Popular Clues with the letter A

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter A.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Adjacent (18x)
Andromeda (16x)
Actor grey (9x)
Amino acid (7x)
Attic (6x)
Automation (6x)
Atom (6x)
Arrange (5x)
Assesses (5x)
Abraham (5x)
Asian language (5x)
Appraisal (5x)
Amity (5x)
Australian slang (5x)
Alliance (5x)
Alcove (5x)
Amherst school (4x)
Aloof (4x)
Ascribe (4x)
Afflicted (4x)
Astute (4x)
African king (4x)
Admixture (4x)
Admirably (4x)
Aussie creature (4x)
Actress Julie (4x)
Analgesic (4x)
Adjuster (4x)
Abased (4x)
Adorning (4x)
Abbreviation (4x)
Aesir trickster (4x)
Arena for the Kings (4x)
Await with horror (4x)
Argentine statesman (4x)
Avarice (3x)
Actress Vega of Spy Kids (3x)
Aerosmith frontman (3x)
Avianize (3x)
Adapted (3x)
Anagram for dirty room (3x)
Arrester (3x)
Actor`s remark (3x)
Acetophenetidin (3x)
Angst-filled music genre (3x)
Amusingly (3x)
Amebocyte (3x)
Arachnid anatomy (3x)
Attempt (3x)
All that (slang) (3x)
Advanced physics subject (3x)
Analytic thinking (3x)
An ex of Rita (3x)
A cafe (slang) (3x)
Ancient Greek colony (3x)
Aspirin (3x)
Aspen (3x)
Added and deleted (3x)
Attainable (3x)
Actress Liv (3x)
Aleut`s jacket (3x)
Aliens (abbr.) (3x)
Ancient port of rome (3x)
Aristocratic one (3x)
Awry (3x)
Afterwards: Fr (3x)
Articles on display (3x)
Acorn producer (3x)
Anatomical bag (3x)
Anything but (3x)
Aka, in business (3x)
Atmospheric phenomenon (3x)
Absconded (3x)
Albanian dollar (3x)
Armani protector (3x)
Anapest (3x)
Academe (3x)
American post-rock group (3x)
Appellative (3x)
Azerbaijani book (3x)
Amerind shoe (3x)
Adept expert (3x)
Abandoned (3x)
Adventurer`s aversion (3x)
Arced a ball (3x)
American Idol display (3x)
Alley crawler (3x)
Attacks (3x)
Auto pioneer benz (3x)
Assorted (3x)
Approaching life (3x)
Action at a well (3x)
Assisted a criminal (3x)
Ahmedabad address (3x)
Allotment of chores (3x)
Abadan locale (3x)
Auctioned auto, often (3x)
Adjusted the clock (3x)
Antithesis of surfeit (3x)
Auction (3x)
Audio counterpart (3x)
Attend the World Series (3x)
Attica coin (3x)
Admiral nelson victory (3x)
Artichokes (3x)
Actress-singer from NYC (3x)
Aquarium concern (3x)
Abbr. after a year (3x)
Agamid lizard (3x)
Actor`s area (3x)
Amadeus antagonist (3x)
Anthology of writings (3x)
A-Team weapon (3x)
Airplane seat features (3x)
Ananias and others (3x)
American beer brand (3x)
Arab cloak (3x)
Aeroembolism (3x)
Angle (3x)
Anticipate, with with (3x)
Author Emily (3x)
Affect with wonder (3x)
Abbr. in a to-let ad (3x)
Amphibious WWII vehicle (3x)
Algiers`s old quarter (3x)
Arousing (3x)
Algonquian chief (3x)
Actor Culkin (3x)
Application entry (3x)
Audibility (3x)
Awaiting your reply (3x)
Angelic light (3x)
Affectedly cute (3x)
Arkansas (3x)
Apparition (3x)
Annapolis freshmen (3x)
Actor Tom and family (3x)
American Gothic painter (3x)
Ambiguously (3x)
Aldermanic (3x)
Airshow thriller (3x)
Arsonists (3x)
Activate (3x)
Arcade game control (3x)
Acrobatic hobo (3x)
Athos to aramis (3x)
Austrian device (3x)
Adieux (3x)
Antidepressant drug (3x)
Actress Miller (3x)
Absorbent (3x)
Awesome (3x)
Angular unit (3x)
ASEAN member (3x)
Approximate fig (3x)
Abstain from tune (3x)
Aphrodite`s love child (3x)
Azerbaijani song (3x)
Actualize (3x)
Australian comic strip (3x)
African boss (3x)
Arsenal cache (3x)
Anti-violence (3x)
At first glance (3x)
Abdomen: Combining form (3x)
Appreciate human beings (3x)
Auditorium section (3x)
Albee heroine (3x)
Auditor, at times (3x)
Assessment reform group (3x)
Agnostic (3x)
Actual being (3x)
Acting aspirants (3x)
Almond drink (3x)
Archipelago of Finland (3x)
Actor weathers (3x)
Avow (3x)
Antiquity, in the past (3x)
American male actor (3x)
Assuaged (3x)
Autoerotism (3x)
Antireflective-antiglare (3x)
Arden or Light (3x)
Ally (3x)
Apology author (3x)
Arizona center (3x)
Army wheels (3x)
Aborigines of Hokkaido (3x)
Aegina (3x)
Arm of Israel (3x)
Alexandria`s land (3x)
Animated film of 1998 (3x)
Authorized delays (3x)
Albert of sportscasts (3x)
Abstains (3x)
African antelope (3x)
Arhus (3x)
ATE (3x)
Answers for nanette (3x)
Animal god (3x)