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RAT - This mammal lives communally and takes care of sick or injured friends
RAT - Once this animal learns a navigation route it will never forget it
RAT - When happy, this animal grinds its teeth and vibrates its eyes
RAT - These animals can go longer than camels without water
RAT - This mammal is worshipped in some sects of Hinduism
RAT - This large rodent cannot vomit

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This page shows answers to the clue Rat, followed by ten definitions like “A round and tapering mass of hair”, “Remotely Activated Trojan” and “A member who violates Omertá”. A synonym for Rat is blighter.

HAIR PAD (4,3)

Definitions of “Rat”
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• A member who violates Omertá
• (newspaper) Rat Subterranean News
• One who deserts his party or associates
• Desert one`s party or group of friends
• A round and tapering mass of hair, or similar material
• The rat is a rodent of the genus Rattus or Mus
• Rat is slang to forsake a losing side for the stronger party
• Employ scabs or strike breakers in (an industry)
• RAT is a network backdoor Trojan that communicates through port 2989
• Slang term for an informer, or to inform, typically for personal gain
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