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PLATINUM - This metal was first mentioned by European scholars in 1557
PLATINUM - This metal is considered precious, but is widely used in industry
PLATINUM - Much of the world's stocks of this metal are used in catalytic converters
PLATINUM - This metal is found on the moon in larger quantities than on Earth
PLATINUM - This precious metal is also one of the best catalysts in chemistry

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This page shows answers to the clue Platinum, followed by ten definitions like “A heavy, soft, silver-white, malleable and ductile”, “A metal that is an important component of some anticancer drugs” and “A metallic element, atomic number 78, atomic wt. 195.08”.


Definitions of “Platinum”
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• A metallic element, atomic number 78, atomic wt. 195.08
• Another name for the colouration found in cats called Lilac
• Platinum is a chemical element with the atomic symbol Pt
• Valuable, rare and untarnishable, silvery-white metal-harder
• A metallic element, intermediate in value between silver and gold
• Heavy, soft, silver-white, malleable and ductile, metallic element
• Platinum is a member of the platinum group metals and is lustrous
• Platinum was first used to make jewellery in South America from the 15thC
• (Adjective) A platinum record is one which sells between 300, 000 and 600
• A non-corrosive silver white metal, which is heavy and has a high tensile strength
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