Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Haggard heroine (14x)
Half of a `60s group (13x)
Haddock relatives (10x)
Health-giving (9x)
Hemingway or Borgnine (8x)
Hilo strings (8x)
Hypnosis name (8x)
Heavy waterproof fabric (8x)
Haw (7x)
Home of the Niners (7x)
Hezekiah`s mother (7x)
Husky haul (7x)
Hybrid garment for women (7x)
Hidden ball ploy (7x)
Hades in Roman mythology (7x)
Historic city of Holland (7x)
Headgear of old (7x)
Have for supper (7x)
Help for the blind (7x)
Homer`s exclamation (7x)
Having a 0 percent BAC (7x)
Hi-fi adjustment (7x)
Human sci (6x)
Hopi (6x)
Hockey`s Ramholt (6x)
Hill in Sri Lanka (6x)
Heroic tale (6x)
Harnesses (6x)
Hay-bundling machine (6x)
Hoods for monks (6x)
Hollywood big (6x)
Halifax university (6x)
House addition (6x)
Homely citrus fruit (6x)
Hannibal Smith`s unit (6x)
Heir, at law (6x)
High-level betrayal (6x)
Heckler`s directive (6x)
Hmong boy name (6x)
Hagel`s dept (6x)
Harass like a hound (6x)
Hall of fame (6x)
Hayes or Reddy (6x)
Hobbyist`s place (6x)
Halophil (6x)
Hazel, for one (6x)
Hamelin`s hero (6x)
Hesse article (6x)
Hanks or cruise (6x)
History division (6x)
Habitaciòn (6x)
Hard-core (6x)
Huxtable boy (6x)
Hobbit world (6x)
Hypnotism (6x)
Henhouse ravager (6x)
Having an ampulla (6x)
He played Chips (6x)
Hazard in golf (6x)
Hotspot of Europe (6x)
Head, more than once (6x)
Honorary degs (6x)
Halloween apparition (6x)
Hodge follower (6x)
Hale-bopp, and others (6x)
Hither (6x)
Honeymoon haven (6x)
Heracles eloped with her (6x)
Hymned (6x)
Handle a problem (6x)
Hydraulic press` piston (6x)
History books (6x)
How some Perrier tastes (6x)
Hi-fi element (6x)
Heavy metal (6x)
Horned chargers (6x)
Hot-pot support (6x)
Hot seasons in québec (5x)
Hibachi`s home (5x)
Hair protector (5x)
Had longings (5x)
Holography tool (5x)
Hack writing effort (5x)
Houdini specialty (5x)
However one can (5x)
Hypoglycaemic agent (5x)
Heat: Combining form (5x)
Hated first name (5x)
Haptic (5x)
Hinder song (5x)
Honky-tonk (5x)
Heuchera sanguinea (5x)
Handy abbr. for Bartlett (5x)
Headman: Sp (5x)
Homer`s bartender (5x)
Hurdle (5x)
Horticulturist`s study (5x)
Hippolyte`s father (5x)
High hairdos (5x)
High wind (5x)
Handyman`s need (5x)
Happy Hour abusers (5x)
House Hunters network (5x)
Hearts player`s coup (5x)
Heckler or lapel grabber (5x)
Hardware bit (5x)
Hospital aide (5x)
Half a northwestern city (5x)
Hibernating animal (5x)
Hawaiian coast (5x)
Hanging hangout (5x)
Hooch hound (5x)
Historical word forms (5x)
Hoon of Blind Melon (5x)
Humongous span (5x)
Hawaiian hippy movement (5x)
Historian`s study (5x)
Hinged hatch holder (5x)
Hymenoptera insect (5x)
Height enhancer (5x)
Handle again (5x)
Homely or ugly (5x)
HCl or HF (5x)
Honour in the UK (5x)
Hot spot convenience (5x)
Hertz` offering (5x)
Hemingway and shackleton (5x)
Hands-on-hips dances (5x)
Hen (5x)
Hathaway of Serenity (5x)
Heraldic bends (5x)
Hides the roof (5x)
Hypopigmentation (5x)
Happy hour sandwich (5x)
Hatred: Ital (5x)
Hospital bigwig (5x)
Hoover is one (5x)
Heroic courage (5x)
He portrayed Hulot (5x)
Haitian alcoholic drink (5x)
Hudson heroine (5x)
Hurried over (5x)
Helicopter airfoil (5x)
Hunter in the shallows (5x)
Hit hard, like a pitcher (5x)
Hulks pump it (5x)
Headwear (short) (5x)
Hidden ace (5x)
Hatch site (5x)
Hill of the Harz (5x)
Happen (5x)
Hearty cheers (5x)
High canvas (5x)
Ham-handed fellows (5x)
Horse show command (5x)
Horn-heavy music (5x)
Handicap walkways (5x)
Host of `The Voice` (5x)
Happy start (5x)
Hopper`s proppers (5x)
Headway (5x)
Hill: Lat (5x)
Hexagonal (5x)
Hundred on a gridiron (5x)
Hopeless touring rocker (5x)
Hit or mist (5x)
Hiroshima composer (5x)
Huntsman`s horns (5x)
Highly offensive (5x)
Hacks with an axe (5x)
Horse operas (5x)
Hollandaise ingredients (5x)
Hotel bible (5x)
Highest spot in Turkey (5x)
House addresses (5x)
Hopscotch piece (5x)
Hotpoint appliances (5x)
Hurriedly, after in (5x)
Having many branches (5x)
Hamlet locale (5x)
Heterosis (5x)
High-speed watercraft (5x)
Harold kroto (5x)
Handfuls for thespians (5x)
Handstamp (5x)
Homo fossil (5x)
Heron`s relative (5x)
Heating conduits (5x)
Hagman`s ailment (5x)
Heating (abbr.) (5x)
He was first (5x)
Haters (5x)
Heading for Phileas Fogg (5x)
Hallucinogen (5x)
Highlander no (5x)
Haven for a G.I (5x)
Humanitarian org (5x)
Humor element (5x)
Hebrew judge (5x)
Handsome Dan fans (5x)