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This page shows answers to the clue Chatter, followed by ten definitions like “To make a noise by rapid collisions”, “To utter rapidly, idly, or indistinctly” and “Cut unevenly with a chattering tool”. Synonyms for Chatter are for example babble, blether and chat. More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

RUN ON (3,2)

Definitions of “Chatter”
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• Cut unevenly with a chattering tool
• Noise made by collision of the teeth, as in shivering
• The vibration produced by a rotating engraving cutter
• To utter sounds which somewhat resemble language
• Vibration of the snowboard resulting from high speed
• To talk rapidly in a foolish or purposeless way
• Chatter is the collective noun for a group of budgerigars
• To verbally confront or taunt to distract the opponent batsman
• Louder and may contain more sharp crackling sounds than bruxing
• The rapid series of noises made by the parts of a machine
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Synonyms of “Chatter”
Using a synonym can be a good alternative for using “Chatter”. You might be able to find more answers by using these:
babble, blether, chat, chitchat, drone on, gibber, go on, go on and on, gossip, gush, incoherent speech, jabber, lingo, mere talk, natter, prattle, rabbit on, rapid speech and slang.

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We found 25 answers for the crossword clue Chatter . A further 50 clues may be related.

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