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We didn't find answers to the clue “Abeam” but we did find clues where “Abeam” could be the answer:
  1. Abreast
  2. Abreast the middle of a ship`s side
  3. Across the keel
  4. Alongside
  5. Alongside, at sea
  6. At a right angle to a ship`s length
  7. At a right angle to the keel
  8. At a right angle, nautically
  9. At right angles to
  10. At right angles to a keel
  11. At right angles to a ship
  12. At right angles to a ship`s keel
  13. At right angles to a ship`s length
  14. At right angles to a vessel
  15. At right angles to ship`s keel
  16. At right angles to the keel
  17. At right angles to the length of a plane
  18. At right angles to the ship`s keel
  19. At right angles, as a ship
  20. At right angles, asea
  21. At right angles, in sailing
  22. At three or nine o`clock
  23. Bearing 90 degrees relative
  24. centimos 55. Crosswise
  25. Crossing the keel
  26. Crosswind direction, at sea
  27. Crosswise
  28. Crosswise on a ship
  29. Crosswise on deck
  30. Crosswise to a ship
  31. Crosswise to a ship`s keel
  32. Crosswise to a ship`s middle
  33. Crosswise to the keel
  34. Crosswise to the ship`s middle
  35. Crosswise, at sea
  36. Crosswise, in a ship
  37. Crosswise, nautically
  38. Crosswise, on a boat
  39. Directly abreast a ship`s middle
  40. Directly abreast the middle of a ship`s side
  41. Directly from the side
  42. Directly to port or starboard
  43. Exclusively Anglo word
  44. Exclusively Saxon word
  45. Facing a ship`s length
  46. From port to starboard
  47. Geometric pattern used in computer models
  48. In a nautical position
  49. Lateral to the keel
  50. Laterally, in a way
  51. Laterally, in ship talk
  52. Laterally, on ships
  53. Like a crosswise wind, nautically
  54. Like a leading wind
  55. Lying port-to-starboard
  56. Nautical bearing
  57. Nautical direction
  58. Nautical location
  59. Nautical position
  60. Nautical word
  61. Ninety degrees from fore-and-aft
  62. Off a ship`s middle
  63. Off to the side of a ship
  64. Off to the side, on a ship
  65. On board direction
  66. One way to measure a ship`s deck
  67. Opposite a ship`s middle
  68. Opposite the middle of a ship`s side
  69. Parallel to a ship
  70. Perpendicular to a ship`s length
  71. Perpendicular to a ship`s midline
  72. Perpendicular to the boat`s side
  73. Perpendicular to the fore-and-aft line
  74. Perpendicular to the keel
  75. Perpendicular to the keel, nautically
  76. Perpendicular to the ship`s middle
  77. Perpendicular, at sea
  78. Perpendicularly to the keel
  79. Position on the briny
  80. Right angles to the keel
  81. Right-angled to a keel
  82. Right-angled to the keel
  83. Sailor turning West across the ship
  84. Ship`s bearing
  85. Shipboard direction
  86. Shipboard position
  87. Sideways at sea
  88. Sideways on a ship
  89. To right or left at sea
  90. To the side
  91. Word of purely Anglo origin
  92. Word the sailor says with a smile
  93. Word with Anglo-Saxon origins
  94. Word with no outside influence
  95. Yachtsman`s term for wind at right angles

Definitions of “abeam”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• At right angles to the boats length
• At right angles to the keel of the boat
• At right angles to the ship's length
• The direction at right angles to the hull
• Directly abreast the middle of a ship's side
• Direction at right angles to the centreline of a boat
• At right angles to the length of a ship or airplane
• In a line at right angles to the length of a vessel
• At right angles to the keel of the boat, but not on the boat
• Direction at a right angle to the centerline of the boat
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