Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Horse strap (4x)
Harp seal`s lack (4x)
Hither (4x)
Horse mackerel (4x)
Haul (4x)
Household goods (4x)
Historic harlem theater (4x)
Hit suddenly (4x)
Helpful hints (4x)
Hard-shelled critter (4x)
Having no true seeds (4x)
Hilarious people (4x)
Haunting (4x)
Headsman`s tool (4x)
Humorously vulgar (4x)
Hot plate (4x)
Humectant (4x)
Had a funny reaction (4x)
Hated (4x)
Hyde`s counterpart (4x)
Hotel lobby, sometimes (4x)
Hamper (4x)
Hamilton (4x)
Hackney (4x)
Hanaper (4x)
Humidifier (4x)
Harrowing (4x)
Hamlet and Andersen (4x)
Hustled (4x)
Hooper`s concern (4x)
Hammer is one (4x)
Haddock (4x)
Hi, Neighbor mo (4x)
Highlander (4x)
Hairs (4x)
Hatchet (4x)
Having panicles (4x)
Honor roll (4x)
helen (4x)
Homonym (4x)
Harmful (4x)
Hearten (4x)
Hospital ward (4x)
Howard hughes`s airline (4x)
Hospital staffers (4x)
He gets what`s coming (4x)
Humanities (4x)
Headache (4x)
Hush up (4x)
Homely (4x)
Hannibal org (4x)
Hidden (4x)
Hurdle (4x)
Hard work (4x)
Hindu`s cheap cigarette (4x)
Had a fit (4x)
House (4x)
Hard-working (4x)
Heinz 57 (4x)
Heater for liquids (4x)
Humiliation (4x)
Horse`s footwear (4x)
Hired hand (4x)
Hideaway (4x)
Halter top (4x)
Hugo (4x)
Holy smokes! (4x)
Heart (4x)
Highland waters (4x)
Handcraft (4x)
He`s coming! (4x)
Hide (4x)
Habit (4x)
Homes for dragons (4x)
Hot cuppa (4x)
Holds council (4x)
He picked on the Britons (4x)
Herbal tea (4x)
Hatred of reasoning (4x)
Hiker`s carryall (4x)
Hammers (4x)
Helena`s play (4x)
Highest-pitched woodwind (4x)
Holly berry`s hue (4x)
Heady creature (4x)
Hole (4x)
Holm (4x)
Hang in the hammock (4x)
Hard to understand (4x)
Helped out (4x)
Heavy weight (4x)
Halo (3x)
Huzzahs` cousins (3x)
Hodge-podge (3x)
Hold fast (3x)
Hidden 3-D image (3x)
Hunkers (3x)
Humorous (3x)
Hands out pink slips (3x)
He dubs (3x)
Horse harness (3x)
Hires a car (3x)
Herpetologists` subjects (3x)
Helping sail (3x)
Holds a golf ball (3x)
Hawaiian seaport (3x)
Handel`s I (3x)
He`s Gold on Entourage (3x)
Horse show (3x)
Helminthic (3x)
Heart outlets (3x)
Hauler (3x)
Hydrocarbon suffix (3x)
Hosta (3x)
Hoffman`s Luck costar (3x)
Humorous plays on words (3x)
Hogs` home (3x)
Hakeem Olajuwon (3x)
Hay packer (3x)
Hogan (3x)
Hold (3x)
Heaven forfend! (3x)
Hard, chewy candy (3x)
Hogshead (3x)
Hardly a fan (3x)
Hears (3x)
Helen Thomas` org (3x)
Hebrew letter (3x)
Hairdresser`s implement (3x)
Howler (3x)
Halberdier`s opponent (3x)
Hot-dog stand supply (3x)
Hasty (3x)
Humongous (3x)
HRE (3x)
Hemp plant (3x)
Hawthorne milieu (3x)
Heaven and Hell band (3x)
Harmonious costumes (3x)
How a rumor may be heard (3x)
Having bulging buttocks (3x)
Heather`s place (3x)
Hairnet`s kin (3x)
Head of government (3x)
Hemingway`s Old Man (3x)
Had an appetite (3x)
Horrible Bosses star (3x)
High peak, in Paris (3x)
Hymn book (3x)
Household (3x)