Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Help out (5x)
Hide (4x)
Harrowing (4x)
Hospital ward (4x)
Hatch (4x)
Heroic action figure (4x)
Hamburger (4x)
Hardy (4x)
Hook (4x)
Harmful to living things (4x)
Highlander (4x)
Honshu seaport (4x)
Helped out (4x)
Hindrance (4x)
Hemingway title ending (4x)
Hypotenuse (4x)
Herbal tea (4x)
Handcuffs (slang) (4x)
Hawaii island (4x)
Honorific (4x)
Heavy bar (4x)
Hammer (briefly) (4x)
Heartless (4x)
Haven (4x)
Hamilton (4x)
Haptically (4x)
Hand part (4x)
Heartburn (4x)
Hasty (4x)
Harp (4x)
Hiker (4x)
Heal completely (4x)
Hag (4x)
Honduran`s hand (4x)
Homonym (4x)
Hacker`s word (4x)
Hold back (4x)
Hooklike (4x)
Highway workers` items (4x)
Having no fever (4x)
House contractor`s job (4x)
Hairpin bend (4x)
Heavenly being, in Paris (4x)
Hebrew (4x)
Holbrook or Roach (4x)
Hole up (4x)
Hardly ever laugh (4x)
Hell (4x)
Hourly (4x)
Hindrance to progress (4x)
Hopes for (4x)
Household items (4x)
Heir (4x)
Herds (4x)
Hosiery thread (4x)
Handed over (4x)
Hypothesis (4x)
House (4x)
Half an Ivy cheer (4x)
Hammer (4x)
Holler (4x)
Habitual drunkard (4x)
Horse (4x)
Henrik Ibsen, for one (4x)
Headscarf (3x)
Haddock (3x)
Have lingering pain (3x)
Hickory (3x)
Handyman (3x)
Hallow (3x)
Hamlet (3x)
Hair problem (3x)
Hong Kong (3x)
Hollywood name (3x)
Heath (3x)
Hitter (3x)
Hepburn`s four (3x)
Heavenly scales (3x)
Heartbreaker (3x)
Hello Dolly (3x)
Huge haulers (3x)
High noon actor kruger (3x)
Hunker (3x)
Hang over (3x)
House`s partner (3x)
Help me out, buddy! (3x)
Historic French prison (3x)
Human eye anatomy (3x)
Hard fat (3x)
Hebrew tribe (3x)
Home finisher (3x)
Hocking (3x)
Hair band (3x)
Hirer`s in-box filler (3x)
Halted (3x)
Hostility (3x)
Heritable (3x)
Horse racing distance (3x)
Hokkaido (3x)
Horde (3x)