Popular Clues with the letter T

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter T.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Tomboy`s injury (33x)
Tennis term (33x)
Tinge (27x)
Tease gently (23x)
Two-player card game (19x)
Thingamabob (19x)
Toast dish (17x)
Taxonomic group (14x)
Trimming (11x)
Typeset proofs (11x)
Tropical melon (10x)
Translate orally (10x)
Timid (10x)
Timid creatures (10x)
Touchy (10x)
Timid creature (10x)
Tomé preceder (9x)
Town in Queensland (9x)
Translucent (9x)
Tiff (9x)
Type of Refugee (8x)
Town in North Yorkshire (8x)
Transparent gem (8x)
Trade (8x)
Town in Gloucestershire (8x)
Tourist attraction (8x)
Trades (8x)
Turning up (8x)
Tolerant (7x)
Territorial dominion (7x)
Tyrant (7x)
Trivial (7x)
Trifling (7x)
Telemarketer`s pitch (7x)
Turnkey (7x)
Thug (7x)
Tweak (7x)
Trepan (7x)
Trekkers` guide (7x)
Torment (7x)
Thermal (7x)
Trattoria dish (6x)
Theatrical producers (6x)
Talk on and on (6x)
Theology schannel (6x)
Ticked and then some (6x)
Thread one`s way (6x)
Touch (6x)
Titan (6x)
To snatch or steal (6x)
To be a misanthrope (6x)
Take (6x)
Ternary (6x)
Trails off (6x)
Turn sharply (6x)
Thin, filled pancakes (6x)
Thin layer of gold (6x)
Tenant for years (6x)
To call together (6x)
Tolerate (6x)
Transit map markings (5x)
Textile devices (5x)
Trite humor (5x)
The bib, or whiting pout (5x)
Treeless plain (5x)
Tribe of ancient Ireland (5x)
To leave (5x)
Traded (5x)
To hear (5x)
Tropical fruit (5x)
T-shirt size (5x)
Terra (5x)
Taoist principle (5x)
Tikal dwellers (5x)
Trivial amount (slang) (5x)
Tosca or Norma (5x)
Transmission part (5x)
Trifling amount (5x)
Turkish dish (5x)
The Music Man locale (5x)
Travelling (5x)
Tassel on an ear (5x)
Tape measure (5x)
Teeth-cleaning stuff (5x)
Tapering towers (5x)
Tuneful paul (5x)
Transmitter starter (5x)
Trifles (5x)
Thumb and others (5x)
Tender (5x)
Totally defeated (5x)
Time off (5x)
Tarmac (5x)
Thin pancake (5x)
Tub (5x)
Tearful queen of thebes (5x)
Tilt (5x)
Transported by coach (5x)
Tilth (5x)
Trample (5x)
To push (5x)
Track and field sport (5x)
Trustfulness (5x)
To praise highly (5x)
Trappist beer (5x)
Trickery (5x)
To pet (5x)
Twentieth of an ounce (5x)
TV classic (5x)
Tightly wound (5x)
Trying experience (4x)
To sell (4x)
Trap (4x)
Toils (4x)
The pits (4x)
Tug sharply (4x)
Ten (4x)
Thankless tasks (4x)
Threaded (4x)
Tragicomedy (4x)
Turkish title (4x)
To dispose of (4x)
To sail or fly around (4x)
Third chinese dynasty (4x)
Tyrolean (4x)
Transition (4x)
Thoughtful prefix (4x)
Troublesome fly (4x)
Trinity (4x)
Thick soup (4x)
To protect clothing (4x)
Tiger iron (4x)
Tennis team (4x)
Thistle (4x)
Take off or away (4x)
Telescope (4x)
Top-notch, in ratings (4x)
Twaddle (4x)
Train (4x)
Temple: Arch (4x)
Terrier foot (4x)
The enemy`s (4x)
Tracking equipment (4x)
Tympan (4x)
Threshing machine (4x)
Tapestry (4x)
Trophy recipient (4x)
Town in New South Wales (4x)
Tuscany treat (4x)
Teleprinter (4x)
Tossing (4x)
Token of esteem (4x)
Trawler`s trail (4x)
Ting (4x)
Troika (4x)
Thickened, as cream (4x)
Trifle (4x)
Transiently brilliant (4x)
Triangle product (4x)
Touch or rub constantly (4x)
Tragic flaw (4x)
Thieves (4x)
Thick rope (4x)
Termagant (4x)
Tragedian (4x)
Tranquilizer name (4x)
The gift (4x)
Tears in rage (4x)
Tangy (4x)
Top athlete (4x)
To inform (4x)
This evening, in ads (4x)
Thread (4x)
Trim the lawn (4x)
Turbid (4x)
Toy dog (4x)
Table attendant (4x)
To cry, whine or blubber (4x)
Toper`s honker (4x)
Totem pole (4x)
Tree fruit (4x)
Timbres, in music (4x)
Types (4x)
Tropical Asian tree (4x)
Tiger woods forte (4x)
Total (4x)
To miss (4x)
TTFN (4x)
To lose (4x)
Thesaurus title (4x)
Tacked on (4x)
Trinitrotoluene (4x)
Tasty! (4x)
Theatre attendants (4x)
Transmission parts (4x)
Therapeutic (4x)
Trump (4x)
Togetherness (4x)
Temperamental diva (4x)
To foretell (4x)