Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Hoosier (4x)
He`s 1-A (4x)
Huw Higginson character (4x)
Hip-hop rep (4x)
Humorist shriner (4x)
Horovitz or yauch (4x)
Hauler`s rig (4x)
Having lost your job (4x)
Highlander or Lowlander (4x)
Hotel consideration (4x)
Hamartiologists` topics (4x)
Hooch (4x)
Helpless (4x)
Hecklers (4x)
High bark (4x)
Heart part (4x)
Habitual denier (4x)
Hierarchical (4x)
Health (4x)
Hurt sound (4x)
Hindu goddess (4x)
Having no talent for (4x)
Hose hazards (4x)
Hair protectors (4x)
Heavy breathing (4x)
Hangmen`s needs (4x)
Hanukkah symbol (4x)
Hypo units (4x)
Horticulturist`s pride (4x)
Hinder (4x)
Hidden meaning (4x)
Honey-maker (4x)
Honey, in le havre (4x)
Half-sister of eva (4x)
Holometabolic (4x)
Highwayman (4x)
Haven (4x)
Hush-hush (4x)
Harmful (4x)
Homonym (4x)
Hairstyle (4x)
Hayride participant (4x)
Harplike instruments (4x)
Havana-to-Miami dir (4x)
Hal Foster comics hero (4x)
High-spirited (4x)
Hs auxiliaries (4x)
Hurls (4x)
Hollow rock (3x)
He was Max in Mad Max (3x)
Heeling over (3x)
Hip-swiveling dance (3x)
Heartaches (3x)
Hubbub (3x)
House cat, at times (3x)
Heat energy (3x)
Hedgehog (3x)
Hauls into court (3x)
Has in inventory (3x)
Hogs` pens (3x)
Hit-or-miss (3x)
Herewith (3x)
High-end Honda (3x)
He`s not on the A-list (3x)
Hence (3x)
Have a basis (3x)
Henlike grouse (3x)
How-dos (3x)
Hat shop (3x)
Hezbollah (3x)
Hot dogs and hamburgers (3x)
Hidalgo`s hat (3x)
Heathen (3x)
Hindu giant (3x)
Hauberk (3x)
Hereditary (3x)
Hastiness (3x)
Harassment (3x)
Honesty (3x)
Hit the gas (3x)
Hatred (3x)
Heston`s gun org (3x)
Homer`s Heck! (3x)
Henry Ford (3x)
Hear again, as a case (3x)
Hi-light (3x)
Hideous (3x)
Heedful (3x)
Hazard near Norman`s Woe (3x)
Happy Days role for Ron (3x)
Hearst Castle site (3x)
Hoopster O`Neal (3x)
Highway (3x)
Happy Days mom (3x)
Handcraft (3x)
Hugo`s friends (3x)
Hitter (3x)
Hollywood`s Henie (3x)
Heavy twines (3x)
Head (3x)
Hill of Somerset (3x)
Habit (3x)
Hairy (3x)
Hypochaeris radicata (3x)
Home furnishings (3x)
Hill Ireland (3x)
Hiker`s need (3x)
Having no light (3x)
Hiring/firing type (3x)
Hypnosis (3x)
House publication (3x)
Hammer targets (3x)
Haughtily overbearing (3x)
Hooky player (3x)
Heavy volume (3x)
Harm (3x)
Hawthorn (3x)
Heloise`s forte (3x)
Humectant (3x)
Hemophilia (3x)
Ham`s medium (3x)
Herbs (3x)
He got out a lot (3x)
Homeboy`s hello (3x)
Hoodwinking (3x)
Haricot or hasenpfeffer (3x)
He`s gloomy (3x)
Haughtiness (3x)
Habitually (3x)
Harrison`s running mate (3x)
Hum (3x)
Homage (3x)
Hair gel, for one (3x)
Hungarian patriot (3x)
Have lofty aspirations (3x)
Hash-house patron (3x)
Hoping (3x)
Hebrew literary award (3x)
Heavy waves (3x)
Hullabaloo (3x)
Homer`s bartender (3x)
Had a quiet dinner (3x)
Heads-up (3x)
Hydrogen`s number (3x)
Holders of blessed bread (3x)
Having a permit (3x)
Hiding game (3x)
How natives communicate (3x)
Head of the head (3x)
Hidden (3x)