Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Japanese ghost (12x)
Jetsam (8x)
Jersey Boys role (7x)
Joke (6x)
Joyous (5x)
Jacques Brel song (5x)
Jason`s spouse (5x)
Jon Stevens song (5x)
Jolly `Roger` (5x)
Just a memory now (4x)
Jaded one (4x)
Judas` act (4x)
Judicial decree (4x)
Juice for Jeff Gordon (4x)
Julie of TV (4x)
Johnny Bench`s squad (4x)
Juillet`s season (4x)
Joaquin`s bread (4x)
Japan`s emperor (4x)
Junket (4x)
Junked (4x)
Jorge`s hand (4x)
Joint (4x)
Joe Dassin song (4x)
Jackpot songs (4x)
John McCain`s sch (4x)
Jibe (4x)
Jacksonville Bowl (4x)
Janitor (4x)
Join together (4x)
Jackal or wolf (3x)
Joint inflammation (3x)
Joni Mitchell song (3x)
Jar (3x)
Janitor`s pocketful (3x)
Julius Caesar`s betrayer (3x)
Jeff`s pal (3x)
Jewish boxer Max (3x)
Janis` comic strip mate (3x)
Joinder (3x)
Jazz performer (3x)
James or kett (3x)
Jimmy`s Vertigo co-star (3x)
Joyful dances (3x)
Jargons (3x)
Jackie Gleason costar (3x)
Juice bar drink (3x)
John Ellis Bush (3x)
Jaunty rhythm (3x)
Juice bar drinks (3x)
Japanese ritual (3x)
Jonas Salk`s vaccine (3x)
Judy Garland (3x)
Jeopardize (3x)
Joyful (3x)
Jean Stein best seller (3x)
Jacinth (3x)
Jolly (3x)
Jeopardy! ans., really (3x)
John Major (3x)
Jet-setters` jets (3x)
Jackie gleason role (3x)
Japanese sleuth (3x)
Japanese dish (3x)
Jerk (3x)
Juniper-flavored quaff (3x)
Jeopardy! answer starter (3x)
Jehan (3x)
Johnsons (3x)
Jazzy rhythm technique (3x)
Jazz great (3x)
Jazz fan (3x)
Jewelry box (3x)
Jets` fighters (3x)
Judo workout (3x)
Justness (3x)
Jfk and others (3x)
Jamie`s Oscar role (3x)
Jacob`s first mate (3x)
Jazz combo staples (3x)
Jaded attitude (3x)
Juvenile raptor (3x)
Juvenile person (3x)
Javelin expert (3x)
Jumble of noise (3x)
Jerome Kern show (3x)
Jamaican cultist (3x)
Jury-rigged (3x)
J-N links (3x)
Job-ad letters (3x)
Jackie O`s `O` (3x)
Jackass` asian relative (3x)
Jess Glynne song (3x)
Jimmy durante (2x)
Jetty components (2x)
John Charles of opera (2x)
Jellied (2x)
Jackie o`s man (2x)
Jose`s okays (2x)
Joiner in a way (2x)
Jaipur notables (2x)
Jack`s friend (2x)
Juice bar orders (2x)
Jump from gig to gig (2x)
Jetson lad (2x)
Junction injunction (2x)
Jerry and george`s buddy (2x)
Just all right (2x)
Jack of Hollywood (2x)
Jaunts (2x)
Julius Caesar foe (2x)
Jane fonda (2x)
Jeremiads (2x)
Johnny of TV (2x)
Just For Men (2x)
Japanese coins (2x)
Jakarta`s country (2x)
Japanese deer (2x)
Junior diplomat (2x)
Jelly found in pork pies (2x)
Jump the gun (2x)
Jargon (2x)
Jupiter (2x)
Johnny Reb`s gp (2x)
Jones of baseball (2x)
Jumping piece (2x)
Just the way you see me (2x)
James of music (2x)
Jay Park song (2x)
Japanese accessory (2x)
Jimi Hendrix wore one (2x)
JFK board notation (2x)
Jazz great Stan (2x)
Jose Cruz, notably (2x)
Jump for sasha cohen (2x)
Jumps onto (2x)
Jacket blurb (2x)
Jethro`s uncle (2x)
Jeune fille`s relative (2x)
Japheth`s brother (2x)
Junker (2x)
James bond alma mater (2x)
Jazzy dances (2x)
Jacksonville`s county (2x)
Jersey chew (2x)
Jellied British delicacy (2x)
Jewish month after adar (2x)
Johnson of `laugh-in` (2x)
Juno actor Michael (2x)
James bond enemy (2x)
Julia of film (2x)
Justifications of means (2x)
Joints or Pictures (2x)
James and jones of music (2x)
Joins inseparably (2x)
Judicial administration (2x)
Jazzy anita (2x)
Jack Frost`s work (2x)
Japanese green bean (2x)
Jeweler`s glass (2x)
Joint inheritor (2x)
Joe Satriani song (2x)
Jefferson (abbr.) (2x)
John Lennon`s son (2x)
Job perk for some (2x)
John Belushi (2x)
Jackknife maker (2x)
Jagganath (2x)
Jade (2x)
Jack of oz (2x)
Jet engine (2x)
Japanese hot pot dish (2x)
Jambalaya base (2x)
Jutting out (2x)
Juniors, usually (2x)
Jericho network (2x)
Jazz magazine (2x)
Japan`s `city of water` (2x)
Jeepers! in Jersey (2x)
Jack Sprat`s taboo (2x)
Japanese graphic novel (2x)
Janis` comics partner (2x)
Jerome Kern song (2x)
Jazzman hines (2x)
Joyful shout to God (2x)
Jack London`s boat (2x)
Japanese poetry form (2x)
Jaw-dropping opening (2x)
Jefferson founded it (2x)
Juan`s What (2x)
Jericho feature (2x)
Jill Scott song (2x)
Jumper material (2x)
Jillian or miller (2x)
Jasper Johns medium (2x)
Japanese pasta (2x)
Jock tv (2x)
Jerusalem temple locale (2x)
Judge Bean`s order (2x)
John Updike sequel (2x)