Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Japanese ghost (22x)
Jousting contest (16x)
Just sit there (9x)
Just as expected (8x)
Jvc rival (7x)
Joyce character (7x)
Junk food junkie (6x)
Judge (5x)
Joust (5x)
Judaism (5x)
Japanese dish (5x)
Julian Bream instrument (5x)
Judy Woodruff`s employer (5x)
Jazz chords (5x)
Jump up and down (5x)
Jaguar (5x)
Jog (5x)
Juddering (4x)
Jaws (4x)
Juliet (4x)
Jiujitsu (4x)
Jibe (4x)
Jutland denizen (4x)
Joint ailment (4x)
Jerry Butler song (4x)
JVC or Hitachi rival (4x)
Jargon (4x)
Joy (4x)
Japanese natives (4x)
Jeer (4x)
Japanese board game (4x)
Join together (4x)
Jersey cap (4x)
James Bond foe (4x)
Jostle (4x)
Justice department (4x)
Janitorial need (4x)
JINX (4x)
Juggling (3x)
Just now (3x)
Jazz genre (3x)
Jet insignia (3x)
Jury member (3x)
Jokers (3x)
Jewelry maker, at times (3x)
Julian and Rhaetian (3x)
Judas, to jesus (3x)
Justice kagan (3x)
Japanese mat (3x)
Judicial assembly (3x)
Jacques of french cinema (3x)
Japanese verse (3x)
John barth`s `factor` (3x)
Jacobi or Jeter (3x)
Jan (3x)
Jazz trumpeter Jon (3x)
Jeweled toppers (3x)
Jabberwocky, for one (3x)
Junkyard machine (3x)
Japanese premier, 1941 (3x)
JPEG or MP3 (3x)
Juicy autumn fruit (3x)
Jumble (3x)
Jolly jumper (3x)
Jinni (3x)
Jotter (3x)
Jabberwocky weapon (3x)
Joan of Arc, notably (3x)
Just (3x)
July 1863 event (3x)
Jazz style (3x)
Just as I expected! (3x)
Join forces anew (3x)
Jazz Age (3x)
Juniper-berry product (3x)
Junk mail (3x)
Japanese sword sport (3x)
Judgment (3x)
Japanese belt (3x)
Juno actor (3x)
Journals (3x)
James dean movie (3x)
Japan`s locale (3x)
Joining army (3x)
Jailer (3x)
Japanese feudal nobleman (3x)
Jolly sounds (3x)
Jostle with a joint (3x)
John or Dody (3x)
January (3x)
Jillian or miller (3x)
Joints (3x)
Japanese architect (3x)
Jim carrey role (3x)
Jazz-pianist Art (3x)
Jamb (3x)
Jabber (3x)
Jubilant (3x)
Jockey Prado (3x)
Jeweled decoration (3x)
Jeeves (3x)
Jacques cartier (3x)
Jesting type (2x)
Joyful enthusiasm (2x)
Juvenile put-down (2x)
Joseph conrad work (2x)
Joined, as an agreement (2x)
JR`s mom (2x)
Just do it is one (2x)
Jaywalking comic (2x)
Joe Millionaire Marriott (2x)
Jangle (2x)
Jester (2x)
Jewish bread roll (2x)
Jazz great fitzgerald (2x)
John from LA (2x)
Joust sound (2x)
Jazz singer Adams (2x)
Juvenility (2x)
Jute or hemp fabric (2x)
Jane austen (2x)
Just one (2x)
Job (2x)
Jazzmen Early Hines (2x)
John wayne classic (2x)
Just one darn minute! (2x)
Jidda resident (2x)
Jailer`s janglers (2x)
JFK advisory (2x)
Japanese mats (2x)
Japanese soup noodle (2x)
Jock, carving his ham (2x)
Jared Goff (2x)
Joke (2x)
Jack-o`-lantern (2x)
Johnny Reb`s initials (2x)
Jumbled pile (2x)
Joining point (2x)
Jerome (2x)
Jack must be nimble here (2x)
Julius, for one (2x)
JEB Stuart`s country (2x)
Jazz great Coleman (2x)
Julianne and roger (2x)
Jumping rodents (2x)
Joyce of TV (2x)
Jewel-case insert (2x)
Jurist`s seat (2x)
Jon of Lassie (2x)
Jumped in voltage (2x)
Juice carriers (2x)
Jigsaw gimme (2x)
Jagged Little Pill hit (2x)
Jenny (2x)
Jimson weed (2x)
John dowland (2x)
June honoree (2x)
James or place (2x)
Jackal-headed god (2x)
Johann or Carl (2x)
Jalousie de milier (2x)
Jungle (2x)
Jacques loeb (2x)
Jolly roger`s perch (2x)
Jonathan was not slow (2x)
James of White Heat (2x)
Joker or jokester (2x)
Juicy piece (2x)
Jewel setting (2x)
Jones cohort (2x)
Jacket part (2x)
James Joyce (2x)
Judicial directives (2x)
Jazz trumpeter Manone (2x)
Jockey or cowboy (2x)
Juice beverages (2x)
Jigsaw (2x)
Jolly Good Fellow verb (2x)
Juliet`s cousin (2x)
Jewish elementary school (2x)
Jazzy Jones and James (2x)
Journalist Blitzer (2x)
Jalapeno (2x)
Japanese assent (2x)
Jack (2x)
Job in personnel (2x)
Juice cap in a 1990s fad (2x)
Jeering sound (2x)
Jewel (2x)
Jelly (2x)
Japanese radish (2x)
Jinks (2x)
Japanese trees (2x)
Japanese cedar (2x)
Jake Bugg song (2x)
Jousting arena (2x)
Jacquerie (2x)
Joins up (2x)
Judicial (2x)
Jackson 5 song (2x)