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MOUSE - This animal's tail can be as long as its body
MOUSE - Because they have so many predators this small mammal only lives 6 months in the wild
MOUSE - This animal was the first cartoon character for children
MOUSE - This rodent eats up to 20 times per day
MOUSE - This small rodent has very complex burrows with separate food stores and toilets
MOUSE - This animal's heart beats at over 600 beats per minute

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This page shows answers to the clue Mouse, followed by ten definitions like “A swelling on the face, forehead or head”, “(n) a fault in cider affecting the taste” and “An input device that controls an on-screen pointer”.


Definitions of “Mouse”
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• An input device that controls an on-screen pointer
• An isolated and protruding swelling on a fighters face
• (nickname) Mouse or The Mouse is the nickname of
• A bump or isolated area of swelling on a fighter?s face
• Knob of rope that prevented an eye from sliding along a line
• A device created by Xerox and copied by Apple for their Lisa system
• An input device designed to increase the hand-eye coordination of the user
• The device that controls the on-screen pointer, invented by Apple in 1984
• Mouse is London Cockney slang for a dark-coloured swelling caused by a blow
• (mous) a small rodent, various species of which are used in laboratory experiments
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