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We found 4 answers for “Scapegoat” .

This page shows answers to the clue Scapegoat, followed by 9 definitions like “A person or category of people”, “Someone punished for the errors of others” and “Someone who is punished for the errors of others”.

FALL GUY (4,3)

Definitions of “Scapegoat”
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• Someone who is punished for the errors of others
• A person or people blamed or punished for things done by others
• Hence, a person or thing that is made to bear blame for others
• Whipping boy someone punished for the errors of others
• A goat upon whose head were symbolically placed the sins of the people
• A person who is wrongly blamed for the fault(s) of another
• (`goat for Azazel`), in the Old Testament ritual of Yom Kippur (Lev
• (Noun) A scapegoat gets the blame for something, even though it may not be their fault
• Scapegoat derives from the common English translation of the Hebrew term azazel (Hebrew
• In the Hebrew Bible (Leviticus 16), a goat loaded with the sins of the people and then sent out into the wilderness as a way of removing those sins

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