Popular Clues with the letter J

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter J.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Jumbo (3x)
Journeys (3x)
Jailer (3x)
Jades (3x)
Junkyard dog (3x)
Jigger (3x)
Judges (3x)
Job (3x)
Jinxes (3x)
Jet aircraft (3x)
Joyce and Synge (3x)
Joe Satriani song (3x)
Jazz (3x)
Jerky (3x)
Jaded (3x)
Jonas Brothers song (3x)
Jollification (3x)
Jet set`s jet (3x)
Jingling assortment (3x)
Juddering (2x)
Jack Kerouac`s group (2x)
Joyce (2x)
Jog (2x)
Jesse Owens (2x)
Judgment call at home (2x)
Jidenna song (2x)
Jambalaya or Burgoo (2x)
Judge (slang) (2x)
Jungfrau (2x)
Juaquin`s other (2x)
Juice extractor (2x)
Jesuits` founder (2x)
Jay-Z`s rhymes (2x)
Jab (2x)
Japon`s place (2x)
Jennifer Crusie`s genre (2x)
Just about (2x)
Jeff Bridges film (2x)
Jiffy (2x)
Jutland color (2x)
Jasmines` kin (2x)
Jiddah`s sea (2x)
Judges` follower (2x)
Jokey (2x)
Juan`s year (2x)
June 1944 event (2x)
Joneses (2x)
Just sit, like coffee (2x)
Jeong of The Hangover (2x)
Jim and Tammy`s org (2x)
Jump of surprise (2x)
Jurist`s paradise (2x)
Jihad (2x)
Julian`s stepmother (2x)
Jigsaw (2x)
Jones (2x)
John`s running mate in (2x)
Jetted (2x)
Jewelers` glasses (2x)
Jefferson (2x)
Jackson and Derek (2x)
Jacques` after (2x)
Judi dench, and others (2x)
John locke (2x)
Jazz style (2x)
Jazz band members (2x)
Joshes (2x)
Japanese pasta (2x)
Jarring the ear (2x)
Jonah (2x)
Juries (2x)
Jealousy (2x)
Journal excerpt (2x)
Jones and Stengel (2x)
Jetson canine (2x)
Jackass network (2x)
Junked (2x)
Jerry`s `Seinfeld` uncle (2x)
Justifiably (2x)
Jump that may be doubled (2x)
Jazz dance (2x)
Jewelry box items (2x)
Johnson (2x)
J-N links (2x)
J-N linkup (2x)
Julienne (2x)
Jet set (2x)
Jug (2x)
Joust (2x)
Jabba the Hutt`s captive (2x)
Junior crowd (2x)
Japanese wrestling style (2x)
Jujube (2x)
Jolson and others (2x)
Jockeys` uniforms (2x)
Jam (2x)
Jamaican tangelo (2x)
Jig (2x)
John Forsythe sitcom (2x)
Jazz legend Coleman (2x)
Jethro Bodine (2x)
Jacques of Parade (2x)
Join in one place (2x)
Jack`s grownup partner (2x)
Jeer at (2x)
Japanese assent (2x)
Jazzy style (2x)
Journal attachment (2x)
Jottings (2x)
Judi Dench (2x)
Jet engine failure (2x)
Joins in metal shop (2x)
Journey (2x)
Japanese robe (2x)
James Bond (2x)
Jungle-like (2x)
Junior branch (2x)
Jessica Andersson song (2x)
Jade-green (2x)
John Quincy`s mom (2x)
Juan Carlos`s realm (2x)
Judging (2x)
Jazzy (2x)
Julia Child is one (2x)
Jean Lafitte`s haunts (2x)
Jesuit university (2x)
Joyfully (2x)
Join, as hands (2x)
Jettison (2x)
Jutted out (2x)
Junoesque (2x)
Japanese city near Kyoto (2x)
Jamborees (2x)
Japanese bowlful (2x)
Java man (2x)
Jacob`s 12 (2x)
Just out (2x)
Jewel worker (2x)
Journalist (2x)
Jacob Abbott hero (2x)
John, paul and john paul (2x)
Jaundiced eye (2x)
Join a bee (2x)
Jitterbug (2x)
Joking (2x)
Joking or jesting (2x)
Jacksons (2x)
Junctures (2x)
June 1843 event (2x)
Jets` owner Leon (2x)