Amman (Crossword)

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  1. Abdullah I made it a capital city
  2. Abdullah II`s capital
  3. Asian capital city
  4. Asian paramount city
  5. Asian primary city
  6. Capital east of jerusalem
  7. Capital in Asia
  8. Capital known as Philadelphia to the Romans
  9. Capital morning for a mere male
  10. Capital near the Dead Sea
  11. Capital of jordan
  12. Capital on the jabbok
  13. Capital once called Philadelphia
  14. Capital city of Jordan
  15. Capital city in Asia
  16. City formerly called Philadelphia
  17. City in Jordan
  18. City known in ancient times as philadelphia
  19. City of Jordan
  20. City once called philadelphia
  21. City of Asia
  22. City in Asia
  23. Home of Jordanian capitalists
  24. Home of Middle East University
  25. Hub in Jordan
  26. Hussein I`s capital
  27. Hussein`s capital
  28. In the morning, chap becomes capital
  29. It`s called Rabbah in the Bible
  30. Jordan capital
  31. Jordan city
  32. Jordan`s capital
  33. Jordan`s largest city
  34. Jordan`s most populous city
  35. Jordanian capital
  36. Jordanian city, once called Philadelphia
  37. King Abdullah I Mosque location
  38. King Abdullah II`s capital
  39. King Abdullah II`s home
  40. King abdullah`s capital
  41. King Hussein`s capital
  42. Middle east capital
  43. Middle Eastern capital once called Philadelphia
  44. Mideast capital
  45. Mideast capital once called Philadelphia
  46. Mideastern capital
  47. National capital
  48. Paramount city of Jordan
  49. Paramount city in Asia
  50. Primary city in Asia
  51. Primary city of Jordan
  52. Royal city taken by Joab
  53. Setting of the University of Jordan
  54. Site of the king hussein mosque
  55. The capital and largest city of jordan
  56. The city of Tammany Hall
  57. University of Jordan city
  58. Where Abdullah II works
  59. Where Arab Bank is headquartered
  60. Where Hussein reigns
  61. Where King Hussein works
  62. World capital once called philadelphia
  63. World capital once known as Philadelphia

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Definitions of “Amman”
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• A city in and the capital of Jordan, in the W part
• Capital and chief industrial and commercial centre of Jordan
• Capital of Jordan the capital and largest city of Jordan
• Amman was named one of the MENA`s best cities according to economic, labour

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