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MERCURY - This is the only metal which is liquid at room temperature
MERCURY - A day on this hot planet lasts longer than a year

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This page shows answers to the clue Mercury, followed by ten definitions like “Sprightly or mercurial quality”, “(mythology) Mercury (i” and “The first planet in order from the sun”.


Definitions of “Mercury”
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• The first planet in order from the sun
• To wash with a preparation of mercury
• A metal, component of amalgam fillings
• (astronomy) Closest planet to the Sun
• Temperature measured by a mercury thermometer
• (name) Mercury is both a surname and a given name
• (satellite) Mercury, also known as Advanced Vortex
• (mythology) In Roman mythology, a god of commerce and gain
• A dense liquid metallic element, atomic number 80, atomic wt. 200.59
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