Popular Clues with the letter O

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter O.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Outstanding (16x)
Old measures (10x)
Ornate (9x)
Overdo (8x)
Ocean-liner waiter (7x)
Offensive (7x)
Outdo (7x)
Open space (7x)
Orderly (6x)
One Direction song (6x)
Outrage (6x)
Old video game consoles (6x)
Ostentatious (6x)
Otello (5x)
Ore remover (5x)
Outmoded (5x)
Optimistic (5x)
One might smell strong (5x)
Optical phenomenon (5x)
OB test (5x)
Oral (5x)
Official (5x)
Out (5x)
One of The Two Coreys (5x)
Orthodox (5x)
Off-duty outfit (5x)
Oppress (5x)
Oh, joy!, typically (4x)
Open up (4x)
Orchid (4x)
Odette and Odile (4x)
On the edge (4x)
Oh on screens (4x)
Ooze through cracks (4x)
Omits (4x)
Originate (4x)
Opening (4x)
Occupy (4x)
Obsessive-compulsive (4x)
Obdurate (4x)
One with a crystal ball (4x)
Oafish type (4x)
One who revels (4x)
Organic compound (4x)
Overacts (4x)
Originator (4x)
Overland (4x)
Oscar winner of 1939 (4x)
Old West tales (4x)
Orchestral suite (4x)
Oscar winner Baxter (4x)
On-ramp posting (4x)
Oppidan`s locale (4x)
Ointment (4x)
Optical device (4x)
Opportunity (4x)
Obstreperous (4x)
Olds antiques (4x)
Org. with an iron grip (4x)
Old world warbler (4x)
Outstanding, as a day (4x)
Oomph (4x)
Occult decks (4x)
Order in (4x)
Opinion (4x)
One-eyed deity (4x)
Oscar Wilde`s Dorian (4x)
Overthrow (4x)
Overwhelming (4x)
Of heat (4x)
Of reck (4x)
Obvious (4x)
Opposed by prosecutors (4x)
One-time go-between (4x)
Ooze (4x)
Opposite of pushed (4x)
Once more (4x)
One getting a manual (4x)
Old (4x)
Outright (4x)
One putting on cargo (4x)
Online greeting (3x)
Occur to (3x)
Option market index (3x)
Ordering list (3x)
Orchestra woodwind (3x)
Orange-red gemstones (3x)
Operational (3x)
Of a foreign service (3x)
Old Persian (3x)
Old coach (3x)
Oklahoma tribe (3x)
One of a nautical trio (3x)
Organization (3x)
Orioles` complement (3x)
Old activist gp (3x)
Onetime Serbian capital (3x)
Oboes, clarinets, et al (3x)
Old Hebrew avenger (3x)
Open-bolt weapons (3x)
Overly glib (3x)
Ovule (3x)
Overshot (3x)
Official rebuke (3x)
On one`s game (3x)
Offenses (3x)
One of Mars`s moons (3x)
Oldie from Chicago (3x)
One giving sermons (3x)
Old covert gp (3x)
Objects for birling (3x)
Orderer`s reference (3x)
Omaha (3x)
Out-of-date (3x)
Oklahoma state tree (3x)
Old 56K connections (3x)
One for Ovid (3x)
One of baseball`s nine (3x)
O`Neill`s monogram (3x)
One`s word, at times (3x)
Other women, in Oaxaca (3x)
Ohio`s nickname (3x)
Opaque (3x)
O`hara spread (3x)
Octavia`s spouse (3x)
Obeys (3x)
Olympic team game (3x)
Old roman years (3x)
One-named `crazy` singer (3x)
Olde boutique (3x)
Organized (3x)
Old Palestine kingdom (3x)
Overemotional (3x)
Of the throat or neck (3x)
Old caulking material (3x)
One of the Reds` rivals (3x)
Oaks, once (3x)
Origins (3x)
On the sea (3x)
One who affeers (3x)
Oil additive letters (3x)
Old Iberian kingdom (3x)
Oregon host (3x)
OHIO (3x)
Opinion pieces (3x)
One of homes (3x)
One who may do CPR (3x)
Omega rival (3x)
One hanging in the air (3x)
Old automobiles (3x)
Obstinate (3x)
One from down under (3x)
Opposite (3x)
Ostrich (3x)
Overbearing (3x)
Organize (3x)
Oh, shut up! (3x)
Org. since 1910 (3x)
Op-Ed piece, for one (3x)
Open entrant (3x)
Oxford (3x)
One-eyed giant (3x)
Open a door (3x)
Oath (3x)
Observe (3x)
One past due (3x)
Owl call (3x)
OxiClean target (3x)
Oriental souvenir (3x)
Opec vessel (3x)
Oblige (3x)
Overhand (3x)
One-fifth of cinquante (3x)
One-fifth of NKOTB (3x)
Original (3x)
Onychosis (3x)
One enjoying the shore (3x)
Of a court (3x)
Opine (3x)
Opposite of theirs (3x)
Ordered series (3x)
Oz way (3x)
Ozs. add up to them (3x)
Outstanding! (3x)
Opium locale (3x)
Obsolete French coin (3x)
Of value (3x)
Obligation (3x)
Overstay one`s welcome (3x)
Opera opener, often (3x)
Oxlike quadruped (3x)
Oakland A`s great Joe (3x)
One completes a monument (3x)
Official US publisher (3x)
Oh, how adorable! (3x)
Orator (3x)
Opium product (3x)
Old autocrat (3x)
Oakley (3x)
Oregonian biologist (3x)