Popular Clues with the letter S

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter S.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Sensitive (58x)
Small songbird (45x)
Songbird (45x)
Skullduggery (40x)
Selfish person (37x)
Seasoned soldier (32x)
Sham (31x)
Sprout (29x)
Stole or cape (28x)
Shaft riches (25x)
Seriously (21x)
Sears subsidiary (21x)
Supplement (21x)
Scatter (20x)
Synagogue vips (20x)
Strictness (19x)
Single-minded person (19x)
Severe (19x)
Short-run (18x)
Stringed instrument (17x)
Spelunker (17x)
Scratched (16x)
Shackle (15x)
Suavely (15x)
Scarface kingpin (14x)
Sitsang (14x)
Stand-up guy (14x)
Saltwater fish (13x)
Should (13x)
Shout (12x)
Slow, for vivaldi (12x)
Sticks (12x)
Spike Lee`s sister (12x)
Summit (12x)
Synthetic (11x)
Swiss canton (11x)
Summarizes (11x)
Stunned (10x)
Stagirite (10x)
Shore (10x)
South american rodent (10x)
Self-possession (10x)
Showy flowers (10x)
Strength (10x)
Shopfront (9x)
Symbol (9x)
Spiritual retreat (9x)
Sport (8x)
Sheepish (8x)
Sample (8x)
Skid row (5x)
Scare the heck out of (5x)
Shelter (5x)
Softly (5x)
Supernatural power (5x)
Split (5x)
Section for investors (5x)
Socket (5x)
Sandpiper (5x)
Sort of rug or code (5x)
Stealer (5x)
Steak fish (5x)
Spoil (5x)
Sharply delineated (5x)
Slump (5x)
Santa Fe and Tahoe (5x)
Somehow (5x)
Soften (5x)
Sophia of `two women` (5x)
Spice (5x)
Scrap (5x)
Shackles (5x)
Soccer player (5x)
Strong drink (5x)
Surround (5x)
Sports car (5x)
Showed anger (5x)
Sharpness (5x)
Spokesperson (5x)
Sweater letters (4x)
Steaming mad (4x)
Stagnation (4x)
Sundry (4x)
Stimulates (4x)
Strengthen (4x)
Super-quiet, musically (4x)
Stunning (4x)
Scuffle (4x)
Street food (4x)
Scarlet (4x)
Side dish with chow mein (4x)
Skink (4x)
Surrounds (4x)
Syrup (4x)
Sweet rice wine (4x)
Share a border (4x)
Sweetener (4x)
Superficial behavior (4x)
Scandalize (4x)
Stupid person (4x)