Popular Clues with the letter A

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter A.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Air-sea rescue (5x)
Abduction (5x)
Awareness (5x)
Answer sheet (5x)
Action (5x)
Angular (5x)
Asin (5x)
Abounding in (5x)
Adequate (5x)
Ace product (5x)
Approbation (5x)
Ancient Iranian city (5x)
Ancient Peruvian (5x)
Absorb wholly (5x)
Australian slang (5x)
Angrily (5x)
A gossip (British slang) (5x)
Australian parrot (4x)
Angel Arms poet (4x)
Artists` ateliers, often (4x)
Arachnid (4x)
Articulated (4x)
Antoine`s apples (4x)
Achievement (4x)
At work (4x)
Agricultural concerns (4x)
Arctic hazard (4x)
Allstate (4x)
Amtrak`s `bullet train` (4x)
Amazon leader (4x)
Apologize (4x)
Aleut (4x)
Abounding (4x)
An abstract painting (4x)
Army wheels (4x)
Aaron Burr (4x)
Abundant (4x)
Arises unexpectedly (4x)
Anger (4x)
Antithesis (4x)
Abelard`s beloved (4x)
At the right time (4x)
ABBA`s first hit (4x)
Abrasive substance (4x)
All done! (4x)
Absconded (4x)
Aachen avenue (4x)
Adornment (4x)
Army shoulder bag (4x)
Artie`s bands (4x)
Airy (4x)
Aged (4x)
Arrant coward (4x)
Accessory (4x)
Actor john (4x)
Acted incautiously (4x)
Absence of bellum (4x)
AA Fair`s given name (4x)
Add-on (4x)
Aisle (4x)
Abstaining (4x)
Always (4x)
Asian salt tree (4x)
Abu Dhabi`s letters (4x)
ABC`s competitor (4x)
Alas! (4x)
Alive (4x)
Acerbity (4x)
Awful (4x)
Anima (4x)
All dried out (4x)
Aircraft fuel (4x)
Any abalone (4x)
A-lister (4x)
Approval (4x)
Alright (4x)
Agatha Christie sleuth (4x)
Achaean (4x)
Asinine (4x)
Around then (4x)
Afghan cave area (4x)
Above-average in height (4x)
App representation (4x)
Austian painter schiele (4x)
Aerosol (4x)
Antiquate (4x)
Apple types (4x)
Accent (4x)
Air-gun ammo (4x)
AAA truck`s gig (4x)
Arty (4x)
Alternative to a roller (4x)
Avoidance (4x)
Attempted favorably (4x)
Affranchise (4x)
Approximately (4x)
Alvin ailey (4x)
Amble (4x)
Aesop`s specialty (4x)
Arena (4x)