altricial (Crossword)

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  1. Clue: Naked and blind and dependent on parents for food
    Answer: altricial

Definitions of “altricial”
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• Being helpless, blind, and hairless at birth
• Helpless at birth, requiring complete parental care
• Having young requiring care for a lengthy period
• Refers to mammals born in a fairly undeveloped state
• Birds that are born without feathers, the ability to see
• Designating those animals whose young are helpless and immature at birth
• (of hatchlings) naked and blind and dependent on parents for food
• Born in a relatively underdeveloped state as is the case of peregrine falcon chicks
• Referring to hatchlings that are naked and blind and dependent on parents for food
• As in Nestlings. Altricial birds are either naked or have very sparse down at hatching
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