Popular Clues with the letter F

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter F.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Funfair (5x)
Foghat song (5x)
Fizzy (5x)
Female merino (5x)
Financed (5x)
Frilly trim (5x)
Farming (5x)
Fast dance (5x)
Film director (5x)
French (5x)
Famous American actor (5x)
Frisk (5x)
Festival (5x)
French picnic locale (5x)
False statement (5x)
Feedback (5x)
Folding art (5x)
Footwear (5x)
Fact (5x)
Friday`s introduction (4x)
Federal agency (4x)
Futile (4x)
Far from modern (4x)
Frauds (4x)
Fictional warlord (4x)
Fliers flap them (4x)
For the asking (4x)
Fictional valet (4x)
Fleur-de-lys (4x)
Fixer of mp3 players (4x)
Fawning (4x)
Fume (4x)
Feeding-time protector (4x)
Fly ball (4x)
Formation of dew (4x)
French friend (4x)
Fatal (4x)
Film genres (4x)
First Amendment concern (4x)
Faithful (4x)
First pm of india (4x)
Face (4x)
Fast (4x)
Feast (4x)
Filled in (4x)
Flamboyant behavior (4x)
Fixes at (4x)
Flip-flop, musically (4x)
Fixed a loose lace (4x)
Fiend (4x)
Frodo, for one (3x)
Filmmaker`s deg (3x)
Froth (3x)
Female (3x)
Fantasize (3x)
Finnish-style steam bath (3x)
Finances (3x)
Fur animal (3x)
Follow (3x)
Folio part (3x)
Fussy about rules (3x)
Fireman`s badge shape (3x)
Floating airport (3x)
Former spanish currency (3x)
Foundered (3x)
Forge a path (3x)
Film-maker (3x)
Freezer bag verb (3x)
Fertilizer (3x)
Fixer-upper (3x)
Filmdom`s Barbarian (3x)
Folk singer burl (3x)
Fauna (3x)
Firmly determined (3x)
Fruit juice basis (3x)
Fighting (3x)
Felicia`s face (3x)
Franc replacer (3x)
Fraud, for one (3x)
Fluff in a dryer (3x)
Ferocious Flea foe (3x)
Fishing tackle (3x)
Flank (3x)
Freesia`s relative (3x)
Forgo a hit (3x)
Forgo take-out (3x)
Fizzy remedy (3x)
Formally (3x)
Feed like a duck (3x)
Farmers` fields (3x)
Flow (3x)
Frolic in the pool (3x)
Farm-bird (3x)
Flushed (3x)
Fan (3x)
Flashiness (3x)
Facet (3x)
Flies high (3x)
Fairies` queen (3x)
Flock member (3x)