Popular Clues with the letter F

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter F.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Frenetic (22x)
Financially viable (11x)
Famous rock band (10x)
French cathedral city (9x)
French picnic locale (9x)
Fondness (9x)
Famous female singer (8x)
Famous singer (8x)
Filling (8x)
Forbidding (7x)
Floating island (7x)
First-ever (7x)
Facilitate (7x)
Fair (7x)
Faint (6x)
Famous one-eyed general (6x)
Full-length (6x)
Fastener (6x)
Fuel (6x)
French dance (6x)
Free speech organisation (6x)
Fly (6x)
Fictional pirate (5x)
Fishing vessel (5x)
Fight (5x)
Flower pot (5x)
Fleetwood Mac song (5x)
Five, for one (5x)
Functional (5x)
Flabby (5x)
Fancy bag monogram (5x)
Faculty of reason (5x)
Freshwater fish (5x)
Foul-smelling (5x)
Fearless (5x)
Familiar (5x)
Fashionable (4x)
Farming (4x)
Farce (4x)
Fifth OT book (4x)
Feeding time needs (4x)
Fail (4x)
Feels in one`s bones (4x)
Four-wheeled carriage (4x)
Faultless (4x)
Forward movement (4x)
Folk song (4x)
Fulfill (4x)
Formidable (4x)
Famous street of song (4x)
Feign (4x)
Fracture (4x)
Felony (4x)
Feast (4x)
Fox News host Sean (4x)
Furore (4x)
Forget (4x)
Floozy (4x)
Frankie, Denny, or Cleo (4x)
Fives and tens (4x)
Fungus (4x)
Footslog (4x)
For every one (4x)
Function (4x)
Flexibility (4x)
Ferocious (4x)
Forest clearing (4x)
Fashion house (4x)
Firebrand (4x)
Forearm bones (4x)
Floating (4x)
For sure (4x)
Future doctors exam (4x)
Fast gaits (3x)
Flash in the brain pan (3x)
Famous Italian landmark (3x)
Flowering plant type (3x)
Female adviser (3x)
Freaked (3x)
Force in acupuncture (3x)
Fukienese dialect (3x)
Flounder (3x)
Fabric dye brand (3x)
Fashionable McCartney (3x)
Fundamental principle (3x)
Fold into ridges (3x)
Folk festival (3x)
Feat (3x)
Finance official (3x)
Fairyfly, for one (3x)
Footman (3x)
Feynman portrayer in QED (3x)
Fix, as a hitch (3x)
Famed tin tin (3x)
Florida trees (3x)
Freak Friday plot (3x)
Fix holey socks (3x)
Fizzy wine (3x)
Flowery but Italian (3x)
Flowers (3x)
Flagrant (3x)
Finnish runner Nurmi (3x)
Fan letters (3x)
Fat (3x)
Fossil resin (3x)
Fool, in Folkestone (3x)
Florida national forest (3x)
Ford`s flop (3x)
FDR relative (3x)
Football squad (3x)
Fool (3x)
Food-label info (3x)
Food quality (3x)
Famous computer of film (3x)
Foolish flattery (3x)
Files away (3x)
Floating at sea (3x)
Fits into groups (3x)
Featured dish (3x)
Followers (3x)
French region (3x)
Foundry (3x)
From where (3x)
Friend in Spain (3x)
Film holders (3x)
Fortune turner (3x)
Fenway Park club (3x)
Frown on (3x)
FPA (3x)
Festive bash (3x)
Floors for 10 (3x)
Flourishing (3x)
Fantasy football stat (3x)
Fit for harvesting (3x)
Fur-hunting (3x)
Further amend (3x)
French school children (3x)
Famous failure (3x)
Familiar substances (3x)
Fenway park souvenirs (3x)
French weights (3x)
Fundraisers pass it (3x)
Faultiest (3x)
Fragonard`s forte (3x)
Faxed or FedExed (3x)
Frontier sheriff Wyatt (3x)
Feijoa bush (3x)
Fluent (3x)
Fundamentalist (3x)
Figures at a pileup (3x)
Flavor of ice cream (3x)
Film producer in Argo (3x)
French menswear (3x)
Fork prong (3x)
Fizzy treat (3x)
Fatal as poison (3x)
Fortify (3x)
Fonts of wisdom (3x)
Fashionista Trump (3x)
Formulate (3x)
Fashionable christian (3x)
First state (3x)
Fonzie`s shirt (3x)
Fast Fords (3x)
Foote work (3x)
French pewter (3x)
Flying-related (3x)
Fell for a trick (3x)
Filming sites (3x)
Former Dodge models (3x)
Fashion designer bartley (3x)
Frustrating (3x)
First-string players (3x)
Finished (3x)
Familiar farewell (3x)
Floating fighting force (3x)
Famed American rock band (3x)
Freaky board (3x)
Former county of Ireland (3x)
Flapper wrapper (3x)
Famous (3x)
Farewell: Lat (3x)
French fashion figure (3x)
French season (3x)
Flush with (3x)
Fuck off (3x)
Flesh color (3x)
Foresee (3x)
Farmer (3x)
Freethinker (3x)
Faddy (3x)
Fruit juice basis (3x)
Fine a lot of money (3x)
Foolish (3x)
Fire blight victims (3x)
Family bangiaceae (3x)
Firecracker that fails (3x)
Former city in Iran (3x)
Fuse again (3x)
Farmers` market payment (3x)