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  1. `Vanity Fair` character
  2. Activist bloomer
  3. Air Earhart
  4. Airborne Earhart
  5. American aviator Earhart
  6. Aviation first name
  7. Aviation pioneer, Earhart
  8. Aviator earhart
  9. Aviatrix earhart
  10. Aviatrix`s forename
  11. Becky Sharp`s friend
  12. Bedelia of children`s literature
  13. Bedelia of kiddie lit
  14. Big name in `30s aviation
  15. Big name in aviation history
  16. Birth defect
  17. Bloomer after whom bloomers are named
  18. Bloomer for whom bloomers were named
  19. Bloomer girl
  20. Bloomer of bloomers
  21. Bloomer of bloomers fame
  22. Bloomer or earhart
  23. Bloomer who first wore bloomers
  24. Bloomer who popularized bloomers
  25. Bloomer who wore bloomers
  26. Bloomers` Bloomer
  27. Congenital abnormality
  28. Congenital anomaly
  29. Congenital defect
  30. Congenital disorder
  31. Congenital disorder of musculoskeletal system
  32. Czech feminine given name
  33. Display typeface
  34. Dress reformer Bloomer
  35. Earhart
  36. Earhart in a cockpit
  37. Earhart in the air
  38. Earhart of aviation
  39. Earhart of the air
  40. Earhart or Barr
  41. Earhart or Bedelia
  42. Earhart the aviatrix
  43. Earhart who disappeared
  44. Earhart who disappeared over the pacific
  45. Earhart, who flew solo across the Atlantic
  46. Editor/suffragist Bloomer
  47. English feminine given name
  48. English novel
  49. English-language opera
  50. Eponymous bloomer
  51. Famous aviator Earhart
  52. Famous flier`s first name
  53. Famous flying name
  54. Feminist bloomer
  55. Fielding novel
  56. Fielding title
  57. Fielding`s last novel
  58. First name among aviators
  59. First name among famous aviators
  60. First name in aviation
  61. First name in aviation history
  62. First name in aviatrices
  63. First name in flight
  64. First name in flying
  65. First name in noted aviators
  66. First name in solo flying
  67. Flier earhart
  68. Flier lost in Pacific, 1937
  69. Flier`s first name
  70. Flyer`s first name
  71. Flying name
  72. Henry fielding book
  73. Henry Fielding novel
  74. Henry fielding novel and heroine
  75. Henry fielding title heroine
  76. Henry Fielding`s final novel
  77. Henry Fielding`s last novel
  78. Hilary played her in a 2009 biopic
  79. Hilary Swank biopic
  80. Hilary Swank biopic of `09
  81. Hilary Swank film of `09
  82. Hilary Swank title role
  83. Historic name in aviation
  84. Lady Lindy, to friends
  85. Latin girl name
  86. Lost aviator Earhart
  87. Lost aviatrix Earhart
  88. Memorable Earhart
  89. Menotti girl
  90. Menotti heroine
  91. Menotti`s operatic lady
  92. Missing aviatrix Earhart
  93. Missing Earhart
  94. Model wife in Fielding novel
  95. Mrs. Bloomer
  96. Ms. Bedelia
  97. Ms. Bedelia of children`s books
  98. Ms. Bloomer
  99. Ms. earhart
  100. Name akin to Emma
  101. Name in worldwide July 1937 headlines
  102. Novel by fielding
  103. One of the Sedleys
  104. Opera set in the United States
  105. Page 1 name, July 1937
  106. Pilot earhart
  107. Pioneering pilot Earhart
  108. Reformer bloomer
  109. Renato`s wife in Verdi`s Un Ballo in Maschera
  110. Social reformer bloomer
  111. Social-reformer Bloomer
  112. Song written by Joni Mitchell
  113. Suffragette Bloomer
  114. Suffragist Bloomer
  115. Susan Clark played her on TV
  116. Swank biopic
  117. Swedish feminine given name
  118. The congenital absence of one or more limbs
  119. The princess in `The Princess Diaries`
  120. Title role for Hilary Swank
  121. Title woman in a joni mitchell song
  122. Un Ballo in maschera heroine
  123. Vanity Fair girl
  124. Village in clermont county ohio, usa
  125. Women`s rights advocate Bloomer

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Definitions of “amelia”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• Congenital absence of a limb or limbs
• The congenital absence of a limb or limbs
• Congenital absence of an arm or leg
• The congenital absence of one or more limbs
• (given name) Amelia is a female given name
• The absence of an entire limb (arm or leg or both)
• DOC area for red, rosé and white wines in the Italian region Umbria
• (ship) The Amelia was a brig of 90 tons and was under the command of Samuel Shaw
• (typeface) Amelia is a typeface designed by Stan Davis in 1964 and named for his newborn daughter
• (opera) Amelia is an opera in two acts by Daron Hagen to a libretto in English by Gardner McFall based on a story by Stephen Wadsworth

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