Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Help (4x)
Hearing command (4x)
Headset (4x)
He-huckleberry (4x)
Host (4x)
Hungry (slang) (4x)
High-flown style (4x)
Haughty look (4x)
Hydrogen`s number (4x)
Happening (4x)
Hill (4x)
Harvest Moon singer (4x)
Hobby (4x)
Hermaphroditic (4x)
Herbal selections (4x)
Hoisted aboard (4x)
Hermaphrodite (4x)
Hipster talk (4x)
Heartburn remedy (4x)
Hockey great gordie (4x)
Horse bit (4x)
Hitchcock`s direction (4x)
Hunters` weapons (4x)
Hephaestus (4x)
House of god (4x)
Housebroken (4x)
Holey (4x)
Herbivorous mammal (4x)
Havana home (4x)
Heavyweight (4x)
Hizzoner (4x)
High water`s partner (4x)
Handed out one`s cards (4x)
Hobby knife (4x)
Hypocrisy (4x)
Hunter`s cap (4x)
Huddled together (4x)
Heir (4x)
History books (4x)
Harass (4x)
Homesick (4x)
Hybrid apes (4x)
Herbert marx (4x)
Hawaiian volcano goddess (4x)
Homogeneous (4x)
Harry`s Hogwarts nemesis (4x)
Horror film staple (4x)
Hornbeam (4x)
Hat-tipper`s address (4x)
Hostile (4x)
Hero (4x)
Habitat (4x)
Humble (4x)
Highly regarded (4x)
Horn-blower (4x)
Hawaii island (4x)
Ho-hum (4x)
Hamper (4x)
However (4x)
Having two equal lobes (4x)
Hindu cloth (4x)
Hungry cry (4x)
Hunter`s antlered prey (4x)
Humid (4x)
Handle roughly (4x)
He`s back from Vietnam (4x)
Housing agent (4x)
Hatred (4x)
Hem line (4x)
Humerus neighbor (4x)
Helpful (4x)
Hopper (4x)
Harsh (4x)
Highness (4x)
Henny Youngman`s prop (4x)
Hydrophobic (4x)
Heart-shaped (4x)
High-speed (3x)
He gives up (3x)
Hangs down loosely (3x)
Hemisphere dividing line (3x)
Hertha (3x)
Hear ye` (3x)
Horrible (3x)
Humphrey successor (3x)
High-pressure springs (3x)
Hobbyist`s knife (3x)
Hooded winter wear (3x)
Hometown (3x)
Hamm on a soccer field (3x)
Handful (3x)
Harem room (3x)
Harp and elephant (3x)
Hassock (3x)
Hired coaches (3x)
Hole, opening (3x)
Hits hard, slang (3x)
Half a sextet (3x)
Hit musical of 1951 (3x)
Haemoglobinemia (3x)
Having a surbase (3x)
Halley (3x)
Haughty type (3x)
House plants (3x)
Horse fly (3x)
Hazard of a sort (3x)
Hindu holy man (3x)
Handbreadths (3x)
Hold court (3x)
Hobbits` foes (3x)
Hindu festival (3x)
Haughty, aloof lady (3x)
Husky fare (3x)
Heady amount (3x)
Hutches (3x)
Homebuyer`s receipt (3x)
Hanging chad producer (3x)
Handles skillfully (3x)
House parties (3x)
Handy-andy (3x)
Hoards (3x)
Hair ornament (3x)
High-performance cars (3x)
Henri`s pop (3x)
Hits a tall fly (3x)
Handyman`s storeroom (3x)
Hot-tempered person (3x)
Hitchcock movie of 1964 (3x)
Hickory stick (3x)
Husky at the opry (3x)
Hawthorne (3x)
Hitchcock classic (3x)
Hectic confusion (3x)
Having a steeple (3x)
Helms`s agency (3x)
Heated up (3x)
Harvest grown out at sea (3x)
Hot-sauce quality (3x)
Heap (3x)
Hurriedly enter (3x)
Hinder (3x)
Hot spring (3x)
Hersey`s fictional town (3x)
Haphazard (3x)
Hot Shots! actor, 1991 (3x)
Hustler (3x)
Heads, to Horace (3x)