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Definitions of “buttermilk”
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• The liquid which remains after churning butter from cultured cream
• The milk that remains after the butter is separated from the cream
• The fluid remaining when the fat is removed by churning cream into butter
• Buttermilk is the milk from which butter (the fat) has been extracted
• The fluid containing casein and lactic acid, left after the process of making butter
• The liquid remaining after cream is curdled and churned to make butter - similar to whey
• A similar liquid made from whole or skim milk with the addition of a bacterial culture
• The more or less acidulous liquid remaining after butter has been separated from milk or cream
• (ski area) Buttermilk Ski Area is frequently considered the easiest skiing mountain in Aspen
• Originally a by-product of butter making, buttermilk is commercially produced by adding lactic acid culture to skimmed or partially skimmed milk

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