Popular Clues with the letter V

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter V.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Valley (24x)
Vibration (19x)
Vague (16x)
Vegetable sponge (14x)
Vietnamese rice dish (10x)
Venture forth (9x)
Virtue (8x)
Versatile (7x)
Viral GIF (7x)
Voucher (7x)
Verdancy (7x)
Verne`s being (6x)
Vatic (6x)
Volcano of Luzon (6x)
Vocation (6x)
Vegetable (5x)
Variety (5x)
Vocal register (5x)
Valise (5x)
Vaccine (5x)
Violinist isaac (5x)
Vanilla (5x)
Variable (5x)
Volcano (4x)
Vulture (4x)
Vessel at socials (4x)
Vegetable for Popeye (4x)
Vow (4x)
Vital artery (4x)
Victorian oath (4x)
Victualler (4x)
Volleyball barrier (4x)
Victorian (4x)
Vocally (4x)
Venture (4x)
View with astonishment (4x)
Voodoo (4x)
Veterans on deck (4x)
Vapour ending (4x)
Vast amount (4x)
Vale (4x)
Venezuelan folklore (4x)
Verona venue (4x)
Very pleased (4x)
Vodka with artistic ads (4x)
Vikings` group (3x)
Vegetarian scoop (3x)
Violinist Camilla (3x)
Virtuous (3x)
Vale of poetic fame (3x)
Vacuum cleaner salesman (3x)
Venus or Minerva (3x)
Valentine emotion (3x)
Vicinity (3x)
Vaporous elements (3x)
Visitor (3x)
Vineyard vat (3x)
Vivarin alternative (3x)
Viagra alternative (3x)
Verizon reference (3x)
Vincent Lopez theme tune (3x)
Village celebrity (3x)
Vanishing daytime fare (3x)
Vacantly (3x)
Victorious church cries (3x)
Vigilantly (3x)
Vivacity (3x)
Victoria cross (3x)
Vanquish (3x)
Voices opposition (3x)
Verizon subsidiary (3x)
Venomous-snake genus (3x)
Venue (3x)
Very small arachnid (3x)
Versed in jurisprudence (3x)
Virtual certainty (3x)
Vacuous (slang) (3x)
Villainous doctor (3x)
Vandalize (3x)
Vital conduits (3x)
Variation (3x)
Vulnerability (3x)
Variety of Buddhism (3x)
Vacation adjunct (3x)
Varied (3x)
Volatile (3x)
Vaccination (3x)
Vulture cousin (3x)
Venetian painter (3x)
Vassal`s servitor (3x)
Very pale (3x)
Virility (British slang) (3x)
Verrazano et al (3x)
Vital gun parts (3x)
Vermilion (3x)
Viking prince of Kiev (3x)
Vault-opening criminals (3x)
Vonnegut novel (3x)
Valetta (3x)
Visigoth sacker of rome (3x)
Violinist Bullend (3x)
Voiced vote (3x)
Violation of an oath (3x)
Virus creator (3x)
Volcanic rock (3x)
Villain (3x)
Volcano peaks (3x)
Vinland`s Ericson (3x)
Vaccinate (3x)
Venal (3x)
Violet variety (3x)
Vette or Caddy (3x)
Very small (3x)
Value of q in scrabble (3x)
Vote down in parliament (3x)
Vapid (3x)
Vacillating (3x)
Ventilation system part (3x)
Violin apertures (3x)
Vibrations (3x)
Vulgarism (3x)
Venturesome base runner (3x)
Visibility problem (3x)
Verizon acquisition (3x)
Visit cost (3x)
Volcano of West Java (3x)
VapoRub name (3x)
Very angry (3x)
Virus carrier, at times (3x)
Voracious (3x)
Vehement protest (3x)
Volleyball obstacle (3x)
Version of a gene (3x)
Verbal wit or mockery (3x)
Vehement (3x)
Veined cheese (3x)
Visual (3x)
Vacate (2x)
Vernal equinox follower (2x)
Valets who get no tips (2x)
Villainous cachinnation (2x)
Visit between whalers (2x)
Very bright stars (2x)
Vote in congress (2x)
Vision exam (2x)
Vertebra neighbor (2x)
Victim of a scam (2x)
Vaulted church part (2x)
Viking destination (2x)
Vowellike (2x)
Viennese eight (2x)
Verve, italian style (2x)
Vehicles on runners (2x)
Viking chieftain (2x)
Virile ones (2x)
Vegan sushi option (2x)
Viva voce exams (2x)
Vichy VIP during WWII (2x)
Vandyke`s cousin (2x)
Volcanic fluid (2x)
Virgule (2x)
Varsity players (2x)
Versifier`s inspiration (2x)
Virgin Islands isl (2x)
Vox (2x)
Vinegar acid (2x)
Vespertilio (2x)
Vivacity, courage, etc (2x)
Vermin-ridden buildings (2x)
Vases with bases (2x)
Vermin access (2x)
Virilise (2x)
Very close (2x)
Voluptuous (2x)
Volatile oil (2x)
Very serious (2x)
Veterinary (2x)
Veronica officinalis (2x)
Vigorously attacked (2x)
Vesta`s place (2x)
Viking great Tarkenton (2x)
Vacuum bag contents (2x)
Vertical conduit (2x)
Velour (2x)
Vocal effect (2x)
Vernacular jackpot (2x)
Very funny person (2x)
Vestments (2x)
Virus carriers (2x)
Vodka lookalike (2x)
Vaccine fluid (2x)
Verdi heroine (2x)
Vista from the Coliseum (2x)
Vulnerable spots (2x)
Vegas bookings (2x)
Verne skipper (2x)
Viper (2x)
Vacuum cleaner (2x)
Very scrawny (2x)
Vocal pauses (2x)