Popular Clues with the letter K

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter K.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Kind of British pudding (8x)
Kiln for hops (8x)
Kitchen device (6x)
Knee jerk (6x)
Knight (6x)
Kitchen utensil (4x)
Kept going and going (4x)
Keepsakes from Oahu (4x)
Keyboard instrument (4x)
Knotted mass (4x)
Known beforehand (4x)
Kooky (4x)
Knotty tree growth (4x)
Kid-friendly card game (4x)
Kidney bean (4x)
Kettle (4x)
Kerfuffle (4x)
Knock (4x)
Kind of education (4x)
Knave (3x)
Kingly trim (3x)
Keel over (3x)
Knives, slang (3x)
Kennel command (3x)
Knock over illegally (3x)
Knoll (3x)
Kosher dishes (3x)
Kind-hearted (3x)
Knight and nugent (3x)
Knowledge (3x)
Known in advance (3x)
Kazakhstan border water (3x)
Keyboard (3x)
Kohoutek feature (3x)
Karnataka Legislature (3x)
Keyhole (3x)
Kangaroo`s title (3x)
Knight and Bessell (3x)
Kandahar currency (3x)
Keep a stiff upper lip! (3x)
Kayak (3x)
Kosher bakery no-no (3x)
Kingston sch (3x)
Knock out of position (3x)
Kingly title in Latin (3x)
Krypton (3x)
Know (3x)
Kobold (3x)
Kit car (3x)
Kathy and Lloyd (3x)
Kennedy Center area (3x)
Keenness (3x)
Kind of offence (3x)
Kingly beast (2x)
Kingly domains (2x)
Kink (2x)
Kenyan tribesman (2x)
Kingly role (2x)
Ketch cousin (2x)
Knife (2x)
Kerry or kerrey (2x)
Keels (2x)
Kyushu port (2x)
Kirk douglas, for one (2x)
Kidney enzyme (2x)
Keep (2x)
Kayak alternative (2x)
Knight and Williams (2x)
Kneading work (2x)
Keep at bay (2x)
Kingly sphere (2x)
Kite (2x)
Kindle: Var (2x)
Known as (2x)
Kind of sandwich (2x)
Kind of 3-D symmetry (2x)
Keeper of rabbits (2x)
Keynote (2x)
Kringle (2x)
Kneeling spot (2x)
Kidney-capping gland (2x)
Kingly Indian (2x)
Known (2x)
Knapsack (2x)
Kinky hairstyle (2x)
Kickoff needs (2x)
Kaiser, once (2x)
Kind of attitude (2x)
Kid-lit tusker (2x)
Kamikaze force (2x)
Kleenex additive (2x)
Kevin Kline comedy (2x)
Kenya tours, often (2x)
Kishke (2x)
Katherine of TV`s Soap (2x)
Keys (2x)
Kid-lit elephant (2x)
Kayak`s kin (2x)
K-pop concert (2x)
Kunta Kinte`s tale (2x)
Knickknack stand (2x)
Kingly letters (2x)
Kingpin (2x)
Kaye or Kitt (2x)
Killebrew of the diamond (2x)
Knowledgeable viewpoint (2x)
Karst formation (2x)
Kindly (2x)
Kebab stick (2x)
Knock down in rank (2x)
Kricfalusi character (2x)
Klugman or nicklaus (2x)
Kitchen raiders (2x)
Kind of crocodile (2x)
Key chain device (2x)
Keyed-up dashes (2x)
Korean battle site (2x)
Kidnapped initials (2x)
Killing another person (2x)
Keith Urban song (2x)
Kith and kin`s cabal (2x)
Khufu`s milieu (2x)
Keep a stiff upper lip (2x)
Kingston of ER (2x)
Kilobyte (2x)
Keeping cool, in a way (2x)
Kitchen allures (2x)
Krypton and others (2x)
Kernel (2x)
Kingly, in the jungle (2x)
Kendrick Lamar song (2x)
Krypton evacuee (2x)
Kinesitherapy (2x)
Kenneth of Enron infamy (2x)
Kitten calls (2x)
Knees-up (2x)
Knock senseless (2x)
Killian`s offering (2x)
Keepers of the peas (2x)
Kukla`s puppet pal (2x)
Key for getting out (2x)
Kitchenware collection (2x)
Krakow`s country (2x)
Kayak mover (2x)
Keep going (2x)
Kelep (2x)
Known everywhere (2x)
Kingly honoree (2x)
Karl jaspers and others (2x)
Katharine hepburn (2x)
Kicking, so to speak (2x)
Kenyan brand (2x)
Killer of Cleopatra (2x)
Kosovo resident (2x)
Kind of larceny (2x)
King Kong heroine Darrow (2x)
Kingly rights (2x)
Kennedy arrs (2x)
Kansan landon (2x)
Kedge (2x)
Knavishly (2x)
Knock a boat (2x)
Katharsis (2x)
Klinger`s hometown (2x)
Kingly hue (2x)
Kingly or queenly (2x)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2x)
Kosovo people (2x)
Keyboard display driver (2x)
Kindly stay on the line (2x)
Kingly toppers (2x)
Kicker`s objective (2x)
Kindled (2x)
Kitchen add-ons (2x)
Kitchen artisan (2x)
Kept out (2x)
Keenly excited (2x)
Knew well (2x)
Knotty (2x)
Kiltie`s whisky (2x)
Korean auto maker (2x)
Kind of camera (short) (2x)
Kent to Kidder`s Lane (2x)
Kids` game (2x)
Kingly fur (2x)
Kahlil gibran (2x)
Knock down a peg (2x)
Kind of budget (2x)
Kazan in Beaches (2x)
Katie Couric`s employer (2x)
Kindergarten books (2x)
Keratin (2x)
Keep watch for (2x)
Kitchen amt (2x)
Known all over (2x)
Keen-sighted bird (2x)
Kurd (2x)
Kind of society (2x)
Kingly residence (2x)
Knotted-up situation (2x)