Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Joke (21x)
Japanese bread (18x)
Japanese ghost (15x)
Jumbo (12x)
Jauntiness (7x)
Jaffa`s country (7x)
Jargon (7x)
Joker (7x)
Junked (6x)
Jump balls (5x)
Joan of Arc`s hot spot (5x)
Jewish ceremony (5x)
Jockey (5x)
Juvenile (5x)
Juvenile delinquents (5x)
Johnny (5x)
Jottings (5x)
Jeff Davis`s org (4x)
Joseph conrad (4x)
Joyce`s native land (4x)
Jamie Foxx film (4x)
Journalist bly (4x)
Jeanne d` Arc (4x)
Justin Bieber song (4x)
Jeanne d`Arc et al (4x)
Juniper-berry product (4x)
Jots (4x)
Jackie’s second (4x)
Jetty or body part (4x)
Jonah`s destination (4x)
Japanese board game (4x)
Jurisdiction (4x)
Jaunt requiring no PJs (3x)
Jerusalem temple site (3x)
Joyful (3x)
Journal keeper (3x)
Jerusalem artichoke (3x)
Jostled (3x)
Jaded sort (3x)
Jacket and collar (3x)
Jumping rodents (3x)
Jackpot (3x)
Jazz and such (3x)
Jewel (3x)
Jonson works (3x)
Jingle (3x)
Jotting (3x)
Julian 111 (3x)
Junky prose (3x)
Jury members (3x)
Johnny`s waiting place (3x)
James Dean-type (3x)
Judgment (3x)
Just enough to tease (3x)
Jolly (3x)
Judge (3x)
Jane Eyre (3x)
Jfk-to-tlv carrier (3x)
Japanese title (3x)
Journalist Farrow (3x)
Jasmine (3x)
Jigsaw puzzle unit (3x)
Japanese fruit (3x)
Japan`s locale (3x)
Japanese rice wine (3x)
Jurassic Park terror (3x)
Joint (3x)
Juvenile favorite (3x)
Journalist Burnett (3x)
Jazz great Coleman (3x)
Jealousy (3x)
Jedi fighters (3x)
Jelly-making supply (3x)
James dean classic (3x)
Jazz legend (3x)
Jukebox pick (3x)
Julianne of Seventh Son (3x)
Justice Department arm (2x)
Japanese metropolis (2x)
Jeweled ornaments (2x)
Japanese dwarf tree (2x)
Jaguar in Madagascar 3 (2x)
Julian Cope song (2x)
Junta (2x)
Joyous outburst (2x)
Jock (2x)
Japanese sword sport (2x)
Jeremiads (2x)
Jostled in a way (2x)
Jaws (2x)
Jenny of diets (2x)
Jawbreaker (2x)
Job for an electrician (2x)
Jew (2x)
Judgment after a verdict (2x)
Joltless joes (2x)
Java platform game (2x)
Journalist Blitzer (2x)
Je ne sais quoi (2x)
Judgement day (2x)
Jane Eyre child (2x)
Jazzy animals (2x)
Jug band (2x)
Juice drinks (2x)
Joyous singers (2x)
Jocular Jack (2x)
Jedi`s foes (2x)
Jacket english (2x)
Judicial media silencer (2x)
Jingoism (2x)
Jackson and Arkin (2x)
Jeering at (2x)
Jetson dog (2x)
Jangle (2x)
Jesse James`s crime (2x)
Julep enhancer (2x)
Jockey Day (2x)
Judaic writing (2x)
Jacket fabric (2x)
Juice bar juice (2x)
Jazzman (2x)
Juice flavor (2x)
Jorge of Univision (2x)
Joyce Carol or John (2x)
Julian Assange release (2x)
Jasper Johns genre (2x)
Japanese dog (2x)
Japanese poem (2x)
Japanese people (2x)
Jazzy Waters (2x)
Jotted (2x)
Jeweled Russian treasure (2x)
Jannings or Zatopek (2x)
Jay and family (2x)
Jazz musicians (2x)
Jimmy the greek (2x)
Jump (2x)
Join in a journey (2x)
Joules per second (2x)
Joan Baez song (2x)
Johnny Mathis song (2x)
Jillian or miller (2x)
Juvenile outbreak (2x)
Jack of old flicks (2x)
Jockstrap (2x)
Julianne or Clement (2x)
Jogger`s pace (2x)
Jorge`s new (2x)
Juice cap in a 1990s fad (2x)
Japanese dialect (2x)
Jungfrau (2x)
Joanne of `My Pal Gus` (2x)
Jazz performer (2x)
Jeweler`s other job (2x)
Justice agency (2x)
Jarring, as a note (2x)
Jackanapes (2x)
Jolly one (2x)
Julian Le Play song (2x)
Joyous song of tribute (2x)
Journal addition (2x)
Jack Benny exclamation (2x)
Jockey McCarron (2x)
Jeweler (2x)
Jordanian`s language (2x)
Jeans alternatives (2x)
Julian calendar date (2x)
Juju (2x)
Journal notation (2x)
Julian or Binnie (2x)
Jesuit (2x)
Jackstraws (2x)
Japanese movie style (2x)
Jostler`s weapon (2x)
Jersey cap (2x)
Jaundice (2x)
Jeweller`s measure (2x)
Jawless fish (2x)
Japanese takeout order (2x)
Journalist alistair (2x)
Judicial assertions (2x)
Jeopardy! studio (2x)
Jogger`s kin (2x)
Jubilant cry (2x)
Japanese shout (2x)
Jughead (2x)
Jazzman Gil (2x)
Janvier to decembre (2x)
Jesus raised him (2x)
Judas, to jesus (2x)
Jamaican tangelo (2x)
Jaunty chapeau (2x)
John Beck`s Sleeper role (2x)
Jackie Coogan: 1922 (2x)
Jazz performances (2x)
Jazz musician hampton (2x)
Japanese grill (2x)
Jolly Roger fliers (2x)
Junkyard offering (2x)
Japanese-American skater (2x)