Popular Clues with the letter A

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter A.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Approval (74x)
Agamid (60x)
Aloof person (27x)
Aquatic plant genus (22x)
Arrests (slang) (20x)
Acclaim (20x)
Atomic number 34 (19x)
Algerian goat (19x)
Absence of an enzyme (18x)
Appoint (17x)
Affected (16x)
Arbor (15x)
Aerial navigation (15x)
Agueweed (14x)
Atmospheric emanation (14x)
Aquatic plant (13x)
Abusive (13x)
Attackers (13x)
Attacker (13x)
Atmosphere (13x)
Animals (13x)
Air-sea rescue (12x)
Atomic number 81 (12x)
Active (12x)
Aloof (11x)
Anarchy (11x)
Asian (11x)
Alexandria native (10x)
Asian language (10x)
African antelopes (10x)
Affront (10x)
Acquire (9x)
Aper (9x)
Alert (9x)
Aerial navigation system (9x)
Absolute (9x)
African capital (9x)
Afghan currency (9x)
Above and beyond (8x)
Arch holders (8x)
Affectedly refined (8x)
Airer of TV`s Moesha (8x)
Attic fly traps (8x)
Attack (8x)
Arthropod (8x)
American architect (8x)
Attractive (8x)
Aftershave`s kin (8x)
Addlepated (8x)
Abrupt (8x)
Adman`s creation (8x)
Asked (8x)
Author harte (8x)
Affectedly creative (8x)
Appointment (8x)
Animal fat (8x)
Advise (8x)
Antelope (8x)
Absolutely (7x)
ATM (7x)
Aspersion (7x)
Approve (7x)
Animator`s frame (7x)
Alaska`s neighbor (7x)
Administrator (7x)
African mammal (7x)
Attached (7x)
Ashen appearances (7x)
Avenue (7x)
Avant-garde (7x)
Abound (7x)
Accused`s excuse (7x)
Ample shoe width (7x)
Approaches (7x)
Alkalinity number (7x)
Argument (7x)
Apparel (7x)
Astonished (7x)
Alan Walker song (7x)
Astronomer (7x)
Anjou or Kieffer (7x)
Art pop musician (7x)
Anvil, essentially (7x)
Average foundation (7x)
Arrangement (7x)
Apiary (7x)
Anonymous (7x)
Assailed militarily (7x)
All together (7x)
Ask for (7x)
Admit defeat (7x)
Addition (7x)
Avoided (7x)
Arabic boy name (7x)
Alley cat`s scrap (6x)
Afford opportunity (6x)
Album cover info (6x)
Authors of verse (6x)
Andiron (6x)
Advantageous (6x)
Algebraic language (6x)
Animating force (6x)
Airline of India (6x)
Anita Baker song (6x)
Acquiesced (6x)
Avant-garde cinema (6x)
Abash (6x)
Aperitif wine (6x)
Annoy continually (6x)
Academic degree (6x)
Affectedly correct (6x)
Affectedly genteel (6x)
Abating (6x)
Attacking Norman (6x)
Approaching (6x)
Aftermath (6x)
Allen film: 1971 (6x)
Artless (6x)
Asti wine grapes (6x)
Asia-Africa land bridge (6x)
Astonish (6x)
Australian cedar tree (6x)
Ayres or wallace (6x)
Akihito and Nero (6x)
Apprehensive words (6x)
Assume (6x)
Affable (6x)
Author Tarbell (6x)
Aquatic animal (6x)
Accepting (6x)
Apostle (6x)
Adeptly (6x)
Aristocracy (6x)
Attentively (6x)
Annoy successfully (6x)
Augury (6x)
Albumin (6x)
Arabic girl name (6x)
Alcohol in Ghana (6x)
Aboard ship (6x)
Animal House character (6x)
Attach (6x)
Advocate (6x)
Avalanche`s spot (6x)
Archie Bunker-type (6x)
Alpen car topper (6x)
Australian animals (6x)
Airedale (6x)
Agreeable exercise (6x)
Awning (6x)
American orchestra (6x)
Attacked on foot (6x)
Aster family plant (5x)
Abel composer (5x)
Aries symbol (5x)
Artifice (5x)
Angst-filled music (5x)
Assailant of Mr. Cassidy (5x)
Awed one (5x)
Australia is one (5x)
Aloof type (5x)
Abbey or tobacco (5x)
Apply again after a time (5x)
AAA advice (5x)
Accidents (5x)
Apart from this (5x)
Aristocrat (5x)
Assailed with crying (5x)
Autocratic (5x)
Attentive (5x)
Actress Johns (5x)
Afflict (5x)
Alaska`s capital (5x)
Aluminum exterior (5x)
Autocrats of old (5x)
Areas in deserts (5x)
A-C-E (5x)
Artsy one (5x)
Actress Pompeo (5x)
Attention grabbers (5x)
Adjective (5x)
Accompany (5x)
Apothecary`s shop (5x)
Atone (5x)
Admits a mistake (5x)
Animated Scrooge (5x)
Atrocious (5x)
Austrian invention (5x)
Advisory body (5x)
Advertise a bung (5x)
Activist Brokovich (5x)
Al jolson standard (5x)
Argent`s Ballard (5x)
Artificial reservoir (5x)
Aviator lost in 1937 (5x)
Atoll centers (5x)
Anger or rage (5x)
Avocado`s shape (5x)
Advances bit by bit (5x)
Arrival (5x)