Popular Clues with the letter W

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter W.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Weaken (38x)
Wide-eyed and innocent (35x)
West African storyteller (22x)
Wash (10x)
Weakly (9x)
Wireless (8x)
Warning signal (8x)
Well-mannered (8x)
Woven fabric (7x)
Worker (7x)
Warship (7x)
With belly, kvetches (6x)
Without partiality (6x)
Wooden shoe (6x)
Work (6x)
Warm and friendly (5x)
Witness (5x)
Watercourse (5x)
Ways of acting (4x)
Wrestle (4x)
Winter sport (4x)
Witch (4x)
Wretched (4x)
Weak (4x)
Woman (4x)
Whistle-blower (4x)
Wedding (4x)
Wrongdoing (4x)
Wander (4x)
Written communication (4x)
Whole (4x)
Worker bee in a way (4x)
Wiped out (4x)
Wave of emotion (4x)
Wizard (4x)
Wightman Cup contenders (3x)
Woodlouse (3x)
Whistle of disapproval (3x)
Wax (3x)
Withdrawal (3x)
Whinge (3x)
Word for sharers (3x)
Weary gape (3x)
Women`s-wear purchase (3x)
Warhead`s contents (3x)
Wryly amusing (3x)
Weapons of war (3x)
Weather map connectors (3x)
West indian sorcery (3x)
Write in the margins of (3x)
Wunderkind (3x)
Wishy-washy (3x)
Weapon Locating Radar (3x)
Whenever (3x)
Witty remark (3x)
Wood filler (3x)
Wrong start (3x)
Whitney Houston, for one (3x)
Withdrawn (3x)
Wharf posts (3x)
World book rival (3x)
Winged Foot hazard (3x)
Wholly and completely (3x)
Wroclaw (3x)
Webs of feathers (3x)
Weapons right at hand (3x)
Wanderers (3x)
Wendy`s founder Thomas (3x)
West African people (3x)
Web-browser programs (3x)
Wind instrument (3x)
Woodwind (3x)
Word with hug or therapy (3x)
Wise goat in Animal Farm (3x)
Wide spreads (3x)
Wine connoisseur (3x)
Without taking pains (3x)
Wreath (3x)
WWII server (3x)
Wrongful acts, in law (3x)
Water pipes (3x)
Walk out (3x)
Word after rest or gray (3x)
Wallaroo (3x)
Woods woods (3x)
Who, to Hulot (3x)
White-suited soldier (3x)
Wiggling (3x)
Western org. since 1948 (3x)
Window ornamentation (3x)
Wristband (3x)
Watermelon residue (3x)
World-weary (3x)
Whiny (3x)
Working on ploddingly (3x)
Withstand, as temptation (3x)
Wool producer (3x)
Word-processor output (3x)
Wrinkle (3x)
Wheeling`s county (3x)
Waterfall of Hawaii (3x)
Wily mo of the red sox (3x)
Wrasse (3x)
White Heat star (3x)
Woodstock group, 1969 (3x)
Woods hooter (3x)
Weighty letters (3x)
Where `GWTW` begins (3x)
Wacky (3x)
Wanders at will (3x)
Western pioneers (3x)
Watertight structures (3x)
Winter palace resident (3x)
Workaholic`s need (3x)
Warrior (3x)
Where Brisbane is (3x)
Water (3x)
Wallow (3x)
Wintry (3x)
White poplar (3x)
Writer asimov (3x)
Withdraw (3x)
With rapid movements (3x)
Wildebeest features (3x)
Wraith (3x)
Wickerwork stuff (3x)
Water serpent (3x)
Waistband (3x)
Wisp (3x)
Webbie song (3x)
Without end, poetically (3x)
Works on something (3x)
White-maned golden horse (3x)
Withstand examination (3x)
WWII battle town (3x)
Wikipedia conflicts (3x)
Where London Br. is now (3x)
Wine region of Germany (3x)
Wane (3x)
Woodcock (3x)
Warner Bros. products (3x)
Watch flashers (3x)
Western basket makers (3x)
Water-cooler offering (3x)
Winter Palace denizen (3x)
Well (3x)
White House initials (2x)
Webby (2x)
West pointers, sometimes (2x)
Waste paper basket (2x)
Wolf, in France (2x)
Wagon master`s cry (2x)
World War II leader (2x)
Wrong moves (2x)
Watermill in Switzerland (2x)
Where to get hot buys (2x)
Weirdly (2x)
Wolverine`s adversary (2x)
Wendell, the actor (2x)
Willingness (2x)
Woods in modern golf (2x)
Weighty instruments (2x)
Wolverine, for one (2x)
Word before team (2x)
Wasteful (2x)
Was excessively fond of (2x)
Words said in passing (2x)
Waltz in (2x)
Warped (2x)
Worthy of attention (2x)
Well-known (2x)
Wintry coat (2x)
White window coating (2x)
Wears down gradually (2x)
Warriors` group (2x)
Westminster Dog Show org (2x)
Wrecked a wrapper (2x)
Wool (2x)
Word (2x)
Without an end (2x)
Wild dog (2x)
Wu-Tang Clan co-founder (2x)
Wall or buck ender (2x)
World Court site (2x)
Woody`s heir (2x)
Wind vane dir (2x)
Wifely pick-me-up (2x)
Wear down with fatigue (2x)
Worked for Mad (2x)
Water sport (2x)
Withhold from (2x)
Writes in a rush (2x)
Wedding reception need (2x)
Wool giver (2x)
Where China is found (2x)
Wedge-shaped (2x)
Well-balanced guy (2x)
Worked with great effort (2x)
Waking up, in a way (2x)