Popular Clues with the letter O

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter O.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Opponent in war (4x)
Obedient (4x)
Oriental bishop (4x)
Ornate arch (4x)
Old jazz dance (4x)
Outdoor (4x)
Ornamental garden (4x)
Outlay (4x)
Office accessory (4x)
Oriental (4x)
Operate the tiller (4x)
Oomph (4x)
Orchestrated (4x)
Odoriferous (4x)
Organised at speed (4x)
Orchard members (4x)
Opinion (4x)
Outlet for a rant (4x)
Organizer (4x)
Overseers (4x)
Offended (4x)
Old warship (4x)
Overdo it at the gym (4x)
Odalisques` abode (4x)
Of extreme beauty (3x)
Obviously eager (3x)
Oranges (3x)
Office attire with vests (3x)
Oafish valets (3x)
On the blink (3x)
One-tenth of a decade (3x)
On the brink (3x)
Old coins (3x)
Optic (3x)
Outdated interjections (3x)
Observer`s faculty (3x)
Obeys the green light (3x)
Official (3x)
Opening in the ice (3x)
One-man shows (3x)
One-on-one (3x)
Olympics` first site (3x)
Osip mandelstam (3x)
Orchard part (3x)
Ocean bed material (3x)
Outwardly curved surface (3x)
Oppression (3x)
Offer a paean at a party (3x)
Objectives (3x)
Osaka-born violinist (3x)
Oregon neighbor (3x)
One of five (3x)
Organized crime (3x)
Orthodox character (3x)
Objective case of thou (3x)
Origin of a drive (3x)
Olive branch site (3x)
Of the same kind (3x)
Ostrich-like bird (3x)
Orphan of the comics (3x)
Oceanic migrator (3x)
Opportunity (3x)
Old pool denizen (3x)
Oxford (3x)
Ordinary fellow (3x)
Oscar winner (3x)
Outlaw (3x)
Outspoken champ (3x)
Ousted (3x)
Ovoid (3x)
Ornate (3x)
Old Nick rested on one (3x)
Orange-and-black bird (3x)
Opera (3x)
Opportune (3x)
Olfactory clue (3x)
Oodles (3x)
Outside limit words (3x)
Occupation: Suffix (3x)
Of touch or sight (3x)
Oberon`s spouse (3x)
Overall profit (3x)
Officer below capt (3x)
On the pia mater (3x)
Omaha (3x)
Outflow (3x)
Ornamental blooms (3x)
Oculate (3x)
Oscillate (3x)
Overnighter (3x)
Oversize vanity case (3x)
Opulence (3x)
Obi (3x)
One hit (3x)
Orifice (3x)
Optical instrument parts (3x)
Outline (3x)
Oppress (3x)
Outraged Britishism (3x)
Odense denizens (3x)