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Definitions of “adverb”
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• A word that modifies something other than a noun
• The word class that qualifies verbs or clauses
• A word used to modify the sense of a verb, participle, adjective
• (TEKS ELAR vocabulary) a word that modifies something other than a noun
• Any member of a class of words that in many languages are distinguished in form
• An adverb is a word that changes or simplifies the meaning of a verb, adjective, other adverb
• An adverb is one of the parts of speech used to limit or qualify the signification of an adjective
• Grammatical part of speech for words that modify or describe verbs (`she ran quickly`)
• Adverb A word used to modify (describe) or limit (make specific), the meaning of a verb
• A word class which encompasses those elements which qualify verbs/verb phrases (She smiled slyly) or nouns/noun phrases (A remarkably good linguist)

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