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  1. Ancient official
  2. Ancient Roman magistrate
  3. Ancient Roman title
  4. Caesar, in 64 BC
  5. Early job for Caesar
  6. Early title for Caesar
  7. Officer under a praetor
  8. Official of ancient rome
  9. Old magistrate raises the Spanish plan
  10. Old Roman magistrate
  11. Old Roman politico
  12. Roman magistrate
  13. Roman official

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Definitions of “aedile”
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• Roman magistrate who oversaw public games, public places
• Magistrate in ancient Rome whose duties included the care of temples
• One of a board of magistrates in charge of public buildings, streets, markets
• A magistrate in ancient Rome, who had the superintendence of public buildings, highways
• Aedile (Aedilis, from aedes, `temple building`) was an office of the Roman Republic
• Edile, aedile A Roman magistrate whose chief business was to superintend public buildings of all kinds
• Were plebian and two (2), called curule aediles, were from either the plebian or the patrician orders
• (from Latin aedes, `temple`), magistrate of ancient Rome who originally had charge of the temple and cult of Ceres

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