Popular Clues with the letter F

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter F.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

French ship`s course (46x)
Flooded (40x)
Fictional tiger (19x)
Fringed (18x)
Fraudster (18x)
Fundamental (16x)
Futile (13x)
Furrow (12x)
Folk hero Daniel (11x)
Fool (10x)
Forge a path (10x)
Feathery herb (9x)
Follower`s end (9x)
Faculty bigwig (9x)
Fran├žois has one (9x)
Flat-bottomed barge (8x)
Fitbit or Google Glass (8x)
Female mammal (8x)
Factor (8x)
Fatty acid (8x)
Force (7x)
Fanciful (7x)
Falsified (7x)
Festive quaff (7x)
Fluid buildup (7x)
Frighten with threats (7x)
Fallacious (7x)
Fish habitat (7x)
Figurative (6x)
Folk hero Crockett (6x)
Fastidious (6x)
Favorable (6x)
Finance types (6x)
Fink (6x)
Far away (6x)
Fish (6x)
French couturier (6x)
Floating aquatic plant (6x)
Foreplay (6x)
Form-fitting (6x)
Fossil resin (6x)
Finished (6x)
France`s capital (6x)
Functional (6x)
Foundation (5x)
Fair sight (5x)
Fairway chunks (5x)
Flat (5x)
Fictional bear (5x)
Folk hero (5x)
Fabray, to friends (4x)
Femenino relativo (4x)
Financial crisis (4x)
Funny (4x)
Flyer to Tel Aviv (4x)
Flowering (4x)
Frightened by shots (4x)
Fill up (4x)
Fight the imaginary (4x)
Flashlight carriers (4x)
Framework (4x)
Female deer (4x)
Film dr. with an island (4x)
Forge implement (4x)
Flows back (4x)
Fiduciary (4x)
Fluttering sound (4x)
Female gamete (4x)
Father of Ramses II (4x)
Flash (4x)
Fernando or Jose starter (4x)
Few (4x)
Forego (4x)
Face-off locales (4x)
Fraternal club (4x)
Freezer cubes (4x)
Follower (4x)
Furnish with a kern (4x)
Fishing rod (4x)
Fisher`s gear (4x)
Fix together (4x)
Female voice (4x)
Fiscal (4x)
Formulas (4x)
Fragile leg bone (4x)
Fruit (4x)
Fixes a pet (4x)
Fills and then some (4x)
Falling star (4x)
Front doc (4x)
Faithfully (4x)
Female saint: Lat (4x)
Freedom from disputes (4x)
Fragment (4x)
French ballet master (4x)
Fuming mad (4x)
Finger in a fire (4x)
Freeloader (4x)
Famous Alcatraz resident (4x)
Flower product (4x)
Flibbertigibbet (4x)
Fire truck (4x)
Feminine friend (4x)
Feint (4x)
Foolish dolt (3x)
Furtherance (3x)
Funambulist`s need (3x)
Feign (3x)
Firing range remnant (3x)
Failing to win or lose (3x)
Fearsome (3x)
Formosan port (3x)
Foliage (3x)
Fragile papers (3x)
Function (3x)
Flagged down (3x)
Foldable abode (3x)
Flocks of snipes (3x)
Formality type (3x)
Final result (3x)
Fur coat animals (3x)
Frozen block (3x)
Falsify (3x)
Fake (3x)
Full of juice (3x)
Feeble complaint (3x)
Franco-Belgian river (3x)
Freight measure (3x)
Foretelling deck (3x)
FedEx form (3x)
Form of Latin hand (3x)
Fletcher`s groove (3x)
Flurry (3x)
Fish tank problem (3x)
Fey who created 30 Rock (3x)
Fallen seed, often (3x)
Fiery person (3x)
Family ameiuridae (3x)
Flesh of coconuts (3x)
Field-day event (3x)
Foggy view (3x)
Feather parts (3x)
Fearsome initials (3x)
Fencing category (3x)
French wave (3x)
Flyblown (3x)
Furious looks (3x)
Free-handed (3x)
Filament (3x)
Filched (3x)