Popular Clues with the letter V

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter V.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Vernal (4x)
Votre toast (4x)
V-mail destination (4x)
Valkyrie (4x)
Vast age (4x)
Vague (4x)
Various functions (4x)
Veto (3x)
Vacillation (3x)
Volcanic crater (3x)
Voyager 2 (3x)
Videos channel`s letters (3x)
Vino (3x)
Vehicle for E.T (3x)
Victuals (3x)
Vintner (3x)
Vein deposits (3x)
Vietnamese and Nepalese (3x)
Veterinary (3x)
Varicose (3x)
Vagrancy (3x)
Venerable (3x)
Viverrine (3x)
Versatile combatant (3x)
Vine (3x)
Voluble (3x)
Vehicle (3x)
Vibrato sound (3x)
Veil fabrics (3x)
Varsity member`s award (3x)
Viscount (3x)
Verdict (3x)
Vend (3x)
Viewed warily (3x)
Venus of urbino painter (3x)
Verbose (3x)
Versatility listings (3x)
Video game sequel (3x)
Viperine beast (3x)
Vacation home, at times (3x)
Viral Web phenom (3x)
Virile type (3x)
Vagus (3x)
Valor (3x)
Video camera feature (3x)
Villains (3x)
Vithar (3x)
Victorian (3x)
Virginity (3x)
Voting `yea` (3x)
Vassal (3x)
Vagrant (3x)
Vote-winning group (3x)
Vertebrae separator (3x)
Verminous (3x)
Vapor Action brand (3x)
Verb preceder (3x)
Valentine flowers (3x)
VW`s intro (3x)
Voucher (3x)
Vide (3x)
Vanish (3x)
Vitamin amount (3x)
Vaudeville star Blossom (3x)
Vase-shaped pitchers (3x)
Videotape (3x)
Vagueness (3x)
Villain (3x)
Voluptuous (3x)
Very cautious (slang) (3x)
Veteran soldier`s heart (3x)
Vandalism (3x)
Vocal work (3x)
Veranda (3x)
Varna (3x)
Vinyl fan`s collection (3x)
Venture (3x)
Vitiate (3x)
Van man (3x)
Vienna`s locale (3x)
Variance (3x)
Virus (3x)
Vibes` kin (3x)
Vampire`s daybed (3x)
Very unfriendly (3x)
Vulnerable (3x)
Violently (3x)
Viny shelter (3x)
Volcanic (3x)
Volvo competitor, once (3x)
Volunteer (3x)
Violoncello (3x)
Venomous (3x)
Vellum (3x)
Vampire hunter`s need (3x)
Vexatious (3x)
Vocalist Vannelli (3x)
Vegetable (3x)
Very French (3x)
Vest (3x)
Very long time (3x)
Very stupid (3x)
Vase handle (3x)
Vanadium mine in China (3x)
Variola (3x)
Very (British slang) (3x)
Voracious (3x)
Vestige (3x)
Vastness (3x)
Volt maker casually (3x)
Virulent (3x)
Vents (3x)
Veep under Grant (3x)
Van (3x)
Very fast (3x)
Variety of cat or goat (3x)
Vector algebra (3x)
Venus williams`s sister (3x)
Vaulter`s implement (3x)
Ventilator (3x)
Vainglorious (3x)
Vacate (3x)
Vegetable gadget (3x)
Veneer (3x)
V-shaped projections (3x)
Vicious (3x)
Very angry (3x)
Visine dose (3x)
Very thin sheet of metal (3x)
Virginal (3x)
Varnish base (3x)
Vanderbilt and Irving (3x)
Votes opposed (3x)
Vesicopapule (3x)
Vitality (3x)
Vulgar (3x)
Van Morrison song (3x)
Visine application (3x)
Veg (3x)
Volunteer`s declaration (3x)
Vegan`s morning meal (3x)
Vegas transaction (3x)
Vacation home (3x)
Vibration (3x)
Vitalizer (3x)
Volcanic mudslide (3x)
VHS successor (3x)
Village in NM (3x)
Vikings` foes (3x)