Popular Clues with the letter S

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter S.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Skulduggery (45x)
Secret service (41x)
Substantial (27x)
Slacken off (26x)
Simply (25x)
Superman`s weakness (22x)
Silvery metal (19x)
Saint anthony`s fire (18x)
Solar deity (17x)
Shoplifting (15x)
Stickler for detail (13x)
Sourdough (13x)
Self-importantly (13x)
Set the boundaries of (12x)
Significant advances (12x)
Significant (11x)
Sanskrit literature (11x)
Seed (11x)
Straighten (10x)
Sneering person (10x)
Skullduggery (10x)
Star Wars catchphrase (10x)
Snack food (9x)
Smear (9x)
Spotted (9x)
Suffering (8x)
Stock market (8x)
Small amount (8x)
Skating rink (8x)
Slave (8x)
Somehow (8x)
Set-up (8x)
Scoff (7x)
Sternly disciplined (7x)
Spectators` seating (7x)
Stagnation (7x)
Sauce (7x)
Stagnant (7x)
Saga (7x)
Singer tormé (7x)
Sourness (7x)
Sewing fasteners (7x)
Stringed instrument (7x)
Second (7x)
Sovereign (6x)
Shameful (6x)
Scandinavian (6x)
Small water bird (6x)
Stain (6x)
Skate`s kin (6x)
Stage (6x)
Soft drink (6x)
Suture (6x)
Sweater letter (6x)
Sarcastic retort (6x)
Stimulus (6x)
Shaman (6x)
Second-hand (6x)
Spanish wine (6x)
Sneaky (6x)
Showboat girl (6x)
String instrument (6x)
Sprinter`s stat (6x)
Scold (6x)
Small bay (6x)
Spear-point (5x)
Smudges on Santa`s suit (5x)
Synchronized (5x)
Subdue (5x)
Stevedore (5x)
Starlets` dreams (5x)
Self-control (5x)
Slide sideways (5x)
Surrealism (5x)
Striking success (5x)
Sordid (5x)
Strong emotion (5x)
Supposedly (5x)
Secret plan (5x)
Shellac (5x)
Sweet and nut (5x)
Shoe brand (5x)
Scare (5x)
Sharp (5x)
Sports team (5x)
Superhero`s garb (5x)
Serendipitous (5x)
Someone who supervises (5x)
Sharply sarcastic (5x)
Splash gently (5x)
Sanctimonious (5x)
Song written by Lorde (5x)
Solomon (5x)
Soup accompaniment (5x)
Servile subordinate (5x)
Shoelace problem (5x)
Slacken (5x)
Similarity suffix (5x)
Social register listing (5x)
Sedge (4x)
Strobe (4x)
Sheik`s pal (4x)
Sob (4x)
Shoe-store section (4x)
Son of agamemnon (4x)
Sandburg was one (4x)
Subsurface (4x)
Soft drinks or daddies (4x)
Steals (4x)
Spring-collection org (4x)
Suffix with method (4x)
Stupidity (4x)
Savory sauce (4x)
Stag (4x)
Spelunker (4x)
Splice after cutting (4x)
SNAFU center (4x)
Squid eater (4x)
Sideways (4x)
Stole (4x)
Stretch out (4x)
Salesperson (4x)
Staked thing (4x)
Steed for battle (4x)
Supreme (4x)
Sedate (4x)
Sleek sled (4x)
Spiteful (4x)
Swamp grass (4x)
Seating behind business (4x)
Shrimp kin (4x)
Slender (4x)
Skaldic poem (4x)
Shortness of breath (4x)
Scottish (4x)
Shots on lots (4x)
Slander (4x)
Silky-coated hunting dog (4x)
Swedish art (4x)
Sugary (4x)
Sarcastic (4x)
Scrimping (4x)
Shot in the arm (4x)
Snouted animals (4x)
Steal (4x)
Sandal (4x)
Song written by Juicy J (4x)
Song written by Lou Reed (4x)
Sail (4x)