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  1. Abnormally white
  2. Accidentally uninked embossed stamp
  3. Against: pref
  4. An animal or plant with a marked deficiency in pigmentation
  5. An embossed stamp accidentally left without ink
  6. Animal lacking color
  7. Animal lacking in color
  8. Animal lacking pigmentation
  9. Animal oddity
  10. Anomaly
  11. Certain animal
  12. Chess problem
  13. Colorless
  14. Colorless animal
  15. Colorless one
  16. Colorless sort
  17. Deficiency in pigmentation
  18. Deficient in pigmentation
  19. Eyes are usually pink
  20. Fair-haired boy, possibly
  21. Fictional scientist
  22. Genetically abnormal one
  23. Guinea pig without pigmentation
  24. Hardly colorful
  25. Having achromatosis
  26. Just about all white
  27. Lacking melanin
  28. Lacking pigment
  29. Lacking pigmentation
  30. Latin boy name
  31. Light-colored one
  32. Light-skinned person
  33. Like a white rat
  34. Like a white whale
  35. Like some lab mice
  36. Like some rats
  37. Like the bat in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
  38. Many a white animal
  39. Melanin lacker
  40. Melanin-deficient
  41. Melanin-deficient individual
  42. Melanin-deprived individual
  43. Moby Dick
  44. Moby Dick, for one
  45. Moby-Dick
  46. One lacking in pigment
  47. One lacking normal pigmentation
  48. One lacking pigment
  49. Pale one of its species
  50. Paler than pale
  51. Person prone to sunburn
  52. Person without melanin
  53. Philatelist`s inkless collectible
  54. Pigment-deficient animal
  55. Pigment-deficient plant
  56. Pink elephant
  57. Pink-eyed panther
  58. Pink-eyed rabbit
  59. Pink-eyed rat
  60. Plant lacking chlorophyll
  61. Plant rarity
  62. Portuguese for whitish
  63. Rare ape
  64. Rare birth
  65. Rare rhinoceros or ape
  66. Red-eyed one
  67. Sans melanin
  68. Silas in `the da vinci code,`, for one
  69. Silas in The Da Vinci Code, for one
  70. Silas in The Da Vinci Code, notably
  71. Silas of The Da Vinci Code
  72. Spooner of Spoonerism fame, for one
  73. Typical lab rat
  74. Unpigmented
  75. Unusual person
  76. White animal
  77. White Britain`s going backwards
  78. White elephant
  79. White elephant could be a lion
  80. White elephant, for one
  81. White mouse
  82. White rabbit
  83. White rat
  84. White rat, for one
  85. White rhino
  86. White whale
  87. White-haired person
  88. White-skinned animal
  89. Without pigmentation

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Definitions of “albino”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• An individual with albinism
• Plant lacking pigmentation
• Solid white ferret with red eyes
• Albino: A person with albinism
• Organism deficient in melanin biosynthesis
• White variety of red grape Zinfandel
• A white haired rabbit with pink eyes
• (al-bi´no) a person affected with albinism
• A white cat because it lacks melanin pigmentation
• A problem in which, at some point in the solution
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