Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Japanese meat dish (10x)
Join together (7x)
Journalist (5x)
Justice (5x)
July birthstones (5x)
Jazz club highlight (4x)
Journalists (4x)
Judge (slang) (4x)
Jane eyre`s pupil (4x)
Japanese brand (4x)
Jerkin (4x)
Jedi protector (4x)
JJ Abrams series (4x)
Jarreau and hirt (4x)
Jo, beth or amy, to meg (4x)
Jay Leno (4x)
Jewish ceremonies (4x)
Jazz club attraction (4x)
Jockey`s garb (4x)
Just as (4x)
Jones or T. Hall (3x)
Jackdaw (3x)
Junket (3x)
Jay Leno alma mater (3x)
Jettison (3x)
JR ewing, and others (3x)
Jonze and Lee (3x)
Job benefit (3x)
Jethro Burns partner (3x)
Jean Arp`s genre (3x)
Jeweler (3x)
Jack and Clifton (3x)
Jagged (3x)
Jeff Bridges picture (3x)
Jim Morrison`s coll (3x)
Jump if parity odd (3x)
Jar (3x)
Jolliet`s lake (3x)
Jarring (3x)
Jeering (3x)
Jewish home service (3x)
Jamie Foxx song (3x)
Japanese wrestler Sato (3x)
Jack (3x)
Jimmy`s mfr (3x)
Jingle maker (3x)
Jet rival (3x)
June 1948 event (3x)
Just hatched (3x)
Job (3x)
Judge Judy`s forum (3x)
Judge (3x)
JFK commanded one (3x)
Jay Leno is a famous one (3x)
Journalist hamill (3x)
Joinery (3x)
Japanese rice beer (3x)
Jimson of fiction (3x)
Jobs offering of 1998 (3x)
Jazz or Starzz (3x)
Joke (3x)
Jacques, in a kid`s song (3x)
Japanese gateways (3x)
Judge`s job, at times (3x)
June 1895 sports event (3x)
Jet aircraft (3x)
Juxtaposition (3x)
J. Lo and Ben, once (3x)
Joe of Lethal Weapon 4 (3x)
Jackson turbidity unit (3x)
Jewel (3x)
Joe dimaggio`s brother (3x)
Jagger`s frame (3x)
Jed Clampett`s find (3x)
Joined an ovation (3x)
Judge Judy carrier (3x)
Jason`s theft (3x)
Jury findings (3x)
Jacket (slang) (3x)
Jiggly salad (3x)
Justified (3x)
June 1908 event (3x)
James, on Maverick (3x)
Jamaican cuisine (3x)
Joined up (3x)
Judge, for one (3x)
Jesse James (3x)
Judith of TV`s Nashville (3x)
Just get by (3x)
Joe Hardy`s steady (3x)
Jazzy rhythm technique (3x)
Joan Rivers creation (3x)
Judi Dench title (3x)
Johnny at quarterback (3x)
Jazz club units (3x)
Jackson five hairstyle (3x)
Justine star (3x)
Juvenal works (3x)
June 1944 event (3x)
Juan`s conclusion (3x)
Jersey material (3x)
Johann`s fresh start (3x)
Jeeps (3x)
Jail (3x)
Judith jamison (3x)
Juilliard major (3x)
Jerky (3x)
Jerry herman heroine (3x)
James Joyce`s Leopold (3x)
Jaworski (3x)
Jab (3x)
Jay leno`s specialty (3x)
Jeweled (3x)
Jolly old man (3x)
Janet jackson`s label (3x)
Jason`s shoip (3x)
Jed clampett`s duke (3x)
Japanese temple entrance (3x)
JEFF`S (3x)
Jack and billy (3x)
Jafar`s macaw in Aladdin (3x)
Jessica rabbit, for one (3x)
Jamaican friend (3x)
James baldwin (3x)
Juvenile salamanders (3x)
John Wooden`s school (3x)
Jewellery (3x)
Jack of old talk TV (3x)
Jane Eyre (2x)
Jack of hearts (2x)
Junction (2x)
Job-hunter`s handful (2x)
JR Ewing`s mother (2x)
John Wick portrayer (2x)
Just makes out (2x)
Julia of Tequila Sunrise (2x)
Jazz vocalist vaughan (2x)
Jetty (2x)
Jingling (2x)
June 1915 event (2x)
Jafar (2x)
Jam-session features (2x)
Joe Swash character (2x)
Journey to Mecca (2x)
JFK visitor, once (2x)
Jehovah (2x)
Judah`s daughter-in-law (2x)
Jargon of jazz (2x)
Jailbird`s quarters (2x)
Juvenal`s works (2x)
Juan`s eye (2x)
Jfk`s debater in 1960 (2x)
Jack Nicklaus`s gp (2x)
Juice container (2x)
Jessica of `dark angel` (2x)
John Gunther word (2x)
Juice (2x)
Jalopy (2x)
Jean Arp or Max Ernst (2x)
Jeopardy category (2x)
Just off the ocean floor (2x)
Jumble up (2x)
Jung things (2x)
Jewelers` lenses (2x)
Joinings (2x)
Judy Garland`s eldest (2x)
Jackpot offerer (2x)
Journal (2x)
Japanese poem (2x)
John calvin`s city (2x)
Jamaican male sprinter (2x)
Jotun (2x)
Jolson song subject (2x)
John Coryell`s detective (2x)
Jekyll`s dark side (2x)
Juicy information (2x)
Jungian concern (2x)
John bull`s omega (2x)
Joins together (2x)
Jeri or Nolan (2x)
Jack of tv (2x)
Japanese cheer (2x)
Jiggly see-through dish (2x)
Jalopy tire (2x)
Junkie`s implement (2x)
Japanese boy name (2x)
Japan part (2x)
Jack london work (2x)
Jacques`s beast (2x)
Jagger`s title (2x)
Japanese cartoon genre (2x)
Joking (2x)
José`s house (2x)
James Bond, for one (2x)
Jungian construct (2x)
Jabberer (2x)
Joe Torre or Bobby Cox (2x)
Jazz duet (2x)
Jazz combo`s date (2x)
Juillet`s seasons (2x)