Popular Clues with the letter K

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter K.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Kipling python (3x)
Keeps down (3x)
Kenya inhabitant (3x)
Kosovo`s here (3x)
Kindling (3x)
Keyboard key (3x)
Kickbacks (3x)
Keep an eye out for (3x)
Knock-knock sound (3x)
Knightly (3x)
Keeps (3x)
Keeper of the peas (3x)
Kelsey`s TV costar (3x)
Kitchen`s ending (3x)
Kale (3x)
Kitchen device (3x)
Kennel (3x)
Keeper of remains (3x)
Knot (3x)
Kanga`s child (3x)
Kishke (3x)
Knight banneret (3x)
Koch`s predecessor (3x)
King called `longshanks` (3x)
Knack (3x)
Kitten (3x)
Knows to burns (3x)
Klutzy people (3x)
Karnataka cuisine (3x)
Kooky caesar (3x)
Kinetic art (3x)
Knife (3x)
Kibitzer (3x)
Kid (3x)
King of ancient Tyre (3x)
Kind of acid from a tree (3x)
Knocked the socks off (3x)
Kebab meat (3x)
Kicking, so to speak (3x)
Knock-off (3x)
Knob celery (3x)
Kindness container (3x)
Kilowatt hours (3x)
Kits me out for a show (3x)
Ken lay`s company (3x)
Keepsake (3x)
Knockers (3x)
Kumis (3x)
Kudzu (3x)
Karzai (3x)
Kidman or Crowe (3x)
Knock off or over (3x)
Kitchen-space invaders (3x)
Kremlin coin (3x)
Keenly observant (3x)
Kids` Dr (3x)
Kept (3x)
Karl`s cry (3x)
Kind of chest cavity (3x)
King, to Celia Cruz (3x)
Kind of system (3x)
Kevin Ayers song (3x)
Know-all (2x)
Kneading (2x)
Knights` weapons (2x)
Keep getting by (2x)
Kent portrayer of film (2x)
Kringle of christmas (2x)
Knicks great monroe (2x)
Kind of bath salts (2x)
Keystone player (2x)
Kerry`s county seat (2x)
Known (2x)
Kenyan t-shirt producer (2x)
Kindly (2x)
Kelsey Grammer, for one (2x)
Kazakhstan, once (2x)
Kind of platter (2x)
Keep off site (2x)
Kevin`s 1993 title role (2x)
Kringle`s other name (2x)
Knockout (2x)
Kept out of plain sight (2x)
Kidnaps dogs and cats (2x)
Karate level (2x)
Kind of meeting (2x)
Klute actress (2x)
Keeper`s bug (2x)
Kremlin police (2x)
Kaneohe cookout (2x)
Kabala (2x)
Kin of rds. and sts (2x)
Knickknack shelf item (2x)
Kisses (2x)
Knees-up (2x)
Kimono closer (2x)
Keeps the neighbors out (2x)
Killifish (2x)
Kith`s partner (2x)
Karla Bonoff song (2x)
Kal-Kan competitor (2x)
Karbis (2x)
Keenness (2x)
Knicks (2x)
Kingfisher`s coif (2x)
Kind of saw or tire (2x)
Kind of glass (2x)
Kim`s ex-husband (2x)
Kind of mail (2x)
Kinnikinnick (2x)
Knights` gathering place (2x)
King of the Road singer (2x)
Keys (2x)
Korean compact (2x)
Kitchener (2x)
Kickoff (2x)
Knickknack holders (2x)
Kitchen attire (2x)
Kin of the Poncas (2x)
Knotty figure (2x)
Km (2x)
KROC (2x)
King Arthur`s sire (2x)
Knighted drummer (2x)
Kenilworth heroine (2x)
Killingly (2x)
Kraft offering in a can (2x)
Khaki`s kin (2x)
Kind of library (2x)
Kafkaesque (2x)
Key (2x)
Knockdown follower (2x)
Knitted pullover (2x)
Knee injury (2x)
Koch and others (2x)
Keep adding more to (2x)
Kodak (2x)
Kept in (2x)
Knocks lightly (2x)
Keep a tight rein on (2x)
Kerb (2x)
King of Phrygia (2x)
Kinski title role (2x)
Knifelike (2x)
Kleenex product (2x)
Knife handles (2x)
Knocks down a peg (2x)
Katzenbach`s concern (2x)
Kumbaya singer, often (2x)
Kat (2x)