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  1. Base found in DNA and RNA
  2. Base in DNA
  3. Component of DNA or RNA
  4. Constituent of DNA
  5. Constituent of dna and rna
  6. Dna component
  7. DNA compound
  8. Nucleic acid base
  9. Nucleobase compound
  10. One of the four bases in DNA
  11. Purine
  12. Purine base found in DNA and RNA
  13. RNA constituent
  14. Thymine`s counterpart

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Definitions of “adenine”
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• Adenine is a base derived from purine
• One of the four nucleotide bases in DNA or RNA
• Organic compound belonging to the purine family
• (biochemistry) purine base found in DNA and RNA
• A nitrogenous base, one member of the basepair A-T (thymine)
• (= 6-aminopurine) One of the bases found in nucleic acids and nucleotides
• A chemical compound that is used to make one of the building blocks of DNA and RNA
• One of the two major purines (the other is guanine) found in both RNA and DNA
• One of four chemical bases in DNA, denoted (A), with the other three being cytosine (C)
• Adenine A white crystalline base found in various animal and vegetable tissues as one of the purine base constituents

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