Popular Clues with the letter W

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter W.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Wield a teaspoon (3x)
Working woman (3x)
Whale habitat (3x)
Wader (3x)
Willow (3x)
Water in art (3x)
Wear out (3x)
Wyoming city (3x)
Watercraft (3x)
Wore away (3x)
Welcome guests (3x)
Wall-E`s love in Wall-E (3x)
Wacky cartoon producer (3x)
Watchful (3x)
Watchable by (3x)
Worshipper of shakti (3x)
Winesap (3x)
Wallet (3x)
Wayward one (3x)
Whimpers (3x)
Woolen cap (3x)
White horse (3x)
Win (3x)
Weapon created in Israel (3x)
Wasp (3x)
Weekday sequence (3x)
Walked through water (3x)
Way-out (3x)
Wallet cards (briefly) (3x)
Whipping memento (3x)
Wood alcohol (3x)
Wing forward in rugby (3x)
Whips severely (3x)
Watch attentively (3x)
Waste (3x)
Whistle (3x)
Wreck (3x)
Wings go-with (3x)
Winfrey (3x)
Wreak (3x)
Wetland of Texas (3x)
Wind instrument (3x)
Where Gump served (3x)
War plans department (3x)
Winter airs (3x)
Wrap up in a cerecloth (3x)
Warm-up acts (3x)
Well-worn path (3x)
Wine (3x)
Waterer`s need (3x)
Wonder or admiration (3x)
What one doesn`t do (3x)
Wildlife (3x)
Wilt (3x)
Way (3x)
Without a doubt (3x)
Word with tick or wind (3x)
Window boxes (3x)
Word on US coins (3x)
Wildflower (3x)
Working by itself (3x)
Warrior woman (3x)
Written (3x)
Wound locater (3x)
Wetted one`s whistle (3x)
Wee-hour work group (3x)
Wolf (3x)
Wish undone (3x)
Waterless (3x)
Walter (3x)
Water (3x)
Whopper inventor (3x)
Weird (3x)
Web site (3x)
Wears down (3x)
What`s that, in Tijuana (3x)
Wool giver (3x)
Watering hole snacks (3x)
Winter sport (3x)
When some news airs (3x)
Weigh upon (3x)
Write a computer program (3x)
Waiting (3x)
Wipes out (3x)
Waiter (3x)
Wander (3x)
Worship of words (3x)
Wraps (3x)
Wedding: Fr (3x)
Wyatt and Fonda (3x)
White water (3x)
Woman (3x)
Which thing (3x)
Wooden spoon (3x)
Whimsey (3x)
Wonderland cake words (3x)
Wallace and whitney (3x)
Wee bits (3x)
Writer horatio (3x)
Wrongdoers (3x)