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FINCH - This little bird thrives in large groups
FINCH - This bird generally dislikes being handled
FINCH - This bird is one of the smallest kept as a pet
FINCH - This little bird is very quiet and is not much of a songbird
FINCH - This bird is classed as a hookbill but could be classed as a softbill too
FINCH - These birds were instrumental to Darwin's discovery of natural selection

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This page shows answers to the clue Finch, followed by ten definitions like “Any of various nonfringilline birds, esp”, “Any of various songbirds of the family Fringillidae” and “Many birds in other families are also commonly called `finches`”.


Definitions of “Finch”
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• Many birds in other families are also commonly called `finches`
• The finch is a popular name for birds of the family Fringillidae
• Any of numerous small passerine birds of the family Fringillidae
• Any of several hundred species of small, conical-billed
• Origin: AS. Finc; akin to D. Vink, OHG. Fincho, G. Fink
• (software) Finch is an open-source console-based instant messaging client
• Any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
• (TTC) This is the busiest TTC bus station and the sixth-busiest subway station
• A small singing bird of many genera and species, belonging to the family Fringillidae
• Meaning as a surname: A reference to the bird, which formally had a reputation for stupidity

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