Popular Clues with the letter F

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter F.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Fleck (40x)
For sure, dude! (27x)
Fall into disuse (16x)
Flea market (14x)
Flour by-product (14x)
False explanation (14x)
Flour (13x)
Football pass (11x)
Farewell greeting (10x)
Fiery (9x)
Fare reductions (9x)
Far-reaching (8x)
Farewell (8x)
French personal pronouns (8x)
File (8x)
Fictional clergy (8x)
Fluent (8x)
Forage fields (8x)
Forage (8x)
Fundamental (7x)
Fairground attraction (7x)
French article (7x)
Flying saucer (7x)
Forecast (7x)
Furnish (7x)
Fastened (7x)
Filthy (7x)
Fruit (7x)
Former Dutch colony (7x)
Foursome (6x)
Fiend (6x)
Feather clump (6x)
Friendship (6x)
Fishing-line float (6x)
Forces (6x)
Female New World sheep (6x)
Fastening (6x)
Fermented pear drink (6x)
Fetid (6x)
Fuddled (6x)
Forsaken (6x)
Fortification in Vietnam (6x)
Fired (slang) (6x)
Fortune (6x)
Foreign (5x)
Fantasy anthology series (5x)
Flip, in a way (5x)
Farthingale part (5x)
French composer: 1823-92 (5x)
Fluency (5x)
Flying-saucer maneuver (5x)
Fagin`s end (5x)
Fiends` looks (5x)
Fashion magazine (5x)
Friction (5x)
Fear (5x)
Fellowship (5x)
Freeman (5x)
Finish (5x)
Female acrobatic gymnast (5x)
Filament (5x)
Floor above the ground (5x)
Funambulist (5x)
Failing business`s woe (5x)
Feel sorry for oneself (5x)
Fete (5x)
Frustrated family member (5x)
Frame for drying cloth (5x)
Fanny follower (5x)
Fastener in the corner (5x)
Feel (5x)
French lace-making place (5x)
Foundation (5x)
Forbidding smell, mostly (5x)
Functional (5x)
Flesh color (5x)
Farming tools (5x)
Friends character Geller (5x)
Flat dish (5x)
Festive December twosome (5x)
Fishing (5x)
Filo pastry dessert (5x)
Faint (5x)
Fuss (5x)
Finance (5x)
Frankness (5x)
Finishes (5x)
Finch (5x)
Fiercely (4x)
Farmer`s place (4x)
Furniture store features (4x)
Flinch from (4x)
French region (4x)
Fictional detective Nero (4x)
Field animal`s harness (4x)
Farce (4x)
French wine (4x)
Flash drives (4x)
Football player`s wear (4x)
Fault-finder (4x)
Film (4x)
Fallen fictional house (4x)
Friendship Bridge locale (4x)
Fashion accessory brand (4x)
Freezes over, with up (4x)
Finance major`s degree (4x)
Funeral Games playwright (4x)
Ferment (4x)
Frame of mind (4x)
Feather (4x)
Flue (4x)
Feigned (4x)
French eatery (4x)
Foot`s covering (4x)
Find one`s feet (4x)
Folder type (4x)
Feedback provider (4x)
Fictional alcohol abuser (4x)
Film makers` equipment (4x)
First name of movie star (4x)
Faultfinder (4x)
Fen (4x)
French writer, alexander (4x)
Felipe, Moses or Matty (4x)
Feels remorseful about (4x)
Fester (4x)
Frequent barbecue locale (4x)
Felon`s kin (4x)
Floppy (4x)
Fire upon (4x)
Fairway neighbor (4x)
Film role of 1942 (4x)
Fifth element (4x)
Fantasy race (4x)
Frothing at the mouth (4x)
Flier on a string (4x)
Fridge (4x)
Flyer (4x)
Flambé (4x)
Fertilizer compound (4x)
Fortune cover subject (4x)
Filled and folded fare (4x)
Fanny floss (4x)
Fires up (4x)
Field of film (4x)
From here, to Heinlein (4x)
Favor asker`s opening (4x)
Feldspar (4x)
French wine region (4x)
Fastener (4x)
Fiddle in an orchestra (4x)
Foolish (4x)
French painter (4x)
Fail (slang) (4x)
Forelimb bone (4x)
Freshly moist (4x)
Frisk (4x)
Freight car drawbars (4x)
Flaubert heroine (4x)
Finishing a phone call (4x)
Full of moisture (4x)
Footwear for an infant (4x)
Fantastic (4x)
Fastens, in a way (4x)
Firth (4x)
Fallen from favor (4x)
Fallout (4x)
Freshened a fern (4x)
French surname starter (4x)
Fudgsicle holder (4x)
Fixed (4x)
Fictional explorer (4x)
Fantasy baseball stat (4x)
Final blow (4x)
Forced-air system output (4x)
Frankenstein (4x)
Feminine given name (4x)
Fictional lizard (4x)
Friendly code (4x)
Flinches (4x)
Futuristic unpaid worker (4x)
Fibrous tissue formation (4x)
Fabulist (4x)
Fallen rocks (4x)
Finished (4x)
Fairy-tale giant (4x)
Floride (4x)
Frightened (4x)
Famed Idaho name (4x)
Final (4x)
Fracas (informally) (4x)
Fill the hold (4x)
Force out of the flat (4x)
Firework and lettuce (4x)
Fully appease (4x)
Fearful feline portrayer (4x)
Focal (4x)
Famous person (briefly) (4x)
Flame-resistant (4x)
Forensic evidence, often (4x)