Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Join together (9x)
Jeweled charade (8x)
Joyce`s land (8x)
Juice bar stock (7x)
Jumped bail (7x)
Jazz trumpeter baker (7x)
Jackal`s genus (7x)
Josie Lawrence character (7x)
Judi dench role, 1997 (7x)
Jellyfish`s lack (7x)
Joke writer (7x)
Juarez`s border twin (7x)
Japan part (7x)
Jolly roger symbol (6x)
Junkyard dog, probably (6x)
Jazz form (6x)
Joyce`s molly (6x)
Juice extractor (6x)
Journalist Curry (6x)
Joyful exclamation (6x)
Jeer leaders (6x)
Julius caesar`s last day (6x)
J. Lo or Selena (6x)
Jazz enthusiast (6x)
Johnny of films (6x)
Jehad (6x)
Juggling auqapet (6x)
Jacks off (slang) (6x)
Jim carrey film (6x)
Joanne of movies (6x)
Jawbone (5x)
Job for a plumber (5x)
Just enough to tease (5x)
Joseph Smith followers (5x)
Juilliard subj (5x)
John tyndall (5x)
Jungian soul (5x)
Japanese cheer (5x)
Jubilate or miserere (5x)
Jackson or Owens (5x)
Jeweler`s mineraloid (5x)
Judah`s daughter-in-law (5x)
Jetty restaurant serving (5x)
Jupiter`s alias (5x)
Jesting (5x)
Juiced particles (5x)
Japanese salad plant (5x)
Jiggerful (5x)
Jeans joint (5x)
Join, in woodworking (5x)
Jean Paul (5x)
John C. fremont (5x)
Junction transistor (5x)
Jewelry maker, at times (5x)
Jackie`s predecessor (5x)
Jeweled band (5x)
Jabberer (5x)
Jackie O`s hubby (5x)
Joker player Ledger (5x)
Jerry Maguire`s ilk (5x)
Juliet`s beloved (5x)
Jail (5x)
JP (5x)
Jazz group`s home (5x)
Jumbled mass (5x)
Jodie Foster flick (5x)
Japanese diving women (5x)
Joiner`s groove (5x)
JFK predictions (5x)
Joel or john (4x)
Jenny craig spokesperson (4x)
Jactancy (4x)
Jennings or Brokaw (4x)
Jugular location (4x)
John marstan (4x)
Juliet or viola (4x)
Jumps like a bunny (4x)
Joe of country rock (4x)
Judo garments (4x)
Julio`s I love you (4x)
Jackets and collars (4x)
Jaywalking direction (4x)
Jinks (4x)
Juice brand (4x)
Jai alai (4x)
Jungle creatures (4x)
Jazz chanteuse Anita (4x)
Japanese sock (4x)
Jordanian majority (4x)
Jazz music technique (4x)
Jaguars and Panthers (4x)
Joe Biden`s home st (4x)
Japanese ethnic group (4x)
Japanese palanquin (4x)
Jumping plant lice (4x)
Jazzy nina (4x)
Jessica mitford (4x)
Javelin path (4x)
Jacques of hockey fame (4x)
Jellied, molded dish (4x)
Joysticks (4x)
Job for Hercule Poirot (4x)
Juicy subject (4x)
Japanese and Javanese (4x)
Jenny craig advice (4x)
Just like always (4x)
Jet fighter (4x)
Jerky meat (4x)
Jets` conference (4x)
Jabberer`s workout (4x)
Jakob hermandszoon (4x)
Joseph Robinson plays it (4x)
Jenny star (4x)
Jewish leap year month (4x)
July 1995 event (4x)
Jersey and Alderney (4x)
Juliet`s love (4x)
Joke (4x)
John or John Quincy (4x)
Johann or Carl (4x)
Jerome kern (4x)
Joust (3x)
Jetta or Elantra (3x)
Junior acts (3x)
Jackie`s fashion guy (3x)
Japanese robes (3x)
Japanese cartoon art (3x)
Jekyll`s creator: init (3x)
Juillet`s season (3x)
Jazz lovers (3x)
John Bartlett and others (3x)
Jungle Peace author (3x)
Jean martin charcot (3x)
Jewelled ornamental band (3x)
Join for a drink (3x)
Joey on `dawson`s creek` (3x)
Javelin`s path (3x)
Jettisoned compartment (3x)
Jacques, in a kid`s song (3x)
Jolly-boat (3x)
Just sold my last one (3x)
Jacquard invention (3x)
Jason Kidd`s crew (3x)
Jamaican jazz (3x)
Jungle beasts (3x)
Jazz bands bookings` (3x)
Jeans joints (3x)
Just not do it (3x)
Jutted out (3x)
Jumps on ice (3x)
Jazzman mose (3x)
Jostled in a way (3x)
Journal notation (3x)
John donne (3x)
Join by interweaving (3x)
Julio`s home (3x)
Joe (3x)
Jetta fuel (3x)
Joker (3x)
Jonathan Cape book (3x)
Jesse Jackson`s do, once (3x)
Joy Division song (3x)
Jockey laffit (3x)
Japanese clothing brand (3x)
John Lithgow (3x)
Jardiniere (3x)
Jumbo (3x)
Jukebox offerings (3x)
Jetted bath (3x)
Jock (3x)
Justice Department arm (3x)
Judgship (3x)
Jeweled headgear (3x)
Japanese dog (3x)
Julie of Modern Family (3x)
Job hunter`s need (3x)
Jockey Prado (3x)
Job-ad letters (3x)
Juggling (3x)
Joist or lintel (3x)
Journeyman sailor (3x)
Joker`s activity (3x)
Jamaican sounds (3x)
Jingle Bells starter (3x)
Japanese cartoon (3x)
Jazzman Coleman (3x)
JFK approximation (3x)
Jewel boxes (3x)
Jazz band piece (3x)
July/August babies (3x)
Jackie`s couturier (3x)
Junior Leaguers (3x)
JFK stat (3x)
Jailhouse (3x)
Jolson`s aquatic bird (3x)
Johann sebastian bach (3x)
Jewel case display unit (2x)
Jiltee of myth (2x)
Jay`s family (2x)
Judge at home (2x)