Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Jaunty (12x)
Jug (8x)
Job (7x)
Jargon (5x)
June (5x)
Jaffa`s country (5x)
Juveniles (5x)
Junk (4x)
Jason`s shoip (4x)
Julius marx (4x)
Journalist (4x)
Joint (4x)
Jalisco bears (4x)
Join in marriage (4x)
Jewel (4x)
Jolly Roger`s dark side (4x)
J. Carrol of filmdom (3x)
Join by interweaving (3x)
Jungle (3x)
Japanese male poet (3x)
Jubilantly (3x)
James Bond foe (3x)
John Bunyan, for one (3x)
J. low organisation (3x)
Jacuzzi locale (3x)
Jackfruit (3x)
Just-passing grade (3x)
John of Carousel (3x)
Juliet (3x)
Japanese belt (3x)
Japanese deity (3x)
Jeff Gordon, for one (3x)
Japanese poetry form (3x)
Janis`s comics partner (3x)
Jingle maker (3x)
Jakarta role (3x)
Joan of Arc, notably (3x)
JD-to-be`s hurdle (3x)
Jimi Hendrix haircut (3x)
Juxtaposed body parts (3x)
Jobholders (3x)
Jardiniere (3x)
Juneteenth (3x)
Jeweller (3x)
Jukebox (3x)
Johnny-jump-up (3x)
Join again, in a way (3x)
Joe dimaggio`s nickname (3x)
Joker (3x)
Jacob`s grandson (3x)
Japanese board game (3x)
Joe Palooka`s Ann (3x)
Joke (3x)
Judge (3x)
Jumpin` Jupiter! (3x)
Jersey Shore (3x)
Jemison of NASA (3x)
Jamaican faith (briefly) (3x)
Journalist`s get (3x)
Jake Tapper`s channel (3x)
Journey section (3x)
Johnny Five`s need (3x)
Jerez de la frontera (3x)
Journal keeper (3x)
Jackson novel, 1884 (3x)
Jason`s mad missus (2x)
Johnson`s comedy partner (2x)
Joy (2x)
Jai-alai need (2x)
Jolly old saint (2x)
Jurassic Park star Sam (2x)
Jeopardise (2x)
Jefferson`s vp (2x)
Journalists in the field (2x)
Jean Stein best seller (2x)
Jurassic Park actor (2x)
Jousting knight (2x)
Job interview topic (2x)
Japanese ghost (2x)
John`s `be cool` co-star (2x)
Japanese film monster (2x)
Japanese froyo topper (2x)
Julie Andrews film: 1981 (2x)
Jacobean era collar (2x)
Jamaican cooking style (2x)
Just sort, supposedly (2x)
Judge Dredd novel (2x)
Jumbo size, usually (2x)
Jasmine relative (2x)
Journalism organization (2x)
Jean-Luc Picard`s nephew (2x)
Jury-panel members (2x)
Juliette Low`s org (2x)
Jellyfish defense (2x)
Jasmyn Banks character (2x)
Jimmy durante feature (2x)
Jane goodall study (2x)
Jackson or Owens (2x)
Just okay^SOS (2x)
John`s `grease` co-star (2x)
Jackpot (2x)
Julian Assange release (2x)
Jealous queen of myth (2x)
Japanese chiefs of old (2x)
Jewellery (2x)
Joint bent on a bender (2x)
Jedi portrayer (2x)
Joule`s cousin (2x)
Jeffersons (2x)
Jeeter`s wife (2x)
Jury or point (2x)
Judge bean`s decision (2x)
Jim Henson`s censor (2x)
Japanese cake (2x)
Jazz legend Gordon (2x)
John or Bonnie (2x)
Judges hear them (2x)
Judi dench role, 1997 (2x)
Junket (2x)
Japanese beef city (2x)
Jewish blessing (2x)
Joey or Johnny (2x)
Jamaican export (2x)
Joseph Smith (2x)
Jay`s weeknight rival (2x)
Jockey silks (2x)
Jittery condition (2x)
John D. macdonald sleuth (2x)
Jurassic Park co-star (2x)
Japanese massage therapy (2x)
JFK airlines, once (2x)
Jefferson`s portraitist (2x)
Jack of `titanic` (2x)
Judeo-Spanish language (2x)
Jazzmen`s licks (2x)
Julianne and demi (2x)
Jagger`s title (2x)
Jackdaw (2x)
Jumpsuit (2x)
Jim jordan radio role (2x)
Jewelry maker (2x)
Jamaican fruit (2x)
Jodie`s Contact role (2x)
Jewish mo (2x)
Justice or Death (2x)
Jokingly (2x)
Jean-Pierre par exemple (2x)
Joseph Cotton title (2x)
Jazz passage (2x)
Japanese tea ceremony (2x)
Jacket flaps (2x)
Judah`s daughter-in-law (2x)
Jazz great James (2x)
Judgement of dismissal (2x)
John Deere competitor (2x)
Joker, for one (2x)
Jumpers (2x)
Jailbird`s quarters (2x)
Johns, in Ireland (2x)
Jazz violinist Grappelli (2x)
Japanese clog (2x)
Jaded (2x)
Journeying, as a knight (2x)
JR firth (2x)
Jeremy of films (2x)
Jet set`s pet plane (2x)
Jamaican dessert (2x)
Johannes kepler (2x)
Jack or spud (2x)
Join in the fun (2x)
Jar (2x)
John paul or john paul (2x)
Joint point (2x)
Japanese paper art (2x)
John Phillip (2x)
John King`s channel (2x)
Juryman (2x)
Junglefrau (2x)
Juan the cubist (2x)
Joey, Johnny, or Dee Dee (2x)
Jaundice (2x)
John copley (2x)
Jose of tequila fame (2x)
Jugular location (2x)
Jeff Gordon, notably (2x)
Jungle explorer Johnson (2x)
Jazzman`s lingo (2x)
Jenny of Sweden (2x)
Jacks (2x)
Jeffersonian estate (2x)
Juno`s counterpart (2x)
Juice dispenser (2x)
Jelly-egg dish (2x)
Join in a nursery (2x)
John McGraw`s wunderkind (2x)
Jazz altoist McIntyre (2x)
Japanese padded quilt (2x)
Jetty support (2x)