Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

John Coryell`s detective (8x)
Jockey (7x)
Jeter`s field (6x)
Jetson canine (6x)
Jumble (6x)
Jack`s connection (5x)
Japanese native (5x)
Jeff Lynne`s rock gp (4x)
Jerkwater (4x)
John or Paul (4x)
Java olives (4x)
Jai-alai basket (4x)
Jiang`s predecessor (4x)
Jedi with a big forehead (4x)
Julian Lennon song (4x)
Journey`s Neal (4x)
Junkie`s implement (4x)
Justinian code (4x)
Jewellery (4x)
Jacques` girlfriend (4x)
Japanese bean paste (4x)
Jeer (4x)
Jazz musician (3x)
Job bidding figs (3x)
Jeff`s comic strip buddy (3x)
Juice drink suffix (3x)
James Clavell bestseller (3x)
John locke (3x)
Johnny Bench`s station (3x)
Johnsons (3x)
Judi Dench title (3x)
JR (3x)
Jay on TV (3x)
Japheth`s father (3x)
Jay`s guitarist on TV (3x)
Jerome Kern melody (3x)
Jump of surprise (3x)
Jonas Brothers song (3x)
Jfk`s debater in 1960 (3x)
Jackie o`s trademark (3x)
Jersey City`s county (3x)
Japanese aboriginal (3x)
Judo grade (3x)
Jesse McCartney song (3x)
Jamaican coffee liqueur (3x)
Johnson (3x)
Javelin (3x)
Joyless (3x)
Jazz chick (3x)
Jorge`s hi (3x)
Julia Child (3x)
Jalisco January (3x)
Journalist buchanan (3x)
Jailbird`s quarters (3x)
Juan`s mother`s sisters (3x)
Join the club (3x)
Janacek work (3x)
Journeys (3x)
Jazz pianist Krall (3x)
Janitor`s jangler (3x)
Jekyll`s other half (3x)
John Wayne (3x)
Jose Altuve`s team (3x)
Jung or Sagan (3x)
Joyous (3x)
JINX (3x)
Jafar (3x)
Jag (3x)
John-John`s uncle (3x)
Jerseys (3x)
Jones with bones (3x)
Justified (3x)
June 1992 event (3x)
Johnny (3x)
JFK forecasts (3x)
Judgment (3x)
Japanese soup staple (3x)
Junior college award (3x)
Jerry Seinfeld`s pal (3x)
Jousting blow (3x)
Juan`s followers (3x)
Junk food`s lack (3x)
James Bond (3x)
Jamie Foxx`s legend (3x)
Jobs` creation (briefly) (3x)
Japanese robes (3x)
Jeered at (3x)
Japanese massage therapy (3x)
July 1857 event (3x)
Jets (3x)
Just out (3x)
Jose`s head (3x)
Japanese working dog (3x)
Japanese coin (3x)
Japanese folk religion (3x)
Jostle rudely (2x)
Juice dispensers (2x)
Jupiter`s domain (2x)
Jolly Roger`s image (2x)
Jump if greater or equal (2x)
Judy`s girl et al (2x)
Jung of psychology (2x)
Japanese bedding (2x)
Jacob`s partner (2x)
Justifying (2x)
Jilted prison workers (2x)
Jolly boats (2x)
Jarring fact (2x)
Johnny, of movies (2x)
Jekyll`s other side (2x)
Joke`s conclusion (2x)
Judo technique (2x)
Juiciness (2x)
Jumbled confusion (2x)
Japanese imports (2x)
Joel`s follower (2x)
John`s accompanier (2x)
Jollyboats (2x)
Jazz-pianist Art (2x)
Jewish mourning period (2x)
Jumpy (2x)
JPEG (2x)
Jockey`s strap (2x)
June Cleaver`s son (2x)
Joshua`s friend (2x)
Jostled in a way (2x)
Jack`s partner in rhyme (2x)
Java is in it (2x)
Jeter of baseball fame (2x)
JoePa`s sch (2x)
Josiah willard gibbs (2x)
James or Jones (2x)
Japanese rose (2x)
Joe Biden`s wife (2x)
Jumps around (2x)
Joke (2x)
Japan natives (2x)
Jolliet`s lake (2x)
Jalisco year starters (2x)
Jeanne darc`s city (2x)
Jazzy James and Jones (2x)
Jazzy animals (2x)
Javelin trajectory (2x)
Jail door opener (2x)
John lennon hit (2x)
Jeggings fabric (2x)
Japanese watch brand (2x)
Jaguars locale (2x)
Juniors or seniors (2x)
Jazz lovers (2x)
Jardin public (2x)
Jimi hendrix (2x)
John Wayne film of `70 (2x)
Julia Hills character (2x)
JD Salinger title girl (2x)
Joker, for one (2x)
Jolly old man (2x)
Jon arbuckle`s dog (2x)
Jingler (2x)
Julie`s bailiwick (2x)
Jets` former home (2x)
Jelly ingredients (2x)
Jokes of a sort (2x)
Joins the political ring (2x)
Jefferson`s bill (2x)
Japanese cousin of Mr (2x)
Jazz player, for one (2x)
Jeans giant of the `80s (2x)
James Madison, for one (2x)
Juin predecessor (2x)
John Wayne films, often (2x)
Just one of those things (2x)
Jellyfish (2x)
Jam time (2x)
Jazzy Ms. Fitzgerald (2x)
Judicious state (2x)
Jackie Robinson was one (2x)
Jersey chew (2x)
Join together by heating (2x)
Jubilant (2x)
Job details (briefly) (2x)
Jouster`s defense (2x)
Just shy of 80 (2x)
Jewel (2x)
Jut (2x)
Jobs per hour (2x)
Joshua`s co-survivor (2x)
Journey (2x)
Joggle (2x)
Jergens rival (2x)
James, the blues singer (2x)
Jeter or Martinez (2x)
Julie Andrews film (2x)
JK`s hero (2x)
Johnson et al (2x)
Jane eyre`s student (2x)
Jamaican fruits (2x)
Joshua Bell performance (2x)
Johnny Appleseed`s ilk (2x)
Japanese gateway (2x)