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ABSINTHE - This drink can damage the nervous system and is banned in some countries

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Definitions of “Absinthe”
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• Absinthe: Once a major medical hazard
• A green, aromatic liqueur that is 68 percent alcohol
• Flavoured, distilled liquor, yellowish green in colour
• (chiba) A thin leaved, light green/grey herb with a bitter taste
• A strong spirituous liqueur made from wormwood and brandy or alcohol
• A liquor consisting of 60-75% ethanol flavored with absinthium, anise, fennel
• Absinthe (θ or θ; French: apsɛ̃t) is historically described as a distilled
• Absinthe reached its peak of popularity and notoriety around the end of the nineteenth century and i
• (AB-sinth) - An anise-flavored liqueur that is made by steeping wormwood and other aromatic herbs (hyssop
• (show) Absinthe is a live show that premiered in 2006 and is playing on the forecourt of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

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