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BOOMERANG - This Australian equipment can return to he who throws is

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This page shows answers to the clue Boomerang, followed by ten definitions like “(Australian) a curved piece of wood”, “Return to the initial position from where it came” and “· a mobile platform, adjustable to different levels”.


Definitions of “Boomerang”
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• · a mobile platform, adjustable to different levels
• (TV station) Image copyright owner Dan Dailey,
• Curved flat wooden instrument used by Aborigines for hunting
• A boomerang is a curved wooden throwing weapon of Australian aborigines
• Hand-thrown, flat wooden hunting missile shaped in a curved angle
• Something, as a scheme or argument, that does injury to the originator
• (CEE) Boomerang is a television channel featuring classic cartoons
• (Spain) Boomerang is a television channel of old and new cartoons
• (roller coaster) Boomerang is a model of roller coaster built by Vekoma
• (Italy) For the original Boomerang channel, see Boomerang (TV channel)
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