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This page shows answers to the clue Interlace, followed by ten definitions like “A pattern made by intertwining a ribbon in and out of itself”, “Not to be confused with interlaced rhyme (below)” and “Process of alternating scan lines to create a complete image”. Synonyms for Interlace are for example entwine, intertwine and interweave. More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.


Definitions of “Interlace”
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• Process of alternating scan lines to create a complete image
• The interleaving of two video fields to produce a frame
• Build up a picture on a monitor screen using two passes
• Ideal positioning of the fields in an interlaced scanning system
• A decorative motif consisting of threads passing over and under each other
• The method of presenting a video display a half picture at a time
• The abstract patterns characteristic of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon decoration
• (art) In the visual arts, interlace is a decorative element found in medieval art
• A decorative motif consisting of threads passing aver and under each other like threads in lace
• Technique of improving the picture quality of a video transmission without consuming any extra bandwidth

Synonyms of “Interlace”
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entwine, intertwine, interweave, knit, lace, merge and unite.

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