Popular Clues with the letter F

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter F.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

French department (5x)
Fluff (5x)
French dance (5x)
French wine (5x)
Frequent flyer`s problem (5x)
Flexible (5x)
First-rate (5x)
Furrow (5x)
Fair ladies` rendezvous (4x)
Famous vocalist (4x)
False (4x)
Firearm (4x)
Fearless (4x)
Fleer (4x)
From now on (4x)
Family-member (4x)
Feminine (4x)
Failure (4x)
Foul (4x)
Fly-by-night sorts (4x)
Fast speed (4x)
Fast fish (4x)
Famous `50s flops (4x)
Femininity (4x)
Futile (4x)
Fir tree (4x)
Freshman, usually (4x)
Flaxen-haired one (4x)
Forum drink (4x)
Forestall (4x)
Filtered (4x)
Flatboat (4x)
Fall (4x)
Fly dismissal (4x)
Famous artist (4x)
Fortress fosse (4x)
Foliated (4x)
For each (slang) (4x)
Friend to d`Artagnan (4x)
Fl city (4x)
Fie! (4x)
Furnishings (4x)
Fashionista`s focus (4x)
Flutist (4x)
Florist`s arrangement (4x)
French feudal castle (4x)
Famous American actor (4x)
Fix up furniture (4x)
Farewell (4x)
Frontier friend (4x)
Fun (4x)
Female inheritor (4x)
Fragrant wood (4x)
Feeling dizzy (4x)
Football (4x)
Foxlike (4x)
Fragile (4x)
Flawlessly (4x)
Far from laid-back (4x)
Female merino (4x)
Fashionable and stylish (4x)
Fuel ship (4x)
Fennel (4x)
Foreman (4x)
Flaxen (4x)
Flemish painter (4x)
Flowering plant (4x)
Fetor (4x)
Factually correct (4x)
Fleece (4x)
Frankie Day character (4x)
French one (4x)
Firefly larva (4x)
Flapper (4x)
Fifth wheel`s offer (4x)
Fireplace (4x)
Frater (4x)
Fire (4x)
Folksy address (4x)
Fission (4x)
Forceful and aggressive (4x)
Frat jacket P`s (4x)
Fantastic (4x)
Fish (4x)
Football player (4x)
From times of yore (4x)
Forced (4x)
Funny (4x)
First woman (4x)
Floor (4x)
Finland (4x)
Frivolous (4x)
Fathers` offices (4x)
Fatherly (4x)
Framer`s supply (4x)
French game (4x)
Forestry worker (4x)
Former french currency (4x)
Fragments (4x)
Foolish (4x)
Fixed the bathroom tiles (3x)
Fairly big (3x)
Fiercely (3x)
Furtive (3x)
Feel nostalgic for (3x)
Fill with cargo (3x)
Far-reaching (3x)
Famous name in folktales (3x)
Forty-niner`s goal (3x)
Foul tip (3x)
Female whales (3x)
Fashion accessory (3x)
FDR`s money (3x)
From side to side (3x)
Freud follower Alfred (3x)
Folksy denial (3x)
Facilitated (3x)
Fictional tiger (3x)
Folder (3x)
French red wine (3x)
Fifteen (3x)
Frozen pendant (3x)
Fey (3x)
Frosted Flakes tiger (3x)
Fit in (3x)
Frosting feature (3x)
Full of oneself (3x)
Faithful (3x)
Forgetful (3x)
Fetishes (3x)
Foreign exchange (3x)
Fitting measurement (3x)
For example (3x)
Frisker`s find (3x)
Frailness (3x)
Fired (3x)
Forecasting tool (3x)
Frenchman (3x)
Fahd`s people (3x)
Freebooter (3x)
First 3 of 26 (3x)
Fish roe spread (3x)
Formation of dew (3x)
Finds fault with (3x)
Foxy (3x)
Federal (3x)
Famous deadpan comic (3x)
Fire opals (3x)
Fence material (3x)
Flew the coop (3x)