Popular Clues with the letter H

Listed below you will find a selection of the most popular and frequently asked clues, starting with the letter H.
We keep these lists up to date with the most requested clues from the last 30 days. Click on the clue to see the most relevant answers.

Hi-fi records (69x)
Harmonisation (54x)
Hideously (34x)
Hoyden (26x)
Harmonization (20x)
Handwriting style (14x)
Heedless (13x)
Hoofed mammal (13x)
Hardship (13x)
Haze (11x)
Haywire (10x)
Hides (10x)
Hostile to (10x)
Happy (10x)
Holier-than-thou (9x)
Highway bottleneck (9x)
Held (9x)
Hyacinth Bucket (9x)
Heavenly (9x)
Humble (8x)
Hopeful (8x)
Heinous (8x)
Hadrian`s domain (8x)
Hooter or honker (8x)
Hulk hogan hold (8x)
Hilton rival (8x)
Hard work (8x)
Herbal tea (8x)
House and Senate (8x)
Hoffmann`s forte (7x)
Heavyweight battle (7x)
Healthy elasticity (7x)
Haute-couture name (7x)
Hacker, of sorts (7x)
Hot drink holder (7x)
Haemostasia (7x)
Habitual patronage (7x)
Hedge (7x)
High-pitched voice (7x)
Hippie pastime (7x)
Handicap (7x)
Hourglass trickler (7x)
Hot-tempered (7x)
Heliophile`s aim (7x)
Henley crew-member (7x)
Historic Boston cobbler (7x)
Hot-tempered person (7x)
Hapless, miserable (7x)
Homer`s Stupid me! (7x)
Hinge joint (7x)
Hadrian`s school (7x)
Hq (7x)
Horne that sings (7x)
Hair or carpet style (7x)
Hissing firework (7x)
Herbal soother (7x)
Her`s partner (7x)
Hawaiian appetizer (7x)
Hydrotherapy sites (7x)
Hector`s epic (7x)
Hung (7x)
Holder of melons (7x)
Housing of goods (7x)
Honkers in flight (7x)
Hair-raising brand (7x)
Heart contractions (7x)
Hypothesis (7x)
Horsehair (7x)
Habitual repetition (6x)
Hits on b`way (6x)
His Folly was Alaska (6x)
Hat (6x)
Humbler classes (6x)
Hoi polloi (6x)
Hamlet in Devon (6x)
Horse arrester (6x)
Hank aaron stat (6x)
Horn sound (6x)
High hills (6x)
Highlander`s cap (6x)
Hold artist in Britain (6x)
Hardy`s nickname (6x)
Heavy-duty haulers (6x)
Highlands families (6x)
Haw opener (6x)
Highway chatterbox (6x)
Household goods (6x)
Hulk Hogan (6x)
Hoot (6x)
Holdings (6x)
Help me out here, bud (6x)
Haunting (6x)
Hood relative (6x)
Horizontal (6x)
Horsefly (6x)
Horrid (6x)
Healthy (6x)
Hobbyist`s plane (6x)
Honeysuckle`s relative (6x)
Habitual litterbug (6x)
Heart outlets (6x)
Heartbeat (6x)
Hubble and moses (6x)
Horticultural art (6x)
Harness the oxen (6x)
Humbler (6x)
Hamster`s snack (6x)
Headset, to hams (6x)
Hairstyle (6x)
Heckler`s remark (6x)
Hanging (6x)
Honolulu suburb (6x)
Hebrew month (6x)
Hold in a ring (6x)
Holiday beverages (6x)
Hercule`s captive (6x)
Help out on a heist (6x)
Hubbub (6x)
Honest (6x)
Hawks` stadium (6x)
Happy one (6x)
Huckle and straw (6x)
Hill (6x)
Honeymoon-struck men (6x)
Husband of isis (5x)
Hot and humid (5x)
Half of MXII (5x)
Headscarf (5x)
Hamper (5x)
High-pressure room (5x)
Hair colorant (5x)
Heredity (5x)
Honorable person (5x)
Hydrozoan (5x)
Hunan tea (5x)
Hopper with sticky toes (5x)
Hoarder`s supply (5x)
Hold up in use (5x)
He`s in the wrong (5x)
History museum in Japan (5x)
Hibernation habitation (5x)
Having a bawl (5x)
How (5x)
High-octane fuel (5x)
Holmes case subject (5x)
Hairdresser’s shop (5x)
Heron`s cousins (5x)
Hesitant (5x)
Hammett hero (5x)
Help out in a bad way (5x)
Haws` preceders (5x)
Hearing in court (5x)
Handcuffs (5x)
Hardest to fathom (5x)
Historical chapter (5x)
Handkerchief cloth (5x)
Having zero chance (5x)
Humbler in spirit (5x)
Having 12 columns (5x)
Hydrogen, helium, etc (5x)
Haw preceder (5x)
Handy abbr. for Bartlett (5x)
Hindu guitars (5x)
Hinge (5x)
Headlights freezer (5x)
Hitting the time clock (5x)
Houston IHL pro (5x)
Health fraud (5x)
High-pitched laugh (5x)
Harvey, for one (5x)
Heroine (5x)
Haddock`s cousin (5x)
Heaps (5x)
Honor roll regular (5x)
Hindu astrologer (5x)
Highest Boy Scout rank (5x)
Hoosiers (5x)
Help rinse out and fill (5x)
Hermannia verticillata (5x)
Hot spot (5x)
Harmonized (5x)
hoover (5x)
Historic hungarian city (5x)
Heraldic bearings (5x)
Hush-hush (5x)
He`s no Gael (5x)
High card, often (5x)
Hurl (5x)
Half a Tolstoy novel (5x)
Humped transporter (5x)
HS science class (5x)
Hygienist`s advice (5x)
Hormone (5x)
Haughty (5x)
Homeric war epic (5x)
Herrings: Dial (5x)
Household god (5x)
Hearths (5x)
Highlander`s hat (5x)
Halloween months (5x)