Popular Clues with the letter O

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter O.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Overhauled (8x)
Obvious (6x)
Overdo (5x)
Ornamental houseplant (5x)
Oscar Madison (5x)
Ostrich (4x)
Ocular distress (4x)
Overact (4x)
Oiliness (4x)
Outerwear (4x)
Occupier (4x)
Onion or lily (4x)
Ossurary (3x)
Orange-tree oil (3x)
Out cold (3x)
Official docs (3x)
Operate as if by magic (3x)
Official minutes (3x)
Obeah`s kin (3x)
Of or on the left (3x)
Outplays (3x)
Old-timey poem (3x)
Onstage thought bubble (3x)
Old English hero (3x)
Opera set in Asia (3x)
Of a speaker`s platform (3x)
Ore remover (3x)
Offender (3x)
Outward (3x)
Orinase (3x)
Oriental Broadway role (3x)
Old English coin (3x)
Office agreement (3x)
OT book of teachings (3x)
One catching the game (3x)
Oxygen barrier provider (3x)
Office items (3x)
Old coin of Spain (3x)
Online music mart (3x)
Onerous (3x)
Operating room covers (3x)
Overmuch (3x)
On top of things (3x)
Overseas (3x)
Ovid`s first work (3x)
Oral (3x)
Oriole (briefly) (3x)
Overdo the sentiment (3x)
One in bonn (3x)
Offered as an auxiliary (3x)
Outer appearance (3x)
Ornately decorated hotel (3x)
Operatic voices (3x)
Opus (3x)
Obeys a hypnotist (3x)
Outside (3x)
Oliver`s boss (3x)
Outburst of astonishment (3x)
Octavian (3x)
Outre (3x)
One-man army (3x)
Oxygenator (3x)
Oxeye daisy (3x)
Overburden (3x)
One-piece suit (3x)
Of cloth (3x)
Online purchase (3x)
Output (3x)
Opened wide (3x)
Opossums (3x)
Orbicular (3x)
Ownership issue (3x)
Objects of worship (3x)
Obstacle, sometimes (3x)
Old-fashioned greetings (3x)
Opening for dynamic (3x)
One of Santa`s fliers (3x)
One of Esau`s wives (3x)
Overindulges (3x)
Original scheme (3x)
Oblong tomato (3x)
Offered an excuse (3x)
Origami material (3x)
Origin of pooh-bah (3x)
Osculated (3x)
Opposite of e`en (3x)
Opener for The Beatles (3x)
Outward look (3x)
Occur to (3x)
Originate (3x)
Overalls material (3x)
Opposite of uni- (3x)
Olympic sport since 1964 (3x)
Old Olds Cutlass (3x)
Oligarchy proponent (3x)
Of wrath, in Latin hymns (3x)
Otherwise, in Tayside (3x)
Opens up a hole in (3x)
Obi-wan, for one (3x)
Old Rus. state (3x)
Opera by Gabriel Fauré (3x)
Overindulge on grub (3x)
Observant ones (3x)
O`Donnell of Mad Love (3x)
Outside edge (3x)
Objectivist`s first name (3x)
Oldest ent (3x)
Oater actor buchanan (3x)
Origin of a drive (3x)
Oceanic (abbr.) (3x)
Ornamental plant (3x)
Old-fashioned French (3x)
One expressing views (3x)
Oceanographer`s aid (3x)
Olympic rings (2x)
On one`s hard drive (2x)
Obsessed whaler (2x)
Onomatopoetic (2x)
Orchard product (2x)
Occupy a throne (2x)
Opposite of o`er (2x)
Otitis, more familiarly (2x)
Ocean`s bottom (2x)
Orwell`s Oceania et al (2x)
Ownership dispute (2x)
Or an age (2x)
Orwell or Wells (2x)
Older companion (2x)
Owner of la plume (2x)
Overly agreeable one (2x)
Organ-pipe opening (2x)
One-third of tri- (2x)
Obese Star Wars gangster (2x)
Offspring of Gaia (2x)
Old portuguese coins (2x)
Obliterate, in Oxford (2x)
Oily (2x)
Occupancy in common (2x)
Ogle (2x)
Operated, as equipment (2x)
Opposite of `endo-` (2x)
Onetime Indian soldier (2x)
Orb-weaving spiders (2x)
Oratory projection (2x)
Old coin (2x)
Outfield slugger Ron (2x)
Overwhelmed with work (2x)
Org. serving servicemen (2x)
One not of high morals (2x)
Of a certain wood (2x)
Overly flashy (2x)
Occupants of office (2x)
OMG or LOL (2x)
Orange and lemon (2x)
Online address opener (2x)
Obstruction in motion (2x)
Obtained from conifers (2x)
Oscar and edgar (2x)
Omelet alternative (2x)
Osculate (2x)
Operatic solos (2x)
Old, ugly woman (2x)
Oddly (2x)
Open only to members (2x)
Occult science (2x)
OPEC measures (2x)
Opposing prefix (2x)
Of unsound mind (2x)
Odorize (2x)
Of a bacterin (2x)
oxley (2x)
Old-timer (2x)
Outspoken hotshot (2x)
Overruled or zeroed out (2x)
Oil or water (2x)
Ore processing (2x)
Organ finale (2x)
Offering a challenge (2x)
Oligarch (2x)
Organic sealant (2x)
Opera`s lily (2x)
Opsoclonus (2x)
Opening for sex (2x)
Off-color, as a remark (2x)
Oared racing shell (2x)
Obstinate critter (2x)
Otherwise engaged (2x)
Olympic runner Johnson (2x)
Obedience school treats (2x)
Order galliformes (2x)
Ola (2x)
Oj trial judge (2x)
OPQ followers (2x)
Orbiter (2x)
Old recording disk (2x)
Oncoming (2x)
Obtain by trickery (2x)
Orderly grouping (2x)
OAP (2x)
Orienteering necessity (2x)