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VARNA - The necropolis in this city has the oldest gold treasure known

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This page shows answers to the clue Varna, followed by 8 definitions like “Pronounced “VARN-ah”, “Caste system of Hindu society” and “Seaport and third largest city in Bulgaria”.


Definitions of “Varna”
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• Seaport and third largest city in Bulgaria
• Colour. The four principal divisions of Hindu society
• Any one of the four traditional social classes of Hindu India
• The Hindu term for caste, a social division into which a person is born
• Term meaning social category or class when referring to the caste system of India
• Basic traits of individuals that influence the roles they play in a society
• Literally, color. One of the four large caste groups (Brahman ( q
• The largest social unit, originally as part of a meritocracy but now usually based on birth
• (Hinduism) Varna is the term for the four broad ranks into which traditional Hindu society is divided

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