Popular Clues with the letter V

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter V.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Vanilla (3x)
Vociferous or clamorous (3x)
Venetian ruler (3x)
Venomous serpents (3x)
Voice (3x)
Vanished (3x)
Visits as a tourist (3x)
Very small drink (3x)
Valued gemstone (3x)
Venturesome (3x)
Vulture (3x)
Venti minus diciannove (3x)
Volunteer reserve forces (3x)
Venetian chiefs (3x)
Very important (3x)
Vacuum chambers (3x)
Velvety bloomer (3x)
Vintage French actress (3x)
Vaguely (3x)
Veranda (3x)
Vision (3x)
Volcanic borders (3x)
Very narrow at the end (3x)
Visits regularly (3x)
Virtual (3x)
Venae cavae outlets (3x)
Violet parts (3x)
Very fast tempo (3x)
Verse collection (3x)
Venetian-blind unit (3x)
Vacuous (3x)
Valve in a furnace flue (3x)
Vulpine animal (3x)
Voting event (3x)
Very attractive (3x)
Vicarious (3x)
Voluntary forfeit (3x)
Vegetable dish (3x)
Vexes a lot (3x)
Velodrome in Wales (3x)
Veil (3x)
Viking ship (3x)
Verruca (3x)
Very busy (3x)
Violence (3x)
Vegetarian diet (3x)
Validated again (3x)
Vulnerable area (3x)
Visits informally (3x)
Verbena (3x)
Voracious marine fish (3x)
Vulcanite (3x)
Verdi title character (3x)
Vulnerability (3x)
Virile guys (3x)
Vying venue (3x)
Visits an e-mall (3x)
Vignette (3x)
Violate (3x)
Valley girl`s Ick! (3x)
Vintage car (3x)
Visualize (3x)
Victimised (3x)
Vexation (3x)
Virtuoso (3x)
Veiled statement (3x)
Vacillate (3x)
Villainous glance (2x)
Vitamin D producer (2x)
Vinegar-and-oil bottles (2x)
Valiant person (2x)
Vegas venue (briefly) (2x)
Video categories (2x)
Viceroy (2x)
Variation in color (2x)
Violinist Gil (2x)
Vassal`s servitor (2x)
Varied (2x)
Vigor, in music (2x)
Viral phenomenon (2x)
Virginie ou pennsylvanie (2x)
Vinegar (2x)
Vascular growth (2x)
Vampire hunter`s weapon (2x)
Vacillating (2x)
Verrry interesting! (2x)
Vitamin a1 (2x)
Var (2x)
Visual aid on an easel (2x)
Vitamin dictum (2x)
Vlade of the NBA (2x)
Vinegar holders (2x)
Voodoo (2x)
Valley for vintners (2x)
Voluminous volumes (2x)
Virgil`s Aeneid, for one (2x)
Vatican city leader (2x)
Vintage keyboard brand (2x)
Vail vehicle (2x)
Victory (2x)
Vast (2x)
Vocalized for the doctor (2x)
Vending-machine opening (2x)
Variety of bridge (2x)
Views band (2x)
Verified officially (2x)
Visual cassettes (2x)
Vinegar variety (2x)
Villainous doctor (2x)
Vessels at marinas (2x)
Venetian coin, once (2x)
Viscous (2x)
Velcro alternative (2x)
Vowel by height (2x)
Valley for wine (2x)
Victor at Shiloh (2x)
Vigour (2x)
Vegan dish ingredient (2x)
View from Cabo San Lucas (2x)
Vietnam Memorial artist (2x)
Verse foot (2x)
Verizon letters (2x)
Volcanic ante anagram (2x)
Voice above a tenor (2x)
Voluble sales pitch (2x)
Very scared insect (2x)
Voyager-launching org (2x)
Vacuum hookup (2x)
Very foolish (2x)
Vegetarian ingredient (2x)
Vampire (2x)
Voodoo snake deity (2x)
Voodoo power (2x)
Vital components (2x)
Vary (2x)
Vandalized (2x)
Violently attacking (2x)
Vinegar acid (2x)
Viking in the comics (2x)
Vassalage (2x)
Volcanic group (2x)
Voluble (2x)
Viognier (2x)
Very thinly distributed (2x)
Volunteer (2x)
Visayan history (2x)
Very pleased (2x)
Viaduct (2x)
Visible vibration (2x)
Volunteer`s question (2x)