Popular Clues with the letter V

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter V.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Verification (39x)
Verbena (10x)
Very quickly (10x)
Vikki`s poker holding (7x)
Vulnerable (6x)
Video game franchise (6x)
Vision (6x)
Vilnius resident (5x)
Very large (5x)
Vociferation (5x)
Very funny! (5x)
Vetch seed (5x)
Vicar (5x)
Voyage kickoff (5x)
Very weak bridge hand (5x)
Vital (5x)
Venomous (5x)
Visit (5x)
Vinyl cover (4x)
Virulent (4x)
Vietnamese cuisine (4x)
Visited (4x)
Venturi or Rosewall (4x)
Van Gogh slet here (4x)
Venerable Harlem theater (4x)
Vermin (4x)
Void (4x)
Vessel (4x)
Variety (4x)
Voyage for Kirk (4x)
Very sad-looking (3x)
Vigilant (3x)
Viking crematory (3x)
View from the Left Bank (3x)
Valley of Essen (3x)
Vernier scale (3x)
Very (3x)
Vender (3x)
Van Gogh brother (3x)
Victor`s gloating cry (3x)
Venus follower (3x)
Voluntary (3x)
Voluminous volume (3x)
Voracity (3x)
Venom (3x)
Violin-making (3x)
Vivify (3x)
Vending-machine buy (3x)
Vagabond (3x)
Vocabulary (3x)
Verify (3x)
Voodoo temple bigwig (3x)
Venti, vingt or zwanzig (3x)
Valiant (3x)
Versailles event: 1919 (3x)
Visionary type (3x)
Voyager (3x)
Volcano in sicily (3x)
Veer the other way (3x)
Vowel lineup (3x)
Vowel for Homer (3x)
Vulnerability (3x)
Video file (3x)
Virtual dog or cat (3x)
Very keen (3x)
Violinist mintz (3x)
Vomit (3x)
Vast crowd (3x)
Village of Judah (3x)
Very busy, confused (3x)
Veteran actor (3x)
Violated a Commandment (3x)
Vow (3x)
Vegetable type (3x)
Voting (3x)
Varsity group (3x)
Vulgar (3x)
Very dry, as a desert (3x)
Vocalist Frank (3x)
Versatile material (3x)
Viseu natives (3x)
Viper type (3x)
Versailles school (3x)
Veneer (3x)
Vote in der Bundestag (3x)
Violate (3x)
Versatile (3x)
Very early morning (3x)
Venetian master: 1518-94 (3x)
Valet`s temporary option (3x)
Vivaldi work, sometimes (3x)
Voting locales (3x)
Virgin or Aegean (3x)
Virtuoso (3x)
Vanderbilt`s Biltmore (3x)
Varnished (3x)
Venturi (2x)
Visibility impediments (2x)
Very big (2x)
Very few (2x)
Vending machine (2x)
Video gaming pioneer (2x)
Volleyball term (2x)
Vapour ending (2x)
Vcr descendant (2x)
Volcano event (2x)
Violin quartet (2x)
Vulture (2x)
Voyager 2 went there (2x)
Voyage beginning (2x)
Vote holder on Survivor (2x)
Value-system (2x)
Vintner`s night staff (2x)
Very thin battery size (2x)
Velvety growth (2x)
Vocal Apple (2x)
Vader`s childhood ride (2x)
Verse beginning (2x)
Viper`s venom (2x)
Vestige (2x)
Voodoo-like practice (2x)
Vexes (2x)
Vitriolic rant (2x)
Vast land expanse (2x)
Veins (2x)
Very furious (2x)
Valve (2x)
Van Gogh creation (2x)
Villain (2x)
Viper Comic title (2x)
Victrola-vending co (2x)
Victim of anoesia (2x)
Valued (2x)
Vitamin dosage (2x)
Van trailer (2x)
Verb ender (2x)
Vowel shift (2x)
Vermin catcher (2x)
Victim (2x)
Vaseline (2x)
Varsity groups (2x)
Vulsella (2x)
Veneration (2x)
Verona dry wine (2x)
Viper or boa constrictor (2x)
Vocational course (2x)
Vitality, get-up-and-go (2x)
Vocally disapprove of (2x)
Virtual pet (2x)
VIPs spot (2x)
Violinist Kreisler (2x)
Voyage with Spock (2x)
Voyager 1 (2x)
Vivien`s director, 1951 (2x)
Verdant setting (2x)
Vernon`s partner (2x)
Venetian magistrate (2x)
Visions in Nod (2x)
Velocities (2x)
Voluble ones (2x)
Vogue: Fr (2x)
Vocalists (2x)
Valuable veins (2x)
Visitor (2x)
Viper`s Back off! (2x)
Vowel omission (2x)
Visual pair (2x)
Vintage jewelry material (2x)
Voices, as opinions (2x)
Vibratory motion (2x)
Viper or summer (2x)
Violate a standard (2x)
Voices views (2x)
Visorless cap (2x)
Verifies (2x)
VTVL rocket (2x)
Villagers (2x)
Vetch (2x)
Visit a lovers` lane (2x)
Vigorous debate (2x)
Venetian strip (2x)
Voluntary reparation (2x)
Virtues (2x)
Vaquero`s need (2x)
Very few regularly watch (2x)
Veteran sailor (2x)
Vanquish, as dragons (2x)
Voodoo land (2x)
Vergil`s man (2x)
Volume (2x)
Vaudevillian olsen (2x)
Valletta (2x)
Voice of america (abbr.) (2x)
Voodoolike practice (2x)
Vitalness (2x)
View from syracuse (2x)
Vengeful captain (2x)
Viper colony (2x)
Virtual opinion (2x)
Vladimir of the kremlin (2x)