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  1. Bob marley genre
  2. Bouncy jamaican music
  3. Calypso cousin
  4. Calypso derivative
  5. Calypso kin
  6. Calypso offshoot
  7. Calypso relative
  8. Calypso`s cousin
  9. Calypso-influenced genre
  10. Calypso-influenced music
  11. Calypso-like music genre
  12. Caribbean calypso cousin
  13. Caribbean music
  14. Caribbean music related to reggae
  15. Cousin of calypso
  16. Cousin of mento and rocksteady
  17. Cousin of reggae
  18. Desmond Dekker`s music
  19. Early musical style of Bob Marley
  20. Eclectic Jamaican music
  21. Fats Domino influenced its development
  22. Forerunner of reggae
  23. Forerunner of rock steady
  24. Forerunner of rocksteady
  25. Game in which jacks are highest trumps
  26. Genre akin to calypso
  27. Genre big in Kingston
  28. Genre for Jimmy Cliff
  29. Genre for rude boys
  30. Genre for the band Sublime
  31. Genre influenced by Fats Domino
  32. Genre invoked by many a 90`s band
  33. Genre of the band Less Than Jake
  34. Genre often fused with punk
  35. Genre once associated with No Doubt
  36. Gwen Stefani genre, back in the day
  37. Horn-heavy music
  38. Horn-heavy music genre
  39. Influence on 1980`s pop
  40. Island genre
  41. Island music
  42. Island R&B derivative
  43. Islands music
  44. Islands rhythm
  45. Islands sound
  46. Jamaica-based calypso cousin
  47. Jamaica-based music
  48. Jamaican beat
  49. Jamaican dance music
  50. Jamaican folk music
  51. Jamaican folk music blend
  52. Jamaican genre
  53. Jamaican jazz-influenced genre
  54. Jamaican music
  55. Jamaican music form
  56. Jamaican music that gave rise to reggae
  57. Jamaican pop
  58. Jamaican pop genre
  59. Jamaican pop music
  60. Jamaican pop music related to reggae
  61. Jamaican sounds
  62. Jamaican style of music
  63. Jamaican tune
  64. Jazz-based Jamaican genre
  65. Kin of calypso
  66. Kin of calypso music
  67. Kingston music
  68. Kingston pop
  69. Kingston sound
  70. Less than jake genre
  71. Madness genre
  72. Madness`s genre
  73. Madness`s musical genre
  74. Mighty Mighty Bosstones genre
  75. Modern music genre
  76. Music boomlet of the mid-`90s
  77. Music for mods and skinheads
  78. Music for rude boys
  79. Music for Toots & the Maytals
  80. Music from a kingston trio
  81. Music from jamaica
  82. Music from Toots and the Maytals
  83. Music genre also known as bluebeat
  84. Music genre from Jamaica
  85. Music genre of Jamaican origin
  86. Music genre of the English Beat and the Specials
  87. Music genre of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  88. Music genre preferred by skinheads, weirdly
  89. Music genre that influenced No Doubt
  90. Music genre that influenced reggae
  91. Music genre that led to reggae
  92. Music genre that`s related to reggae
  93. Music genre with a third wave
  94. Music of Jamaica
  95. Music of the Slackers
  96. Music pioneered by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires
  97. Music related to reggae
  98. Music similar to reggae
  99. Music store section
  100. Music style from the Caribbean
  101. Music style with a horn section, often
  102. Music Times readers don`t listen to
  103. Music with a blend of folk and calypso
  104. Music with jazzlike riffs
  105. Musical cousin of calypso
  106. Musical genre from Jamaica
  107. Musical kin of reggae
  108. Musical style from which reggae came
  109. No Doubt genre
  110. Noted Jamaican export
  111. Offshoot of calypso
  112. Offshoot of reggae music
  113. Pop of jamaica
  114. Popular music variety
  115. Popular style of music
  116. Precursor of reggae
  117. Precursor of rocksteady
  118. Precursor to reggae
  119. Precursor to rocksteady
  120. Precursor to rocksteady music
  121. Predecessor of rock steady
  122. Prince Buster music genre
  123. Prince Buster`s genre
  124. Reel Big Fish genre
  125. Reel Big Fish`s genre
  126. Reggae cousin
  127. Reggae forerunner
  128. Reggae grew from it
  129. Reggae kin
  130. Reggae precursor
  131. Reggae predecessor
  132. Reggae relative
  133. Reggae variation
  134. Reggae`s cousin
  135. Reggae`s kin
  136. Reggae`s precursor
  137. Reggae`s relative
  138. Reggae`s roots
  139. Reggae-influenced genre
  140. Reggae-like music
  141. Reggae-like music genre
  142. Reggaelike music
  143. Relative of calypso
  144. Relative of reggae
  145. Relative of reggae and mento, musically
  146. Rhythm-heavy Caribbean music
  147. Rock steady precursor
  148. Rock steady`s predecessor
  149. Rocksteady kin
  150. Rocksteady precursor
  151. Rocksteady relative
  152. Rocksteady`s kin
  153. Some Caribbean music
  154. Some jamaican music
  155. Some music of the Wailers
  156. Some popular music
  157. Sound of the Toasters
  158. Source of influence for some punks
  159. Started in Jamaica in late `50s
  160. Studio one genre
  161. Stupid Marriage genre
  162. Sublime category
  163. The English Beat`s genre
  164. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones music genre
  165. The Rocksteady 7 genre
  166. The Specials` milieu
  167. The Toasters` genre
  168. The Wailers genre
  169. The Wailers` original genre
  170. Toots & the Maytals genre
  171. Toots and the Maytals specialty
  172. Upbeat music
  173. Voodoo glow skulls genre
  174. West Indies beat
  175. What Madness, No Doubt and Sublime infused

Definitions of “ska”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• A brisk form of Jamaican-born rock derived from reggae and rock energy
• Jamaican pop music, a forerunner of reggae, mingling the local calypso
• City, Saitama ken (prefecture), Honshu, Japan, on the Ayase River
• Ska (ɑː, Jamaican skjæ) is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s

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