Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Horticultural hobby (4x)
Hearty dish (4x)
Heat (4x)
Hurt (4x)
Hired goon (4x)
Head (4x)
Hawaii hipshakers (4x)
Have no shame (4x)
Historic time (4x)
He or she (4x)
High-spirited horse (4x)
Hill (4x)
Hurried (4x)
Halfway house activity (4x)
Hooch source (4x)
Hiccup (4x)
Hurry! (4x)
Horrible hun (4x)
Has taken, as medication (4x)
Headland of Brazil (4x)
Hamlet fop (4x)
Hand motions (4x)
Hill of Gujarat (4x)
Hard to figure out (4x)
Hitch, as a ride (4x)
Humanitarian Clara (4x)
Hesitating (4x)
Huge (4x)
Hazmat monitor (4x)
Hitman (4x)
Hangers near tongues (4x)
Hearth shelves (4x)
Humorously trite (4x)
Hard wood (4x)
Haunting woodwind (4x)
Habit, of sorts (4x)
Horrified (4x)
Hundredth of a megagauss (4x)
Holmes` companion (4x)
Hunting ducks (4x)
Hard, green cheeses (4x)
Hoarders channel (4x)
Horoscope cat (4x)
Hesitant sounds (4x)
Hypnotized (4x)
Here With Me singer (4x)
Hawthorne (4x)
Hunger hint (4x)
Homey! (4x)
Heavenly, in combos (4x)
Housing agcy (4x)
Hiccups cure (4x)
Hair-splitter (4x)
Hairy (4x)
Health (4x)
Hog (4x)
Harem girl (4x)
Hot spring (4x)
Hubbub (4x)
Hardy and Rooney (4x)
Home and Away character (4x)
Huntsman`s halloo (4x)
Honeypot (4x)
Haul (4x)
Headlock (4x)
Horse racing venue (4x)
Heartburn (4x)
Haughty (4x)
Humanitarian dorothea (4x)
Horse morsel (3x)
Horseback (3x)
Hound Dog Man singer (3x)
Homer`s mythical hero (3x)
Hudson (3x)
Harmonious relationship (3x)
Habitually (3x)
Hedge fund (3x)
Headache dose (3x)
He`s to stay in sty: Var (3x)
Haematoma (3x)
Heath alternative (3x)
Hawk on the street (3x)
Hot spot (3x)
Harmonic chord (3x)
Hurts on purpose (3x)
He was armed, as in Aoda (3x)
Half a cosmic whole (3x)
Hangman`s rope loop (3x)
Hurry out (3x)
Homeric tale (3x)
High regard, respect (3x)
Hockey (3x)
Horace (3x)
Hobart resident (3x)
Happened (3x)
Harrier`s landing spot (3x)
Harper Valley gp (3x)
Hopeful (3x)
Howling beast (3x)
Honored (3x)
Hard tennis shot (3x)
Highest Boy Scout rank (3x)
Haggard tale (3x)
Hanukkah candelabras (3x)
Harness part (3x)
Horny (3x)
He-man (3x)
Honky Tonk great Tubb (3x)
Hard-to-please (3x)
Hawks` kin (3x)
Hours in Tempe, Ariz (3x)
Heat lightning (3x)
Having fewer morals (3x)
Horrible grade on a test (3x)
Hunky-dory (3x)
Hill of Wiltshire (3x)
Headland of Brittany (3x)
Heavy-duty hand soap (3x)
Having no color (3x)
Hoosegow room (3x)
Harmony (3x)
Horse-drawn carriages (3x)
Heals (3x)
High-class group (3x)
Habit (3x)
Hangar site (3x)
Hercules rescued her (3x)
Hand grenade (3x)
Hook`s creator (3x)
Hooray lead-in (3x)
Humble in station (3x)
Hot Springs et al (3x)
Hacienda hello (3x)
His, her: Fr (3x)
Hackberry`s kin (3x)
Helmet (3x)
Hierarchical system (3x)
Hard rock (3x)
Hydrops (3x)
Highlands language (3x)
Hesitate (3x)
Hosted the event (3x)
Hoped-for (3x)
Hooked point (3x)
Hold in esteem (3x)
Hindu cloth (3x)
Huckster (3x)
Henri bergson (3x)
Hansen of npr (3x)
Hearth refuse (3x)