agistment (Crossword)

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We didn't find answers to the clue “Agistment” but we did find clues where “Agistment” could be the answer:
  1. A contract or an agreement to agist
  2. English legal terminology
  3. The act of agisting
  4. The fee paid or the profit made in agisting

Definitions of “agistment”
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• The price paid for such feeding
• A contract or an agreement to agist
• Herbage of a forest or the right to it
• Land tax assessed for cattle pasturing
• The fee paid or the profit made in agisting
• Grazing one's animals on land controlled by another person
• The taking in by any one of other men`s cattle to graze at a certain rate
• Contracts. The taking of another person's cattle into one's own ground to be fed
• Formerly, the taking and feeding of other men`s cattle in the king`s forests
• Agistment originally referred specifically to the proceeds of pasturage in the king`s forests

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