Entitlement (7x)
Exalted (7x)
Elope (6x)
Energy (6x)
Exposure (6x)
Extract (6x)
Empty space (6x)
Embedded (6x)
Embezzlement (6x)
Excalibur`s bestower (6x)
Economic (6x)
Eavesdropper (6x)
Erase (6x)
English poet (6x)
Evil intent (6x)
Earned top billing (6x)
Entertainment (5x)
Estuary (5x)
Emblematic (5x)
Employ (5x)
Elaborate (5x)
Equivalent (5x)
Exceptional (5x)
Endangered (5x)
Encore rapper (5x)
Edifying (5x)
Exclusively (5x)
Expelled tenant (5x)
Effort (5x)
Egg-shaped (5x)
Extremely agitated (5x)
Exude (5x)
Endure (5x)
Endanger (5x)
Extremely aloof demeanor (5x)
Ethics (5x)
Eucalyptus (5x)
Endue (5x)
Equip for war (5x)
Earnest (5x)
Eye layer (4x)
Executive (4x)
Evolve (4x)
Esoteric (4x)
Exuberance (4x)
Expect (4x)
Emile Zola`s portrayer (4x)
Evaluate (4x)
Explanation (4x)
Elected representatives (4x)
Edits film (4x)
Ecole attender (4x)
Easter (4x)
Expense that`s run (4x)
Echo Park actress (4x)
Easter Island`s country (4x)
Expedia (4x)
Exclamation of surprise (4x)
ESSEX (4x)
Excrement (4x)
Extremist (4x)
Easel part (4x)
Ear infection (4x)
Equus asinus (4x)
Expressible (4x)
Egg yolk (4x)
Endoscope (4x)
Environment (4x)
Eucharist dish (4x)
Effortlessly (4x)
Electrical resistance (4x)
Entomologist (4x)
Establishment (4x)
European (4x)
Elegance (4x)
Ecstatic (4x)
Evil (4x)
Excessive (4x)
Envoy (4x)
Euphonium (4x)
Elucidate (4x)
Enter (4x)
Erudite via reading (4x)
Evince (4x)
Established (4x)
Efficiency check (4x)
Essentiality (4x)
Examine (4x)
Economy (4x)
Entanglement (4x)
Employment (4x)
Embezzle (4x)
Expansion NLer of 1962 (4x)
Erhard`s movement (4x)
Ecole attenders (4x)
Enamel layers (4x)
Explode with suddenness (4x)
Entreating (4x)
Excellent (4x)
Engrave (4x)
Exit (4x)
Eluding (4x)
Elastic (4x)
Employees (4x)
Evergreen shrub (4x)
Elide (4x)
Example indicators (3x)
Explorer (3x)
Extent (3x)
Enrol (3x)
Easter basket fillers (3x)
Envoy XL maker (3x)
Eternally, to Keats (3x)
Excoriate (3x)
Exploited a vein (3x)
Ernie on a green (3x)
Endocrine (3x)
Evoke (3x)
English composer (3x)
Enchilada covering (3x)
Electricity (3x)
Extraterrestrial (3x)
Eclectic collection (3x)
Era (3x)
Emerge from the eggs (3x)
Ecole enrollee (3x)
End of the day (3x)
Encomium (3x)
Elvis Presley song (3x)
Eulogize (3x)
Emir (3x)
Eyelid afflictions (3x)
Emollient sources (3x)
End result (3x)
Exothermic (3x)
Emulators of Ananias (3x)
Editing room choices (3x)
Eats (3x)
Enrolment (3x)
Extortion or bootlegging (3x)
Experienced sailor (3x)
Evict (3x)
Economic indicator (3x)
ELLE (3x)
Edible freshwater fish (3x)
Eucharistic cups (3x)
Extinct tusked mammal (3x)
Engaged in a diet (3x)
Equal to (3x)
Economics pioneer Smith (3x)
Economical bikes (3x)
Expose (3x)
Ensign wannabees` org (3x)
Eczema symptom (3x)
Embarrassed (3x)
Emeril`s cry (3x)
Early WWI battle site (3x)
Endive (3x)
Eskers (3x)
Enrico the physicist (3x)
Extravagantly (3x)
Erupts (3x)
Eager (3x)
Editor`s mark (3x)
Egyptian spirit (3x)
Empty talk (3x)
Everyday element (3x)
Eclipse (3x)
Estonian fairy tale (3x)
Essay (3x)
Electrician`s pet (3x)