Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Horse-drawn cart (6x)
Hollow (6x)
Hockey feat (6x)
Hamlet (6x)
Haven (6x)
Hand grenade (6x)
Hardens (6x)
Harsh speech (6x)
Humiliation (6x)
Having a central point (5x)
Hard to pin down (5x)
Hesitate (5x)
Hobby (5x)
Handyman (slang) (5x)
Hoover Dam`s byproduct (5x)
Habitually (5x)
Highest-ranking (5x)
Hopelessly inept fellow (5x)
Heavenly (5x)
Hanging by threads (5x)
Herbal tea (5x)
Heroic epics (5x)
Horseman`s need (5x)
Hyrax (5x)
Hypothesize (5x)
Helix (5x)
Heartburn (5x)
Human being (5x)
Honestly (4x)
High Society star (4x)
Happiness (4x)
Heartened (4x)
Huge amounts (4x)
Handsome fella (4x)
Honest (4x)
Human eye anatomy (4x)
Haphazard (4x)
Heir (4x)
Hurdle (4x)
Hereditary (4x)
Hover (4x)
Handbook (4x)
Hanks vehicle (4x)
Hard work (4x)
Heat (4x)
Healthy and energetic (4x)
Headaches (4x)
Honourable (4x)
Housepainter`s attire (4x)
Hologram (4x)
Hardworking candidate (3x)
Hedge (3x)
Hyphen (3x)
Hideous Tolkien creature (3x)
Hindu queens (3x)
Hazelnut (3x)
Haha, u r hilarious (3x)
Half a sextet (3x)
Heartbeat indicator (3x)
Hard-wearing fabric (3x)
Has (3x)
Horseshoe maker`s shop (3x)
Hawaiian shirt go-with (3x)
Happiness standard (3x)
Harness rings (3x)
Hardware store (3x)
Hydrogen and helium (3x)
Homer (slang) (3x)
Hobby-knife brand (3x)
Hill fort in Dorset (3x)
Heterogeneity (3x)
Hyena created by Capp (3x)
Holding back (3x)
Hives (3x)
Heating chamber (3x)
Harden against PAin, etc (3x)
Holy folks (3x)
Howl (3x)
Hideous (3x)
Hackney (3x)
Humorous internet image (3x)
Hot-springs resorts (3x)
Halts (3x)
Highlander (3x)
Hindu mystic (3x)
Hard-headed feller (3x)
Hindu epic hero (3x)
Halloween apparitions (3x)
Hinder, in legalese (3x)
Haggis spice (3x)
Hannah Montana, for one (3x)
Hail Mary projectile (3x)
Headline (3x)
Humane org (3x)
Hagen (3x)
Haematuria (3x)
Hearts-of-palm source (3x)
Hang out in a hammock (3x)
Hollow out (3x)
Honky (3x)