Popular Clues with the letter G

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter G.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Grimalkin (17x)
Garden shelter (14x)
Gangster Frank (9x)
Grudging (8x)
Gerund former (7x)
Graduates (7x)
Galilean concept (7x)
Genitor (7x)
Gardening matter (7x)
Gangster movie agents (7x)
Golf pro Pak (7x)
Gotham, with `the` (7x)
Genus geastrum (6x)
Governmental aid (6x)
Gay dance (6x)
Genealogy (6x)
Goofy collectible (6x)
Ground chuck (6x)
Glibly misleads (6x)
Giuliani and vallee (6x)
Grandson of Mohammed (6x)
Golf standard score (6x)
Glory or maid preceder (6x)
Groped around fastening (6x)
Glittery rock (6x)
Grass appendage (6x)
Geometry suffix (6x)
Gourmet spreads (6x)
Geologic procession (6x)
Greek letter number 7 (6x)
Guardian Angels` toppers (6x)
Get into position (6x)
Graphics in texts (6x)
GroupMe function (6x)
General henry arnold (6x)
Greek letter after chi (6x)
Galley appliance (6x)
Graph or phone prefix (6x)
Geological fault (6x)
Georgia campus (6x)
Group of players (6x)
Genu (6x)
Great Basin natives (6x)
Golf-club parts (6x)
Glimpse in the distance (6x)
Genesis garden site (6x)
Gable wall (6x)
Got down cold (6x)
Goals for incumbents (6x)
Granite, once (6x)
Grand Canyon site (6x)
Gallaghers (6x)
Gawking at (6x)
Globetrotter Curly (6x)
Give up (6x)
Goes with a cup (6x)
Greco-roman (6x)
Garfunkel and Carney (6x)
Greens (6x)
Getaway car driver (6x)
Ground grain (6x)
Grist for processors (5x)
Grandiose, as rhetoric (5x)
Greeting card legends (5x)
Gazetteer picture (5x)
Gladly, in phrases (5x)
Gallic pal (5x)
Gu (5x)
Get new weaponry (5x)
Gloried (5x)
Graceless sort (5x)
Gross guy (5x)
Greeting at Hana Airport (5x)
Gold unit (5x)
Geographical measurement (5x)
Give an answer (5x)
Go on a roll (5x)
Goes alone (5x)
Glasgow no (5x)
Genus actinidia (5x)
Get down from a horse (5x)
Gabrielle`s friend (5x)
Gymnast dimas (5x)
Giver of a tenth (5x)
Genus ustilago (5x)
Gymnasts (5x)
Girdled: Poet (5x)
Greatest extent (5x)
Genesis and Dreamcast (5x)
Gassy beginning (5x)
Glorify (5x)
Glares (5x)
Ground nuts (5x)
Games participant (5x)
Ghostbusters co-writer (5x)
Golden seal (5x)
Genus annona (5x)
Giants and Titans grp (5x)
Green plum (5x)
Guitar sound boosters (5x)
Going in one direction (5x)
Granger of films (5x)
Good listener (5x)
Greek townships (5x)
Grown girl (5x)
Garpike (5x)
Gemini pair (5x)
Get married in secret (5x)
Give a wok a workout (5x)
Guilt-deciding group (5x)
Goldilocks critter (5x)
Gordian attachment (5x)
Greenpeace subject (5x)
Guest worker (5x)
Goatish deity (5x)
Geniuses` prides (5x)
Gotten slower with age (5x)
Guffaw (informally) (5x)
Garlicky treat (5x)
Grammatical numbers (5x)
Gotham network (5x)
Gonad (5x)
Genus arachis (5x)
Grooms (5x)
Gutsy (5x)
Gangplanks (5x)
Guinean city (5x)
Gotcha, bro (5x)
Giant rival (5x)
Gunny (5x)
Genus hyalophora (5x)
Gob`s word (5x)
Grist for analysis (5x)
Grating voice-wise (5x)
Get news of (5x)
Grunt group (5x)
Game fish of California (5x)
Gillette brand (5x)
Gator, and others (5x)
Get 100 on a test (5x)
Garb of Lucknow (5x)
Grass clump (5x)
Gentlemen alternative (5x)
German lyric poet (5x)
Godfather actor James (5x)
Geography terminology (5x)
Gaius cassius longinus (5x)
Grim (5x)
German bakery treat (5x)
Grecian urn piece (5x)
Germinated grain (5x)
Go as far down as (5x)
Gelatin garnish (5x)
Gull`s sound (5x)
Grinds away (5x)
Granular snow (5x)
Gorgonzola feature (5x)
German `eight` (5x)
German political unit (5x)
Grade component (5x)
Georgetown student (5x)
Gentleman`s enjoyment (5x)
Guy`s gal pal (5x)
Get by the sentry (5x)
Genetic anomaly (5x)
GM car (5x)
Grouper`s group (5x)
Graces` endings (5x)
Greedy eater (5x)
Granger`s brander (5x)
Gum arabic tree (5x)
Guitar-like instrument (5x)
Garden area, sometimes (5x)
Geologist`s layers (4x)
Great leveler (4x)
Get quite rough, as lips (4x)
Grand Central or Penn. (4x)
Ghanaian currency (4x)
God Save the South org (4x)
Goblets et al (4x)
Get-out-of-jail guy (4x)
Germany boy name (4x)
Greenwich, of Shangri-la (4x)
Group of teams (4x)
Gi on the run (4x)
Greek-language book (4x)
German spirit (4x)
Grilling places (4x)
Glory, glory singer (4x)
Gaius` garment (4x)
German surrealist (4x)
Get rid of (4x)
Greek `P` (4x)
Gracefully (4x)
Group of doctors (4x)
Going away statement (4x)
Geography suffix (4x)
Game of Thrones (4x)
Gertrude Lawrence role (4x)
Gin or vodka drinks (4x)