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GHANA - Cowry shells were once used as currency in this country
GHANA - This country was once known as the Gold Coast

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  1. Accra is its capital
  2. Accra locale
  3. Accra`s country
  4. Accra`s land
  5. Accra`s nation
  6. Accra`s site
  7. State in Africa
  8. African country west of Togo
  9. African republic whose name means warrior king
  10. African soccer powerhouse
  11. African state
  12. African country
  13. Big cocoa exporter
  14. Big gold and cocoa exporter
  15. British Gold Coast, today
  16. Burkina faso neighbor
  17. Candy bar
  18. Charlie of Desafinado
  19. Cocoa-exporting land
  20. Country in W. Africa
  21. Country west of togo
  22. Country where highlife music originated
  23. Country where WEB dubois died
  24. Country whose capital is Accra
  25. Country whose name means `warrior king`
  26. Country in West Africa
  27. Country beginning with G
  28. Country in the Southern Hemisphere
  29. Country in Africa
  30. First of the new African republics
  31. Gold coast
  32. Gold coast country
  33. Gold coast locale
  34. Gold Coast place
  35. Gold Coast republic
  36. Gold Coast, now
  37. Gold coast, today
  38. Gulf of guinea nation
  39. Hot state
  40. Hot country
  41. Home to many Africans
  42. Home of highlife
  43. Home of the ashanti
  44. Home of the Black Stars
  45. Home of the world`s largest artificial lake
  46. It`s below Upper Volta
  47. It`s west of togo
  48. Its capital is accra
  49. Its major export is cacao
  50. Ivory coast neighbor
  51. Ivory Coast neighbor once called the Gold Coast
  52. Kofi annan`s birthplace
  53. Kofi annan`s country
  54. Kofi annan`s home
  55. Kofi Annan`s home country
  56. Kofi annan`s homeland
  57. Kofi Annan`s land
  58. Lake Volta is here
  59. Lake volta locale
  60. Lake Volta location
  61. Lake volta`s country
  62. Lake Volta`s land
  63. Lake volta`s locale
  64. Lake Volta`s setting
  65. Land once headed by Nkrumah
  66. Land west of togo
  67. Location of Lake Volta
  68. Major cocoa exporter
  69. Major cocoa producer
  70. Major cocoa-producing country
  71. Major gold exporter of africa
  72. Member state of The Commonwealth
  73. Modern Gold Coast
  74. Modern-day home of the ancient Ashanti empire
  75. Nation on the Gulf of Guinea
  76. Nation once known as Gold Coast
  77. Nation whose name means warrior king
  78. Neighbor of Burkina Faso
  79. Neighbor of Côte d`Ivoire
  80. Neighbor of ivory coast
  81. Neighbor of togo
  82. Neighbor of Togoland
  83. Neighbor of Upper Volta
  84. Nkrumah`s country
  85. Nkrumah`s land
  86. Powerhouse in African soccer
  87. Republic of ghana
  88. Republic on the Gulf of Guinea
  89. Republic west of Togo
  90. Seventh UN head`s homeland
  91. State in the Southern Hemisphere
  92. Sub-Saharan land
  93. Tamale`s country
  94. The Gold Coast now
  95. The Gold Coast today
  96. The Gold Coast, since 1957
  97. Nation in West Africa
  98. West african republic
  99. West African republic; capital Accra
  100. Where Accra is
  101. Where Accra is capital
  102. Where Africans give a hang
  103. Where Ewe and Ga are spoken
  104. Where the volta flows

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