Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Java, for one (3x)
Job (3x)
Joining peg (3x)
Japanese name (3x)
Jury member (3x)
Jolly old man (3x)
Junkyard arrival (3x)
Jumps high (3x)
Jerusalem is its capital (3x)
Juniors take `em (3x)
Jogging (3x)
Journeys (3x)
Jockey carrier (3x)
Jet engine (3x)
Jim and Larry of sports (3x)
Julianne and Marianne (3x)
Jument (3x)
Job-like (3x)
Joust (3x)
Juddering (3x)
Junked (3x)
Juice container (3x)
John milton (3x)
Janitor`s chore (3x)
Jerky (3x)
Journalist (3x)
Julius caesar`s city (3x)
Jewish sage (3x)
Jointer plane (3x)
JINX (3x)
Javelin trajectory (3x)
Japanese massage therapy (3x)
Jaggies (3x)
Jar top (3x)
Jades (3x)
Judicial assembly (3x)
Japanese sword type (3x)
Javanese (3x)
Jerry (3x)
Jinni (3x)
Jazz musician (3x)
Jointing plane (3x)
Japanese red army (2x)
Jaunt requiring no PJs (2x)
James dean movie (2x)
Johnson`s partner (2x)
Jangle with a dry sound (2x)
John of What`s My Line (2x)
Jack Ryan`s work (2x)
John barleycorn (2x)
Jessica in Dark Angel (2x)
James bond adventure (2x)
Jauntily (2x)
Jai-alai cheer (2x)
Journals (2x)
Justness (2x)
Jerky stroke, in sports (2x)
Jural (2x)
Jeweler (2x)
Jeanette or Lloyd (2x)
Jardiniere (2x)
Johann muller (2x)
Japanese poetry (2x)
Jazzman chick (2x)
Java platform game (2x)
Janet`s sister (2x)
Jade (2x)
Joke`s conclusion (2x)
Jackdaw cousin (2x)
Jorge Posada`s glove (2x)
Juice type (2x)
Jennings of country (2x)
Jannings of `waxworks` (2x)
Junkyard stuff (2x)
Jeune fille`s parent (2x)
Jumbled, as type (2x)
Joe`s running mate (2x)
Johns, in Ireland (2x)
Judgmental sounds (2x)
Jones of the Stones (2x)
Jackal or wolf (2x)
Juicy kiss (2x)
Jersey jersey word (2x)
Jelly dollop (2x)
Jelly Belly flavor (2x)
Jumbo jet (2x)
Joints for genuflecting (2x)
Junta (2x)
Japanese mat (2x)
Jungle den (2x)
Jewel mountings (2x)
JFK alternative (2x)
Justification (2x)
Jailhouse Rock lyricist (2x)
Jacket materials (2x)
Join forces with Satan (2x)
Juvenal works (2x)
Jacket for a hunting dog (2x)
Julia, in Ocean`s Eleven (2x)
Jesting (2x)
James of the Times (2x)
Japanese aborgine (2x)
Jump of surprise (2x)
Jokester`s prod (2x)
Japanese cedar (2x)
Judith of TV (2x)
Japanese menu item (2x)
Josip Broz on the wagon (2x)
Janis` comic strip mate (2x)
Journalism degree (2x)
Justifies, in law (2x)
Japanese wooden clog (2x)
Judy Garland (2x)
June event (2x)
Joining, in a way (2x)
Just between us (2x)
Justice`s leader (2x)
Jolly roger`s perch (2x)
Jagged Little Pill hit (2x)
Juvenile no more (2x)
Jaded sorts (2x)
Joint ailment (2x)
Java servlet (2x)
Jumbled heap (2x)
Jefferson (2x)
Jerks (2x)
Juicy (2x)
Jones (2x)
Jacques and Marie (2x)
John or Bo (2x)
James cagney (2x)
Jelly holders (2x)
Juicy Fruit product (2x)
Jason was its skipper (2x)
Joshed back and forth (2x)
Jalapa houses (2x)
Jaunt (2x)
Jai alai balls (2x)
Janet, to Jermaine (2x)
Jeeps (2x)
Jealous (2x)
JFK inits (2x)
JBS haldane (2x)
Jerome (2x)
Jackknifed (2x)
Juan`s wife after Evita (2x)
Japan locale (2x)
Junior in the NFL (2x)
Jersey Shore carrier (2x)
Jazzman beneke (2x)