Popular Clues with the letter F

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter F.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Fuzzy (8x)
Figaro, for one (7x)
Famous (6x)
Fix together (6x)
Facade (6x)
Friendly (5x)
Frogs (5x)
Fraternal club (5x)
Flying cat (4x)
Facial expression (4x)
Frame (4x)
Former turkish title (4x)
Family (4x)
Fertility god (4x)
Fruit pastries (4x)
Final analysis star (4x)
For everyone (4x)
Fencing blade (4x)
Fantastic Voyage actress (4x)
Fluid (4x)
Feeling like (4x)
Fa-ti link (4x)
Formicid (4x)
Foreboding atmospheres (4x)
Fabrication (4x)
Favourite junk bite (4x)
Fatiha (4x)
Fireplug (4x)
French greeting (3x)
For instance (3x)
Forensics expert (3x)
Fermented mixture (3x)
Femurs (3x)
Futures consultant (3x)
Fat, greasy (3x)
Fourth day of the week (3x)
Filming attempts (3x)
French automaker (3x)
Family avicenniaceae (3x)
Frozen treats (3x)
Formal apology (3x)
Flagrant^ARRAN (3x)
Flounder relative (3x)
Float on (3x)
Floor support (3x)
Fisherman`s 12-pounder (3x)
Fire (3x)
French region (3x)
French beings (3x)
Folder contents (3x)
Fact-finding (3x)
Fictional skater (3x)
Fossil (3x)
Fugitive (3x)
Fester (3x)
Foreseen (3x)
Famous singer (3x)
Fathead (3x)
Forward-looking (3x)
Farthest back (3x)
Flippantly (3x)
Flaxen (3x)
Forgetful, inattentive (3x)
France`s feature (3x)
Fidelity flagship (3x)
Finish line (3x)
Fabric weave (3x)
Fajita ingredient, often (3x)
Freud prop (3x)
Farm cry (3x)
Female literary figure (3x)
Fleur-de-lys (3x)
Fancy singer Iggy (3x)
Fisherman`s decoy (3x)
Flecked (3x)
Fantasy football events (3x)
Fractured (3x)
Female deer (3x)
Fruitless fuss (3x)
Fulminate (3x)
Fyodor dostoevsky (3x)
Fakes out (3x)
Flag-bearer, of a sort (3x)
Fireplace (3x)
Fourth after FDR (3x)
Final bossy demands (3x)
Falsification (3x)
Frolicky (3x)
Former capital in China (3x)
Fair-hiring inits (3x)
Faulty explosive (3x)
False (3x)
February 1951 event (3x)
Folies Bergere specialty (3x)
Finis (3x)
Fashion (3x)
Folly castle in England (3x)
Fence`s forte (3x)
Forcibly twist (3x)
Fiery gems (3x)
Fertilizer and fuel (3x)
Fauna sci (3x)
Frothy brews (3x)
Fragmented (3x)
Factory vent pipe (3x)
Former Sony brand (3x)
Footballer`s mistake (3x)
Footless animal (3x)
Falsifying (3x)
Flushed pink (3x)
Fingering (3x)
Freeh agent (3x)
Factory employe (3x)
Fugitive player (3x)
Favour (slang) (3x)
Forgoes scissors (3x)
Friend to d`Artagnan (3x)
Flowing out (3x)
Fettuccine (3x)
Fathom and foot (3x)
Failed to recall (3x)
Festive (3x)
Fearless (3x)
Fearsome fleets (3x)
Finishing stratagems (3x)
Fake it (3x)
Forehead cover (3x)
Fatherly flower (3x)
Fertilization (3x)
Ferine (3x)
Forbes, for one (3x)
False calyx (3x)
Forbear (3x)
First name in tennis (3x)
Fierce fliers of myth (3x)
Ferry of Bangladesh (3x)
Framework (3x)
FDR`s favorite pet (3x)
Fixed sculptures (3x)
Fabricates (3x)
Feeling (3x)
Fragility (3x)
Fungus kingdom (3x)
Flat rock (3x)
Fortified work (3x)
Friend of mozart (3x)
Fluff pieces (3x)
Flooring calculation (3x)
FDR dog (3x)
Father of Electra (3x)
Falcons coach Jim (3x)
Fright (3x)
Fringe-topped carriage (3x)
French revolution leader (3x)
Frigate part (3x)
Financial market (3x)
Farm warehouse (3x)
Feisty giant (3x)
Fortunate (3x)
Fraud (3x)
Facebook (3x)
Fertiliser ingredient (3x)
Fellow`s greetings (3x)
Former name for radon (3x)
Fishermen, often (3x)
Filing organisation (3x)
Flynn born in tasmania (3x)
Flexible mineral (3x)
Farmland skyline sight (3x)
Fear (3x)
Festoon (3x)
Fawn (3x)
Figure in geom (3x)
Fewer of animal (3x)
Father of Pocahontas (3x)
Fight back (3x)
Freeware game engine (3x)
Ferrer or Allen (3x)
Ferry of Atlanta (3x)
Flying (3x)
Former European currency (3x)
Female half of a flock (3x)
French luxury brand (3x)
Financier onassis (3x)
Fourth century start (3x)
Froth on beer (3x)
Fictional car (3x)
Forbears (3x)
Flasher (3x)
Freight holder (3x)
Famous fiddle (3x)
Fingers and toes (3x)
Family burmanniaceae (3x)
Flattering poems (3x)
Fishy deal of 1803 (3x)
Franco Harris is one (3x)
Foppish (3x)
Figures 1 and 7 (3x)
Falco or Sedgwick (3x)
Fallout after a blast (3x)