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PALERMO - Prehistoric settlements in this city's area date back to 8000BC

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  1. Capital of former nation
  2. Capital of sicily
  3. Capital on the tyrrhenian sea
  4. Capoluogo della Sicilia
  5. City
  6. Coastal town in Sicily
  7. Considerable European city
  8. Considerable city of Europe
  9. Considerable city in Europe
  10. Considerable city in Italy
  11. European extensive city
  12. European populous city
  13. European considerable city
  14. European major city
  15. European grand city
  16. European large city
  17. European city
  18. European substantial city
  19. Extensive city in Italy
  20. Extensive city of Europe
  21. Extensive city in Europe
  22. Extensive European city
  23. Frank Capra`s birthplace
  24. Grand city of Europe
  25. Grand city in Europe
  26. Grand city in Italy
  27. Grand European city
  28. Italian city once known as Ziz
  29. Largest city in Sicily
  30. Large city of Europe
  31. Large city in Italy
  32. Large city in Europe
  33. Large European city
  34. Major city in Italy
  35. Major European city
  36. Major city of Europe
  37. Major city in Europe
  38. Metropolis
  39. Port
  40. Populous city in Europe
  41. Populous city in Italy
  42. Populous European city
  43. Populous city of Europe
  44. Sicilan capital
  45. City in Sicily
  46. Sicilian city founded by the Phoenicians
  47. Sicilian hub
  48. Sicilian metropolis
  49. Port in Sicily
  50. Seaport in Sicily
  51. Sicily`s capital
  52. Site of a 1943 allied victory
  53. Site of Italy`s largest opera house
  54. Substantial city of Europe
  55. Substantial European city
  56. Substantial city in Europe
  57. Substantial city in Italy
  58. The capital of Sicily
  59. University city in northwest Sicily
  60. Urban center
  61. View from mount pellegrino
  62. Where gelato was invented

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Definitions of “palermo”
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• City, capital of the island regione of Sicily in Italy
• (Buenos Aires Underground) Palermo is a station on Line D of the Buenos Aires Underground in Palermo
• Palermo (It-Palermo.ogg, Sicilian: Palermu, Panormus, from Πάνορμος, Panormos
• (grape variety) There are two white varieties named after the capital of Sicily: 1) Interspecific new breeding between Delago x Brilliant

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