Popular Clues with the letter K

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter K.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Kitchen utensils (12x)
Kiln (11x)
Kidded around (7x)
Kohl (7x)
Kitchen utensil (6x)
Kind of zirconia (6x)
Kick-ass (4x)
Kind of arrest (4x)
Kegler`s organisation (4x)
Knock the socks off (4x)
Kiddie car (4x)
Kaepernick hairdo (4x)
Knife sharpener (4x)
Kneady person (4x)
Kilocycle (4x)
Keypad`s function (4x)
Kendrick Lamar song (4x)
Kind of verb (4x)
Kant`s concern (4x)
Kenyan rebel (4x)
Kitty (4x)
Kind of city election (4x)
Keen-eyed fisher (4x)
Knickers (4x)
Kinder (4x)
Keenness (4x)
Kind of mean (4x)
Kam-tai (4x)
Kind of house or hat (4x)
Kept in (4x)
Kind, in angouleme (4x)
Kid with a sib (3x)
Kristi yamaguchi feats (3x)
Kind of bus or skirt (3x)
Kennedy clan matriarch (3x)
Kathleen Sebelius`s Dept (3x)
Kind of restaurant (3x)
Knights` attendants (3x)
Kick back (3x)
Kudrow of `analyze that` (3x)
Kind of (3x)
Knocks loudly (3x)
King James (3x)
Kareem`s NCAA team (3x)
Kind of healer (3x)
Kit`s mitts (3x)
Kite tail (3x)
Kept in confinement (3x)
Killjoy (3x)
Kingly, in the jungle (3x)
Kicked in (3x)
Knack is a secret (3x)
Kind of mate (3x)
Karloff mummy`s name (3x)
Kind of antelope (3x)
Kinda like (3x)
Kr (3x)
Klaxon (3x)
Kill in large numbers (3x)
Kookie Byrnes, et al (3x)
Kitchen plastic wrap (3x)
Kiwi confection (3x)
Kipling classic (3x)
Kiss member Simmons (3x)
Kwik-E-Mart`s proprietor (3x)
Keebler`s crew (3x)
Kuwait bigwig (3x)
Kills fungi (3x)
Kingfish (3x)
Kingly symbol (3x)
Kremlin police (3x)
Key of b (3x)
Krakow coins (3x)
Kramden`s pal (3x)
Kuwaiti writer (3x)
Kind of tide (3x)
Kaput (3x)
Knowing, as a secret (3x)
Kurdish language (3x)
Kate Hudson`s mom Goldie (3x)
Kinglet`s home (3x)
Kinky (3x)
Kids do it with rope (3x)
Kiss, slang (3x)
Kitchen pests (3x)
Kingston`s prov (3x)
Knack (3x)
King of Norway: 1957-91 (3x)
Knot (3x)
Khaki fabric (3x)
Knocker`s cry (3x)
King (3x)
Kind of rays (3x)
King holder (3x)
Kennedy (3x)
Kept to a budget (3x)
Kicked up a fuss (3x)
Know-nothing`s opposite (3x)
Klemperer et al (3x)
Keen on (3x)
Knocks dizzy (3x)
Key with three flats (3x)
Kingly residence (3x)
Kitchen herb (3x)
Kevel (3x)
Koodoo (3x)
Kid`s scientist Bill (3x)
Kerman`s land (3x)
Kent`s colleague (3x)
Kim`s ex (3x)
Kale kin (3x)
Kaplan book subj (3x)
Klondike (3x)
Konrad zacharias lorenz (3x)
Kvetch (3x)
Kidney secretion (3x)
Ken`s kin (3x)
Kate of Dreamscape (3x)
Kingdom of old (3x)
Kids in a Spielberg film (3x)
Kyoko`s mother (3x)
Karate levels (3x)
Key above g (3x)
Kurds (3x)
Knife brand (3x)
Kangaroo (3x)
Katz of `hocus pocus` (3x)
Knife`s metal edge (3x)
Kate`s sitcom partner (3x)
Kidman of Cold Mountain (3x)
Khaki`s kin (3x)
Katie`s kid (3x)
Keeping under the thumb (3x)
Keyhole (3x)
Kenyans (3x)
Key in (2x)
Kefauver of Tennessee (2x)
Kipling title orphan (2x)
K-P interval (2x)
Keystone player (2x)
Kalapooian (2x)
Kava (2x)
Kreskin`s claim to fame (2x)
Kandahar currency (2x)
Kildeer (2x)
Kind of drug (2x)
Keen relish (2x)
Knocks lightly (2x)
Kind of bag or box (2x)
Kitchen cupboard items (2x)
KGB fig (2x)
Kringle (2x)
Kim Kay song (2x)
Kind of suspicion (2x)
Killian`s quantity (2x)
Kinski film (2x)
Kelps (2x)
Kind of mail (2x)
Kind of pet (2x)
Kwik-E-Mart franchisee (2x)
Kraft Foods steak sauce (2x)
Ken of EZ Streets (2x)
KGB rival (2x)
Key leaders (2x)
Kinky hairstyle (2x)
Keeping safe (2x)
Kiev resident (2x)
Knock hard (2x)
Kind of elf (2x)
Kapow! cousin (2x)
Kentucky neighbor (2x)
Kenny Price song (2x)
Kingly sport (2x)
Kind of colony or code (2x)
Kept in a cellar (2x)
Ky (2x)
Kind of DMD or DDS (2x)
Koppel`s delivery (2x)
Kilometers` relatives (2x)
Kin to the Koran (2x)
Knowing of (2x)
Kon-Tiki`s makeup (2x)
Knotts and Rickles (2x)
Klondike enticement (2x)
Ku-chiku (2x)
K-meson (2x)
King Arthur`s turf (2x)
Kind of duck or phone (2x)
Keyboarding by-products (2x)
Kid-tested cereal (2x)
Kind of foil or power (2x)
King of the dead (2x)
KO`d (2x)
Kid-tested cereal brand (2x)
Knightly adventure (2x)
Kutcher of Punk`d (2x)
Kindergartener`s jarful (2x)
Kings` arena, once (2x)
Kitchen cloth (2x)