Popular Clues with the letter K

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter K.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Kind and considerate (30x)
Killarney tongue (29x)
Korean seafood (23x)
Krypton, xenon, etc (17x)
Keyboard button (15x)
Krypton and xenon (14x)
Kudos (13x)
Kipling peacock (10x)
Korean seafood dish (9x)
Kappa`s position (9x)
Keats poem, often (9x)
Knock flat (8x)
Kingston sch (8x)
Knotty (8x)
Khedive (8x)
Kiss (7x)
Kings` arena (7x)
Klemens metternich (7x)
Key arteries (7x)
Kennedy, for one (7x)
Keg stand outfit (7x)
Kick (informally) (7x)
Kansas City club (6x)
Krypton or xenon (6x)
Karamanlis`s capital (6x)
Kingdoms (6x)
King of Icelandic myth (6x)
Kazakhstan feature (6x)
Kings and queens (6x)
Knocker`s words (6x)
Kane inspiration (6x)
Kanon Wakeshima song (6x)
KT Tunstall song (5x)
Kate Moss (5x)
Khaki`s cousin (5x)
Knightly need (5x)
Knightly frays (5x)
Keyboard key (5x)
Kraut (5x)
Kitchen drawer (5x)
Kraftwerk song (5x)
Knocker`s proclamation (5x)
Kale (5x)
Kimbra song (5x)
Kulak (5x)
Keyboard instrument (5x)
Knocker`s demand (5x)
Kind of `60s march (5x)
Ketchup (5x)
Koko Head site (5x)
Knightly ride (5x)
Kampuchea (5x)
Kitchen sink attachment (5x)
Kilauea`s goddess (5x)
Kind of noodles (5x)
Korn song (5x)
Kohl (5x)
Killed unlawfully (5x)
Knuckle sandwiches (5x)
Kringle`s burden (5x)
King or ho (4x)
Krugerrand seller (4x)
Kicker (4x)
Kettle sound (4x)
Keatsian crock (4x)
King Kong actress Fay (4x)
klm (4x)
Keyhole (4x)
Kith`s partner (4x)
Kiss Me, Kate locale (4x)
Kickoff determiner (4x)
Knight counterpart (4x)
Kipling python (4x)
Karaoke machine display (4x)
Katie`s home (4x)
Kool Savas song (4x)
Krypton (4x)
Knicks` org (4x)
Kipling collection (4x)
Kent (4x)
Keaton of marvin`s room (4x)
Knicks or Nets (4x)
Kiss follower, sometimes (4x)
Kind (4x)
Keyboard command (4x)
Kerrigan feat (4x)
Keys` keys (4x)
Kegler`s arena (4x)
Khoikhoi (4x)
Kipling setting (4x)
Kicks out, in a way (4x)
Kwik-e-mart owner (4x)
Knickknack stand (4x)
Killdeer (4x)
Kitchen attire (4x)
Kennel clamor (4x)
Known (4x)
Kan preceder on a can (4x)
Knight (4x)
Kunis of Black Swan (4x)
Kampala residents (4x)
Kindled (4x)
Knocker`s announcement (4x)
Korean surname (4x)
Kimono parts (4x)
Kathleen Battle is one (4x)
Kind of tree or oil (4x)
Kin of calypso (4x)
Konishiki`s sport (4x)
Kenyan city (4x)
Kinect competitor (4x)
Kampala`s nation (4x)
Kobold`s cousin (4x)
Kilovolt (4x)
Knocker`s pronouncement (4x)
Keep in custody (4x)
Keratinize (4x)
Kelsey`s TV wife (4x)
Kettle (4x)
Keep hidden (4x)
Knifed (4x)
Kenya`s Kenyatta (4x)
Keypad locales (4x)
Kick out of a club (4x)
Knightly wear (4x)
King Kong`s family tree (4x)
Kicking tool (4x)
Knightly quest (4x)
Kickback (4x)
King and I heroine (4x)
Kind-hearted in old age (4x)
Korean car maker (4x)
Knight apprentice (4x)
Kegler`s inning (4x)
Kneecaps (4x)
Kind of hub or port (4x)
Kingston Pen resident (4x)
Kelly`s co-worker (4x)
Killer of Adonis (4x)
Knightly sport (4x)
Kappa preceder (4x)
Kisses (4x)
Karl linne (4x)
Kemal ataturk (4x)
Kinsey Institute subject (4x)
Kappa forerunner (3x)
Kisses in mexico (3x)
Kamasutra, etc (3x)
Kopeck (3x)
Knight and night (3x)
Kazak (3x)
Knock a few back (3x)
Knightly title (3x)
Kitchen device (3x)
Keeper of logs (3x)
Keypad locale (3x)
Kennel club requirement (3x)
Krazy of the comics (3x)
Knee-slapping joke (3x)
Karma (3x)
Keyboard (3x)
Knightly deed (3x)
Kind of stage (3x)
Killjoy`s comment (3x)
Korean non-fiction book (3x)
King (3x)
Kidnapper (3x)
Klepto chaser (3x)
Kingpin`s quantities (3x)
Kernel or gist (3x)
Key (3x)
Keyboardist, of a sort (3x)
Kennel chorus (3x)
Knockdown follower (3x)
Kaline and Capp (3x)
Kind of tube (3x)
Knuckle-headed prank (3x)
Kennel area (3x)
Katana wielder (3x)
Kennedy Center reflector (3x)
Kotar (3x)
Knightly gear (3x)
Kick out (3x)
Kishka casing (3x)
King of comedy (3x)
Kadett and corsa (3x)
Kegler`s spot (3x)
Kind of mark or cast (3x)
Kits (3x)
Keep on at (3x)
Keratoplasty (3x)
Knicks nickname (3x)
Knightly titles (3x)
King book (3x)
Knock again (3x)
Kanye West (3x)
Kashmir tourist purchase (3x)
Knock down argument (3x)
Kalahari antelope (3x)
Keaton and ladd (3x)