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  1. Alaskan tree
  2. Any of various trees or shrubs resembling an alder
  3. Birch
  4. Birch cousin
  5. Birch family ember
  6. Birch family hardwood
  7. Birch family member
  8. Birch family tree
  9. Birch family tree that`s sacred in wicca
  10. Birch kin
  11. Birch relative
  12. Birch relative often used in electric guitars
  13. Birch tree
  14. Birch tree relative
  15. Birch`s cousin
  16. Birch`s kin
  17. Birch-family tree
  18. Birch-tree
  19. Birchlike tree
  20. Cabinet wood
  21. Cabinetwork wood
  22. Carving wood
  23. Catkin bearer
  24. Catkin producer
  25. Catkin source
  26. Catkin-bearing tree
  27. Charcoal wood
  28. Co-Nobelist in Chemistry: 1950
  29. Common shrub
  30. Cousin of a birch
  31. Cousin of the birch
  32. Creek shrub
  33. Deciduous tree
  34. Electric guitar wood
  35. Electric-guitar wood
  36. English boy name
  37. Exclusively Saxon word
  38. Exclusively Anglo word
  39. Fender guitar wood, notably
  40. Flowering tree
  41. Food source of some moths
  42. Freud`s contemporary
  43. Guitar-making hardwood
  44. Guitar-making wood
  45. Hardwood tree
  46. Hazel tree relative
  47. Important hardwood
  48. Its bark is used in dyes and tanning
  49. Kind of tree
  50. Kind of tree whose wood is used to smoke salmon
  51. Lad sent queen a tree
  52. Lead off to right shrub
  53. Local dignitary hiding man in tree
  54. Marsh tree
  55. Material for many electric guitar bodies
  56. Material used in Fender electric guitars
  57. Member of the birch family
  58. Nobel chemist Kurt: 1950
  59. Northern shrub
  60. Northern tree
  61. One of 500 real shrubs
  62. Pacific coast hardwood
  63. Red tree
  64. Reddish-brown wood
  65. Relative of a birch
  66. Relative of the birch
  67. Resistant to underwater rot
  68. Rot-resistant tree
  69. Rot-resistant wood
  70. Rot-resistant wood good for marine uses
  71. Rot-resistant wood used for pier pilings
  72. Shrub of the birch family
  73. Shrub or tree
  74. Smoking wood
  75. Swamp tree
  76. Tanbark source
  77. Temperate shrub
  78. Toothed-leaf tree
  79. Tree
  80. Tree apt to get shot in a military location!
  81. Tree held dearly? Why not!
  82. tree in a thicket
  83. Tree in the birch family
  84. Tree of birch family
  85. Tree of the birch family
  86. Tree or shrub
  87. Tree resistant to rot
  88. Tree sacred to the Druids
  89. Tree used in bridge building
  90. Tree used in cabinet work
  91. Tree with catkins
  92. Tree with tanning bark
  93. Type of birch
  94. Type of tree
  95. Wetlands tree
  96. Wood
  97. Wood for bridges
  98. Wood for cabinetwork
  99. Wood in many electric guitar bodies
  100. Wood of any of various alder trees
  101. Wood often used in smoking salmon
  102. Wood that wears well in water
  103. Wood that`s especially resistant to water damage
  104. Wood used for bridge pilings
  105. Wood used for electric guitars
  106. Wood used in charcoal
  107. Wood used in guitar-making
  108. Wood used in many electric guitars
  109. Wood used in turnery
  110. Wood used to make electric guitars
  111. Wood used to make the Fender Stratocaster
  112. Wood used to smoke bacon
  113. Wood used to smoke salmon
  114. Word with no outside influence
  115. Word with Anglo-Saxon origins
  116. Word of purely Anglo origin

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Definitions of “alder”
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• Albert von, Swiss hematologist, 1888-1951
• Alder is an English name for boys and girls
• Any of various trees or shrubs resembling an alder
• Any shrub or tree belonging to the genus Alnus
• Any of a group of trees or shrubs belonging to the birch family
• The alder is a genus of plants of the birch family Betulaceae
• (Alnus) These quick-growing trees are commonly known as Alders
• (crater) The inner wall of Alder is rough and slightly terraced
• Durable wood native to northern Europe which polishes to a flesh-colour
• This wood is very durable in water and not so durable in dry conditions
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