Popular Clues with the letter V

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter V.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Variegated (3x)
Veteran (3x)
Versailles resident (3x)
Very funny comic (3x)
Vigorously (3x)
Victualer (3x)
Violin-case item (3x)
Voiced a tune (3x)
Very nice (3x)
Vacation girl group (3x)
Visual artist (3x)
Vibrate (3x)
Vie (3x)
Vulgar (3x)
Volcano (3x)
Vitamin amount (3x)
Vetch (3x)
Vamoose, out West (3x)
Victory (colloquial) (3x)
Votive (3x)
Versatile (3x)
Volcanic rock (3x)
Varieties of nuts (3x)
Vitamin b6 (3x)
Vulcanite (3x)
Verdon hit (3x)
Vervain (3x)
Vietnamese (3x)
Viola (3x)
Vase (3x)
Violet part (3x)
Varnish compound (3x)
Vermilion (3x)
Veiled threat (3x)
Valerie`s public persona (3x)
Verve (3x)
Ventilators (3x)
Volleyball (3x)
Vacationer`s joy (2x)
Very hard furniture wood (2x)
Very: Music (2x)
Vitamin A form (2x)
Vitamin g (2x)
Version opening (2x)
Visine seller (2x)
Violated (2x)
Voter`s `no` (2x)
Vesuvius relative (2x)
Vietnamese holidays (2x)
Very small amount (2x)
Viral GIF (2x)
Visitors to vail (2x)
Ventured (2x)
Vicksburg defender (2x)
Verbalise (2x)
Very quickly (2x)
Vivacious (2x)
Versailles building (2x)
Verdi`s Venetian villain (2x)
Very powerful (2x)
Verizon reference (2x)
Very little (2x)
Variola vaccinia (2x)
Very pale (2x)
Voter`s option (2x)
Vacant (2x)
Vowel topper (2x)
Virtual loadable module (2x)
Vincent`s successor (2x)
Vapor trail`s spot (2x)
VCR`s Go back (2x)
Vulgarly dressed (2x)
Vocalizes like nelly (2x)
Vital elements (2x)
Vertebrata (2x)
Volcano of Mars (2x)
Violate (2x)
Veterinary (2x)
Vancouver paper (2x)
Vinegar rice dish (2x)
Variant of Nettie (2x)
Vasodilator (2x)
Vic`s spouse et al (2x)
Vaccine (2x)
Victor and others (2x)
Village hangout (2x)
Violet variety (2x)
Viceroy (2x)
Vowel group (2x)
Vikings` battlefield (2x)
Van gogh`s last home (2x)
Vaquero (2x)
Varig destination (2x)
Veto (2x)
Vibrating tone (2x)
Vacuum (2x)
Viper (2x)
Vital part (2x)
Vehemently condemns (2x)
Valuable (2x)