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BARI - Seafood in this city is often eaten raw, including sea urchins and mussels

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  1. Actress lynn
  2. Actress Lynn from Roanoke
  3. Adriatic bird
  4. Adriatic port
  5. Adriatic port city
  6. Adriatic port in Italy
  7. Adriatic port of Italy
  8. Adriatic resort
  9. Adriatic seaport
  10. Adriatic seaport in Italy
  11. Adriatic town
  12. Alamogordo`s county
  13. Apulia`s capital
  14. Apulian port
  15. Apulian seaport
  16. Basilica di San Nicola locale
  17. Boss Lady star Lynn
  18. Capital city on the adriatic
  19. Capital of Apulia
  20. Capital of the Apulia region
  21. City
  22. City and province of southern Italy
  23. City on the adriatic
  24. Classic Italian cuisine
  25. Classic Italian dish
  26. Classic Italian scran
  27. Classic Italian chow
  28. Classic Italian nosh
  29. Classic Italian grub
  30. Classic Italian fare
  31. Classic Italian special
  32. Coastal town in Apulia
  33. Considerable European city
  34. Considerable city in Italy
  35. Considerable city of Europe
  36. Considerable city in Europe
  37. English boy name
  38. European populous city
  39. European major city
  40. European city
  41. European extensive city
  42. European considerable city
  43. European grand city
  44. European substantial city
  45. European large city
  46. Extensive city of Europe
  47. Extensive city in Europe
  48. Extensive city in Italy
  49. Extensive European city
  50. Grand city of Europe
  51. Grand city in Italy
  52. Grand European city
  53. Grand city in Europe
  54. Historic Adriatic port
  55. Italian city`s first pub
  56. Italian coastal city
  57. Port in Italy
  58. Italian port city
  59. Italian port on Adriatic
  60. Italian port on the adriatic
  61. Italian province in the Apulia region
  62. Italian province in the Puglia region
  63. Italian province or seaport
  64. Seaport in Italy
  65. Italian seaport on the Adriatic
  66. Italian seaport or actress Lynn
  67. Italian university city
  68. Italian scran
  69. Italian dish
  70. Italian cuisine
  71. Italian nosh
  72. Italian fare
  73. Italian chow
  74. Italian special
  75. Italian grub
  76. Large European city
  77. Large city in Europe
  78. Large city in Italy
  79. Large city of Europe
  80. Lynn in Nocturne
  81. Lynn of 50`s TV`s Boss Lady
  82. Lynn of old films
  83. Man`s name that`s another man`s name in reverse
  84. Margie actress: 1946
  85. Major European city
  86. Major city in Italy
  87. Major city in Europe
  88. Major city of Europe
  89. Merchandise
  90. Metropolis
  91. Modern Italian cuisine
  92. Modern Italian dish
  93. Modern Italian grub
  94. Modern Italian chow
  95. Modern Italian fare
  96. Modern Italian nosh
  97. Modern Italian scran
  98. Modern Italian special
  99. Port northeast of naples
  100. Port of italy
  101. Port of southeast italy
  102. Port on the Adriatic
  103. Port on the Adriatic Sea
  104. Populous city in Italy
  105. Populous European city
  106. Populous city in Europe
  107. Populous city of Europe
  108. Seaport in southeast Italy
  109. Seaport of southeast italy
  110. Seaside place to which a singer brings tone
  111. Site of San Nicola church
  112. Site of St. Nicholas`s tomb
  113. Southeast Italian city
  114. Southeast italy port city
  115. Substantial city in Italy
  116. Substantial city of Europe
  117. Substantial city in Europe
  118. Substantial European city
  119. The port is a local one
  120. Traditional Italian dish
  121. Traditional Italian fare
  122. Traditional Italian chow
  123. Traditional Italian cuisine
  124. Traditional Italian scran
  125. Traditional Italian grub
  126. Traditional Italian special
  127. Traditional Italian nosh
  128. Typical Italian dish
  129. Typical Italian fare
  130. Typical Italian cuisine
  131. Typical Italian grub
  132. Typical Italian chow
  133. Typical Italian scran
  134. Typical Italian nosh
  135. Typical Italian special
  136. Urban center
  137. Where to visit the San Nicola Church
  138. With the exception of a single port
  139. With the exception of one foreign port

Definitions of “bari”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• People living near Juba in the southern Sudan
• (Odisha Vidhan Sabha constituency) Bari (Sl
• (name) Bari is both a surname and a given name
• Capital city of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast
• City, capital of Puglia (Apulia) regione, southeastern Italy
• (caste) The Bari are a Hindu sub caste under `Rajput` and `Kshatriya`
• (town) Capital of Bari province and Apulia region, southern Italy
• The Bari are a negro people of Africa, dwelling on both sides of the White Nile
• The Bari was a German-built Italian colonial cruiser of 4600 tons displacement launched in 1914 as the Muraviev Amurski for the Russian navy

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