Popular Clues with the letter T

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter T.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Trails behind (5x)
Tidied (5x)
Talk out of (4x)
Tamia song (4x)
Temporary (4x)
Trembling (4x)
Triad (4x)
Tacit (4x)
Thulium (4x)
Tear into pieces (4x)
Toned-down expletive (4x)
Turnkey (4x)
Twist around (4x)
To happen (4x)
To burn to charcoal (4x)
Thief`s secret (4x)
Thespian (4x)
Tropical wood (4x)
Tipple (4x)
Trooper (4x)
Tragic Dumas heroine (4x)
Telephone button (4x)
Turkish big shots (4x)
Tangy ethnic food (4x)
Trader (4x)
Tapered tower topper (4x)
Tress of false hair (4x)
To attempt (4x)
Tropical plants (4x)
Tranquility, for one (4x)
Tolkien hobbit (4x)
Threesome (4x)
Trust (4x)
Timbuktu`s land (4x)
Treat as a tool (4x)
Triple-Crown horse (4x)
To weaken gradually (4x)
Tight: sl (4x)
Troop groups (4x)
Theologian (4x)
Trajectory (4x)
Turn into cheese (4x)
Toponymic cheese (4x)
Turbulence-free (4x)
Turkish commander (4x)
Tented area (4x)
Threshing refuse (4x)
Touches (4x)
Ticking off (4x)
To drive (4x)
Trial (4x)
Take on (4x)
Talk like daffy duck (4x)
To produce (4x)
Troublemaker (4x)
Totally awesome (slang) (4x)
Transfix (4x)
Thanksgiving (4x)
Trigger (4x)
Triangle geometry (4x)
Tatum`s father (4x)
Taxing to the utmost (4x)
Town in Cheshire (4x)
To disgrace (4x)
The moor`s envier (4x)
To check (4x)
Troglodyte (4x)
Toque (4x)
Tirthankara (4x)
Tuneful tori (4x)
Tar (4x)
Tumble (4x)
Tick off (4x)
Traveler`s aid (4x)
Tinged with red (4x)
Trunks (4x)
Toothless mammal (4x)
Trick alternative (4x)
Torah holder (4x)
Transit (4x)
Trapper john`s last name (4x)
Truce (4x)
Tribal (4x)
Tragicomedy (4x)
Two fours in craps (4x)
Tighten, as a corset (4x)
Teenager`s blemish (4x)
Troy weight (4x)
Tokyo sleepgiver (4x)
Tricycle (4x)
Tiny (4x)
Type 205 submarine (4x)
Trillion opening (4x)
Tailgate party site (4x)
TV lineup (4x)
Traceable (4x)
Tidal flows (4x)
To seduce (4x)
Temple dances of India (4x)
Two-faced person (4x)