Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Hurry away (61x)
Hurry (58x)
High-jump style (28x)
Hand or win follower (27x)
Helical conductor (19x)
Hilarious person (19x)
Hilo performance (18x)
Hook (18x)
Hard, magnetic metal (14x)
Hoe (12x)
Hebrew (10x)
Hand over (10x)
Headscarf (10x)
Hogshead (9x)
Hostility (9x)
Hirsute (9x)
Hinder, obstruct (8x)
Heaven, in le havre (8x)
Hinder (8x)
Hard cash (8x)
Hard work (8x)
Henchman (8x)
Hightail it (7x)
Hairy (7x)
Heavy weapon (7x)
Horny (7x)
Humourless (7x)
Hepburn`s four (7x)
Hn (7x)
Humidity (7x)
Hairy condition (7x)
Healthful cooking option (7x)
Hawaiian island chain (7x)
Hatred (7x)
Healthful (7x)
Hurriedly (7x)
Henry v`s nickname (7x)
Hoity-toity (7x)
Hurry away (slang) (7x)
Headache (7x)
Hyphen (6x)
Hold on (6x)
Hoppy brews (6x)
Hipster`s dance wear (6x)
Highly offensive (6x)
Hi-fi (6x)
Headdress streamer (6x)
Hatred: Combining form (6x)
Head cover (6x)
Handrail support (6x)
Henley event (5x)
Helm (4x)
Horse cavalry (4x)
Heyum (4x)
Hip to (4x)
Hoarse (4x)
Hey (4x)
Hydrogen (4x)
Herbaceous plant (4x)
Hardware store (4x)
Headless (4x)
Hebrew boy name (4x)
Hanker after (4x)
Habitual drunkard (4x)
Holy man (4x)
Headland of Queensland (4x)
Honesty (4x)
Homer (4x)
Hellenic (4x)
Handsome lads (4x)
High-risk (4x)
Having material deleted (4x)
Houri (4x)
Hrnd nd hrn crtr f mth (4x)
Hooks (4x)
House style (4x)
Hertz (4x)
Hardworking (4x)
Highbrow (4x)
Hairy Asian giant (4x)
Hinder development (4x)
Hindu address (4x)
Hindu art (4x)
Harvest (4x)
Hyperbolic function (4x)
Half a term for `evenly` (4x)
Handsome hombres (4x)
Hopeful phrase (4x)
Hoisting units (4x)
Healer using magic (4x)
Hollow grass stalks (4x)
Happiness (4x)
Heavy beer (4x)
Hunks (4x)
Humility (4x)
Honest (4x)
Happening for hippies (4x)
Humor ending (4x)
Hick (4x)
Hypocritical (4x)
Horse bettor`s concern (4x)
Habitual drunk (4x)
Heroic expeditions (4x)
Hitting the gym (4x)
High-fashion (4x)
Hopscotch (4x)
Help me out here (4x)
Hippo (4x)
Hasty escape (4x)
Heavenly-body shape (4x)
Harmful to living things (4x)
High ground (4x)
Higher and Higher singer (4x)
Honks (4x)
Hornblower (4x)
Hawaiian-style porch (4x)
Hideaway (4x)
Homespun (4x)
Hearing distance (4x)
Hone (4x)
Highlight (4x)
Hilarity (4x)
Hackneyed (4x)
High-pitched laugh (4x)
Home finisher (4x)
Hopper or Teller (4x)
Handling well (4x)
Having two nuclei (4x)
Hold back, as a story (4x)
Humorist lebowitz (4x)
Hypo (4x)
Hanukkah candelabrum (4x)
Harshness (4x)
Hot drink (4x)
He played Phileas Fogg (4x)
Hindi relative (4x)
Hardy annual grass (4x)
Hardship (4x)
Hookup (4x)
Hardy and Rooney (4x)
Hungry (4x)
Hecht and Vereen (4x)
High-flown (4x)
Higher Learning star (4x)
Hamburger refusal (4x)
Hired date (4x)
High occupancy vehicle (4x)
Hallowed (3x)