Popular Clues with the letter G

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter G.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Gallantly (126x)
Gimlet (41x)
Glossy material (35x)
Guessing (22x)
Goof (22x)
Greensward (13x)
Growth (13x)
Grassland (12x)
Granite (10x)
Greedy (10x)
Gangland figure (10x)
Gold braid (10x)
Greek goddess (9x)
Goral`s relative (9x)
Grooming challenge (9x)
Gaseous (9x)
Greek sun god (9x)
Grouch (9x)
Grown-up polliwogs (8x)
Gallantry (8x)
Gulp (8x)
Gardeners` tools (8x)
Gradually (8x)
Ground grain (8x)
Greeted an elder (8x)
Go idly about (7x)
Garibaldi (7x)
Genie`s domicile (7x)
Goulash seasoning (7x)
Girls` names (7x)
Guacamole (7x)
Greed (7x)
Great lakes tribesmen (7x)
Gallo-Roman saint (7x)
Gingko or baobab (7x)
Groom (7x)
Got up (7x)
Generation X guy (7x)
Gives a facelift (7x)
Gully (7x)
Grease (7x)
Grudge (7x)
Gingko (7x)
Gypsies (7x)
Goofy`s son (7x)
Growing art form (7x)
Gearshift sequence (7x)
General course (7x)
Get cracking! (7x)
German ska group (7x)
Gay-Pay-Oo (7x)
Geometric figure (7x)
Gigi star Leslie (7x)
German physicist (7x)
Gripe and grouse (7x)
Go ahead, gloat! (7x)
Globe (7x)
Grand Banks fish (7x)
Gigawatt (7x)
Geometrical prefix (7x)
Gammon (7x)
Give the eye (7x)
Grating (7x)
Garlic mayonnaise (7x)
Global air route (7x)
George Eliot novel, 1859 (7x)
Go backward (7x)
Giselle, for one (7x)
Gadabout (7x)
Greyhound (6x)
Got the card game going (6x)
Give ground (6x)
Growl, old style (6x)
Grain staple (6x)
Gulls` relatives (6x)
Genus malcolmia (6x)
Grass-cloth plant (6x)
Grown-up acorn (6x)
Grave (6x)
Gaslight (6x)
Gets by (6x)
Grouper (6x)
Goldfinger villain (6x)
Groomsman`s task (6x)
Good as done (6x)
German painter Nolde (6x)
Gas-bill units (6x)
Glossy coats (6x)
Genuineness (6x)
Go back in (6x)
Greeted wordlessly (6x)
Germ (6x)
Gobel`s wife (6x)
Georgia`s capital (6x)
Glitz (6x)
Greenland spar (6x)
Greek lyric poet (6x)
Good-natured (6x)
Gym groupings (6x)
Grossed-out grunts (6x)
Goatsucker (6x)
Gagarin in space (6x)
Galbraith book (6x)
Gobel`s mate (6x)
Gifts from above (6x)
Ghostbusters actor (6x)
Gibson and torme (6x)
Giddy (6x)
Gumshoes (briefly) (6x)
Greece, in Modern Greek (6x)
Gossip (6x)
Glasses case (6x)
General Mills cereal (6x)
Gifts for haoles (6x)
Glen of Scotland (6x)
Goldblum of `the fly` (6x)
Garden in London (6x)
Grains (6x)
Ganymede (6x)
German hermann (6x)
Grinds for grads (6x)
Godlike (6x)
Genus chilomycterus (6x)
Goblin (6x)
Geisha`s girdles (6x)
Gobel or Gershwin (6x)
Gospeller (6x)
Geller feller (6x)
Grenada songwriter (6x)
Genus euderma (6x)
Glacial formations (6x)
Germinate (6x)
Greek pop music group (6x)
Gulls and geese (6x)
Geological (6x)
Glaucoma`s target (5x)
Garden shed (5x)
Grunt`s position (5x)
Gobelin or arras (5x)
Goes for a leisurely run (5x)
Garambulla cactus (5x)
Go to great lengths (5x)
Gay singing syllable (5x)
Genuine Risk in 1980 (5x)
Greeted the dawn (5x)
Georgia capital (5x)
Game similar to bridge (5x)
Gibberish (5x)
Garbanzo beans` alias (5x)
Going back to square one (5x)
Gets defeated by (5x)
Gemsbok (5x)
God of love (5x)
Gave out (5x)
Gorilla patriarch (5x)
Galba`s good-bye (5x)
Gamer`s icon (5x)
Genus paralichthys (5x)
Genus of the sea lettuce (5x)
Gram or phone preceder (5x)
Ginger ale brand (5x)
Got super into (5x)
Genus rypticus (5x)
Genus gentianella (5x)
Gobelin item (5x)
Grow (5x)
Girolamo savonarola (5x)
Goolagong move (5x)
Gumshoe`s gig (5x)
Grabbed by force (5x)
Groom fastidiously (5x)
Get to the Net (5x)
Generic address (5x)
Gamey (5x)
Gazes (5x)
Glade: Prefix (5x)
Goatish one (5x)
Genuflect (5x)
Growth rate (5x)
Graduated quantities (5x)
Game bird (5x)
George Eliot`s weaver (5x)
Gnawed leaf (5x)
Gathered (5x)
Genus cocos (5x)
Greek vowel (5x)
Gaggle gals (5x)
Give consent (5x)
Genus polanisia (5x)
Galaxy you hold (5x)
Greets a general (5x)
Ganja (5x)
Get ready for browsing (5x)
Go haywire, as a pc (5x)
Gather (5x)
Greens stroke (5x)
Genie (5x)
Guam`s largest city (5x)
Gynoecium (5x)
Garden in Dorset (5x)