Popular Clues with the letter A

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter A.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Area of London (164x)
Accolade (40x)
Amateur (31x)
Attack with gunfire (28x)
American weekly magazine (19x)
Astatine (18x)
Arroyo (18x)
Acting like a kid (17x)
Aeschylus masterwork (15x)
Afflicted with ennui (14x)
Arab royalty (13x)
Adventure (12x)
Assumption (12x)
Advocate (11x)
Almond liqueur (11x)
Arabian nomad (10x)
Arouse (10x)
Annoyance (10x)
Alleviate (10x)
Ampere (10x)
Apprehension (10x)
Aborning (9x)
Acupressure (8x)
Attempt (8x)
Aboard (8x)
Atomic number 28 (8x)
All-things-considered (8x)
Admire or revere greatly (8x)
Amused reaction (7x)
Ardent (7x)
African cat (7x)
About (7x)
Allegory (7x)
Achieve (7x)
Air-sea rescue (7x)
Arthropod (7x)
Allegorical (7x)
Adapt (6x)
Allot (6x)
Author`s submissions (6x)
Actor Weaving (6x)
Attracted (6x)
Anthropoid ape (6x)
Alloy (6x)
Allegations of guilt (6x)
Advertisement (6x)
Anger (6x)
Apprehend (6x)
Ade (5x)
Asian animals (5x)
Adorn with stars (4x)
Autos (4x)
As soon as (4x)
Aboard for a Mariner (4x)
African girl name (4x)
Accelerated (4x)
Abnormal (4x)
Argentite (4x)
Affected with terror (4x)
Accost (4x)
AssociƩ de confiance (4x)
Advances like ivy (4x)
Atonement (4x)
Alien (4x)
Aptly-named fruit (4x)
Acrobats` garments (4x)
Arafat, for one (4x)
Ancient history (4x)
Andes haulers (4x)
Attract (4x)
Argue in favor of (4x)
Albatross (4x)
Asian (4x)
Antibodies (4x)
Antler (4x)
Avouchment (4x)
Alice Blue Gown musical (4x)
Atoll`s composition (4x)
Aimee or Herbie (4x)
Apologetic comment (4x)
Arousing one`s attention (4x)
Amber wave of grain (4x)
Any dog (4x)
Advocates (4x)
Ambition in Dutch Opera (4x)
Appetite (4x)
Ascends (4x)
All together (4x)
Approval sign (4x)
Agreement (4x)
Admirable crichton (4x)
Actor ray (4x)
Authorize (4x)
A small gully or ditch (4x)
Advocacy (4x)
Amedeo avogadro (4x)
African mammal (4x)
Arctic peoples (4x)
Abrupt (4x)
Aggregation (4x)
Attorneys` degrees (4x)
Albumen`s shell-mate (4x)
Augment (4x)
Abraham (4x)
Astonish (4x)
Acupuncture (4x)
Amble start (4x)
Actress Chaplin (4x)
Allied group since 1948 (4x)
Advance (4x)
Arab nobleman (4x)
Activate (4x)
Aeschylus (4x)
Abjure (4x)
Ammunition (4x)
Apostle (4x)
Arose (4x)
Appealing (4x)
Architect pei (4x)
Accumulate (4x)
Apply cosmetics (4x)
Advanced animation FX (4x)
Aix-la-chapelle (4x)
Analogous (4x)
Apply a finish (4x)
Attitude (4x)
Ambiguous (4x)
Acceptable (4x)
Attain a goal (4x)
Ancient Roman general (4x)
All right (colloquial) (4x)
Admission (4x)
Articulate (3x)
Arrange blind dates (3x)
An alkali salt (3x)
Apollo 11`s destination (3x)
Actress Liza (3x)
Attentive way to listen (3x)
Aspen edge producer (3x)
Amazon business (3x)
Animal attraction (3x)
Arrest (3x)
Automatic accessories (3x)
Accustomed (3x)
Abrogate (3x)
American media history (3x)
Animation frame (3x)
AJ of auto racing (3x)
Abounding with herbs (3x)
Audience (3x)