Popular Clues with the letter T

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter T.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Targets (5x)
Throat lozenge (5x)
Two-wheeled vehicle (5x)
Tourist attraction (5x)
Triangular (5x)
Tyrant (5x)
Tie (5x)
Texas (5x)
Taunt (5x)
Toulouse (5x)
To supply or give (5x)
Temporary (5x)
The Queen Oscar winner (5x)
The position of chaplain (5x)
Tearfully sentimental (4x)
Tropical ant (4x)
Theatre box (4x)
Tallow (4x)
Tempting type (4x)
Thick masses of hair (4x)
Terhune`s barker (4x)
Traffic jam (4x)
Tool with a curved blade (4x)
To cheat (4x)
Thick soup (4x)
Tatar ruler (4x)
Terrier`s sound (4x)
Trappings (4x)
The netherlands (4x)
Texas`s state dish (4x)
Timbuktu (4x)
Town in Cheshire (4x)
Tube spots (4x)
Tropical fruit (4x)
The March King`s family (4x)
Trotter`s mom (4x)
Teddy`s 1904 foe (4x)
Trig angle (4x)
Truck (4x)
Terrier breed (4x)
Thatched-roof shelter (4x)
Trite (4x)
Trucks along the thames (4x)
Transylvania`s land (4x)
Taper (4x)
To inform upon (slang) (4x)
Thin scale (4x)
Taken (4x)
Texan`s tie (4x)
That`s funny! (4x)
That boy there (4x)
Take in (4x)
TV vehicle (4x)
To lose (4x)
Timepiece brand (4x)
Thiamine`s kin (4x)
Trill (4x)
The anus (British slang) (4x)
Tell confidentially (4x)
Tea (4x)
To run hastily (4x)
The act of predicting (4x)
The words (4x)
Threaten (4x)
Take back (4x)
Truancy (4x)
Trachea divisions (4x)
Tennyson`s seaman (4x)
Trombone (4x)
Tracy (4x)
Tinter (4x)
To bind (4x)
Threes (4x)
Trucking allowance (4x)
Thriller (4x)
Titled (4x)
Test version (4x)
Tease (4x)
Throw-in (4x)
Take over (4x)
Tendon (4x)
Tenancy (4x)
To roam, walk, wander (4x)
Tchotchke (4x)
Tyrannical (4x)
Tease playfully (4x)
Tennis star (4x)
Trappings for a horse (4x)
Texas Hold `Em words (4x)
Tar (4x)
Trimming (4x)
Turning red (4x)
Took stock of (4x)
To collect, gather (4x)
Testa (4x)
Trivial Pursuit token (4x)
Turn around (4x)
To rouse (4x)
Transparent green gem (4x)
The stage (4x)
Torso (4x)
The Producers siren (4x)
Tittle`s monogram (4x)
Tango move (4x)
Tailwort (4x)
Thurman (4x)
Tv pooch (4x)
TV`s McMahon and O`Neill (4x)
Tax on imports (4x)
Tease in fun (4x)
Tie tack (4x)
Tangible object (4x)
The Rock`s former grp (4x)
Twist (4x)
Talk incoherently (3x)
Thick choice steak (3x)
Tough Ford (3x)
Tanner`s quest (3x)
To attribute or ascribe (3x)
The whole (3x)
Tables (3x)
Timer`s start (3x)
To estop (3x)
Titbit (3x)
Topflight tennis star (3x)
Tennis server`s spot (3x)
Tightrope walker (3x)
Turmoil (3x)
Terminal (3x)
Toxic conditions (3x)
They`re often bitter (3x)
Turbulent (3x)
Tangled (3x)
To bury in a grave (3x)
Tea on film (3x)
TV mouse (3x)
Town in Hampshire (3x)
Transsexual (3x)
Tenuously (3x)
Throw hard (3x)
Theatergoer`s souvenir (3x)
Terror`s opposite (3x)
T.rex frontman marc (3x)
Tries (3x)
Tad (3x)
Telejournalist`s item (3x)
That (3x)
Truck stop visitor (3x)
Triton`s planet (3x)
Thumb (3x)